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[A/N] Hi! Tis meee...LoL. I hope you all like this chapter.... though I bet a lot of you won't.. ahh well ;-). LoL. At least you get to see what's behind Seth's incredibly good looks. *snorts* Yeppp... Anywayyyss.... I hope you like it! =) Please Read/Review! Thanks soo much! I luuurve you all!! =)

Disclaimer: Sadly, I own nothing. NOTHING! Except Aria, Carina, and the very few other things that you don't recognize. *wipes a tear away* ;-)

Chapter 6 - The Letter

Lily woke up bright and early the next morning. She climbed out of bed, yawning and glanced at the clock.

6:03? Early isn't it?

Shrugging, Lily decided to get up anyway. She looked out the window, the sun was just rising. It was a beautiful sight, and it looked to be a promising day. Lily smiled and had the urge to go for walk.

She had a quick shower, and got dressed in her uniform. She didn't bother with make-up yet. It wasn't as if she'd be seeing somebody she wanted to impress or anything.

Then, Lily headed down into the seemingly empty common room. She crossed the room and was just about to exit the portrait hole when a voice stopped her. "Lily?"

She spun around and smiled warmly. "Hey Remus!"

"Where are you going so early?" Remus asked from the couch, stifling a yawn.

Lily shrugged. "I woke up early and I decided to go for a walk outside. Wanna come?" she suggested.

He got up and yawned. "Sure."

10 minutes later, the two friends were walking along the edge of the lake, just talking and enjoying the morning's fresh atmosphere.

"I'm so happy that you finally asked Cari out!" Lily said happily.

Remus smiled sheepishly. "You get the credit... you pretty much forced me too..."

Lily smiled cheekily. "Well, I had to do something! Josh Thompson actually was going to ask her out you know!" Remus frowned, and Lily laughed. "Oh come on Remie, she'd never pick him over you." He just blushed and a small smile was present on his face.

"Well, what about you? Are you going to give James a shot?"

Lily suddenly remembered Seth. How in the world did I forget?

She shook her head. Remus gave her an exasperated look. "I actually have a reason though!" Lily cried in defense. He just rose his eyebrows questioningly.

"I have a boyfriend." Lily stated, and kept walking. They were almost fully around the lake now. Lily suddenly noticed that Remus had stopped walking. She turned around to see him staring at her. "What?"

Remus' mouth was hanging open. He shut it and hurried to catch up to Lily. "Who?" he demanded to know.

Lily blushed. "Seth Daniels. The new guy from Beauxbatons. He's twins with Aria's boyfriend, Travis."

Remus frowned. He had seen those new guys flirting with half the girls at the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor tables the night before. From what he could tell, they were conceited snobs. Way worse than Sirius and James.

Remus' heart suddenly sank. Now that he knew that Lily had a boyfriend, it was his job to inform James.

He suddenly realized that Lily was talking to him. He just nodded and didn't listen as they walked back towards the school for breakfast. How could he tell his best friend that the girl of his dreams was dating somebody else?

As Lily and Remus entered the great hall, Remus spotted James, Sirius and Peter at the end of the table. He also noticed that neither Seth nor Travis was there.

As Lily went to go sit with Aria and Carina, Remus slowly walked over to his friends, readying himself to tell James the news. He knew that his friend was going to be crushed.

He sat down on James' left and said, "James, I've got to tell you something."

The three friends all turned to look at Remus, who looked as though he swallowed a fish. "Spit it out mate!" said Sirius exasperated, and turning back to his food.

"Lily's got a boyfriend."

James spit out his porridge as he tried to absorb this new and alarming information. "What?" he stuttered, his temper rising. "Who? I'll kill him!" He looked around the hall, narrowing his eyes.

"That new guy, Seth Daniels. And apparently Aria is now dating Seth’s brother, Travis." Remus said, bracing himself for the temper tantrum that was sure to come from James.

Across the table, Sirius got a weird pang in his chest as he heard this news. He just ignored it though and concentrated on trying to calm his best friend down. James had jumped out of his chair and tried to walk over to Seth, who had just walked in the door, to pound his face in.

