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Hermione stood in her room a little frightened. Her favorite photograph was missing. Someone had obviously seen her looking at it as she was getting ready for her outing to Hogsmeade. The sounds she had heard were not Crookshanks at all. Someone had been in her room. And suddenly a feeling of utter unsafety overcame her. She wanted nothing more than to leave her room. With that in mind, she dashed to the portrait whole and left. Her feet took her in the direction of the Gryfindor common room. It was late, but in the least, she could spend her time reading in the common room. Anything to get out of her room. When she arrived at the common room, she saw several Gryfindor's relaxing, engaged in conversation or a game of Wizards Chess. She looked frantically for Harry or Ron. And she spotted a mass of red hair sitting by the fire. She walked towards him, shaking now. "Great, Hermione, you're here. Harry just went up to bed, I konw it's early, but he was up late last night, and I still need help on my Forgetful Drought essay for potions. What is the most effective ingredient in it anyway?" he mumbled, not having looked at Hermione yet, but at his messy essay. When he looked up at her, his expression changed. "Er.. Hermione, is everything okay?" "I don't know." "Did something happen?" he wondered. "Someone was in my room," said Hermione. "But I thought that was just Crookshanks." "But it couldn't have been. I was looking at a photograph of the two of us, that one we took over the summer, right before I left. It was on my vanity before I left, but when I came back, someone had taken it from it's frame." "Are you sure? It wasn't just Crookshanks, right?" "Ron, it wasn't Crookshanks, I think someone was in my room!" She said, exhasperated now. "Well, do you want to stay here for a while?" "This is insane, I shouldn't be afraid of my own room," said Hermione. She sat down on a comfy chair across from Ron. She still looked a little pale. "Well, in any case, I'll walk you back to your dorm, and make sure no one is in there," Ron said, trying to sound brave and protective. "Ron, you know, if there really is someone in my room, I'd be able to fend them off a lot better than you would," she giggled. Ron just went red. After a few minutes of Hermione laughing at him, he said, "Well, at least I've got you laughing again!" "That's right Ron, you're good for one thing," she giggled more. "Come on, lets go." The two got up, and Ron left his potions book on the chair he'd been sitting in. They made their way back to Hermione's dorm in about ten minutes, it wasn't that far. Hermione said her password, and the portrait swung open. Ron still hadn't been to Hermione's head girl suite yet. In fact, he'd never been in Hermione's old dorm either. He felt kind of strange in this new setting. It was nothing as he expected it to be. He had expected it to be neat and tidy, but on the contrary, the common room was strewn with large stacks of books. Large ones, tiny ones, old ones, new ones, they filled up a large portion of the floor. But despite it's chaos, each book seemed to fit where it had been stacked up. Hermione's own form of organized chaos. "I haven't got a book shelf yet," said Hermione, seeing the look on Ron's face. She too felt the strangeness of Ron's entrance into her dorm. She walked out of the common room and into her bedroom. "Are we going in there?" Ron mumbled. "Yes," she answered, looking back at him from the doorway. She beckoned him with a wave of her hand, and he followed with a curious look on his face. She walked to her vanity and picked up the empty picture frame. "It really is missing," said Ron. "Well I wasn't lying to you," Hermioned said, a little bitterly. She walked over to her bed, sat down, and pouted a little. Ron looked over at her. He realized in that moment just how beautiful she was. Her cheeks were rosy red once again, and her amber hair resting on her petite shoulders. "What?" Hermione asked, noticing his stare. "Er, nothing," he muttered. "Whoever was here seemed to have gone for the night, though." He walked over to her bedside and stood across from her. "You know, I would never let anything happen to you." He said this seriously, without flinching. "I know," Hermione said, standing up now. She was a lot shorter than Ron, barely reaching his shoulders. But she hugged him anyway, and in that moment, she was happier then she'd ever been before. They both pulled away from their embrace, but stopped without taking their hands off one another. Hermione stared up into Rons blue eyes, and something about them drew her in. And soon, both her and Ron's faces had gravitated close to one another. And they kissed. A gentle, loving kiss. But their embarrassment had pulled them away. "Er.. I think I should go now," Ron said, and soon he bolted for the door, his face redder then it had ever been before. He left Hermione standing in her bedroom, confused but happy. * * * He'd left Hermione's room when Ron had bolted for the door, to angry to watch her any longer. His expensive shoes clicked on the stone floors as he stealthy creeped back to his dormitory. They made an eerie sound, as he was wearing his invisibilty cloak, and no one walking through the halls could locate origin of that clickity clackity sound. He turned down past the Great Hall and continued on to the dungeons. He made it into the Slytherin common room and back to his dorm room without the notice of anyone. When he had finally retreated to the saftey of his dorm room, he slipped out from under the silvery cloak that kept him hidden. He plopped it uncareingly onto his bed. Looking in the mirror that hung on his wall, the young boy of seventeen admired himself. His eyes were grey, similar to the stones of the castle walls that he was enclosed in. His blonde-white hair was slicked back, as it always was. "Oh what Father would say if he ever discovered my abnormal obsession with mudbloods," he thought to himself. "I must say that this one seems different than the others. Hermione is not like my usual prey." He glanced down at the photo he held in his hand. It was of Hermione and Ron. They were sitting on a rock in some strange outdoor setting. Something he was not accustom to. They laughed together, and he could tell their attraction to eachother. It was clear from both of their eyes. Their loving eyes. "Hmm. I never thought anyone would prefer a Weasley to me," he smirked. "Oh, maybe one day I will teach her the harsh realities of disrespecting Draco Malfoy." A/N: I know, its been a long time since I updated, but I still couldn't make this chapter right. To me, it seems choppy. But either way, review.

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