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On an ordinary day in late February 2005, a small celebration that very few members or users knew about occurred.
In a little lost thread detailing the history of HPFF, congratulations were bantered about and fond memories were shared: It was the fourth anniversary of

It began with a PM titled "Not so crazy idea" and the idea for a collaborative fan fiction story was born. The idea met with an incredibly enthusiastic response: twenty-two authors spent a well over a month working on their stories and even though we lost a couple along the way, it has turned into the most magnificent project ever.

Now, through sleepless nights, un-cooperative characters, and numerous cases of writer's block, the story has finally been completed.

Thanks, Jay, for making this place home for so many writers and Happy Anniversary!

This fic is dedicated first and foremost to all of the dedicated authors and readers on this site. Whether you just signed up today or have been here since the beginning, we hope you found this story entertaining.

We also dedicate this with love to Jay, the site owner, for all the time, effort, dedication, and capital he’s put into making this site available for everyone.

Harry Potter has come a long way in four years. (A full history up until now can be found here.) From possibly being a site about Sherlock Holmes, to a list of Jay’s favourite stories, to an archive of original fan-created fiction, HPFF has seen many changes. We’ve gone through three different servers, various staff changes, an outrageous influx of authors, and almost closed on more than one occasion, but we kept on marching!

This story is a compilation of some of the best writers on this site. timeturner and Noblevyne recruited the authors and organised this beast, so thanks go out to them for their hard work. Thanks also to the participating authors. You all did a marvellous job. I’m honoured to have been able to read and post these chapters for you.


"Many thanks to Jay, who has put so much of his time into making this site the best source for Harry Potter fanfiction. From this site, I've met some wonderful people with amazing talent as well as improving my own writing abilities. Happy 4th birthday,!" – Violet Gryffindor/Golden Phoenix

“If it weren't for Jay and the wonderful nurturing support system that he has helped to create at, I don't believe I would have ever put fingers to keyboard. I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for making this site for aspiring writers such as myself. We couldn't do this without you!” – wulfeyez

“This site is remarkable in the fact that it holds at it's heart the importance of nurturing the writers who find a home in its "pages." I cannot express how much I have learned about writing as a process and as an art by my participation here. Thank you Jay.” – Alpha3760

Jay, I happened to venture across your site nearly a year ago, looking for a Harry Potter archive where there was a sense of community and nurturing. Since then I have had utmost respect for what you've given to this site, for us, for everyone and there is no way I can thank you enough. But I'll try: Thank you! – Noblevyne

I've always found HPFF the easiest, fun-est, most open fanfiction site on the web. I am dedicated to it because it seems to be a site with integrity and its' members are keen to keep it clean and usable for all. I think that's because Jay runs a tight ship, but a friendly one. Thanks." – Vloyski

HPFF helped me remember the joy of writing, something I had forgotten for many years. Not only this, but it gave me somewhere to share this with others, to learn from others and be inspired by them. – Siren*

HPFF has been part of my life for such a long time now. What started as mere way of killing time, and developed into a passion. I'm not sure how I ever got along without it. So, this story is dedicated to Jay and all the friends I've made at HPFF. Here's to a whole new era as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is finally released. May our next few years be even better than our last! – LogicalRaven

Thank you, Jay, for providing a space where my rapidly multiplying plot-bunnies can run wild, breeding rampantly and transforming themselves into symphonies of connected words and complex clauses (with a liberal sprinkling of semi colons, ellipses, hyphens and exclamation marks). Conceiving, birthing and nurturing this website is no less of a highly creative process, and in gratitude and recognition of your seemingly tireless efforts and energy, I offer you my humblest thanks and a batch of homemade pumpkin pasties. - MadameSnape

Jay, without your vision the diverse, talented community of writers we have here would not exist. has not only been a fantastic outlet for my writing, I am constantly improving with the help of the advice and inspiration I find here. Thanks so much for everything, and best of luck for the future! -melihobbit

I appreciate everything you've done for this site, all the hours of work you've put in. I have met some of the most incredible people through this site, and it's really helped me to grow as a writer. Thank you so much for all you've done, and I hope you continue the wonderful work for years to come. - SiriuslyLupin

Thank you, Jay, for creating such a lovely site that lets us share our creativity with the rest of the world. Harry Potter Fanfiction is fun, smart, entertaining, and very helpful. A fanfic writer couldn't ask for a better place to release his or her imagination - Cor_Leonis

Thanks for keeping this great site up and running, Jay! I know it's quite a lot of hard work, and you're even doing this for free--so everything is much appreciated! HPFF has become the haven for all us HP fanfic authors and readers, so, thanks a lot! - icy has been a place for me to meet with other people of similar interest and immense talent. I am grateful to have this place to come to share in and celebrate the work of others. - LlewellynMcEllis

Honestly, Jay, if you hadn’t bought the site back from ole sunny butt, I had no idea what I was going to do with all these chapters sitting on my computer. You’ve made this site into a home for so many aspiring writers, I just hope you realize the impact on their lives that you’ve made. I hope you enjoy the work that went into this project and, for once, you didn’t even have to lift a finger! So, kick back, relax, and celebrate… Happy Anniversary HPFF! - timeturner

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