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    Feeling, Surprisingly, Wonderfully Happy

    Chapter Eight

    Catching her look, Draco stopped smirking, rolled his eyes and turned to stare off into the distance.

    Breathing out a sigh of relief Emily turned to Harry, asking him quietl.

    "What are you doing here, Harry?"



    Harry, paying no attention to Emily's words, decided instead to shoot Draco his best death glare. Rolling her eyes in frustration, Emily reached out and flicked him smartly in the middle of his forehead. Harry let out a surprised yelp, his eyes snapping back to hers. From behind her, Emily thought she could hear Draco sniggering out nastily.


    Looking over her shoulder, Emily shot Draco a warning frown. Draco quickly disguised his snigger with a cough and Harry, unable to conceal his hurt expression, blurted out irritably.

    "What did you do that for, Emily?"

    Smothering a snort of laughter at his, indignant, expression, Emily planted her hands on her hips and cast him her most intimidating glare.

    "That was for ignoring me, Harry," she told him huffily. "Now could you please tell me why you’re here?"

    Harry glanced down at his scuffed trainers and put his hands, ever so casually, into his battered, jean pockets.

    Emily knew, instinctively, that he was about to lie to her. After being Harry's girlfriend for nearly a year, last year; she had learnt all about Harry and his little habits and ways. So Emily knew that he couldn't lie properly to save his life. His eyes always betrayed him.

    Some things never change, she mused, thoughtfully to herself.

    "So, are you gong to tell us why you interrupted our little moment, Pothead?" Draco drawled out provokingly, snapping Emily out of her thoughts and dragging her attention back to the ongoing situation.

    "Shut up Malfoy," she snapped back at him and Harry, looking up from his sneakers, sent him a venomous look.

    "Watch your mouth, Malfoy, you really don't want to provoke me," Harry stated calmly, but with a dangerous undertone.

    Oh, now I'm scared, Potter! What just exactly are you going to do to me?" Draco taunted back.

    "I can put your sorry arse back in Azkaban, Malfoy!" retorted Harry and then hissed out quietly under his breath. "Where it belongs..."

    Draco shot Harry an penetrating look and Harry blinked rapidly, looking unnerved, before turning his head away from him. Catching a brief glimpse of Harry's eyes as he turned, Emily let out a stifled gasp. Was that guilt she saw in them? No, it couldn't be.

    Why would Harry look guilty? What on earth was going on here? Too many bloody secrets, she deliberated slowly, letting her eyes flicker between both boys. They were both so different in many ways.

    Harry, with his dark ruffled looking hair and scruffy muggle clothing, looked like a little, lost boy. An air of goodness still hung around him, but, sadly, he nearly always wore a closed expression nowadays; only his expressive, green eyes could give him away.

    He still wasn't able to master the trick of cloaking them. Although his general air was one of youth, if you looked closely, his eyes looked haggard and much older than his tender years. Harry still looked uncomfortable in himself, still looking awkward and shy in his gait and pose. But this was all very appealing to the opposite sex, though Harry still remained unaware of it.

    Draco, on the other hand, was the total opposite. Always poised. Always knowing exactly what to do or say to manipulate any given situation, Draco emanated self-assurance.

    He was extremely self-possessed, extremely sexy, and he knew it.

    But his cockiness suited him and he drew women to him in droves. With a snarl or sneer always on the curve of his lips and pale, grey eyes which were always inscrutable, he demanded attention.

    At this very moment in time, he was nonchalantly leaning against a nearby pillar with his arms folded, coolly, in front of him and he was still glaring at Harry through narrowed eyes. On catching Emily's sly glance at him, his lips curved into his familiar smirk and he quirked his eyebrows at her cockily.

    Shaking her head ruefully, to clear her thoughts, Emily emitted a soft sigh.

    Let's regain some control over this situation, she mentally scolded herself and, raking her fingers distractively through her hair, she began to speak in her most haughty tone.

    "I don't know what is going on here, and I'm quite sure not one of you is going to tell me, but could you both stop with your schoolboy feud and try acting like adults."

    Emily saw Harry's shoulders tighten at her words, but Draco seemed unperturbed. He grinned wolfishly at her, looking completely unabashed. Flicking Draco a warning look, Emily moved over to Harry and touched his arm lightly.

    "Are you going to tell me why you're here or what's going on?" she asked him simply, feeling tired of it all.

