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Chapter Ten

A Date with Magic

The conductor helped her off the bus with Severus now passed out. “Your husband ought to be in bed, missus,” he said shaking his head and getting back onto the stair of the bus. “He’s a sight to behold. He’ll be sleeping that off for a week.” He tipped his conductor’s hat toward her and the bus was gone.

Felicity took out her wand quickly wielding the Feather-light Spell to make the dead weight of the unconscious Snape easier to carry for the two blocks to Grimmauld Place. It was nearly eight o’clock in the evening when she barreled through the door.

“HELP!!” She yelled once in the door.

The portrait started to scream but she had her wand out and was ready for it. “Silencio” she hissed. “Remus, Sirius, help!!” she called again.

Both men came running from the kitchen. Sirius was the first to see them. She stood looking forlorn at the door with

Snape a crumpled black mess hanging from her shoulder.

“What’s happened?” said Sirius urgently.

“Take him to a bed, Sirius. He’s nearly dead,” she commanded handing the feather-lightened Snape onto his shoulder.

He started up the stairs with him. She looked up into Remus’ eyes and without thinking reached for him, her eyes imploring. “You must alert Dumbledore. We’ve just come from Voldemort. Severus may die.” She gulped. His hands were warm, his questioning eyes melting her veneer. The panic she’d been hiding since the meeting with Voldemort was bubbling to the surface. “I must speak with him, immediately.” She wanted to stay connected to Remus, touching his hands in hers, but she let go and turned to run up the stairs after Sirius.

Severus was ashen and cold as ice. She went immediately to work on him.

“He doesn’t look good,” said Sirius. He hated the man, but he looked like hell. “What happened?”

Felicity took out her wand, tipped it standing vertically touching his face, said something unintelligible until blue sparks emerged and hummed about Severus forehead. They snapped and sparkled. Severus began to moan.

“We had a meeting with that snake, Voldemort,” she said to Sirius. “He held Severus with the Cruciatus Curse for over a minute while he blandly went on about nothing. That maniac gets my goat, let me tell you.” She didn’t look up at Sirius as she ranted on about Voldemort as if he was an irritating co-worker. Sirius was awed.

Remus ran in and both men hovered over her watching her work magic that they’d never seen before. She moved her hands over Severus’ torso and face searching him for the sources of pain.

“Voldemort’s no longer even a human,” she continued griping as she worked. “He’s repulsive and his personality has not changed one iota. He’s just as much a maniacal monster as he ever was.” She brought out a string of potion bags from inside her robe. “Get me a pot, quickly,” she ordered while opening up a bag and spreading the contents on the table. Severus moaned again, the dancing blue lights about his forehead seemed to be stimulating him.

Sirius raced back with a pot and watched mesmerized as she lit a fire under it right there on the tabletop. She drew a vile of liquid from her robe and dumped it into the pot. Chanting in a language neither man had ever heard before while she dropped the contents of the bag into the pot. It sizzled. She stirred it and blew into the liquid. A wafting smoke appeared drafting up lazily. She took out a knife and with a short unsure look at both men; she slit the vein of her wrist, the liquid blood pouring into the pot. She quickly sealed the wound with her wand. The liquid in the pot became a lurid orange hue that thickened immediately.

Both Remus and Sirius were transfixed and horrified while they witnessed the blood magic as she quickly worked it. This was a Dark Witch. All that they had been taught, all that they believed in told them that this beautiful young woman was evil, yet she acted as if her magic was medicine. She worked it in a practiced way. She had performed this perversity many times before. They were stunned.

She waited, counting the minutes while the potion cooled, hesitantly looking at Remus, knowing that he was shocked at her. It couldn’t be helped. Severus Snape must live. She reached for the pot and held it to his lips. “Drink this, Severus,” she said stroking his face with her hand. He didn’t waken. She pressed her thumb into each of his closed eyes and snapped her fingers. He instantly came awake. He focused on her, his look suspicious. “Drink this, Severus,” she said again. “Trust me. It’s me, Felicity, Severus trust me. Please live.” Her voice crooned soothingly. He nodded never taking his eyes from her face and drank the potion.

The taste was sweet and Severus drained it. Each sip seemed to envelope him in a warm and fuzzy happiness. For the first time in his life, Severus experienced bliss. He was stunned by it. Finally, he closed his eyes and drifted off into a calm and peaceful sleep.

