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Chapter One

Business as Usual

“Harry, wake up.” Ginny shook her husband. “You need to get showered and dressed while I start breakfast.” She laid his clean robes on the end of the bed and walked to the door.

“I’ll be down shortly, love.” Harry muttered sleepily from under his pillow.

Ginny smiled and continued down the hall to the back steps that led directly into the kitchen. She couldn’t help but worry about him. The dark wizard, Voldemort, had been defeated by Harry nearly eight years ago; then again Harry had always thought that others would try to follow in his footsteps. Just three years ago Lucius Malfoy had tried just that after breaking out of the wizard prison, Azkaban. Since that time Harry had spent a majority of his time at the Ministry trying to ensure that didn’t happen again. However Harry and Ron, Ginny’s brother, had really put their noses to the grindstone lately. Although the Ministry was fully staffed with Aurors Harry felt he had to be there to monitor everyone.

Once reaching the kitchen, Ginny quickly started the tea and bewitched eggs to crack into the skillet. She levitated toast into the toaster and had two plates shoot her direction from the cupboard along with tea cups. She thought if she was quick enough she would get to sit down and enjoy breakfast with her husband which had become a rare occurrence in their lives.

Not long after her setting the table she heard footsteps bounding down the stairs and quickly removed her apron trying to look a bit more attractive.

Harry ran into the room straightening his eyeglasses and trying to fix his tie. “Good morning, love.” He kissed her quickly and took a gulp from the tea cup and stuffed a piece of toast into his mouth. “Don’t have time for anything else. I’ve loads to do today.” He picked up his dragon hide briefcase and shot through the kitchen door into the lounge.

“Harry!” Ginny ran after him wanting more than that from him.

He was at his desk in the connecting study shuffling papers about and stuffing some into the briefcase.

Ginny remembered that briefcase. She had searched forever to find the perfect gift for him for their 2nd anniversary. It was treated dragon hide with gold hinges and locks. A gold plate also adorned the lovely piece of work and was engraved with Harry J. Potter, MOM Auror. He had been so proud of it.

“Harry!!!” Ginny had to say once again, this time a bit louder.

“Yes?” He quickly looked up at her as he shoved the last of the parchments into his briefcase.

“Can’t you slow down? I would like ten minutes with my husband.” She was nearly pleading.

“I promise I’ll be home early today.” He pecked her on the cheek again and apparated to work.

She looked at the clock on the wall to ensure that he arrived okay. It was force of habit. The clock, a gift from her Mum and Dad on their wedding day, was much like the one hanging in the Weasley’s House. The only problem with Harry and Ginny’s clock was that it only hosted two hands unlike the nine on Mr. and Mrs. Weasley’s. When she noticed Harry’s hand click to work she awoke from her trance and let out sigh as she plopped herself onto the sofa in front of the fireplace.

Ginny closed her eyes and laid her head back letting out another sigh. “Something has to be done about him” She said out loud. She began to think back to their days at Hogwarts and the time they spent apart during his training. When he returned they had been inseparable. Harry and Ron soon took the safety of all mankind onto their shoulders. . They wanted to get to the bottom of it all before any significant damage could be done, gradually taking on more and more until their jobs had become just too much. Ginny continued her work in the Magical Games Dept. and even filled in on occasion for the Chudley Cannons.


Hermione Granger-Weasley rushed about trying to get breakfast to the table as quickly as possible. Ron was already dressed and had quills, parchments and files laying about the table. An enormous tawny owl flew in through the large kitchen window with their morning Prophet. Ron slipped a couple of coins into its pouch and flung the paper open, diligently reading the headlines to ensure nothing of great interest happened while he slept.

With a wave of her wand Hermione neatly stacked his mess to the side and sent a plate full of eggs, sausages and toast his way. “Eat up; you’ll need your strength to fight evil.” She smiled.

