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“Just like this.” Filius said to Harry as he showed the young man firstly the incantation for the conjuring of the Fairy Lights that he used and secondly the wand movement to create them. “As long as you hold the image of how you want your Fairy Lights to look firmly in your mind then those will be what you create.” Filius told him.

“So if I was thinking of a dragon then when I used the spell I would get lots of dragons with little lanterns?” Harry asked him and Filius nodded.

“Precisely.” He told him, “Oh but I would make it so that they can fly; it does tend to get quite annoying when one is forever sitting on Fairy Lights.”

“Okay then.” Harry said and concentrated hard on a little fairy, dressed in appropriate Christmas attire. “Faeractia” He muttered and gave his wand a quick swish. Instantly one little fairy climbed out of the end of his wand somehow, her arm coming out last and when at last the little fairy did pull out her arm it was attached to another fairy. Then once the second fairy had appeared out of the end of his wand, she too was holding onto another fairy. They came out one by one, hands joined until Harry looked to Filius as to how to stop the process.

“Simply say ‘finite’ when you wish the train to stop.” Filius said.

Finite” Harry said and the last fairy let go of her friend who was sucked back into the wand. The ten or so Fairy Lights who had emerged from Harry’s wand smiled at him before flittering happily about the room, occasionally chatting with one another as they sat for a rest on the chandelier which hung in the centre of the room.

“And to get a chain of them to sit on the Christmas tree you cast this spell.” Filius said, “Faeractia Iunctus

This time he asked Harry to levitate him up so that he was at the ceiling and could easily reach the top of the tree. He touched his wand to the first branch and one small fairy fell out of his wand and onto the branch. Then Filius touched the next branch he wished one to go on and the next fairy sat on there. He did this numerous times until Fairy Lights had been placed all around the tree.

Only when the last of them had been placed and Harry let Filius touch the ground did he stop to look at the little fairies on the tree. They were quite slender and were dressed in small red dresses, their golden wings shimmering as they caught the light of their little glowing lanterns which they sat in their laps and leant on. One of them giggled as Harry looked at her and took the opportunity to leap off her branch and onto Harry, keeping her balance by grabbing onto his ear and kissing his cheek.

“Hey!” Harry said and picked up the little fairy by her wings before placing her back onto the tree whilst behind him Filius laughed as he set his wand down on the coffee table.

“They’re rather compassionate little things.” Filius told Harry before taking a mirror from thin air and handing it to Harry to show him the little lipstick kiss he had on his cheek. Harry cast the fairy who had given it to him a suspicious look and she giggled at him before he wiped the lipstick from his face.

Across the room Severus was charming trails of golden bubbles to hang from the ceiling along the edges of the room so that they dipped down between each of the joins.

“Don’t tell me, Potter,” Severus said when he approached him, “you want to learn how to do it?”

“Will you show me?” Harry asked and Severus sighed.

“I suppose so.” He said and attached the last of the bubbles to the ceiling before floating himself down from the ceiling. Not that Harry noticed he didn’t use his wand to do this. “Right, can you create bubbles on their own?”

Ubelica Creo” Harry said and many clear bubbles came out of his wand until he muttered “Finite” to stop it.

“Very good Potter.” Severus said, “Now to change their colour you simply concentrate hard on that chosen colour in your mind when you cast the spell.”

Harry murmured the spell again and focused his mind on the colour of gold which, as Snape had told him, changed the colour of the bubbles he produced.

“Now the suffixation to join things is Iunctus and I’m almost certain that Filius told you that” Severus said, mildly irritated that not only was he almost enjoying teaching Potter how to create decorations but he was also enjoying the whole Christmas atmosphere. He must be getting ill, he decided. “So you join the two together to make one stream of bubbles.”

“So how do you make them stick to things then?” Harry asked and Severus eyed him cautiously, wondering all the time whether this information would be used to stick things to him.

“The spell to stick things is Adhaero” Severus told him and Harry nodded.

“So the incantation is Adhaero Ubelica Creo Iunctus” Harry said, piecing together the long charm he would perform to make something so simple as golden bubble chains. Severus nodded.

