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“Hermione! Get over to that table in the corner” yelled her boss at the Parmela Bar in which she worked. The Parmela Bar sat at the corner of Parker Avenue and Shasta Lane in San Francisco, California; she had been working there for five years after she had had enough of her witch life. “I’m going I’m going” said Hermione grabbing her order clipboard. “What’ll be?” she asked the young couple sitting in the booth. Oh…I don’t know, how about a Bud for me. What about you honey?” “A Piña Colada please” said the girl “Ok, coming right up” said Hermione. She gave the order to the bar tender and turned facing the door and leaning on the counter. Right then her past walked right through the door chattering loudly. She heard the first part of the conversation (she was not ease dropping if that is what you are thinking) “Hey, Ginny have you heard from Hermione at all lately?” “No and neither has Ron; he was devastated when he found out she was leaving because between you and me he had a crush on her.” “He did, why didn’t he tell me? I mean we’re best friends.” “You know how you guys always joke about her well he thought if he told you the joke would be on him.” Then they reached a table and stopped talking. “Hermione!” “I know, I’m going, I’m going” she yelled walking toward the table. “What can I get you?” She asked with her order clipboard over her face “Umm… how about a Fire Whiskey” said Harry Potter from Hogwarts which led Ginny part of Hermione’s past into the bar. Harry was the only one out him and Ginny that recognized her. “Oh-” said Hermione because Harry had caught her off guard. “We don’t have any” she said fairly fast because she knew he was testing her. “Do you even know what a Fire Whiskey is?” asked Harry. “Ye- I mean no never heard of it” she answered. “But we don’t have any so don’t bother with it anymore Harry Potter.” She sneered because he had brought part of her past here. “Uh…Harry how does she know your name” said Ginny very confused .Right then Ron walked through the door and Hermione turned and looked to see who it was, once she had seen Ron she ran into the kitchen where the other waitress was finishing up her lunch. “Here Juliet take table five” she said jabbing the order clipboard into her chest. “Uh…Ok, Wait, are you taking lunch?” asked Juliet as Hermione was grabbing her coat and running out the back door leading onto the ally. “I’ll take that as a yes” Juliet said. “What are they thinking coming here? Why aren’t they back in the ‘Wizarding World’ but no they had to come all the way here to San Francisco” she said sitting down on an upturned crate beside the door. Then she reached inside her coat pocket and grabbed her packet of cigarettes and lighter. She lit a cigarette and blew a puff of smoke into the sun dust in front of her thinking about what Ginny had said about Ron having a crush on her. Then she heard the front door opening as someone stepped outside; who could that be she thought for only a second because someone yelled, “Hermione, where are you!? It’s me Ron” then Ron glanced in Hermione’s direction down the alley “Hermione” said Ron squinting in the sunlight. “Ron” said Hermione starring back at him “what are you doing here?” “Vacation” answered Ron walking toward her on her upturned crate and cigarette in hand. “When did you take up smoking?” Ron asked leaning on the dumpster. “Ever since I left” she answered with a puff a smoke. “Why?” asked Ron getting down to her level on the crate. “Dunno, just when I left I felt different and thought that if I started smoking I would change completely” she said putting out her cigarette and standing up. “Umm… don’t know how to ask this but, here goes” she stopped to take a breath and then said; “Ginny said you have a crush me is it true?” she finished out of breath because she said it really fast. Then before Ron could answer Harry and Ginny came running out the front door. “Ron, Hermione where did you go?” asked Harry with Ginny trailing behind him as they ran up the alley. “Please umm… Harry one sec” said Ron and he held up one finger on his left hand and a shooing gesture with the other. “Ok” said Harry gently pushing Ginny himself away. “Ok, what were you saying, oh yeh something about me liking you, right” said Ron tuning over another crate and sitting down next to Hermione. “Yeh, do you?” said Hermione zipping her coat because it was getting chilly. “ Umm… hey, lets all go out together tonight not like a date just like we used to” said Ron getting also zipping his coat. He offered to help Hermione up off the crate but she denied his offer with a gentle shake of her head. “I’ve got to finish my shift” she said very shyly also taking a step toward the backdoor leading back into the kitchen. “Maybe some other time, ok” she turned the door knob. Ron grabbed her wrist and said “How about after work then say meet back here” “I don’t know how ‘bout give your number of where I might be able to reach you and after work I’ll call you if I’m up to it, ok” she said stepping across the threshold. “Ok, you got something I can write with” said Ron searching his empty pockets in hope of finding something. “Yeh, here” said Hermione handing him a pad of paper and pen and when she did their fingers touched and in Hermione’s mind all the good memories she had had with Ron came flooding out of the deepest darkest parts of her brain because she had shoved them way back when she left five years ago.

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