Thankfully, Remus caught him. "Sit down James!" he hissed, forcing his friend back in his seat.

James sat down, feeling a hollow spot in his chest give a pang as he watched Seth Daniels walk over to Lily... his Lily... and give her a kiss on the cheek.

He didn't know what to do. His first choice would be to go and kick Seth's ass, but then Lily would be angry with him. James just felt torn inside. He had always believed that Lily one day actually would end up with him, but now she had Seth.

James felt anger pouring through his veins as he thought about stupid, perfect, Seth. He was jealous, angry and hurt, but he was going to hide it. Nobody was going to know. He wasn't going to give Lily the satisfaction of knowing that her going out with Seth effected him so much.


"I can't believe Binns gave us that huge essay... it's the first day back!" Aria groaned as she sunk onto the couch in front of the fire.

Lily slumped down next to her. "I know... stupid ghost... at least we have two weeks to finish it... Where's Cari?" she asked, looking around the common room.

Aria shrugged. "Off somewhere with the Marauders." Lily nodded in understanding. It wasn't unusual for Carina to be hanging around with the boys. Sirius was her brother after all, and now Remus was her boyfriend.

Suddenly Aria shrieked. "Crap! We're supposed to meet Travis and Seth out by the lake in 20 minutes! We have to get ready!"

The two girls jumped up, and hurried to their dorms to get dressed.

Lily tried to act as excited as Aria, but the fact was, she wasn't. She didn't understand it though. She was going to go meet her new boyfriend! She should be thrilled!

Maybe that's because you don't really like him, and you know you made a stupid, rash decision by agreeing to date somebody after only knowing them for 10 minutes.

Lily scowled at the annoying voice in her head, and tried to disregard it.

Putting on a false smile, she and Aria rushed out of the room, heading towards the grounds.

Lily had no idea that Aria was thinking the exact same thing she was. Except, she had spent nearly the entire summer with Travis. There was definitely a spark, but being with him didn't feel right.

Aria just shook the thought out of her head and swiftly walked after Lily. Oh, screw it. You only live once, right?


As Lily and Aria were rushing to get to their dates on time, Carina was sitting under a huge tree on the far side of the lake with her brother and James.

"You are idiots you know that?" she told them, exasperatedly.

They both shot her affronted looks and she sighed. "Look. James, it's so obvious how you feel about Lily to everybody except Lily. Now, she has got herself a boyfriend, who I've only talked to once, but at the time, seemed nice enough... a bit too flirty though..."

James' cheeks burned, but he shook his head. "Whatever Cari. I don't care at all. It's no big deal..." he said, trying to sound confident, but then something on the other side of the lake that made his heart feel as though it were sliced in two. It was Lily. Kissing Seth. He tore his eyes away and looked at Carina and Sirius.

They had identical smirks on their faces. He sighed, giving up. He couldn't even go a few hours without fooling the two of them. Sometimes, having such great friends was incredibly annoying.

"Fine. FINE. I do care. But I can't do anything about it, so I'd prefer it if we changed subjects. Er... Sirius... have an eye on anybody yet this year?"

"Um, what?" Sirius asked quickly after hearing his name. He had zoned out, staring across the lake. James rolled his eyes.

Carina laughed slightly. "I bet he does. He's liked Aria since third year. He's just a lot better at hiding it than some people." Sirius shot her an angry glare and she laughed.

James stared at him, wide eyed. "You've liked Aria since third year? AND you didn't tell me! AND Carina knows?"

"A twin always knows." Carina said mysteriously, trying to hold back laughter.

James shoved her playfully and Sirius stayed in one place glaring at his sister for letting out his secret. "No I don't..." he said pitifully. He had about as much luck as James had with trying to conceal the fact that he was upset.

He sighed. "How did you know?"

Carina just shrugged. "It was obvious." he said simply.

"No it wasn't!" Sirius argued. "Nobody knew except for you!"

"And Lily... Anyways, I knew because sometimes you talk in your sleep, and I've seen you staring at her."