She was extremely proud of him, but she missed him dearly. He and Harry had been trying to single handedly rid the world of Dark Wizards.

“Good!” Ron said and began shoveling food down his throat.

“Good Morning Daddy.” A bright red-headed bushy haired girl slowly walked to the table rubbing her eyes and yawning.

“Good Morning Rose.” Ron said jumping and throwing the parchments into his briefcase and placing the files under one arm. “I’ve got to run, Harry will be waiting.” He raced over kissing Hermione quickly before kissing Rose on the forehead.

“Don’t forget practice today!” She reminded him with excitement.

“What!?!” He had forgotten.

The Children’s Quidditch League!” She yelled. She then turned to Hermione. “Mum, he forgot.” She whined.

Ron slapped his forehead. “I’m sorry Sweetheart. We’ve just been so busy. Mum will take you. I promise I’ll be there for the match, okay.”

She slowly nodded in disappointment and watched as he apparated to work.

Hermione looked at the disappointment in the little girls eyes. Ron had been so good with her; she hated to see them growing apart now. Hermione had conceived Rose before Ron left with Harry for their Auror training. It had been kept a secret that she, Ginny and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had kept until their return. Ron had taken to her straight away. Hermione hoped that he would come around and see what he was doing to not only Rose but herself.

“Give me a second and I’ll be dressed to take you.” She said patting the little girl’s shoulder.

“That’s okay Mum, Uncle Charlie said he would take me. I thought that Daddy might forget.” She picked up her fork and began to eat slowly, never looking up.



Ginny Weasley-Potter jumped at the familiar voice and saw Hermione’s face floating in her fireplace.

“Are you busy?” Hermione asked her.

“No, Harry just left.” Ginny sat up on the edge of the sofa, happy to have her best friend and sister-in-law there to talk with. “Come on through, we need to talk.”

“Sure thing.”

Hermione popped into the lounge and followed Ginny into the kitchen to grab a cup of tea.

“Where’s Rose?” Ginny asked as she placed the teapot and cups on the table. She sent the dirty dishes to the sink to begin washing themselves.

“Charlie’s taken her to Quidditch practice. She made keeper, you know.” Hermione stirred her tea and carefully laid her spoon onto the saucer.

“Oh wonderful. How excited is Ron?” She asked thinking about how much he worked as well.

“Let’s see. Rose isn’t a want to be Death Eater and Quidditch isn’t illegal dark magic.” She laid her finger on her chin, raising her eyebrows, she added sarcastically. “He hasn’t paid much mind at all.”

Ginny threw down her hand onto the table. “That’s it! I’ve had it up to my hat brim with those two! Something has to be done.”

“I agree, but what?” Hermione had already put a lot of thought into the problem.

“I don’t know yet, but I want my husband back. Do you know how long it has been since we’ve had a good snog much less shag?” Ginny didn’t normally find it necessary to discuss her personal life but drastic times call for drastic measures.

“I’m with you, sister!” Hermione now slammed her hand down onto the table. “Let’s go shopping.”

“Yeah…what?” Ginny looked shocked. Hermione wasn’t much of the shopping type.

“Yeah, that’s it. Find something they can’t resist. I’m going to see if Charlie and Cho will let Rose stay with them tonight.”

“Hermione,” Ginny smirked. “I like your way of thinking.”


Hermione and Ginny raced into the Ministry but bypassed the Auror’s office and headed straight for the Minister’s office. Now, normally, most wizards would be required to make prior appointments with the Minister however under the current circumstances that wouldn’t be necessary seeing that the Minister was none other than Mr. Weasley. After a quick visit they headed on into the direction of their respective offices to make arrangements to take the day off.

Stepping out of the front of the Ministry Ginny stopped placing her hands on her hips. “Where to now?”

“Diagon Alley.” Hermione answered with a sly grin on her face.

A quick sweep through a few choice shops and the ladies were headed back to their own abodes and getting ready for the night ahead of them.

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