Felicity looked up at Sirius and Remus hesitantly. “I’m sorry that you had to see that,” she said quietly. She lowered her gaze not wanting to see their shocked looks. “I had to. He was going to die. It’s a miracle that he didn’t.” She looked away with tears in her eyes. They both looked at her dumbfounded.

Albus Dumbledore, who had been standing in the room for some minutes quietly watching Felicity save Severus’ life stepped forward and put his hand on her shoulder. “You had to do it, Felicity,” he said kindly. “You would not be dragon, otherwise.” She looked up gratefully. “Master Tong is right to be so proud of you, my dear.” She wiped her tears and stood.

Remus sat on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands. Sirius stood watching Felicity with an unreadable look.

She turned to Dumbledore who smiled indulgently at her. “We were called to Voldemort tonight, sir,” she said urgently. “He is not weakened by his change or his banishment.

He is still as powerful as ever. It was all I could do to pretend otherwise. He nearly killed Severus just to make an example of his power to me.” She bit her lip, frustrated and angry again. “I swore to him that I would not help you or the Order of the Phoenix. I gave him a dragon’s word.” She smiled slyly. “Which means nothing, but I was banking on him thinking I was honorable.”

Dumbledore put his hands on her shoulders. “It’s all right, Felicity,” he said soothingly. “You did what you had to. Professor Snape will live.”

She started to cry and he hugged her like a daughter, stroking her head. “He’s just as evil, sir,” she whispered into his long beard that hung down his chest. “I would never have made it out of that room but for my dragon.” She whimpered and held onto to Albus. “He must be stopped before he grows even stronger. He must be stopped.”

“We will do all we can, Felicity,” he said. “Stay here to watch over him until just before dawn and return to the castle. I will make excuses for his absence tomorrow, but you must teach your classes. Dolores Umbridge must not suspect.” There was an edge to Albus’ voice. He felt for those who suffered the wrath of Tom Riddle, his creation of evil, his Voldemort. Dumbledore’s heart was strong, his will made of steel, but it bent for those such as Felicity,

Severus and the others who gave so much of their lives to stop the madman. He looked to Remus. “Take her downstairs, if you would, Remus?” he asked.

Remus stood, his face a cacophony of conflicting emotions as Felicity looked up at him. Albus pushed her toward him and Remus held her shoulders guiding her to the door. “Hot chocolate, I should think, Remus,” called Dumbledore after them. “Chocolate solves so many worries and fears.”

He settled his eyes on Sirius who had not moved and stood frozen. “Be careful, this evening,” said Dumbledore to him. “The Madame Inquisitor has become even more obstructive. She will be watching the hearths.” His blue eyes fixed on Sirius over his half-moon spectacles. “Be aware of the danger when you speak with Harry.”

If Sirius was shocked that Dumbledore knew that he was planning to talk with Harry by floo that evening, he didn’t show it. He simply nodded and headed for his room to light a fire and wait ‘til the appointed hour.

Albus stood for some minutes watching Severus lying peacefully. Something would have to be done. He was of two minds on the subject and hoped that waiting for what had been prophesized to happen was the best course. So many lives could be lost before the future became the present. It was such a high price to pay. He turned and left the room heading back for his tower.

Felicity sat dejected by the fire in the kitchen while Remus was busy making the hot chocolate. He didn’t say a word and seemed deep in thought. By the time he returned to her with two cups steaming, she was crying quietly.

“Drink it,” he said kindly. “Healer’s orders.” He sat down close to her. She could feel the comfort of his long and lanky body all along her side. He felt joined to her hip. When he put his arm around her to reassure her she wanted to mold into him and curl up.

“I know what you must think of me,” she said miserably looking at the ground.

He put down his cup, took hers from her hand and pulled her face up to look at him. “I watched you save a man’s life tonight, Felicity,” he said looking deep into her eyes. “You did what you had to do, just as Dumbledore said.”

She knew she shouldn’t do it because she’d only been given permission to intrude into Severus’ mind but she was so seduced by him that she didn’t care anymore what was right or wrong. She stepped into his eyes. There was an unbroken chain that led her in. He had a beautiful soul. She saw pain, remorse and longing inside of him and she drank it up. No words spoken, two magic humans who supposedly had just met. He smoldered down deep, his fire warm with a desire that yearned for her. She felt him pull at her. There was so much connection that she hardly noticed they’d been separate until his lips touched hers and she felt the sudden flutter in her heart. His kiss was warm with a hunger more intense than she could have imagined.