Sirius blushed, and Carina smiled widely. It was a rare feat to make Sirius Black blush, and she had just accomplished it. "That's 10 Galleons to me. I've got to go find Remus.” she flushed slightly. "Do you two know where he may be?"

They both shrugged, and Carina gave them an exasperated sigh. "Fine, I'll go search by myself... but before I go I just want to say this: Don't just sit here and mope about Lily and Aria. But don't make them unhappy by screwing up their chances with their new boyfriends. Especially you James."

He gave her an innocent look that she saw through right away. "Don't give me that look James Potter! Lily has never been able to date anybody because of you! If she likes him, don't mess it up! Please?"

She paused for a minute, and then smiled mischievously. "But of course, if he's an ass... that's entirely different... and remember... this is our last year here at Hogwarts. It's gotta count for something right?"

With that, she stood up and walked away, leaving the two boys flabbergasted.

After a moment of silence, Sirius spoke up. "How is it that she is so shy around everybody else, but when she's around us, she's like that?"

James just shrugged. His mind was on Carina's words, his eyes on the beautiful redhead sitting with her boyfriend on the other side of the lake.

Sirius looked at his best friend and let out a sigh. James had it worse than he did. Aria didn't know that he liked her whereas Lily knew, and detested James for it.

That was part of the reason he had never told Aria how he felt. He was scared of getting a reaction like Lily's. So, instead, he had thrown himself head first into the rest of the girl population at Hogwarts.

Sirius sighed. Being 17 is really complicated sometimes isn't it?

He didn't know that years from that moment, Sirius would look back onto his teen years and wish that everything would be as they were then.

Nobody at Hogwarts knew that life was going to take a turn, and it definitely wasn't for the better.


"Yeah... That's so interesting!" Lily said, her cheeks hurting from the fake smile that was plastered on her face.

Seth had just finished telling her a story about how, when he was in America, Muggles had wanted to make him a model, and his whole tragic life story.

It had been vaguely interesting the first time he told her...

Dull the second time.

Incredibly, mind-shattering boring the third time.

And now, he was on his fourth retelling of the story. Lily wanted to scream and run and jump into the lake to get away from Seth's self absorbed, good looking self.

He bent down to kiss her softly again. She kissed him back, glad to stop hearing him drone on and on.

Her nerves were growing thin. She really didn't want to be rude by walking out on him, or breaking up with him already... but he was driving her INSANE!

She had also noticed, that the only time he would kiss her would be when another guy walked passed. Oh, she was going to be in a terrible mood later, and she reminded herself mentally to apologize to all of Gryffindor house in advance in case she cracked and did something she'd regret.

Lily had found out many things she never wished to know about Seth in the seemingly never-ending few hours that she had been sitting there with him. Like, he always wore tightey-whiteys, and he had a company make his own line of hair care products because he was so rich, and he only shopped at the most expensive places that were only found in America because he didn't like British clothes (Lily couldn't tell a difference), and he sometimes wore makeup.

That's right.

He wore makeup.

Right now, Lily was wishing she had never agreed to go out with him. Well it's your own fault! She inwardly berated herself on being so stupid. She swore that she would never do something as stupid as going out with a guy when she had just met him again.


It was just way too boring. If she kept this up, she was going to waste her life away listening to the same, already boring story over and over again.

Lily's mind wandered as Seth started on his 5th retelling of his story. She looked frantically around for somebody who could save her from her torture and make it seem not rude.

She spotted James and Sirius across the lake. Perfect. Now all she had to do was somehow get them to walk over by her and she could pretend she needed to talk with them about something... Head duties with James perhaps.

Lily knew she was getting desperate, but she would willingly go on a date with James to get away from Seth at that moment.

At least it would be interesting.

Much to Lily's luck, James and Sirius got up and started walking back around the lake. Come closer... please come closer..... GOD DAMMIT JAMES! SIRIUS! WALK OVER HERE! she screamed in her head.

