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A Surprise Visitor

Chapter Eleven

Cuddling closer into him, she brought one hand up to cup his face and snaked the other round his middle. Planting a soft kiss on his collarbone Emily wished him "Goodnight" and lulled by the beating of his heart, she promptly fell asleep.

As she slept, Draco was left wide-awake. He held her tightly in his arms, comforted by her fragrant smell and her soft body. Too many thoughts were racing through his mind tonight. Thoughts of his recent nightmare, thoughts of his uncertain future and thoughts of the pretty girl lying in his arms kept him wide-awake. Eventually, in the small hours of the morning his unblinking eyes finally closed, bringing him, thankfully, dreamless sleep to ease his exhausted mind.


The bleak winter's sun shone, forlornly, through the window, barely lighting the room with its feeble rays. The day had begun; a day of gloominess and storm clouds and the morning was well underway. The fragile sunlight flickered softly over the two young, sleepers' forms, lighting their faces delicately, from the shadowed half-light. A soft snore resonated quietly around the room and the birds twittered dolefully outside and, from her dreamless sleep, Emily awoke.

A warm heartbeat pulsed underneath her and, as her eyelids fluttered open, she was momentarily disorientated. Sleep-befuddled and with a rumbling tummy, her foggy-head wondered 'where on earth she was,' and 'what to have for breakfast.'
She knew she wasn't in her own sweet bed and the firm chest beating rapidly, beneath her left ear, told her she hadn't gone to bed alone. She briefly wondered if the mystery person was Harry. Don't be silly, Emily, she scolded herself, trying to clear her sleep-befuddled mind. You haven't been with Harry for over a year.
Lifting her head from the inviting chest, a massive yawn escaped her lips and, stretching her arms over her head, she slowly sat herself up...and froze. There laying before her with one arm splayed over his head and the other still resting on the small of her back, was Draco Malfoy. A strangely innocent looking Draco Malfoy. Asleep, Draco looked almost angelic - very young and very sweet. His sleep-rumpled hair helped along the impression of boyishness and his fine, delicate features, marred by no frown or sneer, looked peaceful in sleep. His finely, moulded lips were slightly parted as if begging for a kiss.

No, Emily, she told herself, not allowing those distracting thoughts to distract her. Stop it now! He'll probably wake up a monster--and you don't need to add complications! Emily let out a soft sigh and let her mind wander over the previous night - and the prior nights events slowly came back to her. Kneading at the tense spot in the back of her neck, Emily pondered lazily over the several scenarios' running through her mind. Would he be nice when he woke up? - would he be a monster? Would he actually tell her anything, like he promised! Or, would she be left in the dark still, as she frequently was!

Sighing aloud again, rather loudly and dramatically, Emily decided that she didn't want to be here when he awoke. She would shower, dress and appease her still grumbling stomach before she had to face him. Several cups of hot, black, coffee would not go amiss either, she decided resolutely. Giving Draco one last, longing glance, Emily moved as if to go. But, she was stilled by a soft sigh that had escaped from Draco's mouth. Her attention snapped back to him. Her eyes wandered down to his sensuous lips and the temptation to kiss them, once again, arose within her. She yielded to the temptation. Nibbling nervously at the corner of her mouth, she dipped her head down to his and pressed her lips gently against his in a firm, yet quick, kiss. Then pushing herself, determinedly off the bed, she turned to leave the room - not looking back once. If she had turned to look, she would've seen Draco's eyes fly open and a hazy smile appear on his lips.

Draco had been awake for several minutes. Through veiled eyelashes, he had watched Emily as her face had gone through many emotions. He had known what she was thinking about and he knew that she would be requiring answers sooner or later - and Draco had preferred later. So, he had pretended to sleep while covertly watching her. Her pretty face had distracted him from his own dismal thoughts - thoughts of his past, thoughts of his future and thoughts of the girl herself. What have I got myself in to? Draco had been musing quietly, when from out of the blue, Emily had kissed him. It was a quick, chaste kiss, but it had awoken strange butterflies in his stomach. This girl had somehow managed to get under his skin. Unable to stop the soft smile from forming on his face, Draco had been very glad that Emily hadn't turned to see him.

Now, laying awake and staring at the ceiling, Draco was deciding on how he was to get through the day. After a lot of deliberation, he decided on honesty. Well, to a certain degree! He would be as honest as he could be - as honest as he could allow himself to be. After all, there were important matters at stake here. Concerns about his safety and, now, about Emily's too. He would try to be nice to her today or at least, he would try not to agonise her on purpose - she deserved that much. She was involved in all of this now anyway - the ministry had made sure of that. So, the least he could do was warn her. Tell her a little about things. Tell her about what she needed to know!