When they parted only by centimeters, Remus smiled into her lips. “It’s hard to believe that I’ve only spoken to you once before,” he whispered so close that she could feel his warm breath caress her.

She didn’t want to move. “It’s the beasts within us that lead us to each other,” she whispered back to him. “It’s very strong.” She pulled away farther from him but he pursued her not wanting her so far from him yet. He kissed her again, this time holding her gently, tightly. He’d been dwelling on kissing her for days. She answered his call, feeling it yawning within her center. She gave herself gladly to his warm and delicious kiss.

When he finally released her, they both looked at each other and laughed at themselves. “I told you that you seemed familiar, Remus,” she said. Her green eyes sparkled at him.

He shook his head in delighted wonder and ran his hand through his long hair before reaching for his cup of cocoa.

“Well, I think after that spontaneous spectacle of my lust, Miss Felicity Wood,” he said grinning happily at her. “That I should get to know you better.” He winked at her and she laughed, sipping her drink. “In fact,” he continued. “I think we should start that date I wrote to you about right here and now. Snape isn’t going to notice you gone.”

He looked at her seriously. “I want to know everything about you, as soon as you can possibly tell me.”

She sipped her cocoa. Chocolate had never tasted so good as it did mixed with his kiss that she still felt on her lips. “It’s a lot,” she laughed. “I’ll bet you’ve guessed that I’m not just any ordinary witch.”

He conceded that with a tip of his head. “So tell me what it means? What is a dragon woman? That I don’t understand,” he asked.

She looked down bashfully. She sadly realized that he didn’t know what she had meant. She wondered if he would be sorry that he’d kissed her, or touched her.

“It happened when I was sixteen,” she began, knowing that she would tell him the whole story. “I went to school in America instead of here. You may have known me long ago if I had stayed at Hogwarts longer than the two weeks that I had been there.”

“You went to Hogwarts for only two weeks?” he asked surprised.

She nodded. “I’d been sorted into Slytherin House and my father, who’s an ambassador for the Ministry had a conniption.” She shook her head at the memory of her father’s anger. “Anyway, when I was sixteen, I was staying the summer with my father here in London. It was when Voldemort was gathering his power and my father was under constant pressures.” She looked painfully into the fire not wanting to look at him. “I had an affair with an older man who was one of my father’s enemies.” She peeked at him. Remus sat serenely listening not wanting to interrupt her.

She was heartened that he wasn’t judging her. “It was stupid but I was headstrong and knew everything, just as all sixteen-year-olds think that they know everything.” She shook her head. “My father took a post in Tibet that summer and dragged me with him to get me out of London.”

“I’ve never been there,” he said, his smooth voice soothing her. “Is it beautiful in the mountains?”

“It’s the only place in the world where you can touch the clouds in the sky, where the mountains take your breath away and the wind carries a song.” She sipped her cocoa and remembered it, her beloved home.

“I was mad at my father for taking me there and angry at the man who let me go.” His look that told her that he would never understand anyone letting her go. She sighed hoping that he might always think it. “One day, when father was busy with the elders in a village we were at, I took my broomstick and flew into the sky as far as I could go.

I’m a reckless flyer and I like to ride fast and high, looping and weaving to make my stomach lurch and swim.” She laughed. Remus was enchanted by her laughter.

“You’re very beautiful, Felicity,” he said, not holding back his feelings. “I already love your laughter.”

She blushed trying to ignore the fluttering inside her. “Should I continue with my life story or should we take a break for a little banter?” she smiled mischievously.

“Banter is nice,” he said pretending to be serious while he slipped his hand onto her knee. He stroked the inside of her knee lightly. “But I’d rather hear your life story. Tell it slowly so I can hear your lovely voice.” He was playing with her. She made him feel excited to be alive.

“Well, “ she began again, hoping he would interrupt her by kissing her. “When I was flying around a small lake, my
dragon spotted me and thought that I was a large bird. She was young as I was young and neither of us knew that it was our fate to meet. She attacked me in the sky, realizing her mistake too late. I defended myself and slit open her underside with a slicing spell from my wand. We both fell from the sky and were mostly dead when they found us.”

Remus put his drink down and sat back with his arm around her shoulder as if he’d always done it. “I don’t know if I’d have been able to down a dragon at sixteen,” he said sincerely. “You must be a top-notch flyer.”

