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DISCLAIMER: as always the original HP characters are accredited to J.K. Rowling, but the new characters previous to the last three are all accredited to Miss_Moral who is not in any way affiliated with me. I just loved her story and saw how it I could see it forming out. She has been gracious enough to allow me to continue writing this. I fully suggest reading all of the stories written by Miss_Moral.


Before Harry, Hermione, and Duncan left the hospital wing Dumbledore took Harry to the side and said

"As soon as you are finished with your lunch with Mr. Weasley please come up and see me we need to talk about the things I found in the pensive. There was also a letter sent by the ministry pertaining to the adoption of young Mr.Dursley."

Harry nodded and smiled at the prospect of finding out more about when they could adopt Duncan.

" I will Professor, and thank you for all of your help in this. The pensive really helped last night."

Dumbledore smiled knowingly and nodded just before Hermione called over.

"Harry? Are you ready?"

He smiled at her and nodded. Both Harry and Dumbledore and Harry walked towards them together. Harry took out the stroller and before he could put Duncan inside Dumbledore spoke up

“That Bassinet was meant as a gift from the staff. It can easily transform into a stroller, bath, changing table, and a highchair. It also has many safety charms and growing charms on it for when he gets bigger. We were going to give it to you for his birthday but thought that now was a good time for it. I have also instructed the house elves to bring the rest of your baby clothes Harry. They will be in a trunk of your parents in your suite when you return."

Harry and Hermione just nodded neither of them could say anything. Harry half turned away to wipe a tear and Hermione was openly bawling. She briskly walked to Dumbledore and engulfed him in a hug, and then when she backed away they both thanked him before walking out.

As they started down the stairs they moved into the normal positions to carry Duncan downstairs but the minute the wheels lifted off the ground they transformed into a cloud like substance that began to carry Duncan down the steps at a calm, relaxing and steady pace. Both Harry and Hermione looked at each other in surprise and Duncan gave a squeal of delight

“Well that will be a nice change." Harry said and Hermione nodded in reply.

After they finished descending the stairs and made it almost to their suite Lavender and Pavati walked by and cooed at Duncan then said to Hermione

“It is about time you began dressing him in normal clothes." With that the girls left waving goodbye to Harry.

"Venus and Love" Hermione spoke with anticipation

They walked in to find Ron and Dobby speaking animatedly and then they both turned and looked shyly at Harry and Hermione.

“Hermione! Are you all right? How’s Duncan?" Ron said with a pink tinge on his ears and cheeks.

“We’re fine Ron, how are you? I haven’t seen you for ages. Are your headboy duties going well?"

“Well enough I suppose. It really gets tiring chasing around rowdy first years, not to mention studying for NEWT’s and now that Hermione isn’t in the common room grading my papers every night I really have to be careful” Ron said rolling his eyes.

“Well Ron I told you before but you can bring your homework anytime for me to look at.” Hermione said with some exasperation.

“So are you going to tell me what happened or are we going to keep on with the chit chat all bloody day?” Ron stated impatiently. Then Harry spoke up saying

“I better go put Duncan down, and change his nappy before we start” he then got up and took Duncan and his nappy bag to his room.

“I will be right back Ron, Harry forgot to get Duncan’s medicine. Dobby can you please set up lunch? We will be eating while we talk.” With that Hermione got up and grabbed a small smokey looking vile from Duncan’s new carriage. Then she went quietly into Duncan’s room and for a split second Ron heard her singing.


Harry was standing with his back to the door and as Hermione slipped in silently through the sound proof door and shut it as Harry kissed Duncan’s forehead and laid him in the cradle. A small smile came across Hermione’s face.

“Get some sleep Duncan you have had a long day.” Harry said quietly.

“It would be easier if you were to give him is potion.” Harry jumped at the sound of her voice so near him.

“Hermione! How long have you been there?” Harry said looking a bit pink in the cheeks.

“Does it matter?” She replied

“No I guess not. We see each other doing these things all the time.” He stated with a smile.

“I hope we find out about the adoption soon. I can’t wait to know that he truly is ours.”

Hermione said with some tone of worry on her face and in her eyes.

“I plan to bring it up when I meet with Dumbledore this evening. Like Dumbledore said he will be talking and walking soon and I don’t want him calling me Hawie or you Hermie, no matter how cute it could be.” He said with a smile then looked down at his shoes.

“Me either.” She then reached up and swept an awry piece of hair out of his eyes. As she took her hand back down his cheek slowly he reached up and covered it then brought it to his mouth and kissed the inside of her palm and they both hesitantly dropped their hands and smiled.

“Ron will be waiting.” Harry stated regretfully, and then they both turned for the door, and left.


Sorry I know you all wanted to read how lunch went but I am still working on the entrées


Patients is a virtue. But the new chap will hopefully be up tomorrow.

As always please review. And I hope you enjoy it.

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