“Just touch your wand to where you want to start, say the spell and let it hang a bit before you touch it to the next part of the ceiling.” Severus instructed and Harry, hovering himself up into the air using wandless magic, touched his wand to where Severus’ had left off, concentrating on keeping the colouring and the size of the bubbles the same he created his own little decorations to match those of Severus.

“Very good, Harry.” Minerva said as she walked into the room. Remus, who was curled up on a chair in the corner of the room glanced up from the book which had absorbed him to see that Snape was actually teaching Harry charms.

“When are we decorating the tree?” Remus asked Minerva, who seemed to have been put in charge of the decorations of their home.

“This evening, I think.” She said and Remus nodded. Her word was the last on most things happening around the house and if it wasn’t hers then it was Molly’s.

“Why is water seeping under the door?” Severus asked, one eye on the water which was slowly creeping into the room and out of the corner of his eye he was making sure that Potter neither fell nor messed up the decorations.

“Good grief! Misters Weasley!” Minerva yelled as she marched out of the room. The twins’ unmistakeable laughter echoed down to those in the lounge bringing a slight smile to their faces until there was a thunderous roar outside and Severus had just enough time to raise his eyebrow before water gushed into the room, sweeping Minerva inside.

“FRED, GEORGE!” Molly yelled from inside the kitchen. There was much spluttering and coughing as everyone made it to the surface of the water and it appeared that the entire ground floor of Grimmauld Place had been filled with water up to the top of the doorframes leaving most rooms with two or three feet in which to gasp for air.

“They must have waterproofed this entire floor, doors as well.” Severus said thoughtfully.

“Can’t anyone get to their wand to do something?” Filius spluttered as he got a mouthful of water.

“Nope, mine’s on the coffee table.” Minerva said to him. “What about you, Remus?”

“Wand or not, this water isn’t going anywhere until the twins get rid of it.” Remus told them.

Harry swam towards where the open door was and quickly ducked underneath it, appearing on the other side in the hallway a moment later.

Fred and George were at the top of the stairs, laughing manically and it appeared that everyone else had been in the kitchen at the time of the flood as Arthur surfaced near the kitchen door dragging something along with him as he swam towards the steps. Only one look was needed to see that Ginny was unconscious. Next came Kingsley from the kitchen with the similarly unconscious form of Ron being pulled along with him.

“What happened to them?” Fred asked, partly in an amused tone, partly quite worried for his younger siblings.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM?!” Molly yelled at the top of her voice as she surfaced near the kitchen, “THEY CAN’T SWIM! THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM!”

Tonks and Bill appeared next from near the kitchen, then followed by Mad Eye who was using his wooden leg as a support and finally Hermione who was swimming with ease, although Harry noticed that she didn’t look particularly pleased by the matter.

Behind him Remus appeared to see what was going on in the hallway.

“What happened to those two?” He asked as Ron and Ginny were pulled up onto the second floor by the twins.

“Can’t swim.” Harry explained and Remus nodded. Snape appeared behind him next with Minerva and Filius close behind.

“You had better get rid of all this water and extremely soon.” Severus threatened them but George shook his head.

“We can’t.” Fred said.

“What do you mean ‘you can’t’?!” Minerva demanded as she swam towards them and the twins took a step back instinctively.

“Uh… well our Pool Producers are sort of time released.” George said quickly.

“I see… and what is the length of time before we can go downstairs without bubble-head charms?” Filius asked them and they both looked slightly awkward. Fred mumbled something which those at the back didn’t quite catch.

“TWELVE HOURS?!” Molly shouted. “I would like the use of my kitchen back before tonight!”

“Well that’s the problem… we really can’t get it back for you.” George told her and got ready to run as Molly reached the stairs.

“Idiots.” Severus scowled as he swam past Remus and Harry and over to the stairs up which Molly had just climbed and was now chasing her sons around the house.

“I’m going to go put on some dry robes, I would suggest that you all do the same.” Minerva said as she got out of the water and walked up onto the first floor of the house.