    Turning towards her and, shaking his head no, he looked up at her with miserable eyes.

    "I can't, Emily," he told her, almost pleadingly. "It's ministry business..."

    Sucking the air, sharply, between her teeth, Emily inwardly seethed. It was always the same with Harry. Everything was a secret with him; he would never tell her anything.

    He had absolutely no trust in her.

    Even as his girlfriend, he would never show trust in her and that was one of the reasons why she had broken it off. As her old resentments towards him rose up, Emily struggled to keep the anger from her voice. Trying to sound as dismissive as possible, she drawled out nonchalantly.

    "Alright then, Harry, that’s fine. I don't think we have much more to say to each other - So I guess I'll be on my way ... Bye-bye!"

    And, with that, she moved swiftly past him; brushing against his shoulder as she went and made her way towards the exit sign. Glancing promptly over her shoulder at a very smug looking Draco, Emily called out to him.

    "Are you coming, Ferret?"

    Draco's smug expression faltered for an instant and then throwing Harry a triumphant smirk, he moved indolently after her.

    Upon reaching the exit, Emily felt a hand land, softly, on her shoulder and turned to see Harry.

    "What is it, Harry?" she asked him irritably, trying to shrug his hand off.

    "Be careful, Emily," Harry told her with concern showing in his eyes. "Don't trust him, he is bad news. Please Em, be careful. I worry about you..."

    However, before she could even open her mouth to answer, Emily felt Draco's firm grip land on her elbow as he tried to pull her away from Harry. Turning to glower her distaste to Draco, she saw him glaring intently back at Harry, pure hatred burning in his eyes.

    "Don't worry about your precious Emily, Potter," Draco spat out venomously at him. "She is quite safe with me. So, don't worry your ugly head about her. And if we're talking about trust, I believe that if anyone, it is you who is the untrustworthy one here..."

    And, with one last venomous look, Draco proceeded in dragging Emily away.

    Emily let herself be led. Turning her head to look back at Harry, she could see he had turned pale with rage.

    Hands clenched into fists at his sides, he shot a strange look after them. It seems to be a mixture of hatred, guilt and sadness.

    Giving Harry a small wave and, a half-hearted 'I'm sorry' look, Emily followed behind Draco.

    What in Merlin's name is Harry feeling guilty about? Emily puzzled as she emerged, once again, into the glaring daylight. Blinking against the harsh sunlight she turned to Draco, saying without thinking.

    "What the hell was that all about?"



    Letting go of Emily's elbow, Draco gave her an derisive smirk and giving her no answer stalked off down the street.

    Temporally, taken aback by his audacity, she stared at his back as he walked away into the throngs of people. He walked as though he owned the street and the muggles that surrounded him, instantly, parted as if they sensed his superiority.

    Sighing out petulantly, annoyed at her fellow mankind, Emily rushed into the crowd after him. There was no parting of the crowd for Emily, so she had to barge and push her way through, elbowing people out of the way, as she went. Eventually Emily caught up with him.

    "Damn you, Malfoy!" she hissed into his ear, "Why won't you tell me anything?"

    Draco just continued to smirk ahead, annoyingly.

    Emily tried a new tactic.

    "Draco, what were you going to tell me before?"

    "Nothing," he replied, still smirking.

    Sighing in exasperation she tried again.

    "Did you mean it when you apologised?"

    "Malfoy's don't apologise," he smirked, with a hint of amusement in his eyes, still not looking at her.

    "Oh, why do I even bother with you?" Emily exclaimed loudly, clutching her hands to her head dramatically.

    "You're making a spectacle of your self, Emily," he informed her with a disdainful look.

    Fighting down the urge to scream at him and throw herself in front of his path, Emily hissed out in exasperation.

    Draco stopped and eyed her superciliously. Raising one fine eyebrow disdainfully, he drawled out in a bored tone.

    "Yes. What is it you want, Emily?"

    Biting her bottom lip nervously, Emily suddenly blurted out.

    "Were you going to kiss me?"

    "Well, I wasn't planning to right at this moment. What on earth would all these muggles think?" he drawled out with a wicked gleam in his eye, motioning with his hand to the people passing by.

    Blushing, quite fetchingly, and clenching her fists in anger, Emily launched herself against him.

