Hermione woke up to the smell of bacon and the sound of knocking on her door. “Hermione,” came the voice of Ginny. “Breakfast is ready.” Hermione groaned and rolled over, her face hitting something cold and hard.

She sucked in her breath as she picked up the object. It was a picture frame with moons and stars sparkling around and behind the glass covering was a picture of two happy people, in love. Hermione didn’t know them. She didn’t know the boy who hugged his girlfriend close in a warm comforting hug, and she didn’t know the girl who was smiling and giggling, and completely happy. Hermione didn’t know them. Not anymore.

Sighing She stood up and placed the picture in her opened trunk, packed and ready to go for her last year at Hogwarts. She placed it under her cloak next to her polished Head Girl badge.

She dressed and ran down the stairs to join in with her laughing friends as she had for the whole summer. At first she didn’t talk to anyone, but slowly she began to be almost normal again. There was still the times when he would be brought up accidentally in a conversation and she’d leave the room. And then at night she cried into her pillow, though the tears came less and less.

“Hey Hermione,” greeted Harry as he swallowed some food. Ron just nodded, shoveling everything he could into his mouth. Mrs. Weasley scolded him, and Hermione laughed. Things sometimes never change.

“Are all of you ready to go?” asked Remus. Everyone nodded and went up to get their trunks.

“Honestly Ronald,” said Mrs. Weasley as the four of them came back down. “You had to get into all that trouble last year. We could have had another Head Boy in the family!”

Ron flushed a bright shade of crimson as Hermione pinned her badge neatly on her robes. They headed out into a mini van that belonged to Mrs. Weasley who said she should have gotten one years ago.

Before long they arrived at Kings cross station. “Are you going to be okay?” asked Harry to Hermione. Hermione gave him a small smile.

“Its not like seeing him is going to kill me, Harry,” she said. Harry just shook his head.

“Nope,” he told her sadly. “It can’t, because you’ve been dead for months now.” With that said he and Ron walked through the barrier, leaving Hermione to stare after them.

Slowly she made her way to the brick wall and she walked through it, feeling the familiar rush of air that was let off by the steam engine.

“Over here Hermione!” yelled Ron, being as tall as ever was clear to spot. His red hair didn’t exactly make him blend in either. She pushed her way through parents, students, and siblings to reach her friends. Trying not to step on a little boy, she moved sideways, hitting someone head on, causing both of them to fall over.

“Hey watch it!” yelled the other person.
“Sorry. Are you okay?” she asked. She looked up at the person and her breath caught in her throat. Why of all people did it have to be him staring back at her? Why her? Was she really that bad of a person?

“Hi,” she said softly. For a moment she thought she saw a flicker of something, yet it disappeared behind hid glassy shell.

“Hello,” he told her stiffly. Students around them began to watch. Not many knew that Hermione and Draco had broken up. This would be all over within the next five minutes.

They both stood up and continued to their destinations. “Are you okay?” asked Ginny. Apparently they had seen the run in and were looking worried.

“I’m fine,” said Hermione. She looked back at Draco who was seemingly arguing with his father about something. His father had gotten out of Azkaban, after he convinced the wizarding world he’d been put under the imperious curse. She wondered what they were talking about. Hermione shook her head and followed her friends onto the train.

“Draco,” said Lucious. “Did I just see you talking to that Mudblood Granger girl?” Draco did not allow his eyes to show any emotion.

“No father, she bumped into me, and I told her to watch it.” He kept his voice steady and empty of emotion. It was necessary, no matter how cruel it seemed.

His answer seemed to satisfy his father for the time, because he let him go. “Make sure you stay away from her,” he said. “You what the consequences are.”

Draco just nodded. “Yes father,” he said dully. He walked away from his dad and headed towards the train, hoping he’d find the Head and Prefects compartment without too many little first years in his way.

