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“’We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we’re not savages. We’re English, and the English are best at everything. So we’ve got to do the right things.’” -- Jack

Golding, William. Lord of the Flies, pg. 42.

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By Queen of Serpents
aka Queen Sabreen

Disclaimer: The story is loosely based on the theme of Lord of the Flies by William Golding. I am fortunate to be able to use the characters of Harry Potter but alas I do not own them.

Author's Note: Thanks a lot for all the support and I know it took me a longer time than 2 months to update this but my reason is this: my grandpa’s health had been deteriorating for the past few weeks and then he passed away in the end of February. I didn’t have the mood to write until recently so I hope you all understand.

Also I just wanted to inform you all that I finished another part of the challenge where Harry loses to Malfoy. Thanks for all the support people. ::gives out cookies to faithful readers::


Here’s a long, fairly important author’s note:

1) LOTF plot: A lot of people want it to be less like LOTF because they don’t want the story to have a Dark ending. I'm quite into DarkFics and all, but whether or not I make this story into one depends. The story is inspired a lot by LOTF, and it carries the same basic plot in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean I’ll have everything single detail following it. I have my own mind and imagination to shape it the way I want it to.

2) The arrival of the others: A lot of you are disappointed that everyone else showed up. I must admit that I didn’t like that part either but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. The challenge requirement has a lot to do with the other characters and I need to bring them in and get the plot moving along. Sorry if you thought the scene was a little fast and unexpected, or that you thought it took away D/Hr bonding time : P

3) D/Hr snogging time! As much as I would like to have Hermione and Draco all alone on the island, eventually snogging and/or shagging, it’s not going to happen just like that. There’s a greater plot besides a romance. Sure I’ll have them get together some time, but they won’t be doing the horizontal hustle any time soon (lmao, the “horizontal hustle” is a term my Freshman year English teacher used quite frequently). As for a kiss… haha. I never said those can’t happen.

4) In Character, Out of Character: Of the characters so far, Draco is the most OoC. I realized this only recently and I thank those of you who pointed it out. I’ll try to bring his cunning, sly, attitude back. Having an evil Draco is fun! However at the moment my main focus of keeping a character IC is Hermione, who happens to be the most abused character in fanfiction. So in order to work out the relationship, it’s either both of them stay OOC or one of them. Having a D/Hr fic and keeping characters as they are in canon is hard, but believe me I’m trying! I’m working real hard on it, which is why it takes me so long to update sometimes. I’ll try and have most of the characters IC but pretty soon, after the real plot is established, my efforts of keeping it IC might go downhill. I’ll try my best for it not to, though.

(Also in this chapter some—actually most—of the characters are a little OoC but that’s because they’re hungry :o) )

5) Haven’t read LOTF?: For those of you who haven’t read LOTF, I suggest you go out and read it or if you are lazy head over to a site that has summaries (coughspark-notescough) If you do decide to read it, I suggest you go out online or ask someone who read it to explain to you the true meaning behind the story. There’s a lot of hidden symbolism that is quite important. The story itself is not very interesting but the deeper allegorical meaning behind it is what the significance is. If you have any questions regarding it, email me.

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Chapter Three: Of Hunger and Honey-Brown Eyes

Laughter, shouts, and cries of hooray echoed through that area on the island. Even the Gryffindors, who were sullen because Harry was not the main leader, were cheering and making a big fuss.

Draco sat upon a broken log, his eyes cast straight towards where the Gryffindor was. Her face was lighted with a grin, her hair, which was quite wet, was now drying and tangled. He made it a point to do something about it. Wasn’t there a de-frizzing potion out there? Pansy used used to use it a lot.

He frowned, casting a quick look towards the lagoon, thinking about the ocean from where they came. The rest of the Slytherins were still celebrating that Draco had been made the leader. He, however, was too preoccupied to think of himself that way. One name, one face, one question was now on his mind: Where was Pansy Parkinson?

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

Pansy Parkinson was never so lost as she was at that moment. Hunger swelled in her belly. Her hair, formerly sleek and straight, was now full of split ends. Dirt was smeared across her face. Her body ached from walking and swimming.

She heard a great noise, one that had pierced through her ears and into her brain. Her entire body trembled. She wasn't able to pinpoint were the sound was coming from. For a moment, it felt like a shell was making it, as though someone was blowing into it. But shells can't sound like this, she thought dismissively. She must be going insane. Shells making sounds, what nonsense! The only sounds they made were of the ocean...definately not this!