As he heard Emily's footsteps patter downstairs, Draco sighed heavily, pushed himself up and off the bed and made his way to the bathroom. Rubbing at the tense knots in the back of his neck, as he walked, Draco planned what he would tell her...


Emily had gone to her room, grabbed some clean clothes, showered and dressed quickly and padded down to her kitchen with her stomach grumbling all the way.

Now, with her belly appeased, after a breakfast of cereal, toast, an apple and lots of strong, black coffee, Emily sat back on the sofa - feeling almost human again. The soothing strains of Coldplay could be heard from the radio, switched on, in the kitchen and Emily was humming along to it. Emily reached for the nearby, remote control and switched on the television - in the mood to be distracted. Emily flicked from channel to channel before finally deciding on the news. Just what I need, she decided promptly. Lets see what's going on in the big, wide, muggle, world! and picking up her coffee cup and taking a large gulp, Emily settled back to watch the news, thankful for the distraction. However, as she watched she found herself distracted; her ears strained for Draco's approach and her thoughts kept wondering over past mysteries.

She pondered over Draco's strange statements and attitude, Ron and Harry's odd behaviour and on how her life had been turned upside-down. I wonder if these things are all related, she questioned thoughtfully, quite sure in her own mind that they were. She also had a very, strong feeling that the ministry was involved in all this somehow. The ministry was full of secrets and she was quite sure that she had stumbled head first into a new one. Emily longed for answers, her inquisitive soul yearned for them and it was Draco who had all the answers that she sought. Suddenly impatient, Emily thought about running upstairs and shaking him awake - when a shadow appeared by the door. Looking up sharply, Emily turned her head towards the doorway and saw Draco standing there, watching her intently. Swallowing down sudden nerves, Emily forced her in lips into a smile. "Good morning," she offered tentatively, unsure of him and his mood.

Draco gave her a small, tight smile. "Good morning," he offered her back politely, and made his way over to the overstuffed armchair opposite her. Sitting himself down on the chair gingerly a disdainful sneer appeared on his face as he took in its dilapidated state, but quickly disappeared again as if he had thought the better of it. His face smoothed out, devoid of expression, and leaning back into the chair, elbow propped up on the armchairs arm, and he chewed on his knuckles distractively. He stared at Emily blankly, feeling uncertain of how he was to proceed.

Emily, aware of the brewing tension, nibbled anxiously on the inside of her mouth. Not sure, of what to say or do - and wanting to ask questions, but not quite daring to yet, she simply stared back at him. After a few minutes of just staring, Emily decided to be the perfect host. "Would you like some breakfast?" she asked him simply. Draco shook his head 'no' in an irritated manner as if her words had annoyed him. Then frowning a little, he remembered his manners, saying quickly, "No thank you - but do you havesomecoffeeplease?

"In the kitchen," Emily replied promptly, getting up to fetch him a cup.
Draco motioned her to sit back down, mumbled out "I'll get it," and moved quickly towards the kitchen.

Emily stared after his retreating back. She was surprised by his new and improved attitude, yet she found his attempts at politeness vaguely disquieting. I think I prefer the old Draco, she mused to herself broodingly, at least I know how to handle him when he's being a nasty git! This new Draco, definitely put her strangely ill at ease. Leaning forward and taking another sip of coffee, she waited for him to return.

He returned with the coffee peculator and a chipped, china cup in hand. Once again, he made his way to his seat, perched himself down on the edge and, without a word, poured himself a cup of coffee. Wrapping his hands tightly, around the cup, as if trying to warm them, he brought it up to his lips and took a deep swallow, deliberately ignoring her the whole time.

Emily watched him, her curiosity burning up inside...

Setting his coffee cup back on the table, he then turned his attention back to her. "So, I'm guessing that you want some explanations - right?"

Emily nodded eagerly in reply.

Draco leant back in the chair, closed his eyes and let out a defeated sigh.
Emily waited...

Having finally come to a decision, he opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling. Then addressed her wearily, "I suppose you want to know about the nightmare? Yes, the nightmare--I might as well start from there..."


Emily stayed silent, not daring to say a word. She didn't want to ruin the moment with inappropriate words.

Draco continued. "What did you hear? Last night, what did you hear me say?" Draco demanded, his eyes boring holes in her.

Emily fought the urge to say 'I thought you were supposed to be answering the questions,' but knowing this would just antagonise him and wanting answers desperately, she decided to answer him. "You mentioned your father, Azkaban and that you were cold, very cold. You were mumbling about darkness, bleakness and wrong choices." Emily promptly summoned up.

