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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Hogwarts Letters

Ava Shepherdson has lived a half-life ever since she turned eleven. No, she hasn't been drinking unicorn blood, it's much worse. She's a squib. A useless squib. When her younger sister is accepted into Hogwarts, Ava finds herself closer to the rest of the Magical World than ever before, but still she can't be a part of it. So what is it about her that can help Harry Potter, who is, in contrast to her, one of the most magically powerful wizards of all time? Ava can't figure that out, either.

1,604 13
2 The Visitor and Platform 9 3/4

The Shepherdson's have a visitor that brings something new to their lives... and Mr. and Mrs. Shepherdson and Ava wave goodbye to Arlie as she heads off to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express

2,323 11
3 More than Just a Scar

GO BACK AND READ CHAPTER TWO! THE MISSING 1424 WORDS HAVE BEEN FOUND! CHAPTER THREE WON'T MAKE SENSE WITHOUT THEM! Ava finds herself back in the usual routine of life as an almost muggle at school. She plays her part as the pretty girl at a party, but deep down she is worried about her parents and what is yet to come...

2,092 19
4 Making Christmas Plans

Arlie's back home for the Holidays, with many stories about Hogwarts that cause Ava to feel familiarly envious. But while Christmas plans are being made, Ava experiences a different sensation of envy that results in a sharp return to the reality of who she is.

1,941 8
5 A Very Magic Christmas Party

Ava wonders how long she can keep up her charade of being normal before Harry and his friends discover her for what she really is... in the meantime, the Order Christmas party takes place, but the teenagers decide to head to a different party, one where Ava's muggle friends will be...

2,676 5
6 A Very Muggle Christmas Party

Ava exposes Ginny, Ron, Hermione, and Harry to a muggle party, with interesting results. And when Harry catches sight of someone he recognizes, fists will fly and Ava's Christmas will have a different ending than how it began...

2,556 4
7 Fear and Floo over You-Know-Who...

After several months of unsuccessful muggle-emersion, Ava goes to Hogwarts for the first time with her parents for a meeting. The news is surprising, but not as surprising as what is starting all around the castle. What's a squib to do when Voldemort is attacking? Anything she can...

2,520 8
8 The Final Battle

Ava finds herself caught in the middle of the biggest battle of magic in centuries: the final showdown between Voldemort and Harry Potter, along with the battle of the Dark side fighting good. What's a squib to do, completely defenseless and powerless? Ava's just got to hold on, and hope that everything ends all right, but will it? And at what cost?

2,711 13
9 Long Lost Father and Families

Ava wakes up in St. Mungo's: who survived the final battle? What long lost family member will Ava meet in the Long Term Ward? How long will the recovery period last?

3,049 9
10 Bad News and Self-Pity

The Weasleys get some bad news, Hogwarts parents search for the "mystery heroine" that saved their children, and Ava and Ginny can find no common ground... and what is Ava to do when faced with a most unwelcome task?

2,867 7
11 Therapy and Pen Pals

Ava gives Harry some advice, and she gains insight herself. The Weasleys leave an open invitation, and the Shepherdson family is reunited.

3,046 7
12 Pen Pals and Future Plans

Ava and Harry keep in touch over the summer through letters, and become closer as they help each other understand the challenges they each face. They look to their future careers, as well as their near-future plans during the summer...

3,289 2


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