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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Ginny, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-04-29 2:34pm
Last Chapter
2007-10-02 1:42pm
Last Updated
2008-07-21 1:37pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Another Year

The story opens in the middle of the night as Harry lies awake just before his birthday. Here we have an explanation of the situation, Harry's emotions and a small cliffhanger at the end. AUTHOR'S NOTES: HBP is completely NULL for this fic. I'd also like to give many thanks to Ranee for betaing the first thirteen chapters of this fic.

1,520 41
2 Dursley Vs. Wand

Harry's birthday evening, although it's not especially happy. He receives birthday presents from friends; some that weigh harder on him than others.

1,652 26
3 Birthday Surprises

Harry is awoken on his birthday with a big surprise…

1,791 20
4 Dogs and Rats

Harry talks to Lupin for the first time about what happened to Sirius.

1,857 23
5 Letters

A shorter chapter, mainly wrapping up loose ends with the Weasley family, and a letter Harry didn't expect to receive.

1,620 16
6 Conclusions and Dress Robes

Hogwarts letters, an extremely anxious conversation, and a joke about dress robes.

2,642 20
7 Unleashed

Harry has a battle of words with Ginny on the day of Sirius' memorial, as both of their emotions get the better of them.

2,076 20
8 The Will

Harry and Remus go to Sirius' memorial, a difficult pill for Harry to swallow.

2,557 15
9 Confessions

Harry reaches out to Ginny in a way he hasn't with anyone else... yet.

2,363 18
10 Complications

A recap on where Harry stands, and new worries arise at King's Cross Station.

1,816 15
11 Back To Hogwarts

Harry and Company return to the castle for the start of term.

2,006 16
12 Pallorena

Harry's first DADA lesson of the year. What skills will the new teacher bring to the table, and how will her appointment affect Harry? AUTHOR'S NOTES: Watch for details in this chapter, there’s a few shipping hints – some obvious and some not so much – and a few other little things that are featured more in future chapters. Mind Hermione, especially. That’s all I’ll say about that. =D

1,873 19
13 "Unhealthy Relationships"

A visit to Hagrid finally takes place. Things seem to be coming along, but Hermione is not pleased.

2,359 13
14 Being Alone

Harry has a disturbing dream leading to more weight on his shoulders. AUTHOR'S NOTES: Many, many thank yous to Vickie for betaing from here on out. =)

2,642 12
15 Quarrels and Quaffles

Harry's failing a bit as Captain, but holds Quidditch tryouts all the same and becomes aware of strange happenings.

2,013 13
16 News

Quidditch results, disturbing news and a sudden realization. Harry does it all. =)

2,348 15
17 Fading Tension

The one you've all been waiting for... =P Guess which ship sinks?

2,563 11
18 A Stalker in Hogsmeade

The average trip to Hogsmeade goes sour.

2,912 14
19 Wand Bond

Harry finally gets an explaination for the strange happenings with his wand, Vernon's burnt hand, and the horrified look on Mr. Weasley's face the day at the platform. AUTHOR'S NOTES: Hermione-wise, I've been waiting for this since before I started writing this fic. Jo should do the same, should she not? It's totally Hermione, in my opinion. Just read it.

3,477 12
20 Discovery

Harry goes through the average motions of the Boy Who Lived - facing new signs of Voldemort, the need for praise from those he looks up to, and most importantly, the fact that those who are loyal are not always open and honest.

3,549 14
21 A Breath of Fresh Air

Harry finally gets around to some of the conversations he'd been avoiding - talking to Ron about Ginny and telling them as well as Hermione about his wand and the lessons.

3,488 14
22 The First Lesson

Harry heads to his first lesson to learn to use the newly discovered connection between he and his wand. Here he not only gains knowledge of his own capabilities, but sees new sides of Pallorena and perhaps Lupin.

3,749 15
23 Winning and Losing

The first Quidditch game of the season takes place - Slytherin versus Gryffindor. Later, during a Hogsmeade trip, Harry prepares to tell Ginny how he feels... Succeeding, however, is a different story.

3,755 14
24 Honesty

In this chapter we get our second view into Harry's private lessons as well as dig deeper into both Harry and Pallorena as characters, student and teacher, and possibly friends. Lupin also makes an appearance, bringing an announcement that may greatly affect not only Harry, but the entire magical community.

3,535 10
25 The Fourth Unforgivable

Continuation of Chapter 24 - information revealed on Lupin's announcement.

2,958 7
26 Impulse

Harry has a relapse in irrationalism and a hard time holding his tongue. Now Ron and Hermione are even more confused, but Harry's unsure if he can repair their once solid friendship. And finally, Harry realizes it's time to do something about a certain redhead. =)

3,900 11
27 Good Morning, Odd Evening

A confirmation, a strange lesson, and a happy realization.

2,387 10
28 A Stalker in Hogsmeade, Part II

A final follow up to Harry's mysterious follower. =)

3,707 11
29 Cold Feet

Harry warms up to some, but not to others. However, he is ignorant to the repercussions of such actions. How will these new developments play out? Read on, my friends.

2,449 8
30 Shortest February Yet

All of February's events wrapped up into one neat package. Dementors (or not?), Valentine's Day, and a Quidditch Match that contorts the dynamics of Harry and Ron's friendship.

4,521 13
31 Secrets

Some are kept, some aren't.

3,187 14
32 Don't Panic, Breathe

Chapter title credited to October Fall. // The dust settles only to be kicked back up. Harry loses control of his emotions.

4,514 6
33 A Great Shift

Harry makes well with Dumbledore, and Quidditch practice brings many surprises.

3,242 11
34 Altered State

A continuation of Chapter 33; Lupin, the wand, and some subtle foreshadowing. =)

4,588 11
35 Playing the Role to Get Let Down

Chapter title credited to The Higher // Harry is hopeful, but every gain seems to lead to another fall. Pallorena, Quidditch, and nothing goes as planned.

4,695 8
36 Down, Set, Go

Chapter title credited to Underoath // Harry is forced to flee as the Order's situation becomes more and more complicated.

4,484 30
37 "Do not let yourself crumble with restlessness..."

Harry quickly grows impatient in the maze, only to lead others into distress.

4,609 11
38 Light and Fountains

Harry leaves the others to go after Pallorena. This wouldn't be a Harry Potter story if things didn't go wrong.

3,834 9
39 Consciousness

Harry finds out exactly what happened in the maze.

4,828 7
40 Finality

The End.

5,661 25


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