Suddenly there was another noise to her right--the sound of a broken twig. She turned her head quickly to spot the tail of a cat that disappeared into the forest’s thick vines and foliage.

She wiped the sweat off her brow; her heart was thumping. She had the crinkly feeling that eyes were on her. Shrugging off the feeling, she began to walk again.

Unbeknownst to her, two eyes were digging into her back the entire time.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

Hermione felt giddy when she was taken off the shoulders of a Slytherin boy whose name she did not know. He had picked her up in his sheer joy, a happiness due to the fact hers was the final, winning vote for Draco.

She turned her head slightly and her eyes caught an intense stare. It was as though the heat from his eyes was the heat from the blistering sun, dragging her onto the ground. It was Draco. His eyebrows, elegantly curved and arched, were furrowed, deep in thought. His gray eyes were distant and unclear. She wondered what could possibly be on his mind that took so much of his attention. Though she first felt that it was she who he was thinking and staring at, but she figured it wasn’t true. It couldn’t be her, for although his eyes were wavering around her, his mind was elsewhere.

So why did she have the feeling she was being watched?

She figured it was just her mind, her paranoia.

She looked away from the blond Slytherin, and then to all the other Slytherins whose happiness seemed to fade away. Some of her companions all clutched their stomachs with a weakened look on their faces. It was then that it dawned on her and it was then that the hunger she hadn’t felt for the whole day had hit her so hard, she rubbed her aching, contracting stomach and felt her knees start to grow weak. Hunger never felt as great as this.

“Hermione, are you okay?” Harry’s concerned voiced drifted into her ears. She was only able to hear him as though he was in the background. The buzzing in her ears from sheer weakness and the growling of her stomach had nearly drowned out his words. She just then realized that she hadn’t eaten at all for the past 4 days. Whatever she did eat 4 days ago, she puked because of seasickness.

“I won’t lie to you, Harry. I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat?” she asked him. She didn’t understand why she didn’t feel so sick and horrible while Draco woke her right after almost dying in the sea or why she felt so perfectly healthy this morning in the lagoon. She reasoned that it was her mind’s fault for actually being conscious of her hunger now and not then. The mind can do a lot of weird things. Or maybe the stress she had while finding out they were stranded had blocked out her hunger and the sleep she did last night – that wonderful, warm sleep – had temporarily blocked out the hunger then too. Whatever it was, she was hungry. And she wanted food. Now.

“Well, I found some berries, but I don’t think we should eat them. They might be poisonous,” he told her wisely.

“Berries? I’d like to see them. Maybe I can distinguish whether they're edible or not,” Hermione told him, feeling more energetic at the thought of having something –anything– to eat.

She followed Harry to a bush, noticing that almost every other classmate of hers already ate most of them to satisfy their hunger. Only Draco Malfoy had remained seated on the log, lost in thought without any regard to food. Crabbe and Goyle had stuffed their mouths and filled their stomachs, but the bushes were abundant and plenty was left for everyone else, despite so many people eating so many chunks of it. Even Ron was among them, in a heated berry-war. He made sure that Crabbe and Goyle wouldn’t take his good berries and stole theirs occasionally. Fred and George, not too hungry themselves, kept on stealing Ron’s berries to mess with his head and threw them in the lagoon. The Berry-War continued with Ron screaming in frustration and throwing the pits at his enemies.

Harry looked for a moment at Ron’s immaturity, stifled a laugh, and picked a fresh looking red berry. He handed it over to Hermione, who was at the moment rolling her eyes at her red-haired friend. She was too busy to comment, and inspected the berry with care. Her eyes widened, a page from a book she read about various berries entered her photographic mind, and she came to a conclusion.

Harry was right; the berries were not edible.

Yet, hunger had turned her fellow classmates into barbarians and they had all stuffed their mouths without a second thought. She looked around, saw the chaos, and shook her head. “Children,” she muttered. “Harry, would you mind telling them all to stop eating these berries? I’ll go over to Draco and see what we should do to stop those who already ate it from getting sick.”

“Hermione, I thought I was the leader.”

But Hemione had not listened to Harry’s complaint, and scurried off towards Draco, her painful hunger once again temporarily forgotten.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

Once again, Draco found himself lost in thought. Pansy was alive –he had a gut feeling about that –but he also had a gut feeling that she was in possible danger. Generally, his gut feelings were right, just like the time when he had that feeling that Harry Potter wasn’t going to befriend him and reject him. Yet he talked to him anyway. It was father’s wishes, and he couldn’t disobey him. Or just like the time when as they were sailing for this “school trip” and he knew, he had that sense, that the trip would go wrong. He was right both times.

