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(A/N: VERY IMPORTANT!! I'm leaving for spring break in a couple days so I won't be able to update. I will however update like a crazy woman the second I get back so I can get caught up. I'm not stopping, I just won't have access to my computer. Have a good spring break everyone! See you in a week!)

“…and so you see Professor Flitwick, it was then when I realized that I didn’t have any feminine supplies on me and I had to rush back up to my dormitories to…”

“Please, dear girl. I do not need to hear the details. Your absence has been excused, now off you go.” Said Flitwick. Hermione smiled pleasantly at him in thanks and left for her afternoon Transfiguration class. Arriving just in time, she took an empty desk near the front and pulled out her parchment and quill, ready for note taking. The hour passed slowly, and Hermione couldn’t stop thinking about what “business” Draco had to take care of.

“Miss Granger?” Professor McGonagall was trying to get her attention.


“Class has ended. I would suggest hurrying to your next class before you are late.” She said.

“Oh! Yes, you’re right. Goodbye Professor.” Hermione jogged down the corridor towards the dance studio. She walked in while Rebecca was addressing the class.

“…the fox-trot is one of the classic ballroom dances that… Oh Hermione, glad you could join us. If you would just wait in my office please, I will be there momentarily. Now as I was saying, the fox-trot is…”

Hermione opened the door to Rebecca’s office and sat down in one of the cushy chairs. A few minutes later, Rebecca came in and sat across from her. She smiled. “Don’t worry, your not in trouble. I was thinking since you and Draco know all the ballroom dances already, it would probably be boring for you two to just go over the basics again. I love the way you two dance together. Now I know you were upset with me for pairing you with him, but I think you have something special. Anyways, what I’m getting at is that I would love for you and Draco to dance the tango at the spring recital. What do you think?”

Hermione was gradually processing what Rebecca had said. Draco, her, dance, recital, people everywhere, tango, on stage, Draco, dance… “Well, it sounds alright to me but I’ll need to talk to Draco about it and he’s…”

“Oh yes, I know. He’s gone right now. Well, do you think he would do it?”

She thought about it. Draco getting to show off on stage in front of the whole school. “Yes, I think he’d do it.” She said.

Rebecca smiled. “Oh brilliant. I can’t wait to get started with you two. Since Draco will be gone this week, your welcome to stay and dance fox-trot with us, or your free to practice tango on your own time until Draco is back.”

“I think I’ll just practice on my own, thanks.” Hermione said. She was happy. This gave her free afternoons to do whatever she pleased. She stood and left, returning to the common room. She plopped her stuff down on one of the steps and went into Draco’s room. She laid on the bed and closed her eyes, taking in his smell that she missed already. Was he really going to be gone a whole week? “This is such a bummer.” She thought. “Just when things were going great between us he has to leave.”

~*~*~ One week later at Malfoy Manor~*~*~*~*

“Where do you want these boxes Mr.Malfoy?” asked one of the moving men.

“Its just junk, put it with the stuff that’s being flooed to the muggle market.” Draco instructed. He looked around his now almost completely bare manor. He had to clear it out before the ministry would send a demolition crew to take it down. He had gotten rid of almost everything. The only thing that remained was an old china set, and the library. It had taken him all night, but he went through every book in his parents’ library and thrown out all the dark magic ones. Now he just wasn’t sure what to do with the rest.

“Hey Dawes, could you box up the books in the library and send them to the summer house please?” Draco asked.

“Sure thing boss.” Said Dawes.

Draco walked over to the fireplace and tossed in a handful of floo powder. “82 Seaside Court, Cornwall.” Draco's vision blurred as he was whizzed past dozens of fireplaces. Once it stopped, he stepped out and brushed the soot from his clothes. “Welcome home.” He told himself. He didn’t visit this house very often, but when he did he always enjoyed it. The sun was shining brightly through the large bay windows and he looked out at the crystal blue sea. Opening a few windows to let the house air out, he then went into the kitchen. As one last favor, he had asked the house elves to stock this kitchen before they left and they were more than happy to do so. Pulling a bag of crisps from the pantry he pulled the bag open and began munching on them. He went outside to the backyard. There was a large green lawn and perfectly maintained flower beds overlooking the sandy beach below. He sat down on the porch swing and thought about Hermione. He couldn’t wait to get back to her. It was killing him not being able to hold her. And he thought having to go to class would be bad, this was much worse. She was his motivation to get this moving done so he could go back to her. Two loud pops interrupted his thoughts. He looked to his left and box after box of books were appearing beside him. Getting up, he picked up one of the boxes and took it into the study. One by one, he unloaded the boxes until he had a library that could rival Hogwarts’. He checked the clock on the wall and saw that it was nearly 7:00 and he had to meet the Minister back at Malfoy Manor to give him the final ‘okay’ to tear down the house. He flooed back and was greeted by the Minister and a construction crew, wands at ready.

“Mr.Malfoy, you’re sure you want to do this? I hate to be rude, but you’re only seventeen. Are you sure you won’t want this for the future?” One of the workers said.

“I’m sure. Take it down.” Draco said. He shook hands with head of the crew and they all exited the house. Standing in the driveway, Draco watched as the crew magically dismantled the house wall by wall. He felt a glimmer of satisfaction and revenge as he watched them demolish the house his father had loved so much. He turned to the Minister and shook his hand. “Thank you Minister, but I have my studies and a girl waiting for me back at Hogwarts so if I may leave now…”

“Ah yes, Miss Granger. A fine young woman, very intelligent. But there is one more thing; I will need you to sign a few papers regarding the objects of your father’s that you gave us. Standard procedure you understand. They simply state that you are signing them over to us.”

“How did you know about Hermione?”

“Dumbledore and I talk. Now those papers?”

“Uh, right. Yes where do I sign?”

“Right there.” Draco signed his name at the bottom and shook his hand again. The Minister handed him a portkey that was to take him back to Hogwarts.


With Draco gone, Hermione had fallen back into her old study habits, and now she was fast asleep at the common room desk with her head in her arms and books propped open all around her. Draco’s feet landed with a soft thump on the floor. When his head stopped spinning he looked forward and his eyes fell on a small figure hunched over a pile of books and papers. He smiled, knowing it was Hermione. He approached her and bent down to look at her face. “Merlin I’ve missed her.” He thought. He scooped her into his arms gently and carried her upstairs to her bed. He tucked her legs under the covers and was about to leave her when he felt her grab his hand. He looked down at her and smiled.

“Hey.” He whispered.

“Hey.” She said sleepily. “Don’t go. I have seen you in a week.” He slipped off his shoes and got in next to her. Before he was even all the way in she was kissing him. Hermione wanted him as close to her as possible, she grabbed at his shirt trying to pull him closer. She pushed his lips open with her own and worked her tongue in. He pulled back and smirked.

“So I guess you missed me a little?”

“Only a little.” She grinned. He kissed her sensually, his fingers playing with a lock of her hair. He moaned.

“God I’ve missed this.” He murmured into her hair. She sighed contently.

“I love you Draco.” She said softly, drifting into sleep.

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