    "You bloody well know what I mean, you arrogant bastard!" Emily screamed at him between punches. "You skunk of a ferret! You egotistical wanker! You-You poor excuse of humanity, I hate you! You bloody heartless git... I'll curse you till your bleed..."

    Emily was cut off by Draco propelling her off her feet and dragging her into a nearby shadowy alleyway.



    Finding herself in a dark alleyway with a very displeased Draco, Emily slowly began to regret her actions. She soon realised that it was not her smartest move. Chewing tentatively on her lower lip, Emily tensed herself for the onslaught to come.

    Draco seemed to tower over her, his eyes glinting with fury.

    Instinctively, Emily inched away from him, until her back hit against the brick wall behind her.

    Draco took an menacing step towards her and putting his palms flat against the wall, at either side of her face, he loomed ominously over her.

    "What the hell do you think you were doing?" he hissed vehemently into her face.

    "I...um...I wanted to wipe that smug smirk off your face," she yelled back at him.

    "Did you really think that was a wise move?" he questioned smoothly with that familiar smirk creeping on to his mouth again.

    Not knowing quite how to answer him, she mumbled out.

    "It made me feel better."

    "I mean really, Emily, did you not think I might be just a little annoyed at being attacked by you in front of the entire muggle population?"

    "It was hardly the entire muggle population," Emily answered back defiantly. "And don't you think you're being a tad over dramatic, Draco?"

    Draco hissed the air through his teeth. Suddenly, pouncing on her, he brought his head down, his face barely inches away from hers. As she felt his fingers dig, painfully, into her upper arms, Emily let out the smallest of whimpers and closed her eyes against his baleful stare.

    "So what do you think your punishment should be, Emily?" she heard him whisper insinuatingly.

    Emily gulped apprehensively as his warm breath tickled her face, awaking delicious tingles in her abdomen. Opening her eyes to look at him, Emily saw him gazing at her intently. Emily felt her knees begin to buckle under the intensity of his stare. Licking her lips nervously, she struggled for some smart retort.

    "Cat got your tounge, Emily?" Draco taunted her provocatively.

    Feeling suddenly brazen, Emily informed him boldly.

    "A kiss would be nice...."

    A triumphant smirk flickered on his lips and he brought them crashing down, crushing them on to hers.

    Eager with need, she returned the kiss with equal passion and his fervent kisses assaulted her lips, freeing her of all inhibitions.

    Nipping and sucking on them furiously, Emily swiped her tounge across Draco's lips, as if asking for permission. Without hesitation, his mouth opened and their tongues began to explore one another.

    Wrapping her arms, tightly, around his neck, she pushed herself closer into him, loving the sensation of his body being so close to hers.

    His hands trailed, sensuously, down her back and stopping at the top of her thighs, he lifted Emily up against him. Entwining her legs around him, she kissed him deeply, losing herself in his taste.

    After, seemingly, an endless moment of hot, feverish kisses and eager faltering, caresses, the kiss ended - robbing Emily of his lips. Sighing discontentedly, she rested her head on his shoulder as he lowered her back to the ground. Murmuring softly into his neck, she told him dreamily.

    "You're so difficult to work out, Draco. I just can't wrap my head around you."

    Draco chuckled deeply at her confused words.

    "Good," he whispered huskily. "And, believe me, you're not that easy to understand either, Carlisle..."

    Mulling over his words, Emily could hear the truth held in them. She let out a girlish giggle and, removing her head from his shoulder, looked up at him. His eyes glinted down at her with genuine amusement, making Emily feel all hot and flustered. Feeling oddly timid, she turned her glowing cheeks away from him.

    "So where are we then?" she asked him idiotically.

    Chuckling again at Emily's obvious discomfort, he answered her teasingly.

    "Do you mean where are we, as in where is our odd relationship going? Or do you mean where are we, as in what borough of London are we currently located in?"

    Blushing even harder, Emily managed to throw him a sidelong glare.

    "I mean where are we? What small dark alleyway did you manage to pull me into?"

    Smiling smugly, obviously pleased with the effect he had on her, Draco captured her hand in his. Pulling Emily along after him, he told her glibly.

    "This way, Emily, is the way to the Leaky Cauldron. I'll let you buy me a well deserved Fire Whiskey. And, then, maybe after that we can talk about a few things."

    Pondering over what he had to tell her and looking forward to a drop of Fire Whiskey herself, Emily followed after him feeling, surprisingly, wonderfully happy.

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