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This chap is dedicated to my sister, on her 10th bday!!! 

Chapter 2

“Great” Alexandra thought sarcastically. “I don’t care. I just want to find my hot guy! Well that’s mean. Sirius is nice, I’m sure his friends will be too.” She entered the compartment and stopped in her tracks.

“IT’S YOU!!! YOU’RE JAMES POTTER!!!” It was her hottie and she had to admit he was even better looking up close! And he had the most wonderful hazel eyes that she hadn’t seen before.

“Huh?” James looked very surprised to find a random girl screaming ‘it’s YOU’. Although it felt nice, all celebrity like even, like being chased by crazed fans screaming. “Yes, it is me, babe.” He answered with a haughty/pouty smile. Remus looked at him with one raised eyebrow.

“Well, what do you expect, they are friends of Sirius.” He said.

“Hey, I resent that.” Chorused Ali and Sirius together.

“James, what with the model thing?” Sirius whispered in James’s ear.

James just winked and replied, “Just watch.”

“Anyways, I am Ali Cianal. I saw you on the platform and though that you were, er I mean, your owl has very handsome. I wanted to ask you his names, but then this idiot bumped into me…Er…Sirius what are you doing?”

Everyone was staring at him, a bit freaked out.

“Dip it low, pick it up slow, roll it all around, stick it out like your back broke. Pop pop pop that thing. Ima show you how to make a man say ‘Ooo’”, he was singing at the top of his lungs. And seemed to be dancing to music only he could hear. They had to hit him on the head to get his attention.

“What? I like that song!”

“So you were listening to music?” Lily asked cautiously.

“I went to the States this summer. And they had C.D’s. I don’t know. Mum said I should stay clear off Muggles and their strange ways. And Dad says they are barbaric. But they sound all to me.”

The girls raised their eyebrows at each other at that comment, but didn’t get to say anything because Sirius continued.

“Anyways, I also bought some other things. I’ll let you listen to them if you’re nice to me!”

“Ooo, did you get it at the Full Moon?” Ali asked jumping up and down. “That’s my favorite American Magic Mall.” She added seeing the look on Remus’s face. She started to sing “Toxic”.

" Dude, those singers are HOT!!” Sirius informed James and Remus. “You know what? Here you can listen to my other ‘C.D’s’. They are like records but much better. You touch the C.D and say the number of the song you want to hear. It will play that song for you in your head. Or if you say it two times everyone can hear it. You can control the volume with your wand!” Sirius seemed like a little kid shaking from excitement as he told the other how to use the C.D’s.

All of a sudden the room was filled with extremely loud version of ‘Yeah’ (James), ‘She Will Be Loved’ (Remus), ‘Turn me On’ (Sirius), ‘Secret’ (Ali), ‘Pieces of Me’ (Lily), and ‘Dirrty’ (Ash). And as weird as it was, they all seemed to be dancing in their compartment.


In the next compartment Lucious Malfoy and Severus Snape were plugging their ears, trying to keep the horrendous noise out! “What is that crap?” Lucious asked wildly.

“Oh, that’s probably coming from my cousin, Sirius. The Idiot went to the States with my Aunt and Uncle. He’s been annoying everyone with shitty American Muggle music. I swear, my Aunt was soo close to cursing him, but you know how Aunt Esmeralda and Uncle Orion are. They may despise Muggle, but they spoil Sirius soo much.” There was an obvious note of spite in her voice “He can get away with murder. It’s not fair. If I listened to and actually enjoyed (she shuddered at that thought), Muggle music, my family would disown me. They never believe me when I tell them about the stupid, childish pranks Sirius pulls. And Regulus is just as bad. He always takes Sirius’s side. And Andromeda. And of course, what Andie does Narcissa follows. It’s like, like, well imagine me as a bloody Gryffindor among Slytherins. I-”

But she was cut off by Lucious. “Black, nobody care about your pathetic life story. Shut your trap.” Lucious was a 5th year, he was older than the rest so therefore what he said went. The Blacks and Malfoys had been friends for generations and the kids had grown up together. Lucious seemed to be the only one, besides Bellatrix, who disliked Sirius. I though your precious Aunt had more sense than to allow that shit in the house.” He asked incredulously. He looked at Bellatrix as if it was all her fault.

