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Hermione, Draco
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Scenes of a Sexual Nature
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Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2005-04-16 3:10pm
Last Chapter
2007-09-16 1:43pm
Last Updated
2007-09-16 1:43pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 beginning of nothing

Image hosted by she's been abandoned by her friends, her last year, she's head girl but has no one to share it with, However there is a small glimmer of hope for her already dismal life, her head boy is Draco, the worst case senario, total havoc, the best (Oh my god how good is this banner, by Jenova hello it's good stuff thank you) chapter 14 75% finished (yes folks she i s still alive and writing)

624 12
2 the worst luck of all

after been dealt her deck for the year, hermione makes her way to school where fate hands or another blow, or unshown happiness

758 9
3 It was the best, it wasn't the worst

Yeah summary ....

729 11
4 Confusion

i don't do the whole summary thing

983 17
5 Started something


777 14
6 inventive chapter name

uh huh

854 20
7 The sequel to chapter 6

Okay i know i hate writing them but okay! we meet up just after chapter 16 (suprisngly) and pretty much things go from there (i'm not trying to be a smart ass but i really can't write these things)

681 22
8 Apparently chapter 8


623 15
9 I believe this would be the 9th chapter of this story

Okay i'll finally do one, hermione has finally got up the guts to return to gryffindor common room where she is met with a surprise, after missing half the day ron and harry agree to help her spy on Pansy and she than returns to her own commmon room happy look i actually did one you should be so proud of me

1,289 15
10 The infamous 10th chapter

they spying game of hermione and harry and the famous ron

901 15
11 wow chapter 11 already it's amazing how time types

okay draco talking to hermione amazing isn't it

665 13
12 Finally the twelfth chapter has arrived on time, i think

hermione plotting mwa ha ha ha ha

2,031 24
13 It seriously wasn't my fault that chapter 13 is so late

i swear it wasn't my fault

1,043 17
14 Dedicated to those who are patient. all hail chapter 14

read it

1,438 17
15 Wow that was lightning quick..Go Chapter 15!!!

how bout you just read it and find out.

1,927 37
16 I was kidnapped by Aliens!!! (A/N this may or may not be true)


1,595 21
17 It wasn't me it was him......

The chapter that explains it all and more.....

2,021 21
18 What was that...another chapter?!?

woot another chapter..only 5 more to go!

1,354 13


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