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Anna’s first day Chapter 3 yaaaaaaaay! Disclaimer: See something you recognize? That’s because it’s not mine! Anna and Hermione met up with Harry and Ron the next morning and the four of them walked to the Great Hall together to get some breakfast. “Anna, are you nervous about starting your first day here?” Ron asked. “You have no idea. My old school was really laid back about rules and class and stuff like that, but I have a feeling that this school is much more different than that” Anna replied. “Yeah, they’re pretty strict about some things, but it’s not like you can’t have a good time while you’re here.” Hermione said. The four then entered the Great Hall and once they had sat at the Gryffindor table, Ron immediately began piling food onto his plate. Anna had never seen anyone eat as much as he did. Anna turned to Harry and asked, “Does he always eat that much, or has he just been starved for oh say the past couple of years?” Harry laughed at this and answered back, “No, he’s always hungry. We just get used to him eating this much food.” Anna laughed as she saw the disgusted look on Hermione’s face as she watched her boyfriend eat. Professor McGonagall was then passing out schedules at the Gryffindor table. Anna compared hers with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. For the most part, the four would be together except for Ancient Runes which Anna and Hermione would be in together. “Uuuuh,” Ron groaned as he looked down at his schedule. “We have three classes this year with Slytherin: Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, and Transfiguration. And, we have Double Potions first today. What a great way to start off the year, Double Potions with Snape and the git, Malfoy.” “Who’s Malfoy?” Anna asked curiously. “You’ve met him. Draco is his first name. The two of you met on the train yesterday,” Harry said with a hint of annoyance in his voice that luckily no one picked up on. “Oh.” Anna answered a bit nervously. Three classes with a really hott guy that she had decided she wasn’t interested in. For some reason, though, Anna had a feeling she wouldn’t be paying attention to her teachers that much in those three classes Draco was in. As soon as they were done eating, they grabbed their books and started making their way down to the dungeons where Potions is located. Before they had even left the Great Hall, Anna felt an arm around her waist and turned around and saw none other than Draco himself. “Hey Anna. We’ve got the first class of the year together. I’ll walk you there and show you the way.” Anna turned and saw Harry, Hermione, and Ron staring at her waiting for her response to Malfoy. Anna knew it wouldn’t be the smartest thing to walk with Draco especially since Ron had made it known at breakfast that they didn’t like him, but Anna had a problem with saying no to people, especially when a hott guy was involved. “Umm, well I was going to walk with Harry, Ron, and Hermione,” Anna said as she saw a smile come across Harry’s face, “But why don’t you walk to class with us?” Anna asked giving him a smile. “As long as I get to walk with you, babe, I’ll walk with them” Draco answered, but Anna could tell he wasn’t thrilled to be walking with the others. The same went for Harry, Hermione, and Ron… needless to say, they weren’t thrilled either. As the four walked together, Ron and Hermione were having their own quiet and private conversation as Draco and Harry were both competing for Anna’s attention. Anna found it quite funny. “Anna, do you want to sit by me in Potions today?” Harry asked. “Sure, Harry. That would be cool.” Anna replied giving him a smile which he returned almost immediately. “Hey, Anna, do you want me to show you around the castle later today when we’re on break?” Draco asked. “Oh my god, Draco that would be so awesome! I just know I’m going to get lost about a thousand times.” Anna replied happily. “Draco wants to show me around the school!” Anna couldn’t help thinking to herself. “Well, we’re here. Bye Malfoy.” Harry said rudely, trying to get rid of Malfoy so he could be with Anna. Harry then showed Anna an empty seat at the back table that Harry, Ron, and Hermione always sat at. “See you later, Anna.” Malfoy said and winked at her sending chills down her spine. Anna then sat down next to Harry and was listening to him talk about Quidditch as they waited for the Professor to come. “Do you play, Anna?” he asked her. “Yeah! I love Quidditch! I’m a chaser, what are you?” “Seeker, and im Captain this year. You know, we do need a new chaser this year. You should try out! It would be awesome if you were on the team with me and Ron.” “Yeah I think I will,” Anna answered just as Professor Snape walked in. Anna could tell that Snape was not a teacher to get on the wrong side of