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A/N - drum roll's chapter 5! I know i said i was going to update 'Captivated' next, but i was in a crazy mood know....and the creative juices were it just felt like the best time to write the next chapter in this story! I really hope you guys enjoy it, it's longer then most of the other ones! Hugs to all.

Disclaimer - If I owned Harry Potter, I'd be selling off sections of my hair on ebay right now. (don't ask)

Ch.5 Over-Bloody-Whelming

Just as Sirius had reached for yet another lemon drop from on top the Headmaster’s desk, a loud knocking broke the great silence. Sirius breathed a sigh of relief and turned his attention to the entrance of Dumbledore’s large office.

Sirius and the Headmaster had been sitting facing each other for the past three minutes having a staring contest to pass the time until Remus Lupin would arrive, transforming their duo into a trio. As they heard the loud knock however, Sirius had jumped slightly and broke eye contact, giving the headmaster an easy victory.

“Good game Sirius, but I believe that I have once again proved that I am the superior at staring contests.” Dumbledore said as he walked towards the facing door smiling.

“And thanks for once again rubbing it in Professor,” Sirius said also smiling.

Dumbledore turned the doorknob and opened the door towards him showing a nervous looking Remus with ruffled light brown hair standing on the other side.

“Come in Mr. Lupin!” Dumbledore said as Remus took a couple steps into the room.

It was at this time that Remus glanced at the person he thought was Lily sitting in one the chairs facing the Headmaster’s desk. He inwardly relaxed when he saw her because he figured that this was probably just one of Dumbledore’s random prefect meetings, like the last one where they had been told to plan inner-house activities for the Gryffindors.

Sirius, upon seeing Remus, got up from his seat and practically ran over to his friend, engulfing him in a big hug, and ignoring the looks Dumbledore was giving him.

“Remus! Finally, it’s been forever!” Sirius said as he had Remus in a big suffocating hug. Remus had his eyes opened really wide and was presently trying to find room to breath. As Sirius released him he stepped back then spoke to the person he thought was in front of him.

“Lily! Er…. it’s good to see you too…” Remus said. He had an amused look on his face and was trying not to laugh since he had never before seen Lily throw herself at anyone like that. It looked like something either James or Sirius would do…

“Please sit down Remus,” Dumbledore started. “We have to discuss something very important. This isn’t Lily Evans you see before you.”

Not for the first time in his life, Remus felt like the odd person out. He looked between Dumbledore and the person who looked and talked like Lily, searching with his eyes for some kind of explanation. But when no one spoke, he cleared his voice, sat down in a chair and asked the headmaster a question.

“Pardon me Professor, but what makes you think that this isn’t Lily? It sure looks like her, sure sounds like her.”

“Have you not noticed anything different about Lily or Sirius lately?” Dumbledore asked lightly, a smile playing on his lips.

“Well…yes I have, Sir. But what does Sirius have to do with anything?” Remus said starting to get confused.

“Everything.” Was all that Professor Dumbledore said to Remus who looked like he had been smacked in the face.

The person who Remus was convinced was Lily stood up and walked over to him until they were face to face. He then bent down and whispered something into his ear. He said his statement very quietly obviously so that the Headmaster wouldn’t be able to hear him. But Dumbledore did catch the last word however. ‘Moony’.

After Sirius stepped away, Remus opened his eyes wide once more trying to believe what was just told to him.

“You…Sirius…but…no…. Lily was…this makes no sense.” Was all Remus could get out as he was still in initial shock.

“Yes Remus. Sirius and Lily had to temporarily change bodies for reasons I prefer to keep undisclosed at the present time.” Dumbledore said to as he started explaining to Remus about the swap. After he told him all the information he felt necessary there was a silence in the room until Remus eventually broke it.

“Alright, I think I get it now,” Remus said, then added in his head, ‘I knew Lily wouldn’t really set a password like that for the Gryffindor quarters.’ He then looked at the floor trying to make sense of the last couple days when a new question came to him. “But why are you telling me now if no one is supposed to know?”

Sirius then spoke up, deciding to answer his friends’ question.

“Tomorrow’s full moon Remus.” As he said this, he gave him a meaningful look.

“Thanks Sirius, I’m pretty aware of that little fact.” Remus said, joking for the first time since he had entered the office.

“Well, James thinks that Lily is me, and he’s going to notice if I’m…myself tomorrow night.” Sirius said, hoping that Remus would catch his drift.

And sure enough…

“Oh! I see, well I’ll just tell him that you’re…busy or something.” Remus said.

“Remus! It’s not that simple, me and Lily have to try to act like each other the best we can. She has to know. You have to tell her…and it has to be today.” Sirius finished, preparing himself for Remus’ reaction.

