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I lifted his hand, so limp in my grasp. Not cold, but still warm with the impression of life. It had all happened so quickly. He was supposed to be invincible, but in the end, brought down by the one who was evil incarnate.

I shook my head. What am I thinking? He's not.... I trailed off, not finishing the thought. No pulse, but that was impossible. He can't leave us like this. It's not fair!

I looked at his face, so innocent looking in this last sleep. His black hair as messy as ever, a calm look on his seemingly sleeping face, almost a smile gracing those beautiful lips. No, I thought, shaking my head to clear it. In the short year I had known him, in the short year I had been in Hogwarts, I had grown to love this boy... Man, I corrected myself automatically.

He can't be...he's still warm! Without him, it's all over. That THING will take over. And just when I needed him the most! Oh, God, please don't let this happen.

His glasses lost, he was even looked younger than his mere sixteen years. He seemed almost fragile and childlike laying there, in the grasp of... NO! I won't even think of it! I won't believe it! I refused to believe what was staring me in the face.

No...Oh God, wake up! I need you; you can't DO this for Merlin's sake! It--it will signal the end of the world...not just mine, but everyone’s! It started to sink in, the horrible truth of it all.

This is not how the prophecy is supposed to be completed...what about the others? Ron? Dumbledore? We all need him! Then I kicked myself for my own egotism, the same kind I was berating him for; How self-centered can I get? That was always the problem: he was never selfish enough. Always trying to save someone...someone always needing to be saved... What will the world do with out him? Hell, what will I do without him? Don't do this you little--!

Then changing emotions quick as lightning, for they were volatile in their strength: No... Wake – up -- please? No...I love you, you can't DO this to me. I need you. .Hell, the whole world needs you! Damn it, WAKE UP! The last I screamed aloud, shaking his lifeless form, suddenly angry as though it were all his fault. I saw his head snap back and forth with the force of my shaking. He's still warm! He can't be dead if he's still warm! I screamed internally, not wanting to believe, still shaking with all my might.

I shook the man I had loved, as so many others had, more than life itself, and he never really knew. He never KNEW! It was staring him in the face and he still didn't get it! Maybe if I had told him...Oh God, WAKE UP! I cried silently, shaking harder still.

Suddenly, I heard a sharp crack! as I shattered his shoulder blade, one of the pair that was deemed never to move again, similar to the rest of him. With the final snap of his bones, I realized the impossible had happened:

The famous Harry Potter, The-Boy-Who-Lived, was dead.

I am so confused; I don't know where to start in telling you my story. I know it has to be told because I don't even really know what happened. I'm writing this in the hopes that I might figure out what went so wrong and how something so terrible could happen in an instant. I just want to sleep, in a similar way that Harry is now sleeping, but I know that I can't until I tell everyone what happened, in my own words. They deserve to know, and so do I. So bear with me, dear reader, you're going on a bumpy ride, one that I don't even really know the twists and turns of. I hope you will come to realize why we acted as we did, because maybe your understanding will help me in the end. Maybe.

Anyway, good luck. Good luck in understanding me, and everything that happened. You will most definitely need it.

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