just by how he could get the whole class to shut up when he walked through the door. “This will be your final year in this class, and none of the rules have changed.” Snape said with his voice barely over a whisper. “The directions are on the board, and the supplies are in the cabinet. Get to work. Your potion is due at the end of class.” And with that everyone began to write down the instructions and then take supplies out of the closet. They were making an extremely difficult potion, a Sleeping Potion that, if made correctly, could have the drinker in sleep for over 10 years. The class was extremely hard and extremely boring. Anna had never had to work this hard in school before. Hermione was quietly helping her understand how to mix things properly, and by the end of class, Anna’s potion was a light purple. Sure, the potion was supposed to be about one shade darker than hers, but Anna felt she had done really well thanks to Hermione. Anna bottled up a flask, labeled it with her name, then walked up to Professor Snape’s desk and set it down. “And who are you?” Professor Snape asked Anna. “Anna, Anna Jameson. I’m new this year. I moved from America.” “Well, Miss Jameson, good luck in this class. Americans aren’t nearly as intelligent in potions as they think they are.” He said insultingly. “Well, thank you for the luck, Professor Snape, but I’m sure I can do just fine in this class with out it.” Anna replied bluntly. After class was out, Gryffindors had charms. Anna was really good in her old Charms class, and hoped at this school she would be good too. Once again, Anna sat next to Harry, but the difference with this class was they were allowed to talk as they worked on their charms together. Anna and Harry were partners as they just reviewed past charms everyone had learned previous years to get them used to working again. “So, are you friends with Malfoy?” Harry asked casually. “I’m not sure; I’ve only talked to him like three times. Why so interested?” Anna asked as she gave him a sweet smile. “Oh, no reason, it’s just that Malfoy and I aren’t the greatest of friends… No, we aren’t even friends.” The day went by pretty quickly. After charms, it was time for lunch, and then afterwards Anna had Ancient Runes with Hermione as Ron and Harry had Divination. After that, it was Defense against the Dark Arts, then dinner. After Anna finished eating dinner, Draco walked towards her and asked “ready to go, Anna?” “Sure Draco, but can we stop by my dormitory first? I need to drop my books off.” “But of course.” He said. Anna said goodbye to her new friends and walked with Draco to the Gryffindor common room. After Anna dropped her stuff off, they began walking around the castle. Anna noticed how close he was standing to her and was a little nervous. “What’s wrong with me?” Anna asked herself. “You flirted with so many guys back in America, what’s so different about Draco.” And with that Anna became more relaxed. “So where are you going to take me Draco?” Anna asked sweetly giving him a smile. “Well, I thought I would take you outside to see the lake.” Draco answered her. Once they got outside, Anna began shivering slightly. It was so much colder here than Texas! Draco noticed this, took off his jacket then put his arm around her. “Better?” “Much, thanks.” Draco and Anna then sat down by the edge of the lake. If Draco got any closer to her, he would be on top of her. Anna, realizing he was going to put a move on her any moment, suddenly stood up. “What’s wrong Anna?” Draco asked completely confused. “Well, I…uh… I have a lot of homework to do tonight, and I don’t want to get behind on the first day of school” Anna said giving him the first excuse that came to her mind. The real reason was that she didn’t want anything to happen between her and Draco. She like Harry no matter how Draco looked or how he made her feel when he touched her. “We should probably go back now.” “Ok…” Draco answered uncertainly. Then, the two of them walked back to the Gryffindor common room and at the Fat Lady Portrait, Anna gave the jacket back to Draco. “Thanks for showing me around outside, Draco. Good night.” She said and turned to go in the common room, but Draco grabbed her arm, swung her around, wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her deeply. Anna was completely lost while she was kissing Draco. She had no idea where she was, or even who she was. Draco had a major effect on her like that. After kissing for several moments, they broke apart and Anna was momentarily speechless. “Sweet dreams, babes” Draco told her. “N…N… Night Draco” Anna said, and with that Anna walked into the practically empty common room where she saw Harry sitting on a couch and waiting for her. A/N thanks for reading! please review! love yas! elle_est_belle

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