“Are you ready to go Hermione?” asked Harry as he, Ron and Hermione packed there trunks away. Hermione nodded her head, closing her trunk, full of the summer homework that they’d been assigned.

“Go on without me,” she told them. “I promised Draco I’d meet him.” She saw them scowl. They had done this many times after they’d found out about her and Draco. The whole school had done it. Yet everyone eventually got over it . . . sort of. There was still glares that came their way, yet they didn’t care. She loved Draco, and he loved her. He still had his cold exterior, but when it came to her he always let it down slightly.

“Fine,” said Harry, as he and Ron levitated their trunks. “See you later.” She watched them leave and sighed. They got along with Draco some times, but they couldn’t get over the past. Hermione never did like history. She was able to get over it, and couldn’t understand why no one else could. There was no point arguing though. She had come close to losing her friends and Draco when she almost had to pick between the two.

Hermione levitated her trunk and waited for Draco by a carriage. Finally she saw him, and waved him over. As he got closer she smiled at him. He looked at her eyes and Hermione instantly knew something was wrong. The usual warm look she had become so accustomed to seeing was not there. Instead it was as if she traveled back into a time where she was still a ‘mudblood’ to him.

“Draco,” she said, but he ignored her and got into the carriage. She frowned and did the same. Once inside she studied his face. It was cold and solid. As usual. Well now it would unusual.

“Draco what is it?” Hermione asked gently. She knew not to pry. If she pried, he’d get defensive and clam up. She didn’t want that. Slowly Draco turned to face her as the carriage stopped.

“I need to talk to you,” he said. They both climbed out and stared at each other. There was a long moment of silence
“Draco,” she half laughed. "You’re scaring me. What is it?”

Draco moved his gaze and looked into her eyes. That was all she needed. That one look. A look that held no emotions at all. A look he’d promised not ever give her again. She didn’t want to hear his words. She wanted to run and pretend everything was okay again.

“We’re over,” he said. That’s it? That was it! He began to walk away but Hermione caught up with him.

“That’s all you have to say?” she asked. “That we’re over? With no warning, no explanation?”

“Yup,” he said, still not showing any sign of emotion. Hermione gaped at him, not knowing what to say.

“Why?” she asked. “Tell me why?” It was still difficult to comprehend what he said. Just the day before they were talking and laughing together. What happened?

“Because I said,” he told her simply. Hermione could hear a tint of annoyance in his voice. She felt her heart twist inside of her, and she started breathing heavily.

“That’s not a reason!” she yelled. “I want a tue reason! A valid reason of why your standing there telling me we’re over when just yesterday you said you’d never let me go!”

“Well it looks as if I lead, didn’t I?” he said. Hermione blinked at him.

“I’ll never understand you Draco,” she said, her voice shaking. Her eyes brimmed with tears, and all she could feel was a mixture of hurt and love for the boy standing in front of her. She knew that he didn’t really want this. That it was probably tearing him up behind the tough outer shell he always hid behind. That his heart was breaking as much as hers was now. Yet what made it hurt even more, was the fact that he was showing no sign of emotion.

“Well then this shouldn’t bother you so much mudblood,” his voice said, yet it was empty. Hermione tried her best not to let her tears fall. Because if she did that, she’d never stop crying. She’d beg, and plead, and tell him how much she loved him, and how if he left she’d never be the same again.

No. She couldn’t do that. She couldn’t let him win. The problem was the fact that as she stood there, trying to be brave and calm, inside her heart was breaking and she wasn’t good at hiding that. He was letting everything go, and she didn’t even know why.

After everything they’d been through. After all the tears, and after all the talks, and laughs, and being shunned, yet still making it through, now he was leaving her. All alone. She would be going home for maybe a week, then to the Order. Yet there would be no letters. There would be no Draco.

“See you next year, Granger,” his voice came out like poison. He spat her name as he had done the previous summer. Hermione desperately hoped that it was all a joke and Draco would smile and yell, “GOTCHYA!” As he walked away onto the train, Hermione’s hopes vanished.

She wanted so much to go after him and yell out to him. To tell him she loved him. That she needed him. Instead she just stood staring, long after he walked onto the train. Her eyes were glazed with unshed tears, shock, heartbreak, memories, and fear.

A part of her wanted to feel hatred. Because then it wouldn’t hurt so badly. It would just be another one of Draco Malfoy’s schemes to hurt her and her friends. If she hated him, she wouldn’t love him. If she didn’t love him, she could go on a normal. Yet she didn’t hate him, and it couldn’t go back to normal.

The grey skies above finally let down the rain, and her salty tears mixed with the cold water.

Soaking wet, Hermione locked herself into a compartment, with the windows magically removed to let the cold rain fall onto her face. She brought her knees up to her chest and sobbed.

“I need you Draco,” Hermione whispered, wishing that this nightmare would end soon.

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