Thankfully, they did walk somewhat near her. Well, Sirius did. He gave her a strained smile as he passed and she gave him an odd, pleading look. Her eyes read very plainly: 'Sirius please get me out of here now! PLEASE!'

"Hey Lily!" Sirius said, grinning. Lily's face brightened. Thank GOD for Sirius Black!... wow... didn't think I'd ever think that....

"Hi Sirius! Let me introduce you to Seth Daniels. Seth, this is my friend Sirius."

Sirius smiled at Seth, who glowered at him. Lily resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Seth was probably upset because Sirius had interrupted his speech.

Sirius turned back to Lily. "Lils, I really need to talk to you... about Potions... and I think James needed to see you about Head Duties. It's really urgent."

Lily jumped up so incredibly fast, that even Sirius was surprised with her speed. "Sorry Seth. I'll catch up with you later!"

And with that, she grabbed Sirius hand and dragged him away. When they got a safe distance away Lily pulled him into a hug.

"THANK YOU!!!!!" she said, eternally grateful that he had saved her from dying a very boring death.

Sirius chuckled. "Boyfriend not up to par?" he joked.

Lily slapped him playfully on his arm. "He just brought new meaning to me of 'bored to death'." she told him. Seeing his confused look, she explained further. "He told me his life story 5 times. FIVE TIMES!"

"So why didn't you just say, 'Seth, we're over. Your boring.' and be done with it?" Sirius asked.

Lily shrugged. "I didn't want to be mean, or rude. Besides, I did say that I would go out with him."

Sirius rolled his eyes. "Your not still going to are you?"

Lily's eyes widened. "Good lord no! Especially if I have to go through that again! But I don't want to seem too heartless, so I'll just avoid him for a few days and maybe he'll break up with me instead... and if not.. then I'll do it..." Lily told him, shrugging. She was just glad to get away.

"Hey, I saw James with you earlier. Where'd he go?"

Sirius shrugged, nonchalant, but inside he was jumping for joy. James was going to be so relieved. At least one of them would be happy. Sirius glanced around and saw Aria and Travis not too far away. His heart stung for a moment, but he brushed it off. He didn't deserve her anyways.

Lily noticed Sirius' gaze towards Aria and Travis and sighed. She and Carina had suspected that he had liked Aria for a while, and lord knows that she liked him. They were both just too thick to see it, and now Aria seemed awfully happy with Travis. At least one of us had a good date...

"Let's go do something fun!" suggested Lily. Sirius raised his eyebrows as if to say 'Really?' Lily frowned at him. "I know how to have fun you know! Especially after that lecture. Now, lets go find people and go do something!!"

Sirius shrugged. "Sure, but I don't know who we'd find, except James."

Lily shrugged. "Sure whatever. Come on."

What?" Sirius followed Lily as she walked towards the school. She was actually okay with doing something with Prongs. Wow. Maybe she's coming to her senses at last...


James, Sirius, Remus and Peter were walking up towards the common room. It was Friday, after their last class. The first week back was finally over, and James was in an incredibly good mood, as was Remus.

Remus was in a good mood because he had his first real date with Carina that night, and James was happy because Sirius had told him that Lily didn't like Seth.

Life was good. For those two anyway.

Sirius had a different opinion.

At the moment, life was looking pretty bleak.

Aria was still dating Travis, and according to his sister, they had a date tonight.

Also, Sirius had gotten another threatening letter from his parents, and he was sure that Carina had gotten one too. He was extremely apprehensive that they were going to try something. He was not in a good mood.

However, neither James, Remus or Peter noticed. James was too busy thinking of Lily, Remus was too busy thinking of Carina, and Peter was too busy thinking of cheese.

That’s right. Peter was thinking of cheese. As he had no girl in his life, he was forced to turn to food.


Anyway, the Marauders entered the common room and spotted the girls sitting on the couches in front of the fire. They headed straight for them.

It was sort of weird. Every year previous, Sirius, James, Remus and Peter would be friends with the girls, but they would never really do much with them, and now they were always together.

Of course, it was only the first week back. It could change at any time, but for now they were friends... except for James and Lily.