Their rooms had been moved around quite a bit since the year before, mostly because Tonks had become sick and tired of her old room so at the beginning of the Christmas holidays they had all taken separate rooms for themselves using the reason that Harry, who owned the house now, would no longer have to share a guestroom with his friend. The reason that everyone else had agreed was mostly because they all thought that everyone else had been given a better room than themselves.

It was for this reason that Harry’s room was at the end of the first floor landing with a view over the large garden. It was between Severus’ and Remus’, the former of which he was rather less pleased with than the latter. The room had previously belonged to Tonks who liked it but for the noise above her and complained that the floors were too thin. This wasn’t the case; she had been sleeping underneath Fred and George’s room and had been forced to endure their almost hourly explosions as they experimented on yet more products.

Harry was bored with his room though and although upon his taking it up as his own he had changed the walls from the violent shade of red they had previously been to a rather less violent white, he was still bored with it and wanted to do something new and original with it.

He changed his clothes quickly, leaving the wet ones in a pile by the foot of the bed before exiting his room and returning onto the large landing of the first floor whilst Hermione trotted huffily down the stairs from the second floor.

“So what are we going to do about tea now?” Molly demanded of Fred and George who looked slightly less pleased with themselves now that their meal was in jeopardy. “And I’m certain all the decorations and the tree will be ruined.”

“The tree won’t be.” Mad Eye said, “Trees from the Forbidden Forest can generally look after themselves in far more extreme conditions than being submerged in lukewarm water.”

“And decorations can be charmed again.” Filius said to her in an effort to cheer Molly up.

“But tea will be undoubtedly ruined.” Kingsley said.

“Kitchen is filled with water!” Dobby said urgently as he appeared on the landing with a crack to see people leant against the walls between their rooms and discussing the matter.

“We know, Dobby.” Hermione said to him, “Fred and George filled it with water.”

“Oh, is Dobby wanted to remove water from kitchen?”

“You won’t be able to.” Minerva said to him. “The spell is locked and only those who locked it can remove it. Unfortunately these cretins can’t remember how they locked it so we’re stuck up here for another twelve hours.”

“So the water will just drain away by five in the morning?” Filius asked and George nodded silently.

The rest of their evening was spent with Fred and George excluded to their separate rooms as punishment for their misbehaviour which seemed quite lenient for Molly’s discipline but as the evening wore on and the twins began to make frequent appearances asking to be included back into their group it became more clear that their punishment was making them rather unhappy.

For tea Dobby conjured them meals from nowhere and although everyone wondered just where the meals had come from, they didn’t question them and ate up.

By the end of the night, they were all sat on sofas and comfy chairs which various people had drawn from thin air whilst Minerva taught an inquisitive Harry just how this was done, most other people sat and talked between themselves.

“…that’s right Harry. Hold the image of the object in your mind and draw a vague outline with your wand… excellent!” Minerva said as Harry drew a small crystal ball from midair as she had instructed him to. “Spheres are simple though. Work on other more complex objects in the same manner and as long as you’re quite careful of their outlines it should work in exactly the same way.” She told him and Harry nodded and thanked her for teaching him.

The night had passed quicker than most had thought it would and they found themselves enjoying their time spent trapped up on the upper floors of the house. They finally left the landing at midnight and returned to their own rooms, most of them laughing and talking on their way back.

The next morning, as Fred and George had said, the water had drained away from the house. Severus and Remus were the first to rise the next morning but their quiet talk outside their rooms woke Tonks who then successfully woke the rest of the house as she fell out of her room.

“If that water hasn’t all drained away then you two are going to regret it.” Molly said as she walked down the sodden stairs into the ground floor. There was a grubby line around the walls where the water had reached and Filius instantly set to work on cleaning it away with his wand and a strong Scourgify spell. Cloaks and jackets which had been hung up in the hallway littered the floor after being swept away by the water the previous evening.

Upon entering the lounge, the sofas, chairs and the coffee table were all still where they had been before, and so was the Christmas tree which, if anything, managed to look brighter and more lively than it had the night before. The Fairy Lights which people had conjured the day before were all floating around unhappily towards the ceiling and upon seeing Harry enter the room they flew down to him. The one which had kissed his cheek the day before slapped him as hard as she could, which for a small fairy wasn’t particularly hard.