However, he didn’t want him to be right about Pansy.

Sure she was whiny, sometimes irritating, egotistical, and snobby, but Draco always held a soft spot for the Slytherin girl. They grew up together, they played in the same sandbox until his father decided he needed to “grow up”, and they had their first kiss together. So naturally he would care for her.

However, unlike those horrendous rumors went, he did not love her, or like her sexually at all. They dated for a while just to see what it would be like, and after that… they ended it, seeing that it just didn’t work out. Friendship was better suited for the two. And since she was his friend, he was worried by her disappearance. Besides, they were Slytherins and Slytherins always look after their own.

Being worried usually made the normally attentive Draco Malfoy lost in thought. It was the reason why he didn’t notice his fellow classmates acting like animals in order to fill their bellies. Though his eyes were subconsciously following Hermione, he wasn’t looking at her. Well, he was… but only looking at her eyes. He didn’t notice it before, but the two normally completely opposite girls had the same honey brown eyes. Therefore, whilst staring at Hermione’s eyes, Draco thought about Pansy even more and the worry began to gnaw at him.

Damn, it was that Slytherin obligation and loyalty all over again. He needed to get Pansy out of his mind. For all he knew, she drowned and died. Best to not think about her and lose his sanity.


These soft words had uprooted him from his thoughts so harshly that he nearly fell back from the log. He looked up and caught himself staring directly into a vast sea of endless brown and honey eyes, eyes that were looking at him questioningly and analytically. He saw her bushy hair, untamed and hideous, and realized this was not Pansy, but Hermione.

“Granger? What is it?” he croaked, irritated at being caught not paying attention.

He had an inclination that she was standing there for a while. How long was it then, that she watching him like that?

“Ouch, no need to be a grouch, Malfoy. I’m here on a business errand,” the Gryffindor replied. “There’s isn’t much time to argue like children, so I’ll just tell you what’s wrong so we can find a solution,” she told him quickly before he would comment. He nodded his head, realizing this was serious.

“Well, due to the fact that all our classmates were hungry, they ate anything they were able to get their hands on that looked good,” she informed him. She looked to her left where she caught Ron, Crabbe, and Goyle eating in what looked to be a berry-eating contest. She shook her head in dismay; that wasn’t just a berry-eating contest, it was a race on who would wind up puking the most.


“And, if you must know Malfoy, those berries are poisonous.”

“Oh,” Draco replied, the color from his already pale skin draining. His gray eyes darted around the island and he shook his head. “What do you suppose we do?”

“Well, I remember reading about a potion that cures food-poisoning. You, being the Potion expert, should be aware of it. I told Harry to make them stop eating while we make the potion.”

“Ah, lovely idea, Granger. Only there’s one problem your brain hadn’t thought of,” he told her, rising from his seat and giving her a superior smirk. “Ingredients perhaps?”

Hermione’s lips formed a soft ‘O’ and she sat down on the log where Malfoy was sitting on before.

“And also, I don’t suppose your boyfriend was able to stop them from eating, now was he?” he said, pointing his thumb behind him to where Harry was fuming for not being heard by everyone else.

“He’s not my boyfriend and if you’re such a genius Malfoy, why don’t you figure it out?” she told him, slightly annoyed.

“Ah, my pet, not to worry. Draco Malfoy can handle anything.” He patted her on the head and grinned at her.

She raised an eyebrow. “Pet?”

“Yes, dear. My pet. Now scurry along and tell Potter to come meet me here.”

“If you think I’m going to be your pet dog and fetch Harry, then you are highly mistaken.” She crossed her arms over her chest and looked into his eyes defiantly.

“I didn’t even mention the word dog, yet as appealing as it may sound, I like the word ‘bitch’ better.” He ignored her gasp of indignation and bent down so his lips were brushing against her ear. “You like the sound of that too, don’t you?”

She was about to slap him for that comment but when his breath prickled her ear, it sent of shiver of warmth pulsing through her body and she couldn't. She stood up instead, ignoring the tingling sensations her body made with the slight touch of his lips on her skin. She poked him on his chest harshly to make him move away from her personal space and glared up at him, cheeks red with heat. “You arrogant, insufferable prat! I honestly thought you would change!”

