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There is no such thing as chance; and what seem to us merest accident springs from the deepest source of destiny. -- Johann Friedrich Von Schiller


"Fate shall not be defied…" A voice rang out across the darkness of the abandoned alley. A small figure appeared in the mist, It's bright eyes staring forward, eyes that seemed to contain the very sun itself in their black depths. Upon closer inspection it was plainly clear that the small person was indeed, a young women. Not just any young women, in fact, but the keeper of the ultimate knowledge of the universe. The creator of life and life itself. This being was in fact, Seyella, the Goddess of Destiny and Time. She raised her arms above her head, fingers stretching towards the sky, and opened her mouth as if to speak.

A single note emitted from her lips, reverberating across the alley. A scream of defiance, a shriek of disobedience, a cry containing infinite power and wisdom of the worlds. Another small being became evident in the darkness. She was crouched down, unmoving. A jet of pitch black hair, darker than the night, was covering her face. She looked no older then 16, although this young creature was not any age at all. This young being was born from the darkness. Stars swirled beneath the bright grey abyss of her eyes.

"You, my daughter, must choose your path wisely, for the chosen path will either lead you and countless others to ageless light, or eternal darkness. The fates have given up, they have been disregarded by mortals of this realm once to many. Now, it is all up to you, my dear, to guide the peoples of this world to their correct paths…help them achieve their true destiny. Follow your heart, whether it lead you to victory or catastrophe, follow your heart." The young girl nodded, face still sheltered beneath layers of darkness.

"Follow your hearts path…" The women slowly faded away until nothing was left in her place. A few moments of silence passed by, the only sound being heard was the young girls deep, even breathing. The wind gusted violently and her hair was whipped back, away from her face. Her breath hitched in her throat and she looked up suddenly, her eyes scanning the area wildly.

"Where am I…" She whispered to know one, her voice small and scared. The voice of a little girl lost and with nowhere to go.

She abruptly clutched her head and moaned. Her soft moans quickly becoming yells of pain, and then finally screams of agony. The ground beneath her shook with rage, and the stars above seemed to fall from the sky. Darkness turned to light for that brief moment of time, and an earsplitting roar drowned out all sounds. The ground shuddered violently at the noise, but the girl kept screaming, every fiber of her form feeling as if it were being shredded apart with malice. She clutched her head in her hands tighter as the pain multiplied, her scream growing louder with each passing second. The cobblestone street beneath her shot out another furious ripple and the girl quavered, but her scream did not falter. A blinding light shot up to the sky as the night was blinked out of existence for that single second in time.

The world had just exploded.

Life as everybody had known it was now gone, and a new era of reality had been born.

The fate of the world was now in this young girls hands. She was to take over Fate's task and lead this world to its future, whether it be into ageless light or eternal darkness.

If she failed…the world would fail with her.

The young girl, who would late be known as Nix slept. The pain she had endured just moments ago was forgotten, along with the rest of this nights occurrences. She stirred only once, to curl herself into a tight, protective ball.

Little did she know of the difficult times to come…of the terror that would soon begin to wreak havoc upon her life, and the lives of the ones she would soon come to love.

Little did she know of the pain she would feel, of the grief that would tear at her heart until she could barely take it any longer.

She slept, she was peaceful one last time before the evil was unleashed upon the world, threatening the very existence of everyone and everything.

The Fates looked down at the sleeping entity, exchanging worries glances with one another. They had stepped out of the picture, and no matter what the outcome, they would not step back in. Although they believed in her, that small stab of nervousness still found it's way into their hearts, darkened by years of witnessing other peoples pain, pain that they themselves had planned out upon the poor, unsuspecting souls.

Seyella sat, staring at the three Fates with contempt. She sighed softly, anguish lacing the soft notes of her voice, and lifted the gray blindfold up to her eyes. Once again blocking away her sight, she once again felt the utter helplessness that she had been feeling for many years now. Seyella was ashamed at herself for hiding her vision away from the horrors that were taking place in the world, but she was even more ashamed that she could do nothing to stop it. She could still hear the Fates dim murmuring in the distance, talking about the matters that they had given up on.

They were cowards that did not want to fight. She was ashamed that they had been in command for all this time, and now that they had let a disastrous evil come into power, they refused to help destroy it.

Instead they dropped all of their responsibilities onto a newly born child. A girl whose life was also marred by the Fates tainted ways.

Things were not meant to be this way…

But this was how things had ended up, and not even Destiny herself could turn back time to make everything right again. Instead, Nix would have to make the choices that would determine the future of not only the people of the wizarding world, but people of the whole world, wizards and muggles alike.

Evil spreads, corrupting everyone and everything that it comes into contact with. If that evil is not defeated, eventually it will grow into such a power…it will consume everything, until nothing can overpower it.

The Dark Lord was doing just that, corrupting and consuming as he grew stronger and stronger. Nix now had the task to help the Potter boy, as well as countless others, realize their true purpose in this lifetime, and help them all overcome their fears and face the diabolical force before it was much too late.

The Fates turned away from the sight of the sleeping girl, the feelings they were encountering becoming much to difficult for them to cope with. They were not supposed to have emotions, countless nights of witnessing such brutality inflicted upon others hardened their souls, so why were they feeling such remorse? They walked away, vowing to stay strong and not give in. They were not responsible anymore, they refused to be.

They could only hope the girl would not fail…

Too much depended on her succeeding…too much.

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