Though most parents would be pleased to know that their child had made Head Boy, Draco’s family wasn’t. Infact his father had been furious. Being elected Head Boy meant Dumbledore trusted you. Lucious refused to see that this could be a good thing. The year before had made Draco a ‘traitor’ to his family.

Sighing, Draco made his way into the Heads compartment, knowing that she would be there. The letter informing him of his new duties had mentioned that Hermione was to work along side him as Head Girl. He didn’t know whether he should be angry or happy at the news, so he chose the one that used to suit him best.

For a week he ranted about working with her. Dumbledore knew everything! Draco I thought that maybe Dumbledore was unaware of the brake up. So Draco had written to the Headmaster, who replied saying ‘I am aware of the events at the station on the end of the year. However, both you and Miss Granger can work well together, not to mention both have overwhelming intelligence, though you prefer not to use them.’

Draco sat down at waited for the rest to come in. To occupy himself he began to draw inside a notebook. It was a magical drawing book that Hermione had given him for Christmas. At first he had scowled at the idea, and didn’t appreciate her knowing about his love for drawing, but soon he was glad she’d given it to him. It was a way to express how he truly felt. Not how his father told him to feel; which was usually nothing at all.

“Hello everyone,” said Hermione, cutting into his thoughts. Draco jumped, not realizing that the compartment was now completely full. He looked to his right, where Hermione was sitting. There were two chairs for the heads, and both were quite tense sitting next to the other.

“We’re here to explain a few rules, some of them new,” she said. She looked back down at her parchment, and Draco took his out of his pocket as well.

“As most of you might know,” she told them. “I am Hermione Granger and this is Draco Malfoy. You will inform us of everything you’ll be doing as prefects, and reporting back to us after every patrol.”

“Why do we need to listen to this again?” asked Dean Thomas. He was taking Ron’s place as prefect, since the year before he kept trying to pound Draco into a pulp.

Draco rolled his eyes. “Didn’t she just say that there were new rules Thomas?” he asked. “If the rules are new, you haven’t heard them yet. Which means you must learn them.”

“Whatever,” said Dean.

“Anyway,” said Hermione, trying to clear up the heavy atmosphere. “The patrolling will be done longer into the night, and instead of patrolling in pairs, we’ll patrol in fours, except for Draco and I.”

“Why?” asked a fifth year Slytherin.

Draco smirked as the girl glared at Hermione. Hermione glared back and said, “Well you see foul, disgusting, evil, revolting, despicable people are on the loose. We’d prefer students not come up missing or killed by these horrible people, including Voldimort.”

Pansy Parkinson and the other Slytherins gasped at her. “You dare say his name you foul mudblood?” Pansy half yelled.

“Yes Parkinson,” said Hermione. “Because I’m not afraid him. All he can do to me is kill me. I’d rather be killed then be scared of a coward like him.”

“Anyway,” said Draco hastily, knowing a fight would ensue if he didn’t butt in. “There will be more thorough watches, and we have designated paintings to keep watch all night long.”

“Right,” said Hermione, glancing towards him. Draco quickly put on a scowl and she looked away. “The Gryffindor password is faith, the Ravenclaw password is quinder, the Hufflepuff password is worttails, and the Slytherin password is ginyfiny.”

“Yes,” said Draco, trying not to laugh at the ridiculous passwords. “Well, you can go patrolling the train now. Good day.”

The prefects left, leaving Draco alone with Hermione. There was an award silence as they both shifted through papers, and there own belongings.

“So,” said Draco, thinking of something to say. “Where are your two goons mudblood?”

Draco expected a snotty come back, or a glare, or anything to show hatred. Instead, she looked up at him with a look of sadness, and if he didn’t know any better he’d say she had tears in her eyes.

“There still with me,” she said, quietly. “They’ve always been with me.” With that she stood up and walked out of the compartment.

Draco sighed, and hit the glass window, making it shatter. Pulling out his wand, he repaired it, thinking hard. He knew that he hurt her. He knew that she loved him, but would it really be that long for her to get over it? Better yet, how long would it be until he got over it himself?

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