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    Give Me Back My Wand!

    Chapter Three

    "Alright then Draco, Let the fun and games begin!" Emily stated, a wicked smirk of her own creeping slowly onto her face. Pausing for dramatic effect and letting her hands rest lightly on her hips, she hoped that her pose would create an intimidating effect on him.

    Draco eyed her unhurriedly, took his arms from behind his head, and folded them boldly across his chest. With his eyes fixed insolently on hers, he drawled out with his eyebrows raised questionably, "Do you really think that you’re my equal, Emily? Do you not realise, how much hell I'm going to put you through?"

    Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, to calm herself, Emily slowly counted to three. Calm your self, Emily. It won't look good if you hex him on your first day, let him know who the boss is around here. Organise your thoughts, now slowly does it. One... two...

    But, before she could finish counting, her anger erupted.

    "I am more than your equal, Malfoy! Y-Y-You are a worthless human being, a poor excuse of a wizard, a horrible little ferret, and I HATE YOU!"

    Seeing Malfoy glower at her, at the mention the ferret, Emily felt compelled to continue.

    "You are in my home now, and you will behave yourself. I won't tolerate gittish behaviour and if you don’t behave, I will make sure that you're taken to Azkaban, and are given the kiss.. twice!" 

    Draco, who had been watching her through narrowed eyes, all the way through her little outburst, suddenly began to smile a very crafty smile and, with spiteful amusement in his eyes, he drawled out lazily.

    "I don’t believe you can receive the kiss twice, Emily." He paused to cross his feet before continuing. "But, lets do this your way, I will be a good little boy for you, Emily. Heaven forbid it! I really don’t want to obtain the kiss twice."

    He stopped to snigger smugly for a while before going on.

    "So tell me, Emily, please.... what are my instructions?"

    Emily stared at him wide eyed, temporarily taken aback by his change of tactic.

    "Has the cat got your tounge, Emily?" Draco asked her snidely with a pleased smirk plastered over his face.

    Blinking a couple of times, she gathered her thoughts back together. Turning her back on Draco, she walked over to the side table nearby. Taking her time, she picked up a cheery, bright yellow folder, which contained all of Draco's orders. Emily then slowly turned around, clutched the folder close to her chest and pondered her forthcoming words carefully.

    Draco sat opposite her, examining his nails in a bored manner - waiting for her to speak.

    "Your instructions are in this folder," she told him deliberately, while making her way back over to him. "I would read them carefully, if I were you. Basically, the documents state that you are no longer, in any circumstances allowed to use magic, that you must follow your mentor's guidance in all matters and lastly, but by no means least, you must integrate yourself in muggle society, learning to love and appreciate all things muggle..."

    Breaking off with a scowl, Emily glared at Draco as he issued forth a snort of derisive laughter.

    "And what exactly is so funny, Malfoy?" She asked stiffly, as he continued to chortle.

    "Love and appreciate all things muggle," he choked out, while wiping away a genuine tear of amusement.

    "I don’t think so, Em, do you?" He asked, his last remark being more of a statement than a question.

    Sighing wearily, Emily raked her hands through her hair, ruffling up her elfin crop as she did so.

    "Draco," she asked despairingly. "What do you hope to gain from this?"

    "Nothing," he replied. "Nothing at all, except for - maybe -"

    A most Malfoy-ish smirk appeared on his face as he broke off, and his eyes travelled deliberately up and down her body.

    "You're impossible, Malfoy!" Emily cried out infuriated, throwing the folder forcibly at him. It landed with a loud thwack on Malfoy's stomach.

    "Ouch!" Draco yelped out, his smirk disappearing rapidly from his face. Glaring intently at her, his eyes narrowed and a malicious flicker appeared in them.

    "Oh, Carlisle. You will pay for that," he warned her. "You'll be so very, very sorry..."

    The telephone startled both of them out of the moment with its loud ring.

    Brrring! Brrring! Brrring! Brrring!

    It rang out shrilly, it's piercing cry echoing through the room.

    "Merlin! What the bloody hell is that?" Draco squeaked, feeling startled and jumping on to his feet, his eyes bulging with confusion.

    Emily shot him an amused smirk, not bothering to smother her delight at his obvious discomfort.