She had warmed up slightly towards him, at least she had stopped detesting him. Although, nobody knew this. Lily actually found herself enjoying the time spent with James on the nights when they would have to patrol, which were Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays from 10:00 to 11:00.

Sirius didn't follow his friends over to the fire though. He silently went up into his dorm to read his letter again.

Carina noticed this and followed. She had received a letter too, and she wanted to talk to her brother about it in private. It scared her to death, and she needed to talk to him about it.

She found him sitting on his bed, staring at the letter with a disgusted, angry look on his face. He looked up as she entered the room, and silently shoved the letter at her so that she could read it.

Ungrateful Wretch,
How dare you walk out on me last month?! And then you come back for your sister!? I have given up all hope of you, you scum. But SHE still has potential to be a good part of this family.
I have a marriage set up for her with Severus Snape, and don’t you dare try to stop it! It will go ahead no matter what you do! I believe he goes to school with you, but he has a noble family and is placed in Slytherin. If it wasn't for you, Carina would be a good, obedient child, instead of following filth like you and your mudblood loving ways. Carina isn't very pretty, so Severus is a very good choice for her, as he doesn't care for petty things like that.
Blood is all that matters. Next week, I will be coming to your school to talk some sense into Carina. I very much hope that I don't see your ugly face anywhere.
By the way, you are no longer a part of this family. Your name has been burnt off our family tree, but your sister's still remains. I can't have filth like you penetrating our family.
There are some changes going on in the world, for the better. Soon our world will be purified, and there will be no ungrateful snots in it like you, and your mudblood friends. Beware.
Don't bother to respond. We all wish to never hear from you again. We hate you.
Remember. ‘Toujours Pur!’
Gertrude Fredwilma Black.

Carina's face paled as she read the letter, which was much longer than her own. All her's said was that her mother would be coming to talk to her next weekend to try to purify her once again. It said nothing of the fact that she was set to marry Snape!

She looked into her twin's face, which was distorted with anger. She didn't know what to do. She didn't want to be part of that family, and she sure as hell wasn't going to marry Snape.

Sirius pulled his sister into a hug and tried to soothe her. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she clutched her brother. What was she going to do?

"Don't worry Rina, I won't let them or Snivellus touch you..." he said, a lump forming in his throat. He didn't much of a chance helping her, and they both knew it.

They sat there for a while, not noticing the time, and just crying. It broke Sirius heart to see his sister like this. He was seething with rage. Their parents were not only forcing Carina to marry Snivellus, but they had called her ugly, and said that she belonged with them. His sister was extremely pretty, and she sure as hell did not belong with those pureblood maniacs. Sirius longed to help his sister out of this mess, but he was lost as to what he could do to help her. He couldn't stop tears from running down his cheeks as he tried to comfort her.

Carina felt safe in her brother's arms, but she knew that he wouldn't be able to protect her from her family forever. "I hate them!" she sobbed over and over again.

Sirius just hugged her tighter. "I know." he whispered, his voice getting caught in his throat. "So do I."


Downstairs, Sirius' and Carina's absences were not going unnoticed. "Where are they?" asked Aria, looking around.

Lily just shrugged. "Cari seemed a little upset today." she said, only just realizing it, and berating herself for not noticing earlier. She had been so absorbed with avoiding Seth that she hadn't given her friends a second thought. How could she be so heartless?

"So did Sirius..." said Remus. "He had been acting strange ever since this morning..." Something suddenly clicked in his head, "...when the mail came..."

James head snapped up. "He got a letter didn't he?" Remus nodded, and James swore under his breath.

Lily and Aria watched this exchange with confused faces. "What are you two going on about?" Aria asked, incredulous.

"Their parents must have sent them letters."

Lily and Aria understood at once. "Do you think we should let them be for a little while?" Lily asked, concerned for her friends.

James shook his head. "Something must be going on, they've been gone for a while."

"I'll check the dorms." Remus said, getting up.

Lily got up as well. "I'll come with you." Remus nodded, and they both walked up the stairs into the boys dormitories.