She sighed dramatically and crossly, and he chuckled while watching her stomp away, a swarm of insults coming forth from her lips. To his delight, her footsteps were towards Potter. He allowed a smirk to settle on his lips and blew her a kiss when she looked back at him. She blushed furiously and stuck out her tongue at him in a child-like manner before running off to talk to Harry Potter.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

Hermione was exhausted, and she was still hungry. Besides, making her classmates shut up and actually listen to the three of them was harder than she imagined. Harry and Draco were on surprisingly good terms-- Of course they did bicker once in a while but it wasn’t too hostile at all.

She didn’t notice it before, but the two of them were quite alike each other. The two boys were both natural leaders it seemed. They had ambition, and power as well as a fiery charismatic gravity about them that made everyone cling on to their every word or command. Draco more intimidating and controlling while Harry more friendly and unrestrictive--but their similar appeal was clearly there.

They looked like total opposites: Harry’s messy black hair and tanned skin, and Draco’s white blond hair and pale skin that seemed to radiate the moon’s glow. And yet, they were so much akin to one another. If Draco’s Pureblood-superiority complex didn’t get in the way, Hermione was sure the two boys would have been the best of friends.

After trying many ways to yell and shout, Hermione reminded Draco to use his wand and cast the Sonorous Charm. But for some odd reason, the Slytherin simply took the conch and blew on it. The conch’s alarming yet powerful sound echoed through the island once more and caught every single person’s attention. The berry-eating contest was put to a halt and all eyes were on Draco.

Their leader, Draco Malfoy, looked on at everyone from atop a tiny platform that only was able to hold three people up. Hermione, although Harry told her to stand next to him on the platform so that she could give him advice, decided to stand aside instead and allowed everyone else to see the mighty power the two boys possessed. They looked like absolute rulers there, and the inhabitants of the island all fell quickly under their spell.

“A bunch of animals,” Draco said quietly yet firmly, shaking his head. “Have you all once thought what those berries are? Did it even occur to you that they may be poisonous?” he hissed.

“Look at you!” he yelled over the murmurs that sprang after his former words. “Like savages!” His glaring silver eyes flickered over to the Berry-Eating contest and his two henchmen lowered their head in shame. Ron, however, was unaffected. “We’re supposed to think before we do things in a place like this. There is this thing called ‘common sense’, which I see that you all lack! I’m surprised that you’re even human, let alone witches and wizards. A disgrace.”

He continued his lecture, allowing his powerful voice to echo into their ears and their souls, making them aware of their shame and throwing them into a trance. Hermione looked up at him and furrowed her brows. He was simply supposed to inform them that the berries were poisonous, not lecture them!

And yet, it seemed like the perfectly right thing to do.

“We’re not savages!” he roared. “We’re not Muggles! We’re Wizards! And as Wizards, we must do the right things!”

“Here here!” Blaise cried out, clapping his hands. He was the few of them that actually didn’t eat the berries. The rest of Draco’s captivated audience began to cheer as well but stopped immediately when Draco smirked and continued with his speech.

“From now on, all activity such as eating, wandering, and bathing will be set upon rules that will be discussed once we find the ingredients that will be required to cure those of you who were foolish enough to eat the berries from those bushes. Potter will explain the details. Potter?”

Harry cleared his throat and began to give out instructions. Hermione looked up at Draco once more and was marveled by his oratory. He looked down at her and winked.

Blushing, she turned away and allowed her attention to fall on Harry. As she heard her friend speak, she mentally patted herself on her back. Picking Draco as the real leader was the right thing to do. Harry was wonderful, he truly was, but the Slytherins were yawning and not paying attention in the slightest by the time Harry opened his mouth.

Harry made the announcement of the reality of the berries and divided the 6th Year students into groups of who was going to gather and try to find what ingredient. Hopefully, they would find the main ones or transfigure ordinary objects into what was needed.

And so the afternoon passed by with Hermione’s hair pulled back into a bun that kept coming out while stirring a twig into a pot Neville Longbottom configured out of a log. It was actually supposed to be the spoon, but as the way things turned out, it became a cauldron instead. Draco chopped pieces of ingredients their classmates found and everyone actually, miraculously, worked in harmony. Hermione knew it was all due to desperation that the feuding Houses actually got along, but having them cooperate was just as well. She also had a feeling it was all due to Draco’s words. He must had hypnotized them.

The Weasley twins were given the responsibility to make a separate enclosed area so that people could ‘go’ and do their bodily functions without being too grossed out, but leaving the pranksters with such a task should have been thought twice about. The two did not hesitate to play pranks even in such an urgent situation.