    "It's only the telephone, Malfoy," she teased, as she made her way over to the still ringing phone. Picking up the receiver, she answered coolly, "Hello?"

    "Hello, is that you, Em?" Ginny's disembodied voice echoed down the line.

    "Of course it's me, Ginny. Who else would it be?"

    "Is he there yet?" Ginny asked eagerly.

    "Oh, yes, he is here," Emily answered her, rolling her eyes.

    "Are you rolling your eyes at me, Em?" Ginny giggled.

    "Yes! He's already driving me crazy."

    Ginny continued to giggle uncontrollably on the other end of the line.

    "This is so funny," she snorted.

    "Do you actually want something, Ginny, or did you just call to laugh at me?" Emily asked her, drolly.

    Trying to control her laughter, Ginny answered shakily. "I'm sorry, Ems. But it's just so funny."

    "Well, I'm glad someone thinks so," Emily replied with a sigh. "Look, I've got to go now, Ginny, I'll talk to you later, bye-bye."

    Without waiting for Ginny's response, Emily put the phone down quickly.

    "So your still friends with the little weasel?" Draco's voice questioned, disdainfully, from behind her.

    Emily spun around promptly, only to find herself almost nose to nose with him. Being so close to him took her breath away. Too mesmerised to move, she took in his fine, aristocratic features. Her eyes moved, inch by inch, over his face, lingering over his every attribute, to finally rest on his enticingly, fine lips.

    "Like what you see?" Draco drawled out obnoxiously, startling Emily out of her trance.

    Coming swiftly to her senses, Emily took a step backwards, until her backside struck the edge of the table. Breathlessly, she looked blatantly into his cold eyes.

    "What the hell do you think your playing at - sneaking up on me like that?" she stammered out, feeling slightly disorientated.

    "I wasn’t sneaking or skulking, I simply wanted to know what that confounding object is," he explained nonchalantly, whilst motioning towards the telephone.

    "It’s a telephone," she told him, indifferently.

    "And what, pray tell, is a telephone?" he continued, looking incensed with his eyebrows raised high.

    "It’s a muggle invention," she told him smugly, "A device we can use to talk to people all over the world, without getting dirty from floo powder!"

    Draco's eyebrows seemed to rise even higher, as he took the information in.

    Emily couldn't help but laugh at his growing incredulous expression.

    "But that’s impossible! They must use magic, or something," Draco stuttered out incoherently.

    "No, Draco, its called science!" Emily snorted complacently, still extremely amused by his bemused expression. "Don't you know anything?"

    Draco glared at Emily balefully, as she continued to snigger. He did not like to be made look like a fool, and this showed plainly on his face. Stepping closer to her, with his eyes the colour of storm clouds, he leaned in close to whisper harshly in her ear.

    "Don’t mess with me, Emily. Or, I'll assure you, you will regret it."

    Feeling shivers tremor down her spine and goosebumps prickle over her arms, Emily shuddered. Not sure why she was responding this way and feeling very out of her depth, she pushed rudely past him.

    Making her way to the kitchen, her thoughts ran wild.

    Merlin! What have I got my self into? One minute I feel like strangling him, the next I want to kiss him! What's happening to me? How will I ever survive? Maybe we will actually kill each other!

    Shaking away these unwanted  thoughts, Emily entered her kitchen and considered over just what she needed. A drink, she decided on as she threw open cupboards, looking for some liquid stimulation. And, as she searched, she heard footsteps approaching the doorway.

    "So what do you call this then?" Malfoy's voice intoned, making her cringe inside.

    Finding the Fire Whiskey, she turned to see, Draco leaning, indolently, against the door fame.

    "Its called a kitchen," she snapped back at him as she found an old cracked mug.

    Pouring the whiskey into the mug, Emily decided to ignore him, as she sensed him approach her again.

    "Have I driven you to drink already then?" he chuckled spitefully, from behind her.

    "Why don’t you find a hole to crawl down ,Malfoy, or, better yet, just leave," she snarled out, not bothering to turn and face him.

    "I don’t want to leave now, Emily, I'm just starting to have fun," he drawled out disdainfully, leaning on the counter beside her.

    Taking a big gulp of whiskey from the chipped mug, Emily turned to face him, amid coughs and splutters - whiskey didn't really suit her much and she was never that much of a drinker. After a few coughs and splutters later, Emily managed to splutter out.