As was expected, they found Carina and Sirius in the boy's dorms.

However, Lily and Remus did not expect to see that they were crying. Both of them.

And nobody had ever seen Sirius cry. Something terrible must have happened, and both Lily and Remus knew it.

Lily immediately rushed over to them and stopped by the bed. "What's wrong?" she asked worriedly, her voice thick with concern.

They both looked up at her with teary eyes. Carina's full of sadness, and Sirius' a mixture of rage and depression.

Carina looked up at her best friend, and finally broke away from Sirius. Lily immediately had her arms around her friend, trying to sooth her even though she had no idea what was going on.

When they broke away, Carina looked at Sirius, and he nodded. She picked up the letter and motioned for Lily to read it.

It was then that Carina noticed Remus was in the room. She froze. What would he think? She was supposed to be marrying another man! How would her boyfriend react? Tears rolled down her face once more, and Remus, who had stopped at the doorway, ran in and sat down next to his girlfriend, who wouldn't look him in the eye.

Lily finished reading the letter and felt like barfing. Her heart broke for her friend, but she didn't know how to react. An arranged marriage. With Snape no less. Tears filled Lily's shocking green eyes as she passed the letter to Remus and then hugged her friend again fiercely.

"What's going on?" came a familiar voice. Everybody turned to look at James and Aria, who had just appeared at the doorway.

They walked in awkwardly, totally confused, and found places to sit on the already crowded, small bed. James looked at Sirius, who was staring at Remus, as if trying to read his mind.

Remus, James noticed, was reading a letter. He leaned over and read it over his friend's shoulder.

Remus barely noticed. He was staring at the same line over and over again.

I have a marriage set up for her with Severus Snape...

He didn't know what to do. He just stared in shock. How unfair. For both of them. Remus and Carina had finally gotten together. They were happy, and now this had to happen.

Remus felt as thought his heart was being torn into a million pieces. And even though he knew how much he was hurting, he couldn't imagine what Carina was feeling.

But he wouldn't let her get married to that slimy, freak of nature. She obviously didn't want to, and Remus wasn't going to let it happen.

By now, Lily had told Aria what the letter had said, and the two girls were crying softly. James was absolutely disgusted at the entire Black family, save for his two friends. His mind was racing on how to get Carina out of this, as was everybody else’s.

His parents might know somebody from the ministry who could help... James would have to send an owl to them immediately.

However, now everybody's eyes were on Remus as he stared at the letter, waiting for his reaction.

He finally tore his eyes away from the hateful letter and looked into Carina's beautiful blue eyes. There was no way that he was going to let this girl... his girl go through something like marrying Snivellus.

Remus wanted to say something to his girlfriend, but all of his friends were there, and he wanted to be alone with Carina for a little while.

Carina must have felt the same way, for she tore her eyes away from Remus and looked at her brother, who nodded and got up, giving Remus a warning look on the way out. Aria, Lily, and James followed him out, giving encouraging smiles to the two of them.

When they had left, and the door was closed, Remus opened his mouth. "I won't let it happen." he told her softly, but forcefully.

Carina looked up into his gorgeous bright blue eyes, her own eyes still watering. "How? My family..." she trailed off, looking desperately into Remus' face.

He pulled her into a hug, and they embraced tightly, as if afraid that the other would disappear if they let go.

Finally, Remus broke away and looked Carina straight in the eye. He cupped her face with his hands and said quietly, "I'll find a way. You will not have to marry that pathetic excuse for a human. I don't care what I have to do, but you will not be marrying Severus Snape."

Carina smiled weakly, willing herself to believe him as she looked into his eyes once again. She had to trust him. They would find a way to be rid of her family. She knew that it would be hard, but she saw in his eyes that they were truthful. He wouldn't let her get married to Snape.

"You promise?" she asked him softly, still scared,

Remus still had her face cupped in his hands. He was very close to her face already. He moved his face down slightly, and kissed her softly, but meaningfully.

Carina melted into his arms, accepting the kiss. After a few minutes, Remus broke the kiss and looked her straight in the eye.

"I promise."

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