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Hogsmeade Chapter 5! Thanks for reading so far everyone! Make sure u review when you’re done with comments and suggestions! Disclaimer: see something u recognize? Yeah that’s because its not mine. When Harry had found out that Anna had made plans with Malfoy to go to Hogsmeade together, he was really upset. “Maybe Malfoy’s just the kind of guy she’s looking for, and if he is, then it’s understandable why she doesn’t want to be with me. I am absolutely nothing like Malfoy.” Harry thought to himself. But Harry wanted to have a good time at this Hogsmeade, and since Ron and Hermione would be going on a date, Harry didn’t want to go alone. “Hey, Lavender!” Harry said getting her attention as she walked into the common room the day before the Hogsmeade visit. “Hey, Harry!” she answered back smiling at him. Harry knew she liked him, and so then knew she would say yes when he asked her to Hogsmeade. “Do you want to go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?” “Sure! That would be so much fun!” Lavender said with her face turning a bright shade of pink. “I’ll see you then!” “Ok. Bye, Lavender.” Anna, who had been sitting in the common room doing her homework, had just witnessed the whole thing and couldn’t help but feel a bit upset. “Oh, well,” she thought to herself. “It’s your own fault, Anna. You’re the one who agreed to go with Draco.” The next morning Anna got dressed and paid extra close attention on how she looked. She was nervous about going to Hogsmeade with Draco and spending time alone with him for most of the day. Anna finally decided to straighten her hair and wear a short denim skirt with a light green fitted top that said ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’ on it. Anna figured Draco would probably use what the shirt said on it as an excuse to kiss her, but Anna liked the shirt and wore it for that reason only. Anna met Draco and the two waited in line together as the students were giving Filch their permission slips. Anna turned around and saw Harry with Lavender. Harry caught her eye and Anna saw him lace his fingers through hers as if to make Anna jealous. “Fine,” she thought to herself. “If he wants to play like that, then so be it!” And with that, Anna turned and looked up at Draco and said “I’m really glad you asked me to go to Hogsmeade with you” while batting her eyelashes in a sexy way. Draco, seeing an opportunity, slipped his hand around her waist and bent down and whispered in her ear “I’m glad I asked you too. And don’t worry, I promised you that you won’t regret coming with me, and you won’t.” Anna smiled sweetly at him then chanced a glance back at Harry was looking upset and Anna knew he had just seen what had happened. Finally Anna and Draco made their way into Hogsmeade and started a conversation about Quidditch. Anna realized that Draco really was easy to talk to. They then went into some shops and looked around. After a bit of shopping, Draco decided to take Anna into Three Broomsticks for a butterbeer. It was really crowed with Hogwarts students but they were able to find a small table close to the back of the place. Draco went to go get the drinks and Anna looked around to see who all was there. Anna felt a pang in her heart as she saw Harry with Lavender, but she was happy to see that Harry was no longer holding her hand. Anna also saw Ron and Hermione sitting not too far away from Harry and Lavender looking as if all they could see were each other. Anna thought they made the cutest couple in the world, if only they didn’t argue so much. Anna’s thoughts were interrupted as Draco sat back down next to her and handed her a butterbeer. “I’ve never had one before… are they good?” Anna asked Draco looking at her drink. “Yeah, they taste great. Trust me.” “Hmm… trust you… I guess I could try” Anna said jokingly and then took a sip from her drink. “Mmmm! This really is good!” “I told you!” “I guess you did.” “I also told you that you wouldn’t regret coming here with me. Do you regret it?” Draco asked putting and arm around Anna’s shoulders. “No, I really don’t,” she answered truthfully. “Good.” And with that, Draco leaned in and began to kiss Anna. It was just like the other kiss they had shared. Anna felt herself getting lost and she couldn’t think straight. Draco was the best kisser Anna had ever kissed. Draco was moved his arm from around her shoulders to around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Anna had her hand wrapped around his neck and never wanted the kiss to end, but suddenly Anna heard someone sneezing and she realized that they were making out in a public place. She soon pulled away from Draco who was smiling down at her as she caught her breath. Anna was so wrapped up in staring into Draco’s eyes that she didn’t even realize the Harry was glaring at her from across the room. The afternoon at Hogsmeade had ended all too quickly for Anna. Draco walked her back to her common room and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Anna was smiling nonstop as she walked into the common room and sat her self down next to Hermione. “Well there is no need to ask if you had a good day or not,” Hermione said looking at the smile on Anna’s face. “I had a great time, but Draco hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend yet. Do you think he assumes we’re going out?” She asked Hermione. “Well don’t let him. He needs to ask you first.” “True… So how was your day with Ron? I saw the two of you at the Three Broomsticks and y’all looked really happy.” “It’s a miracle you were able to see us when it seemed like you were so wrapped up in Malfoy the whole time!” Hermione said and then laughed as Anna turned pink. “Well, we were having a good time, until we got into a small argument,” Hermione said sadly. “Another one?!?” Anna asked. “What about this time?” “Well he wanted to cut our date short so he could go and play Quidditch, but I got angry because he had said he wanted to spend the whole day with me.” “Wow… don’t worry Hermione, I would have gotten mad too! So where is he now?” Anna asked looking around and noticing the lack of Ron. Hermione sighed. “Playing Quidditch,” she answered. “What?? So he left you so he could go play Quidditch??” “Yeah… once I got angry he said some thing like ‘why do girls want to spend every moment with guys? Why can’t guys go and have a little fun too?’” “Oh my god! So he practically said he wasn’t having fun with you??” Anna said in a shocked voice. “Yeah… then after that I was really hurt and told him if he wanted to go and play Quidditch that would be fine with me because I had school work to do. And that’s why I am here now doing homework.” “Aww Hermione I’m sorry! Guys are just losers like that. Don’t worry about it. He’ll come crawling back to you like he always does after he acts like a major prat.” Anna said sympathetically. Anna was sitting with Hermione for a few moments while Hermione did homework as the portrait hole opened. Anna’s heart skipped several beats as she saw Harry walk in who was determinedly not looking at her. Anna then sighed and wondered if she was doing the right thing by being with Draco as she watched Harry walk over and talk to Lavender. A/N please please review! thanks for reading love yas! elle_est_belle

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