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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, Fred/George, M. McGonagall
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-05-02 5:12pm
Last Chapter
2005-08-19 3:36pm
Last Updated
2005-08-19 3:36pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 A Troubled Heart

Hermione comes to terms with her relationship with Ron, and finds the love of another Weasley in the process. Hermione/Charlie

1,074 9
2 A Helping Hand

Charlie helps out Ron and Hermione in their times of need.

2,324 6
3 A Wandering Eye

Hermione starts to notice Charlie.

1,407 5
4 A Curious Mind

Christmas time at Grimmauld Place.

2,160 7
5 Timely Confessions

Hermione talks to Ginny and receives a very special gift from Charlie.

2,315 6
6 Walls Have Ears

Someone has found out about Hermione and Charlie's secret and they try to control themselves to make sure no one else finds out.

2,067 5
7 The Sneaks

Somebody knows about Charlie and Hermione, and the two can't stop their physical urges. *Rating upped to "M" for sexual content.*

2,168 6
8 Goodbye for Now

The evening after, and the last night together.

1,869 8
9 New Year, New Term

Celebrating the holiday and going back to Hogwarts.

2,242 6
10 Mixed Emotions

Hermione battles her fear about Ron and gets a letter from Charlie.

2,565 6
11 Rough Morning

Hermione writes back to Charlie but neglects something else.

2,708 4
12 One Step Closer

Hermione finally tells...

2,622 4
13 The Essay

Hermione has a rendezvous with Charlie and a squabble with Ron while trying to finish an essay.

2,986 5
14 Misguided Malfoy

Hermione and Draco have a little misunderstanding...

3,147 9
15 A Huge Mistake

Hermione tells Harry about her run-in with Malfoy, and it's nothing but a disaster.

2,847 8
16 Roses

It's Valentine's Day and Ron finally learns the truth.

3,043 11
17 Dealing

Conversations between friends on just what to do about this situation.

2,031 7
18 Look Who's Talking

Ron finally speaks, and Hermione gets a letter from Dumbledore. What could he possibly want?

2,441 9
19 The Meeting

The time has come for the meeting with Dumbledore...

2,169 9
20 True Confessions

Ron and Hermione finally have the talk.....

2,388 9
21 Pebbles

Charlie has to ask Ron a very important question...

3,390 7
22 Perfect Proposal

Charlie and Hermione have a nice dinner date, and a very important question is asked....

3,306 5
23 Moving On

Hermione has learned that waiting is not the way to go. She has to tell Ron about her engagement before she does ANYTHING else.

2,244 4
24 Wedding Bells

Love is in the air as our favorite couple finally tie the knot.

2,895 20


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