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    “It’s not you, it’s me. Things just are not working out between us right now, you know what I mean?”

    Draco Malfoy was at his soon to be ex-boyfriend’s manor, but the break up was not going as smoothly as Draco had hoped it would.

    “What do you mean?!? Things were just fine last week when I was screwing your brains out!” Blaise Zabini half screamed half cried, “But, oh no, I see. You just wanted me for a summer shag buddy. I thought I meant more to you then that, Draco.”

    Draco rolled his eyes. That was what he had wanted when he had asked Blaise out at the beginning of summer holiday, but Blaise obviously failed to see that, or he was just having another one of his famous mood swings. He was so gay.

    “It’s not like that, Blaise. It’s just, you know, school’s starting next week and I don’t want to be tied down…” Draco tried to explain nicely but was clearly not getting any where with it. He was never very good at these sorts of things. Caring about other peoples’ feelings was just not the way a Malfoy worked. He wanted the pleasure of a relationship not the emotions.

    “Tied down? Come on Draco, it’s not like I’m keeping you away from anyone. Hogwarts doesn’t give you very many options. The only other guy I can think of is that Seamus Finnigan. You’re not thinking of leaving me for him?”

    “You know Blaise if you ever took your eyes off me you would know you’re wrong. In fact there are quite a few gays at Hogwarts. And I could have my pick of guys, gay or straight, if I wasn’t with you,” Draco said. He was tired of trying to let him down easy, time to get mean.

    “Bit cocky aren’t you, thinking you can turn straight men gay? I mean you’re good, but I doubt you’re that good.” Inwardly Blaise knew Draco had a point, Draco was quite handsome with his sleek silver blonde hair and soft pale skin and also his ability to charm just about anyone was amazing and also the reason for him getting out of so many detentions at Hogwarts, but Blaise wasn’t about to admit that.

    “You don’t think so? I seem to remember you saying something a bit different last night. But if you think I’m wrong would you care to make a wager?” Draco asked in his usual drawling voice with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

    Blaise thought about this for a minute, he loved to gabble and he was quite good at, much better then Draco any ways. Finally he replied, “All right, one hundred galleons say you can’t get the guy I’m thinking of to shag by the end of the school year without falling in love with him.”

    “Fine, I accept your challenge,” Draco said smiling while thinking this bet couldn’t get easier. But in the back of Draco’s mind he knew this was dangerous, gabbling with Blaise, because Blaise was notoriously known for playing dirty. But Draco was confident in his seduction abilities and wasn’t about to pass up a chance to get this annoying git off his back and be single again.

    “So who’s the lucky man?” Draco asked.

    There was a long pause where Blaise just put on an evil smile glared at Draco before finally saying the one name Draco was least expecting to hear.

    “Harry Potter.”

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