Remus, unexpected to everyone, started bursting out in uncontrolled laughter. He was looking from the headmaster to Sirius during his hysterical laughter as if the whole thing was a hilarious side-splitting joke. When neither of the other two occupants in the room even broke a smile, Remus stopped laughing slowly as realization dawned on his face. He looked once more at Sirius for him to start laughing as well, but when he didn’t, Remus fainted, falling out of his chair onto the hard floor.

Dumbledore and Sirius quickly exchanged looks before Dumbledore walked over to pick up Remus from the floor. He looked at Sirius once more with his eyebrow raised and spoke.

“Well now you’ve done it.”


Meanwhile, Lily was sitting with James on the floor of the boy’s dormitory. She thought that she was doing pretty well at keeping with Sirius’s personality as they talked back and forth. It turned out that James spent a lot of time with Sirius as they had been friends the longest and were completely comfortable with each other. She quickly learned that James thought of Sirius as the brother he never had, and was starting to wish she had a relationship like that with someone. Lily wasn’t nearly as comfortable around James as Sirius was but was doing a pretty good job of faking it. Even though she would never admit it, she was having fun with him. She was never this carefree when she was in her normal form, and would’ve been doing homework or something at the present time instead of goofing off with the infamous James Potter.

Just as they were sitting in a comfortable silence after having another laughing fit, James pulled out a black book from under their bunk and slid it across the floor so that it was lying in between them on the floor. In red letters on the front were the words,

The Date-Rate Book
Copyright Marauders
Read, and Suffer the Consequences

As soon as Lily had finished reading the title, James opened it and started flipping through the many filled pages. Each one had a different picture of a girl on it and under each picture were comments that had been written by the four marauders. Most comments were just saying which girls each marauder had dated, or who was off limits to the group. As soon as Lily had laid eyes on page after page of her fellow classmates, and on the words written underneath the pictures, she had to momentarily leave the room as she didn’t think she could contain the laughter that was building up inside of her.

When Lily returned and sat down once more beside James, she noticed that he had just flipped to her page and was smiling as he looked at the picture. She saw a yellow sticky note under her picture that said,

James’ Page – touch, change, or bewitch, and you’ll have his face to answer to!

As soon as she had read this, her eyes darted a little further down the page to more words that were written unmistakeably in Sirius’ handwriting. They read,

‘and no one wants to have to look at that boys deranged face, am I right Moony?’

After James had also read what was written under his sticky note he turned on the person who he thought was Sirius and started raging about how he had ruined his ‘precious page’. Lily was once again laughing uncontrollably when James threatened something that only made her laugh even harder.

“Sirius! If you don’t personally apologize to this book, then I’m going to show the rest of the Gryffindors your ‘special boxers’!”

“Alright James! Calm down, how about we settle this in a different way before we resort to the showing of private clothing.” Lily said once she had finally stopped laughing enough to speak.

“Fine. Let’s play truth or dare then, but without the truth. If you chicken out of a dare though, I’m afraid the boxers are going public, mate.” James stated and Lily laughed again.

“Ok, deal.” She confirmed.

After about twenty minutes of enjoyable dares that Lily participated in whole-heartedly since it would be Sirius who would be the one getting embarrassed, not her, she started to think of the funniest dares she could.

“Your turn.” She started, “I dare you to charge around the common room pretending to be drunk, trying to kiss…Lily!” As soon as she said this, James’ face went into a big grin before he spoke.

“I would do that just for fun Padfoot, but you’re on anyways!”


Sirius who had poured four buckets of ice-cold water on Remus after telling Dumbledore that it would ‘awaken the senses’ had eventually woken him up. Since the shock had worn off, Remus was now thinking more clearly and after a lot of convincing, had decided that it would be best in the end if Lily knew about him being a werewolf. It had taken a lot of convincing however and Sirius had almost suggested taking away Remus’ prefect badge if he refused one more time. But Remus had eventually given in, and now him and Sirius were walking down the hallway towards the Gryffindor living quarters talking like old best friends, which they were.

“So Padfoot, are you like wearing…you know…. a bra?” Remus asked, whispering the last word causing Sirius to go into a fit of laughter.

“Maybe. Why? You want to see?” He asked curiously.

“No! God Sirius!” Remus practically shouted defending himself.

“I am a God.” Sirius said smirking to himself.

Remus just rolled his eyes before he thought of something and decided to voice it out loud.

“You do realise that James has probably taken out the Date-Rate book by now to gaze at Lily’s picture, meaning that she’s probably the first girl to ever lay eyes on it.” Remus said to a scared looking Sirius.

“Not good,” was all he could say.

Remus laughed, and then continued on with his theories, “She’s probably found out all sorts of stuff about you by now…I mean, think what James usually talks to you about when you’re alone.”

