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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Voldemort, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC
Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2005-04-08 2:16am
Last Chapter
2006-05-12 7:46pm
Last Updated
2006-05-12 7:46pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 chapter one

Samara Trinity was a normal girl. All until one night. The night she bacame the creature she was destined to be. Voldemort wants her, Dumbledore wants her. Harry wants her, but in a different way. Who will she join? Will she let the light drive out the darkness, or will she become a creature of the night. i know sum. sux. the storys alot beta. plz r/r ty. missx

1,690 9
2 chapter two

Samara finds out the reason why Voldemort wants her. She meets Harry, but his reaction is something no one expected.

1,693 4
3 chapter three

Harry and Samara are allowed in one of the order's meetings. Why? read to find out!

1,218 8
4 chapter four

Harry has a talk with Dumbledore

1,079 8
5 chapter five

chapter five

1,252 8
6 chapter six

samara, and everyone else return to hogwarts. an interesting train ride and a handsome teacher.

2,377 3
7 chapter seven

first day of clases. Samara sees how bad snape really is and learns more about her own kind.

1,507 5
8 chapter eight

Samara tore her gaze away from them and walked towards the doorway. "You Mudbloods should mind your own business. Bad things could happen if you stick your nose in places it shouldn't be."

1,084 7
9 chapter nine

"Weapons at the ready,"Professor Harrison commanded. Samara spread her legs and foot apart, her left foot slightly behind her right, just enough for her to keep her balance. Her sword was lifted over her shoulder like a baseball bat, except she could have blood squirting out from her veins if she made a wrong move. Malfoy grinned evilly as Samara narrowed her eyes. God, this was going to be one hell of a,"Fight!"

1,828 4
10 chapter ten

Cho confronts Samara.

1,295 5
11 chapter eleven

~chapter eleven~

925 3
12 chapter twelve

~chapter twelve~

1,650 2
13 chapter thirteen

~chapter 13~

1,447 1
14 chapter fourteen

~chapter fourteen~

1,247 5
15 chapter fifteen

night of the ball

1,120 3
16 chapter sixteen

Samara stared at her reflection in the mirror. Black hair wild and loose around her shoulders, a small scrape on her chin, just below her lower lip. Samara didn't even hear him come in.

1,313 6
17 chapter seventeen

chapter seventeen... The curse missed Samara by an inch and still, Samara did not move. Just as Cho was about to shout another curse, Samara's hand flew up and was aimed right at Cho's head. No one saw her lips move, didn't even hear her whisper her curse. But everyone knew what curse Samara had cast when a brilliant green light shot out of her wand.

2,263 6
18 chapter eighteen

~chapter eighteen~

2,024 5
19 chapter 19:The End

-THe last Chapter-

1,020 13


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