The Potion was set to boil for around another 20 minutes. Already Ron, Crabbe, and Goyle made a trip to the makeshift bathroom 9, 7, and 12 times respectively and the rest were also bordering on those numbers.

Hermione shook her head, sighed and rubbed her growling stomach. She was lucky she didn’t eat those berries, but at the moment her hunger was so great, she rather would like to go to the bathroom and/or puke whatever she ate than have an empty stomach.

She wondered if there was anything else to eat. There should be of course, berries weren’t the only things there were on the island. It was a tropical one, so there was bound to be coconuts, bananas, and other such edible things to eat. She pondered this as she stirred the potion counterclockwise 3 times and then clockwise again, repeating the cycle.

She glanced to her right and saw all her classmates huddled together by the lagoon. Some of them, the girls mainly—who were smart enough not to eat the berries because girls were always logical in that manner—were sitting by the edges with their bare feet dangling in the warm water. Their eyes were all towards somewhere towards Hermione’s left and giggled every so often.

She followed their gazes and saw Draco reclining against a tree truck, his hands behind his head. He was still shirtless, for Hermione was still wearing his shirt, and the setting sun was glaring down at him. His torso was mouth-watering, toned and perfectly sculpted, the sun’s rays sparkling like golden faeries over his pale skin. Hermione had a hard time looking away. It was no wonder the girls were all staring at him and giggling.

Once the potion was ready, Hermione decided to leave the responsibility to the boys in charge to distribute it to those who ate the berries. She quickly sat up, was careful not to make eye contact with Draco –she just remembered that she was supposed to be mad at him for saying… that—and walked over to where the girls were by the lagoon. The place also happened to be the place where her previously wet school shirt was located.

She grabbed the shirt, not being noticed at all by the swooning girls, and left towards the dark bushes to change. She began unbuttoning his shirt and suddenly realized how much it smelled like him. It was a combination of sandalwood and autumn leaves, expensive cologne, something indescribably Draco… and it smelled of Hermione herself.

She took the shirt off hesitantly and put on her own, wondering why she was suddenly reluctant to part with the Slytherin boy’s shirt. She shook her head at her peculiarity and slipped on her own blouse.

She didn’t want the other girls to know whose shirt she had on before, and so quickly she poked the back of a random 6th Year and shoved the shirt into his hands. “Take it to Malfoy,” she told him, not even looking at the boy’s face. “And tell him to quickly put it on before all the girls drain their salivary glands by drooling about his chest,” she spat.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

Draco went back to thinking about her again. He just couldn’t seem to get her out of his mind. Even seeing the Wealsey puke his guts out had not interested him in the slightest. He did not have the faintest appeal of going about and poking fun like he normally would. He wasn’t even aware that a bunch of girls were hungrily staring at his exposed chest. Just the thought of his friend probably being in danger occupied his mind.

Suddenly, he was brought back into reality when a piece of cloth – a shirt maybe?—was thrown at his face. He sat upright, startled, and pulled the shirt away. A strong scent caught his nostrils, like cucumber and melon… and Hermione.

“Hermione told me to give this to you,” Anthony Goldstein said, raising his eyebrow and wondering how Hermione could have possibly gotten Malfoy’s shirt in the first place. “And you better wear it too before all those girl’s ‘drain their salivary glands by drooling,’ she said.” He looked back at the girls by the lagoon, and Draco’s gaze flickered over there as well.

“Well lookie there,” Draco said, “Is that Abott looking at me?” He smirked.

Anthony scanned the area looking for his girlfriend. Sure enough, she was looking at the blond. Jealousy pulsing through his veins, he stomped off towards her.

“Ahh… young love and bitter jealousy,” Draco said to himself, smirking.

He held the shirt in his hands and then remembered that the Gryffindor witch was wearing it. He wondered why she took it off and said those words.

Hmm… he looked around, the sun setting and the trees casting a shadow around the jungles. He saw a slight moving silhouette and stood up, ready to follow it. Suddenly the figure stopped and looked his way. It were those honey brown eyes again, and though he knew two girls who possessed those very similar eyes, he knew by now which girl owned which. And he knew which witch that one that was.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

“Hermione? What are you doing in the dark?” Hermione heard him ask her. She leaned back against the tree and closed her eyes, listening to the sounds nature made. She felt eerily calm at the current place they were standing and if she were to open her eyes and look at the blond in front of her, she would see a smile that he rarely ever wore.