Well that’s pretty self-explanatory," Draco mumbled out, some-what sarcastically.

"Not to me it isn't!" Emily couldn't help blurting out.

Draco looked at her sharply and sighed out in exasperation. Rubbing at an imaginary spot on his shirt, he continued, not looking at her. "Well, my father wasn't the pleasantest man in the world; nightmares about him are a common occurrence, I assure you...."

"Did you see Lucius in Azkaban before...?" She couldn't help but rush out.

Draco's eyes flickered over to hers, hiding some deep emotion.

Was it anger or something else? Was it fear, or could it be -Hatred! Emily wondered distractedly, instinctively leaning forward to catch his answer.

"No, I never saw Lucius in Azkaban!" Draco hissed out harshly. "I wasn't allowed to see him, the ministry saw to that! Not that I really had the urge to - go and visit him. No, the Azkaban memories are my own!"

Emily mentally kicked herself. Of course, she remembered, casting her mind backwards. Draco had been held in Azkaban for three months while awaiting his trail. Well that explains the bleakness and coldness, she thought to herself with some amusement, but what about the 'wrong choices?' Forcing her curiosity back down, Emily glanced over to Draco again.

He looked pensive and anxious.

Wondering at how 'dreadful' Azkaban must be, Emily offered to him sympathetically, "I'm sorry Draco, it must have been horrible for you."

Draco, shuddering at her understatement, looked at her through narrowed eyes. "Oh yes," he sniped at her sarcastically. "It was dreadful! Those damn Dementor's are horrible to be around in the mornings. Not nice at all! And I must say I'm overwhelmed by your sympathy."

Emily felt abashed and suddenly very young. Bowing her head in shame, she whispered genuinely. "I'm sorry. Truly I am!"

Draco sighed despondently. He had been unfair, he knew it. Emily had no idea of the true horrors of Azkaban - in fact, not many people did. He had been unfair to her once again. Knowing that recriminations would get them nowhere, he stood suddenly and made his way over to her. Sitting down beside her, he touched her shoulder tentivly. "I know you are, Emily," he told her awkwardly. "I'm sorry too!"

Emily just nodded, acknowledging his apology, and they sat for a while in a self-conscious silence. Time passed slowly. Looking at her hands, which twisted worriedly in her lap, Emily found the courage to ask him the question that burned inside of her. "What did you mean by 'wrong choices?' she asked him timidly, dying to know the answer.

"That can be answered another day," he answered abruptly.

"B-But," she interrupted.

"No," he continued firmly. "I don't wish to talk about that yet!"

"Were you a Death Eater?" Emily blurted out stubbornly, daring to face his anger.

However, Draco just remained silent and leaning, slightly forward he just stared balefully out in front of him with ominous memories running through his mind.
Emily knew she had pushed him too far.
"Will you tell me about it one day," Emily asked him softly and, wanting to make amends, she cautiously touched his shoulder.
Draco seemed to shudder at her touch and with his mouth twisting into a grimace, he mumbled out, "Maybe..."

A reflective silence fell again.

Emily bravely leant forward and rested her chin on his shoulder. "What about Ron and Harry?" she asked persistently, needing some more answers.

Draco snorted derisively at the mention of their names. "What about them?" he asked dismissively and the first smirk of the day appeared on his lips.

"How are they involved?" she continued.

Draco let out a harsh laugh and turned to face her, dislodging her chin from his shoulder as he did so. Eyeing her carefully, he weighed up his words. "They know that I didn't kill Snape," he told her flatly, his eyes glinting angrily. "Potter doesn't like it and feels guilty, even though it's not his fault exactly. Bloody Potter and his famous Gryffindor guilt ... and Ron was just being a weasel as usual!"

"Harry wouldn't let you go to Azkaban if you weren't guilty!" Emily exclaimed defiantly, knowing Harry couldn't do something so dishonest.

"Some things are even out of Potter's control Emily," Draco persisted. "After all, even Harry is just a puppet under the control of others. Harry couldn't stop this, but I 'm guessing it may be down to him that I'm not longer under the guards of Azkaban and am staying here with you instead."

Emily gaped at him in wonder. Draco's explanation actually made sense to her. It explained Harry's strange anger and guilty reactions. It explained his anxious concern for her. Obviously, Harry still didn't trust Draco, but knowing him innocent of a crime; Harry had intervened and had sent Draco to her. Oh Harry, Emily thought, what on earth are you up to? Then breaking off from her train of thoughts, she asked Draco fervently. "How do they know you're innocent? Do they know who really murdered Snape?"

"That I can't tell you," Draco replied.

Emily looked at him from under her eyelashes and pouted her lips prettily. It was a trick she knew most males could not resist. "But - please," she simpered, widening her pretty eyes and hoping it would work on him.