“We quit!” She shrieked.

“Yeah, if we had known we were going to be drowned then we would never have allowed ourselves to be conjured!” Another one agreed before all the Fairy Lights in the room flew out as one. There was no sign of the golden bubbles and all presumed that they had simply been popped the night before.

The kitchen was in much worse shape, however, and whilst many people stayed in the lounge, drying things with their wands everyone else assisted in the kitchen, trying to move everything back to it’s original place. Eventually, everything made it back to it’s previous location and that was with a great amount of help from Dobby whose assistance was greatly appreciated.

It was almost midday by the time the house had been restored back to the way it had been before the flood induced by the twin’s Pool Producers. Once everything was back the way it should be, the occupants of the house rested in the kitchen whilst Dobby made them an early lunch which all were very glad of.

“If you ever try out those pool things in this house again I will ensure that you regret it.” Minerva said to Fred and George as she took a small sandwich from the plate which floated past her and down the table towards Filius.

“You could have killed Ron and Ginny, I hope you feel guilty about that!” Molly said to them. “Those pool things of yours are dangerous; you shouldn’t be allowed to sell them!”

“They’re restricted for older people.” Fred said comfortingly.

“Define ‘older people’.” Remus said to him.

“People over thirteen.” George said.

“Thirteen?” Arthur asked, raising an eyebrow. “Perhaps a tad bit young, boys.”

“After dinner we’ll start decorating again then.” Minerva said, steering the conversation away from Pool Producers in an attempt to keep Molly’s temper stable.

The second time the house was decorated in two days everyone helped out: Filius was sat on the sofa in the lounge, charming the star which would go on top of the tree; Molly was in the kitchen altering the colouring of the walls to subtle tones of red with green borders around the edge; Tonks was busy getting in everyone’s way as she stood in the doorway between the kitchen and the hall conjuring some mistletoe and then trying to stick it to the doorframe.

“Miss Tonks, if you don’t get out of my way then I will have no choice but to hex you the next time I pass through.” Minerva said as she walked past and narrowly avoided being knocked over by Tonks as she attempted to move out of the way. Minerva passed through the kitchen and into the hallway where she levitated herself up so that she was almost touching the ceiling and began to charm the chandelier that hung in the hallway so that little fairies sat on it, holding candles.

Severus was carefully charming a wreath together to be put on the front door in the lounge whilst out in the hallway Harry carefully wound the excess leaves and berries which Severus was conjuring for him around the banister.

Ginny, Ron and Hermione were all crowding round the tree, wrapping tinsel around it whilst Remus conjured a bauble on here and there from where he was sitting in a comfy chair close by.

Mad Eye was surreptitiously questioning the Fairy Lights when one or two of them would fly past him, giggling together.

Kingsley was singing carols in an impressive tenor voice as he wandered around the house, creating the odd charm here and there to make the place a little more Christmassy.

No one knew where the twins were and that was cause for suspicion if ever there was any. Arthur sat pondering the location of his twins sons as he charmed bubbles to hang down around the room.

Filius charmed the star onto the top of the tree and it glowed brighter and dimmed alternately in a slow, steady fashion as it illuminated the dimly lit room with it’s brilliance. He then charmed a small Fairy Light out of his wand, holding the image of himself in his mind as he did so. Surely enough a small Filius shaped fairy walked out of the end of his wand. It was an exact replica of him, except for the fact that he wore blue robes instead of the black ones he really wore and carried a small lamp with him wherever he flew.

“Wow!” Ron said when he saw the little version of Filius which he placed upon the tree as a light.

“Do you want to make one?” Filius asked and Ron, Hermione and Ginny all responded positively. He went though the charm with them and soon there were little fairies for the three of them: Ginny in black robes, Ron in gold and Hermione in red.

Remus smiled and conjured a little Fairy Light of himself which wore sky blue robes and Harry, having returned from his decorating made a little one of himself wearing white robes.