    "Fine then. Have it your way, but don’t expect me to help you!"  

    Emily stormed out of the room, rushed up the stairs and into her bedroom. Upon reaching her door, she slammed the door loudly behind her.

    Scrambling through her chest of drawers, she searched for her wand. I must find a better hiding place for it now, she contemplated as she laid her hand upon it. Aiming it towards the door, Emily cast a locking spell. Try and make your way past that, Malfoy, she thought smugly to herself. Flinging herself down upon the bed, Emily stared at the ceiling. Willing herself not to think so much, before it drove her insane, she picked up a book and started to read.

    Lost in the world of Kathy and Heathcliffe, she read on captivated with only the odd bang and curse, interrupting her from down below. Hasn't he left yet? She mused distractively, as she continued to read.

    Languorously, the sunlight outside faded and the night inched forward.

    Straining her eyes in the dim light, she switched on the bedside lamp. Rubbing her tired and book strained, sore eyes, she suppressed a yawn and closed her book. Suddenly, she realised that she hadn't heard a disturbance from down below for hours. Has he actually left? Emily speculated as she rose from the bed.

    Making her way from the bed to the door, Emily strained her ears for the slightest of sounds. But she heard nothing. Tapping her wand against the door, she softly mumbled a whispered Alohomora, and the door inaudibly swung open.

    The hallway, in front of her, was dark with only the softest moonlight shining up from the windows below.

    Emily stepped cautiously out of the room and the door swung shut with an ominous click behind her, making her jump slightly.

    Don’t be stupid, Emily, she mentally scolded herself as she tip-toed along.This is my home, there is no reason to be scared, she tried to convince herself. Reaching the end of her hallway, her hand felt along the wall, searching for the light switch.

    On finding the switch, she pressed it down lightly, but no light came.

    Damnation! Emily cursed silently, clicking the switch backwards and forwards, in hope that the light would switch on. Emily wasn't used to this stifling silence, as she normally had the television on, or the radio blasting, and, normally, every light in the flat was switched on, leaving not a single dark corner.

    I am not afraid of the dark. Emily tried again to convince herself,  as she was about to make her way downstairs in the darkening gloom. And , anyway, where the bloody hell is Malfoy?

    Taking the first step downwards into the impending doom and pondering hard on this question, Emily suddenly felt a hand grip down firmly on her shoulder.

    With her arms flung outwards, she tried to steady herself as she let out a shriek. Feeling herself begin to pitch forward, her arms clutching out at the emptiness before her - she felt a pair of strong arms hauling her roughly backwards.

    She fell backwards, landing with a soft thud, against a strong male torso.

    Hearing, the said, someone let out an disgruntled oouf, she exhaled loudly and felt the strong grip on her arms loosen. As the fingers loosened pressure, she fell ungraciously to the floor - in a heap!

    Looking up from glazed eyes, she saw Draco smirking down at her.

    So he didn't leave, Emily deducted, feeling extremely disorientated.

    "So, Carlisle," Draco said with a smirk. "Do you really think suicide is the answer?"

    Snorting in amusement, he stared smugly down at her.

    "It was you that tried to kill me!" Emily yelled back up at him, while trying to gather her senses.

    Draco just smirked all the more and an almost wistful look seemed to appear in his eyes. Emily watched him, entranced. Then, abruptly breaking her stare, he lunged forward, making Emily scuttle backwards, unsure of what he would do, or even what he was capable of doing.

    Closing her eyes tight, certain of her impending death at his hands, Emily waited for something drastic to happen - but nothing happened.

    "Ah, I came up here in search of a bedroom and instead I find this beauty," Draco whispered softly.

    Wondering what on earth he was talking about, Emily opened her eyes to peer up at him.

    What she saw left her speechless.

    Draco was stood above her with a triumphant smirk on his full, sensuous lips. And, with his eyes full of unsuppressed glee, he tapped away, mockingly, at the corner of his mouth with her wand.

    Unbelieving eyes opened wide, Emily quickly realised that it was her wand that he held firmly in his hand, and she let out a small, disbelieving gasp.

    Draco chuckled softly, obviously pleased with himself - before saying dangerously, in a forbidding tone.

    "Are you missing something, Emily?"

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