“No, she didn’t know about it. He sneaked into the Full Moon and brought it home!” she replied protectively.

“Wait everyone! It’s 12:45, time to practice our evil laugh.” Rudolphus reminded them. “1…2…3...” and all four burst into different versions of ‘Mua ha ha!’


Meanwhile, James and Sirius had bought a whole cart of sweets from the Sweets Cart Lady, and everyone was enjoying them. While Ashley took some of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Bean, prudently, Sirius puckered his lips, not to kiss but to make a face because he had gotten an “Ear Wax” flavored bean. Remus was thoroughly reading a famous wizard card from the Chocolate Frogs while Ali and James were eating the Chocolate Frogs that Remus had opened, while dancing slowly to “The Reason” and other slow songs. Lily was starring at Sirius while chewing on Droodles’ Best Chewing Gum, and pretending to read “Witch Weekly” magazine. It was obvious she wasn’t really reading because, the magazine was upside down and she had a dreamy look upon her face. Sirius and James were too busy telling jokes and Remus too busy reading, so fortunately, only Ashley and Alexandra noticed this. Ali tried to warn Lily over James’s shoulder but it was rather hard with James trying to swing dance and spinning and swirling her in every which direction.

Ashley inarticulately kicked her and went back to talking with Remus.


In the meantime, Bellatrix, joined by her twin sister, Narcissa, along with Oscar Nott, Patrick Avery and Prane Keegan, Lucious, Snape, Roudolphus, and Barty Crouch Jr. were discussion Mudbloods and the best way to torture them.

Roudolphus suddenly said, “Did you see the new mudbloods?”

“Yeah, and your cousin was talking and hanging out with them, Bella.” Lucious snarled. It seemed as if he would take any opportunity to bring down Sirius. He also seemed to think for some reason that everything Sirius did could be made better by blaming it on Bellatrix. He seemed to enjoy taking his wrath on Sirius out on Bella, which was surprising since Narcissa was the clueless one in the group. It seemed as if doing make-up and keeping her hair perfect were the only things she could do flawlessly. She was boy-crazy and right on cue, she proved in right then.

“But the boy Sirius was talking to before was hot.” She said densely, twirling her blonde hair around her index finger. She seemed to think if someone was talking to a comely boy it made them all right. “I wonder if he’s single. Well it doesn’t matter if he is, he won’t be for long.”

Bellatrix roller her eyes at her as she took out her mirror to fix her make-up. Bella recognized that look on her face. At 11, she had had countless crushes and cheated on more boys than Bella could count. For some reasons the boys always seemed to fall for the blue eyed blonde, with the hourglass figure and no brain. Bella turned to talk to Rudolphous who was one of her best friends, while Lucious sprang into another lecture (he had always loved power and ever since he was made prefect it was worse than ever).

“That boy, Cissa is a Potter. Now traditionally, the Potters are a good name, but his parents are close with the mudblood lover, Dumbledore. So I wouldn’t get too close to him.”

“Whatever. Lucious I can take care of myself.” She replied, going back to the mirror and starring narcissicly at her stunning reflection.


Back in the talked about compartment, Sirius and James were quickly bonding over jokes and pranks that they had pulled. Everyone could see those two would be good friends. Remus was talking with the girls, every now and then sharing his own witty tale. They had finally run out of food (‘Hey, we are growing boys. We need our nutrition.’ Was the boys’ excuse when questioned how they could have finished all that food). There was music playing softly in one corner and everyone looked very content.

That is what everyone did until they reached Hogwarts. They knew they were entering a new and molding part of their life. It started when they heard a voice saying gruffly, “Firs’ years. Firs’ years this way!”

AN: thanks soooooooo much to all my reviewers. sorry this was later than i said it would be but it was my sister's bday. Thanks soo much to all the reviewers: mor10sen_luv, Magical_Me, velvet, padfootwalks4eva, Emerald_Angel, Football_girl, Prongs_Padfoot_Moony, Nixiedark, cherry and of course moony123.
thnx soooo much

AN: i forgot to do this: the songs "dip it low" by christina millina, "toxic" britney spears, "she will be loved" maroon 5 (i love them...), "yeah" usher, "dirrty" christina aguelira, "turn me on" kevin little, "pieces of me" ashlee simpson, and "the reason" hoobastank..thnx

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