“Aren’t you going to open your eyes and see what I got for you, Granger?” His voice carried a derisive yet appealing tone. She opened her eyes before she could stop herself.

A gasp escaped her parted lips. There in front of her was the most delicious looking chocolate cake she ever saw. Her hunger intensified a tenth-fold and she licked her lips. Her fingers itched to grab a bite, but she first looked up at the boy who held it and had possession over it.

As her gaze flickered upwards, she was greeted by a naked torso, as appealing as the chocolate before her. The unbuttoned shirt gave him a look that was beyond sexy.

A different sort of hunger began in the depths of her stomach.

“Want a piece?” His voice was husky. Was he flirting with her? She wasn't sure, but his words had left her knees trembling and her heart skipping a few beats. It was as though his silky soft words were putting her under a trance and she was swaying under his hypnotic spell.

She was left inarticulate, and was only able to bring forth a jumble of gibberish.

“I take that as a yes, Granger,” he replied smugly.

The trance ended by hearing his normal tone of voice. She snapped her eyes to look up at his face and scowled. It was Malfoy. She almost forgot it was him... his voice, when it sounded like that, felt so... good.

She walked towards him and took a piece of the cake without even asking. After all, she was hungry and he did ask her if she wanted which implied that he offered it. She snatched it before he was able to register the fact in his brain and she ate it before he was able to open his mouth to speak.

“I figured you must be hungry, so I transfigured a piece of chocolate I had into a cake.”

Hermione was speechless. As soon as she finished the cake, she opened her mouth and uttered a small, barely audible, “Thank you.”

"No problem, Granger. But, as you may well know, a Malfoy does nothing without an ulterior motive…”

She sighed. “What do you want then?” Her voiced was tired; she didn’t want to deal with the overly arrogant Malfoy at this time. She just wanted to eat!

He drew closer. This time, she was caught staring straight at his lean chest, the pectoral muscles so skillfully toned. He didn’t have a big, broad chest, but it was lean and sleek, just like a Seeker’s should be. She noticed how close they were to her. Her fingers were now not only itching to grab another slice of the chocolate cake, but run her nails across his skin…

Bad, bad Hermione!

She didn’t even notice how close his face was to hers until she felt the sharp coolness of his breath across her cheeks. Her honey eyes darted up towards his, a smoky gray. His long fingers made their way up to brush a bushy, frizzy strand of hair away from her face and skimmed it lightly along her cheeks and down to the bottom of her pouted lip, causing a fury of goose bumps to rise on her skin. Her breathing was irregular, her heart thumping, adrenaline taking its pleasant course through her veins. She closed her eyes, wanting to block out the senses he was raising within her.

“I think you know by now what I want, my pet.” His voice was still husky and sexy, but it held a trigger word that made Hermione’s eyes snap open.

She slapped his hands away and moved him away from her. “You sicken me sometimes, Malfoy.”

She grabbed another slice of the cake and put it between her teeth.

“Who said you can have my cake, Granger?” he called out.

“I’m your little pet aren’t I? Aren’t you going to feed me?”

She skipped away and then stopped to look at him before she turned out of sight. Her honey brown eyes searched his and their eyes made contact. She winked at him, put another bite of the cake in her mouth, and scurried away before he stopped her.

And it was from that moment on a different hunger arose in Draco and it was a hunger that left him panting to see more of those honey-brown eyes of hers. He still did not know then that the seeds of lust was being planted in his mind, and nor did Hermione know what her innocent brown eyes had caused in him. However, the two of them would soon see that where logic does not give the answer, human instinct always does.

And where the lack of logic was concerned, Draco Malfoy was a specialist but Hermione? …to her teaching her about her inner instinct would be a challenge. However, with the right time and situations, even the most logical of people can find their inner self and go wild.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -

Author's Note:

Ahh! This chapter is rather crappy in my standards (even though it’s so long). Pardon the lack of enthusiasm while writing which may be the cause of the… ‘blah’ writing for lack of a better word. Plus, I’m not sure whether the characters are IC or OOC at the moment, but that was another thing I had trouble with due to my decrease of creativity at the moment. Oh well, maybe the next chapter will be better. And I added in a bit of mystery in the end which may account for the fact it's a little confusing.

Anyway thank you for all the reviews! I got more than I ever imagined and I’m glad you all enjoyed it so far. I’ll try to not take as long as this time to update. I really will! Also major props to my beta once again for getting this to me even through all the chaotic stuff that's been going around.

All Hail,
Queen of Serpents

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