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Yay! chapter two! thank you to the 2 people that reviewed! You guyses are AWESOME! Hokay! on to chapter two! Sorry this took so long

Mission Impossible was a movie
Directed by
Brian De Palma

Writing credits (WGA)
Bruce Geller (television series)
David Koepp (story) ...

OH! and for the better understanding for the viewers
LOBOTOMY is a surgical severance of nerve fibers connecting the frontal lobes to the thalamus for the relief of some mental disorders

Harry awoke to someone jumping on his bed. He sat up and crammed his glasses to his face. "Ron? What do you want?" "HARRY!" Ron cried "it's 6:30!" "Which is precisely why I want to sleep." "You cant sleep all day! We've gotta plan and prank Malfoy!" Harry sat up suddenly "Shit, I almost forgot!" and with that he headed to the shower rather quickly, leaving Ron with the first part of the plans.

"Any ideas?" Ron, Harry, and Hermione were sitting on the common room sofa at 7:15 am on a Friday morning during one of their free periods.

"We could shave his head"

Hermione just gave Ron a weird look and they continued planning

Cue the Music.

It was a cloudy overcast day and in the dungeons of Hogwarts it was almost night time. The trio made their way towards the Slytherin common room dressed in black (... other than their Hogwarts robes) They halted when they heard footsteps nearing them and soon a pug nosed blonde and a gang of giggling girls passed leaving them free to breathe again.

Hermione, since she was the smallest was under the invisibility cloak in front of a tapestry of the pure blood family tree (Why Hogwarts had this is a mystery... even to this day). She looked down at the Marauders' Map and glanced up again "Wolfsbane" the tapestry was pulled upward like a curtain and the turned to signal to the boys.

Ron and Harry were slinking against the wall with their hands held in the shape of a gun. And at Hermione's signal they raced forward and through the hole in the wall. They entered a thankfully empty common room and tiptoed at quickly as possible towards what they hoped was the guys' dorms. They entered and found Malfoy asleep in the center most bed (of course). The boys raced foreward to do their damage as Hermione pulled a modified dung bomb from her robes. She set a charm on it and placed it in his trunk. She then put her ear to the bathroom door to make sure no one was there and entered, tapping the showerheads as she went along.

Meanwhile, the boys had gotten a hold of Malfoy's hair products... Oh the possibilities.

Hermione, Harry, and Ron exited a half hour later and slinked back towards their common room. Once in the light of normal Hogwarts hallways they straightened up and began questioning what each person had done. It was their first prank, so it was a free for all... Lucky Malfoy. They changed into their robes and headed down to the Great Hall for lunch. Before they entered they heard a satisfying BOOM from the direction of the dungeons. Laughing happily they took theirs seats to eat lunch.

"Potions with Slytherin!!!" Ron sang happily as the Gryffindors made their way down to the dungeons, all of them wondering if Ron needed a lobotomy. When they reached their classroom their was no sign of Malfoy anywhere until about the middle of class when the door slammed open. Draco Malfoy was at the door, and to say the least, he looked... amazing?

He was a nice shade of purple- robes and skin, thanks to Hermione's purple dung bomb, but, he had taken a shower, so he didn’t smell as bad. BUT the showers that Hermione had placed a charm on had spewed either really hot water or freezing cold water in short bursts. Malfoy's hair was a beautiful burgundy color thanks to Ron, Harry and muggle hair dye and his hair gel, well.... lets not go there? Hm?

The class burst out laughing and Snape said in a curt voice. "Mr. Malfoy, Please take your seat"

The trio of course couldn’t resist the classic whoopee cushion.

Poor Poor abused Draco.

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