Draco's face broke out into a grin upon seeing her flirtatious expression. A real grin that lightened his eyes and brightened his demeanour. Emily felt her heart leap in her chest, on seeing him smile. She had never seen him smile like that and it suited him. It made him look impish and oddly, the smile warmed his normally cold features. Emily felt her pulse begin to race.

Draco decided that he liked Emily openly flirting with him. It made a pleasant change from their constant bickering and power games and it made him feel, questionably, light-hearted. Letting his grin widen wolfishly, he leaned down towards her. "That won't wash with me, Carlisle," he teased her lightly. "Don't you know that your girlish charms won't work on me?"

Feeling overwhelmingly intoxicated by his closeness, Emily couldn't think of a suitable response. So, instead, she poked her tounge out at him cheekily.

Draco, closing in the gap between them, took hold of her chin delicately and, tilting it upwards, bought his lips down onto hers in a sweet kiss.

Emily, willingly, let herself be kissed - taking great pleasure in the sweet sensations that his expert lips elicited in her. His lips lingered teasingly on hers as he kissed and nibbled gently on them. Emily, needing more, ran her fingers through his hair and, then clasping the back of his head firmly, pulled him down closer to her - her lips demanding more. Kissing him urgently, the kiss intensified in passion as their lips pressed together, over and over, unrelentingly.

Draco, entwining his arms around her narrow back, gently lowered her down on to the couch. Lowering himself gently on top of her, he felt her body instinctively adjust to his. Her legs parted naturally, allowing him to mould to her contours and, as he pressed himself against her, she ran her fingers fervently along his back. His hot kisses persisted, pinning her helplessly under him, and Emily felt his left hand running lightly down her side, his fingers tickling her softly as they moved.

Emily shuddered violently underneath him causing him to press himself, shamelessly, against her. His hand wondered from her side and made her way over to her breast. Softly, but firmly, he began to stoke her over the thin material of her tee shirt, eliciting a soft moan from her mouth and into his. Between his slow, burning, kisses, she somehow managed to breath out, "Draco, I - I think we should stop now."

Draco ignored her protest, thoroughly lost in heat of the kiss.

Desperately, fighting against her own lustful feelings, Emily tried again. "Please Draco," she breathed out unsteadily, repressing a moan as his lips found her ear and began nibbling on it seductively.

"Don't worry, Emily," Draco whispered to her huskily, "Just let everything go and enjoy yourself..."

At these words, Emily knew she was lost and she yielded to his ardour, loosing herself in delirious passion...when the doorbell rang!


Saved by the bell, Emily thought feverishly, giggling a little insanely to herself. Pushing Draco away from her and ignoring his sullen protests, Emily sat up and promptly straightened herself out. Feeling his warm breath, suddenly, on her neck, she shuddered beneath it.

Draco, sensing her sudden vulnerability, wrapped his arms tightly around her middle and whispered seductively and hopefully, in her ear, "You don't have to answer it, Emily."

Emily unwrapped his arms from around her and, with real regret in her voice, told him truthfully, "You know I have to answer it Draco, it could be someone from the ministry." And, as if it had heard her words, the doorbell chimed noisily again. Letting out a soft sigh, Emily turned her neck and kissed Draco chastely on the cheek.

Dropping his hands from hers, she got up and made her way to the door - ignoring the soft curses he uttered as she went. At the door, she turned to see him watching her sullenly. He looks like a little boy who has lost his favourite toy, she thought to herself and let out a little giggle, before saying aloud, "I'll try and get rid of them as quickly as possible."

Draco just rolled his eyes exasperatedly at her, clasped his hands behind head, leaned back on the sofa and then crossing and putting his feet on the table, he began to whistle an annoying, little tune.

Emily stared at him in annoyance for a little while longer. Then when the doorbell chimed demandingly, once again, she spun around and scuttled to the front door. Mumbling out an irritated, "Hold on, I'm coming!" Emily opened the door.

The door swung open, revealing the impatient person behind it and to Emily's shock and horror, there stood Professor Snape.

Emily stood, frozen to the spot.

"Well, Miss Carlisle, aren't you going to invite me in? I believe you have young Mr Malfoy staying with you and I need to speak with him urgently," Snape drawled out with that smug tone she remembered so well.

Swaying a little on unsteady feet, Emily blinked stupidly up at him. "So, you're not dead after all," she managed to say idiotically, before swaying erratically on her feet and dropping in a heap to the floor - in a dead faint.
Snape looked at the fainted girl, rolled his eyes in exasperation and, calling for Draco, stepped over the threshold...

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