“I used to be pretty good,” she said hesitantly. “But I haven’t bothered mounting a broom in years.” She didn’t finish by saying that she had other means at her disposal to fly.

“So, we were dying the both of us,” she said wanting to just finish her story and take the consequences. “The elders persuaded my father that they could save me. He was desperate but he didn’t understand the price of it. I suspect if he’d have known what it would cost he would have insisted that I die.” She snorted softly indulging the bitterness toward her father. “The magic dragons of Tibet are scarce and my dragon was the first of its kind in a hundred years. The elders didn’t want to lose her. The dragon people are great healers and they will fight death wherever they can. Whatever they can do, they will do.”

Remus was gobsmacked by her story. It was amazing. “So they were able to save you with the help of this dragon?” he asked.

“They were able to save both of us,” she said slowly, making sure that he understood. “There is an elaborate ancient ritual that the dragon people perform when a dragon is near dying, they bond the dragon to an elder wizard or witch so that the dragon’s magic is not lost. The soul of the dragon lives within the soul of the elder. It’s symbiotic. The elders live for centuries. It is mutually binding and permanent. My teacher, Master Tong is three hundred years old.” She reached out and held his hand. He absently moved his fingers within her palm suddenly afraid of what she was telling him. “My dragon and I both wanted to live. We are one and the same.” She looked into his eyes, hoping he understood. “Just like you, Remus. You are a wolf within a man. I am a dragon within a woman.”

She waited while the fact of it sank in. He would comprehend it; she was almost sure, as no other man might.

Remus relaxed in looking into her eyes deep in thought. His life had been a curse until that moment. This woman embraced her dragon, as he had never thought to do with his wolf. He may have been more shocked at the thought if he hadn’t just returned from a village where a whole town was at peace with the wolves within them. “I am amazed that you’ve found me finally, Felicity,” he said, trying to quell his mounting emotion of hope. “Where have you been?” He smiled a crooked smile that she returned with laughter. He was such a brave soul.

“I’ve searched the world over for you, Remus,” she said, her eyes dancing. He had accepted her. The door was open for so many other possibilities that she shivered with glee.

“I suggest for our next date, dear,” said Remus soberly. “That we forego all that build-up of saving a man’s life after facing down Voldemort. I suggest that I just take you to Diagon Alley and perhaps buy you dinner.” He reached out pulling her face to him.

Sirius came in from upstairs. “I just talked to Harry,” he said a little frantically. He stopped dead in the middle of the kitchen and took in their cuddling posture in the corner of the room. “At it like bunnies already, then, I take it?” He smiled a wicked smile.

They both sniggered. Remus threw a rag at him.

“I’ve just spoken to Harry,” he said grabbing a glass and drawing a butterbeer. He plopped down next to them, strategically ignoring the look that Remus was trying to throw at him to get lost. “She almost caught me.” He was hyped up from the adrenaline of escaping. It was familiar exhilaration from his days of youth.

“Who almost caught you?” asked Felicity with dread.

“Dunno,” he said. “I saw the big fat hand with lurid pink nails reaching out and I got my face out of the fire faster than you can say Gifford Ollerton.

“Dolores Umbridge,” said Felicity with chagrin. “That woman’s got it in for Harry, for Dumbledore, for me, everyone. She’s a menace.”

“Harry can handle her,” Sirius said now all confident. “They’ve started up a Dark Arts Defense League.” He smiled proudly.

“Did you give them Molly’s message?” Remus was struck by the absurdity of Sirius giving such a warning on Molly’s behalf.

“I did and they ignored it as well they should.” He looked at Felicity smiling wickedly again. “So, you like Remus, do you?”

“Do I need your approval, sir?” she asked sarcastically.

“It depends how long we’ve got to put up with Snivellus upstairs in the bedroom. When he wakes up, he’ll not be pleasant.” Remus and Sirius exchanged knowing glances.

“I know you don’t get along with him, Sirius,” said Felicity seriously. Her face set in Slytherin stone. “But you mustn’t hurt him. I’ve sworn to Dumbledore that I’ll protect him from harm.” She smiled smugly at him. “I’d hate to have to eat you.”

Remus looked up at her with alarm.

She pretended she hadn’t noticed.


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See: HP/OotP pg. 370-375 for Sirius’ conversation with Harry by floo.

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