“I wonder where Severus had got to.” Filius said mildly as the twins finally made themselves known on the landing on the floor above.

“I wonder if he’s heard what they’re singing.” Remus said mildly and they went silent to hear just what the Weasley twins were singing about him.

“Sev’rus Snape is never jolly!” Fred sang as loudly as he could.

“Fah la la la la, la la la la!” George sang afterwards.

“WHY THE HELL IS MY ROOM FILLED WITH HOLLY?!” Snape shouted one floor up and Remus grinned and shook his head; it didn’t take a genius to figure out the next line of the song.

“So fill his room with boughs of holly!”

“Fah la la la la, la la la la!”

The twins sprinted down the stairs and into the lounge where most of the occupants of the house were now seated, either resting from their hard day’s decorating or making little Fairy Lights of themselves.

“Mock you now, his bat-like apparel!”

“Fah la la, la la la, la la la!”

Fred and George stood laughing hysterically by the fireplace as they watched as Snape tried and failed to get through the door due to the large bat wings that they had been charming onto his robes earlier on and had gone unnoticed until now, when they had enlarged them drastically.

“Now sing this improved yuletide carol!”

“Fah la la la la, la la la la!” They finished together and most of the people in the lounge laughed whilst the Fairy Lights on the tree started to take up the song. Snape shot them a threatening glare before adding his own little fairy onto the tree which scowled at the other fairies and after flying over to Potter’s fairy, it pushed him off the branch he had been sat on and took his place.

“What a lovely little Fairy Light you’ve made, Severus.” Minerva complimented as the miniature, light carrying Severus attempted to set the fairy Minerva on fire with his lantern.

“I’m thoroughly satisfied with our decorating.” Filius said as he sat down on a sofa next to Hermione and admired the room they had changed.

“As am I.” Severus said as he glanced around the room. The Fairy Lights were sat on the branches of the Christmas tree adding more light to the room whilst the star Filius had charmed glowed at the top of the tree. A fire roared in the grate and outside it snowed ever so slightly. It was a strangely perfect Christmas, and with the flooding of the previous day forgotten, it was a very peaceful seeming one too.

“Lovely, very well done.” Dumbledore said as he stepped out of the fireplace and looked around before adding his own little Fairy Light to the tree. “A wonderful job.”

“Yes well it would have been wonderful earlier if Fred and George hadn’t flooded the entire ground floor.” Bill said coolly. Dumbledore’s laughing eyes flickered to Fred and George who were trying to look innocent as they sat as far away from Severus as possible.

Severus muttered something darkly under his breath and shot a nasty look at the twins.

“Now now, Severus. Christmas is a time for forgiveness and unity, is it not?” Dumbledore said to him and Severus grudgingly agreed with him. He had to admit it was nice to be back in Black’s house. Even if it was with the likes of Potter and Lupin and sitting in the warm lounge of Grimmauld Place watching the snow settling on the ground certainly beat sitting alone in the Hogwarts dungeons any day of the week. That was until the Fairy Lights broke out into a chorus of:

Sev’rus Snape is never jolly! Fah la la la la…” They were cut short as Severus incinerated Potter’s fairy and the rest of them took the hint as they stopped singing but started to dance instead whilst they mouthed the words.

“I dislike Fairy Lights.” Severus scowled snatching the glass of wine which was handed to him by Molly and smirking slightly as his own fairy gave Lupin’s a kick to the shin. Maybe Fairy Lights weren’t all that bad after all.

A/N: World's worst Christmas carrol? I agree! It was terrible but unfortunately the best I could come up with at such short notice (I finished writing this about three days ago so to be fair I could possibly have written a better one in that time...) Anyway this chapter was mostly for the sake of having a bizarre Christmas atmosphere where as next chapter is mildly sad and will be called "Godric's Hollow" Well I say 'mildly sad' it's not really sat at all. Uh... my new chapter reckoning - six or seven chapters to go I think (I must stop trying to guess how many are left towards the end, I never get it right!) So I'll post the new chapter on Saturday oh and thanks to everyone who's reviewed - 1000 reviews *manic happy dance goes here* :o)

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