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a/n: All the names you do not recognize are characters I have created to represent the actors in the Harry Potter films. All the names are fictional and not representative of real people.

Ron woke up to a giant ruckus. He bolted out of his bed in the hospital wing to investigate and found a crowd of people wandering around inside the dark room, all looking like they had some important mission to do. It made no sense to Ron. Who are all these people? And what are they doing at my school?

Certainly these people looked much too old to be attending a wizard school. Most of them did not even look like wizards at all…A vast majority of them were wearing Muggle clothes and looked like they had never held a wand in their life. Some of them sat in flimsy chairs that had their names on the back, and sipped drinks with words printed on the side that Ron had never heard of before. What the hell is Coca-Cola?

Just then, Ron recognized some younger-looking people he was sure he knew. Thank god, it’s Harry and Hermione. Certainly they know what’s going on, and they must know these people too, since they’re standing around talking to them. He saw a dark-haired man he was sure was Professor Snape sitting in a chair with the name “Aaron Richardson” on the back. What on earth is Snape doing in someone else’s chair? And who is Aaron Richardson? Maybe a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?

He squinted to read other names on chairs close to Snape’s and found a blonde boy he knew sitting in a chair that said Travis Fredricks. Ok, either Draco is confused or he was just too lazy to go find his own chair.

Ron watched Harry and Hermione walk over to Draco and take their seats beside him in chairs labeled “David Radtke” and “Amy Watkins.” Wow everyone around here is really nutters, and someone has made a huge mistake with the chairs. I hope someone got fired for that. As he watched his school friends sitting together and laughing, he wondered how Harry and Hermione were getting along so well with Draco. Have I missed something?

And there was an empty chair beside them, bearing the name “Russell Green.” Who the hell is Russell Green? Have they gotten another friend and replaced me? He could be a new student, I guess… but none of this makes sense!

Just then, Ron was suddenly aware of all the strangers in the hospital wing.

“Cut, cut! What are you doing? You’re still supposed to be asleep! We haven’t even finished the scene yet!” A man reprimanded Ron for doing something bad, although Ron was clueless as to what it was.

“Alright everybody, from the top! Take two! Russell, back in bed!”

Ron noticed that the man had been calling him Russell, which was certainly not his name. They must think I’m someone else. Ron began to correct the bossy adult when an impatient man silenced him. Ron also found it odd that wizards would be using Muggle recording devices, and for what purpose they served at Hogwarts he knew not.

He looked around the room and noticed something was odd about it. It looked different somehow-- not normal. It was not at all the way he remembered it to be. Maybe these people are remodeling Hogwarts? He highly doubted it, but it was the best explanation he could come up with for the moment.

Ron tried to cut off his brain from the swirling questions about what was going on, but just as he got relaxed enough to sleep he heard the same man yell importantly, “Three… Two… One… Action!”

Ron panicked at these words, envisioning some horrible new spell that had just been created that would bring about his demise. He jumped out of bed and lunged for his wand and screamed, “Expelliarmus!”

Nothing happened.

Well, not nothing. The men and women standing in the hospital wing (he realized there had to have been at least twenty) looked exasperated, and a few laughed. Ron noticed Madame Pomfrey was one of the giggling women. Why is she laughing at me?

Ron tried again. “Expelliarmus! Wingardium Leviosa! Lumos! Stupefy!” He tried a list of charms and spells he knew quite well, but nothing was happening. Have I lost all my magic? Is this a nightmare?

“Ok, playtime’s over, Russell. Come on, we need to get back to work if we want to get this thing finished by midnight.” A few people in the background chuckled.

Why is this guy calling me Russell? I think he’s confused; I’m not Russell. I’m Ron --just Ron.

Maybe I should just play along until I can find Dumbledore. He’ll be able to explain everything.

“Get back into bed so we can finish the scene. You remember your lines right?”

Lines? What lines? I’m not in trouble, am I? I don’t remember being assigned any lines! Oh blimey, what did I do?

“Yes, I remember,” the redheaded boy lied.

“Take three.”

“…And action!”

Ron was back in bed, keeping as still as he could hoping that they’d think he was asleep and let him rest.

“Russell, that’s your cue.” The man lowered the giant black machine and cocked his hip out as he waited for Ron, looking thoroughly annoyed.

“I’m NOT Russell! Please stop calling me that! I’m Ron! My name is RON!” His face was red with frustration, and it scared him that nobody knew who he really was.

“Accio broom!” But it didn’t work. Why isn’t my broom coming?

Hot tears welled up in his blue eyes and he stormed out of the hospital wing, determined to get to the bottom of all this. As Ron ran, he knew his body should be aching (after all, he had to have been in the hospital wing for some reason) but it wasn’t. How odd.

Ron’s sudden outburst startled the other people, and they just watched him run off the set.

“Do you think he’s gone mad?” inquired a woman with a clipboard.

“Poor bloke, guess the stress of filming is taking its toll,” responded the man with the recording device.

“Maybe someone should go check on him,” suggested the woman.

Ron sprinted to the one place where he could hide and get away from it all: the Room of Requirement. As he ran, he noticed Hogwarts looked strange, and not at all as he remembered it. The rooms looked like half of them had simply disappeared, while others were missing entirely. This place wasn’t Hogwarts at all… So why did it look like it?

Ron ran around from set to set, looking for the Room of Requirement. He passed rooms he was sure he’d never seen at Hogwarts, like the “green room.” As he sprinted down a long hallway, Ron almost knocked over a couple of people coming out small rooms with filled with lots of clothes.

When Ron found where the Room of Requirement should have been, it was not at all what he was looking for. The room had been deactivated somehow, and Ron’s pulse raced as he came to the conclusion that everything he knew was wrong. Ron leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor, tears streaming freely down his face.

Where am I? Somebody please help me….

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