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Chapter 2 Heres the Next Chapter!! Disclaimer: Nothing you recognize is mine! Anna was slightly shaking as she, Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s carriage came closer and closer to the school. Anna let out a shocked gasp when she saw the castle for the first time. Harry, Ron, and Hermione laughed. “We had pretty much the same reaction,” said Hermione. “Yea, wait until you see inside, its great!” said Ron, Hermione’s boyfriend. “My old school looked nothing like this, not even close! It wasn’t even a boarding school,” Anna said still staring at the castle. “When tonight will I be sorted?” “Probably with the first years,” Harry answered. “The sorting is always right before the feast.” “Well make sure you save me a seat for the feast, just incase,” Anna said. “Of course, Anna. I really hope you will be in Gryffindor with us” Harry said almost shyly. Anna thought he was the most adorablely cute guy in the world in the way he got so nervous when he talked to her. “I hope so too! Oh my god! Look we’re here!” Anna exclaimed as their carriage came to a stop. As the four got out of the carriage and walked up to the castle with the rest of the school, they were met by Professor McGonagall. “I’m looking for Anna Jameson. Anna? Where are you?” she asked when everyone was quiet. “Here!” I said confidently and raising my hand so she could see where I was. “Good, good. Now please follow me Miss Jameson.” “See you later!” Anna said to her new friends, and then added, “hopefully at the Gryffindor table.” “Good luck Anna!” said Hermione giving her a quick hug before Anna went to meet Professor McGonagall. She turned around and saw Harry smiling at her in an encouraging way. “Welcome Miss Jameson, to Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. Now if you could please follow me, I will be explaining what it going to happen tonight.” Professor McGonagall said as she lead Anna inside the castle and into a small class room that was filled with what looked like a lot of small, frightened first years. “You will be sorted first Miss Jameson, into one of the following houses: Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin. You may now go out into the Great Hall to be sorted. The Great Hall is out these doors and straight across the hallway to the pair of giant doors. Listen for Dumbledore to introduce you, and once he does you may go in and enter.” “Thank you!” Anna said in what she hoped was a calm voice but knew it wasn’t. Anna walked straight down the hallway and stopped outside the doors where she could hear Dumbledore Welcoming the students. Anna tried to fix her hair and her clothes the best she could, but before she knew it, Dumbledore had just announced her name. Anna walked into the Great Hall and towards Dumbledore. She tried not to think about how the people were staring and whispering. “Welcome Miss Anna Jameson. Won’t you please, sit on this stool and I will then place the sorting hat on your head,” Dumbledore said once Anna had reached him. Anna sat down and Dumbledore placed the hat on her head. “Ahhh, Anna” the hat whispered in Anna’s head. “My how loyal you are to your friends! Brave as well. Incredibly intelligent but sly and cunning. The only difficulty is figuring out which house you would succeed the most in. There is no doubt that your intelligence will help you excel in Ravenclaw, your loyalty in Hufflepuff, your bravery in Gryffindor, and your cunning side in Slytherin. Aaah! I think I’ve got it, yes yes… GRYFFINDOR!!!” the last word was shouted out to the whole Great Hall and Anna could see Harry, Ron, and Hermione cheering loudly. Anna also saw an empty seat next to Harry. “Very good Miss Jameson! You may now sit with your house.” Professor Dumbledore said. Anna then walked happily down to the Gryffindor table with a giant smile on her face as she sat right next to Harry who was beaming. “I knew you had it in you Anna!” Harry said. “Way to go Anna! You’ll make a great Gryffindor, I’m sure of it” said Ron. “Hey Anna, there is one extra bed in my dormitory that’s never been used before. Do you want to sleep there?” Hermione asked. “Sure!” Anna said happily. “That sounds so great!” The first years where then sorted and then after, the feast began. After the feast they were all dismissed to their common rooms and dormitories. Before Anna had left the Great Hall, she heard a familiar voice in her ear. “Hey you. Sucks you’re not in Slytherin with me. We could have had some fun together.” Draco said. “That’s alright Draco, I’m sure I will see plenty of you around school and possibly in classes. Well it was nice bumping into you again Draco, but I must be going. Good night!” Anna said. “Sweet dreams about me babe,” Draco whispered in her ear. Anna looked him in the eye for a few moments before giving him a smile. “Sweet dreams to you too Draco.” Anna then walked off with Draco staring after her to Harry. “Thanks for waiting for me Harry; that was really sweet.” Anna said and smiled even more as she saw Harry’s eyes brighten as she said that and his cheeks turn a bit pink as they always did when he talked to her. It was just so cute to Anna. Once Anna had reached the common room, she said goodnight to Harry and Ron, and followed Hermione to her new dormitory. Anna shared the dormitory with Hermione, of course, Parvati, Lavender, and a girl named Jessica. After talking to each of them for awhile, Anna decided it was best for her to sleep seeing as it had been a very long day to her. Her thoughts then began to focus on Harry and how adorable he was. She hoped one day he would ask her out. She then thought about hott Draco. “Draco may be hott,” Anna thought to herself, “but he doesn’t seem my type. Yes,” she decided. “Harry is much more my type.” And with a few more thoughts of the cute green eyed boy, Anna fell into a peaceful sleep. **At the same time in the boys’ dormitory, the boys were discussing Anna.** “She is way hott,” Seamus thought out loud. “It’s not fair the three of you (Harry, Ron, and Neville) got to be with her the whole train ride here.” “She is hott…” Ron stated. “But I’ve got Hermione and I’m happy with her mate. What do you think Harry? I saw the way you were looking at her all the way in the train and then again at dinner. Admit it! You think shes hott don’t you??!” With this Harry began to turn red again and was having trouble with his answer to Ron’s question. Finally, after a few moments, Harry got the courage to answer Ron. “Yea shes hott, really hott. I’m thinking about asking her out once I get to know her more.” With that Ron whooped and yelled and patted Harry on the back. “Good luck mate!” After the conversation, Harry was lying in bed thinking about Anna. Slowly, his thoughts carried him off into sleep. A/N thanks for reading! please review! love yas elle_est_belle

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