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Chapter 11
When Hermione woke up that next morning she was happy to see herself still in the bed. She actually found it hard to get out of it however. She got ready and went to breakfast. The owls delivered the mail during breakfast and Hermione got a letter from her cousin. It was a good letter and it put her in a great mood. Class didn’t start for a little while so Hermione decided to go back to her room to read one of the books that she had gotten from the library. She decided to remove her shoes and socks and then grabbed a book and went to the common room couch. She leaned up against the back of it, slid over the top, and rolled over to plop on the seats and lay stomach down. She started to read and crossed her ankles. Draco came out of his room and saw her lying on the couch, facing the other way. He looked her over. She heard him; she hadn’t realized that he had come back to the common room after breakfast. She didn’t look up from her book. “You know you should feel lucky, you are the only girl to have ever seen me unclothed.” Draco said. She turned her head back at him. “Yeah, right.” She replied slowly. Turning her head back to her book. She thought “Why should I believe him after what happened over the summer. Who knows how far we would have gotten, and with me being a ‘mudblood’.” “It’s the truth. There hasn’t been a girl worthy to see or be with me.” He replied snootily. She turned to her side so she could see him better. “That makes sense, I guess.” Hermione said remembering the conversation she had with Pansy the night before. He started to walk over towards her on the couch. She pulled her legs up as she sat up, still sitting sideways. He dropped his bag on the floor and sat on the couch next to her as he looked over her body. “Why do you constantly stare at me and follow me around?” She asked bluntly. After a moment of silence she continued, “If you are trying to scare me it is not working.” She sat up completely moving her legs out to the side still facing Draco. “I know that you haven’t told anyone about my… secret, why?” Draco asked as he turned to look at her. “I don’t know, but I don’t plan on it either and it’s not because I am afraid of you, because I am not. So you can leave me alone.” She replied. Looking him dead in the eyes. “Well if you aren’t scared how come you always avoid me? Maybe it’s because you can’t trust or control yourself around me.” He said coyly. “Ha, control myself around you? It’s funny to hear this coming from the one who had wiped their ice cream on my neck. Please… sorry to disappoint you, but you do nothing for me.” She deftly answered back. His eyes glazed over and a small grin appeared on his face. “So this does nothing for you?” He asked as he moved closer to her. “Not in the least.” She lied. “This?” He asked quietly as he moved even closer. He slid into the small space between the back of the couch and her legs. He then put his hand on the outer part of her right thigh and moved in closer to her face looking into her eyes. She never really noticed the twinge of slight blue in his silvery eyes. “No.” she said with a slight quiver in her voice. She realized that they had not yet kissed. He leaned into her and lightly brushed her lips with his. It was like there was an electrical shock between them that had ran through both of their bodies. He went in more, kissing her a little harder and with every lip motion their kiss would deepen. He moaned into her mouth. That had killed any sense of hesitation Hermione had left. He laid her back onto the couch as he put his hand around the back of her neck cradling it. He lifted himself a bit still kissing her and removed his hand from the back of her neck grabbed her left leg and pulled it from under him it to his side. With his other hand he had pulled her other leg to his other side gripping her thigh as he moved his body up along hers to get better situated. She quietly moaned at that. He pulled back to let them both breath momentarily while their hearts were racing. He looked over her face and dove right back into kissing her. They roamed their tongues in each other’s mouths as he rubbed his body on hers, making them both moan. She stroked her right leg along his side and down his leg and back up again. She could feel his body wanting her. Both of them lost in the moment not able to control themselves, not really wanting to. After a few minutes of heated passion surged through their bodies, they never really seemed to get enough of each other. Before they could go any further he pulled back again looking down at her once more, to catch his breath in more than one-way. He pushed his upper body up and straightened out his arms beneath him, still breathing heavily. He dropped his head to his chest and took notice of the position they were in with him between her legs. He bit his lower lip and looked back up to see her looking back at him and breathing just as hard. He closed his eyes and dropped his head again. He sat there for a second then pushed up off of her completely with an extremely loud growl. This took her by surprise. She sat up as he got up off of her and the couch. She sat her side against the back of the couch and watched him as he grabbed his bag and walked quickly behind the couch towards the common room door. She put her hand on the back of the couch and turned around more to see him growl loudly once more and swing his bag in the air above his head and slam it on the floor with a huge thud causing books and papers to spill out everywhere while he yelled “What the bloody hell are you doing to me!?!” Not even waiting for an answer or so much as a look back at her he quickly grabbed a book and stormed out of the common room portrait. She sat there confused at what had just happened. “What am I doing to you… what are you doing to me?” She thought out loud. She gathered herself, straightened her skirt and the rest of her uniform and headed to her room to put her socks and shoes on. She brushed her hair quickly, grabbed her book bag and hurried of to her first class so she wouldn’t be late. She got to class with only moments to spare. She spotted Draco sitting at the end of a table by the aisle looking down into his book. She then spotted Ron and Harry at the table in front of the one across from Draco’s. Ron got up to let Hermione have his seat and moved one over. She walked past Draco and sat down in the seat that Ron had offered her. After the Professor was finished with the lesson lecture they were to do their homework, with each other if needed. As Hermione was talking to Harry she would look out of the corner of her eye to see if Draco was looking at her, but he never did. Classes were done for the day and in every class she had with Draco they would ignore each other. She did notice that he remained quiet throughout Hagrid’s class, which had gone over real well with the phelonis. A/N: Thanks to all who have reviewed!!! i hope you like this chapter i know some of you were looking forward to some juice well here is a sip. :) keep reading and reviewing!!!

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