“Oh my god, he’s probably rambling on about Lily without knowing that she’s sitting right in front of him.” Sirius said causing them both to laugh once more.

“Man, Prongs is going to be so embarrassed when he finds out.” Remus stated.

“Excellent.” Sirius said, his familiar smirk back on his handsome face.

“And you call yourself his best friend” Remus teased then chuckled to himself.

“Hey I am his best friend, we have a one-of-a-kind relationship, as you of all people should know by now.” Sirius said trying to defend his friendship with his closest friend.

“Ok, you just keep believing that buddy.” Remus answered.

“I shall.” Sirius said bluntly.

“Hey, where’s Peter?” Remus asked as he hadn’t seen Peter in a very long time and was wondering if Sirius had seen him lately.

“Don’t know, don’t care.” Sirius said simply before continuing, “Ok get ready.”

“Even though I don’t think I want to know this answer I’ll bite. For what?” Remus asked actually wanting to know the answer.

“I’m going to change the tone of our conversation in a matter of seconds.” Sirius told him.

“Go for it.” Remus answered.

And that was when they started talking about the current situation at hand. After they were almost at the portrait of the fat lady they had decided that Remus would tell Lily as soon as possible so that she could have some time to prepare herself for tomorrow night. They felt quite happy with their decisions when Sirius thought of the one loophole in the plan. (He wasn’t usually the one to point out the problems in one of their plans, so this was a new experience for him).

“What are we going to do about the transformation Moony? I’ve tried turning into a dog while in Lily’s body and I can do it successfully because you need your mind to do it, not your body…” Sirius said but Remus cut in before he could finish.

“So that means that Lily won’t be able to transform tomorrow.” Remus finished for him.

“We have to tell James. If he knows that we let Lily be out there with you in your werewolf form without any protection, and not being able to transform, he’ll totally flip out on us.” Sirius said in a new panic filled voice.

“But Dumbledore said…” Remus started, showing his responsibility.

“I don’t care Moony. I know James the best, either we tell him, or Lily doesn’t come out with us tomorrow.” Sirius stated.

“Ok, ok, I’ll think of something.” Remus said, finishing the conversation because they had reached the portrait hole and had said the password.

Just as Sirius had stepped inside the common room he heard loud laughter coming from all of the Gryffindors who were all looking at James who was currently acting like he was drunk. Sirius could tell he was just acting though because he knew James too well and had that twinkle in his eye whenever he was doing a dare. As soon as James spotted Sirius (who he thought was Lily), he came charging over very ungracefully and immediately tried to kiss him. After Sirius had gotten over the shock of his best friend’s lips coming towards him, he had quite the time trying to keep James off.

Remus was kneeling on the floor because he was laughing so much, which was what pretty much everyone else was doing in the common room at the time. But no one was laughing as hard as Lily and Remus were. Sirius had eventually pushed James to the floor by accident but took it as his chance to run up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory leaving behind a happy looking James who had stood up and started bowing to the rest of the Gryffindors.

Remus and Lily were both done clapping for James who was still getting praised by the Gryffindors, so Remus took the opportunity to go over and try to talk to Lily alone, without James overhearing.

“Lil…er…I mean… Sirius! Can I talk to you for a second?” Remus said realizing that he couldn’t use her real name while they were still in the common room.

“Sure Remus, what is it?” She answered.

“Not now. Lets sneak down here after James falls asleep tonight so we can talk in private. It’s really important, and serious.” He finished then searched for a reaction.

“Ok, sure Remus but I don’t understand why you can’t just tell me now.” Lily asked.

“I know about everything,” he finished, and then walked away to go hang out with a glowing James.


Lily had snuck up to the boys dormitory without James noticing to be by herself and think for a bit until he realized that one of his friends was missing. ‘How can Remus know?’ She kept asking herself getting more and more curious as the minutes flew by. As she was pacing around the room, she pushed the black hair out of her eyes and noticed a small folded up note on her pillow.

Lily smiled thinking she knew who it was from.

She quickly ran over to it, unfolded it and noticed that the writing was on a page ripped out from her very own diary that until now she had forgotten she had left in her old room. Kicking herself for forgetting that Sirius would eventually find it and read it, she glanced at the short paragraph that was written in Sirius’ messy printing on the sheet.

Not funny Evans!
God, James almost molested me to death, you think that’s a walk in the park?!
You wait until I have my body back – you just wait!

Lily laughed as she read this, noticing Sirius’ humour in the three simple sentences he had written. She had learnt a lot about him in the past couple of days and was actually happy to see that he had written her a note. She was still smiling when she wrote him a response and was starting to think that maybe, just maybe, she and Sirius had more in common than she ever thought.......

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