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Hi all! I updated as fast as I could so thanks for your wonderful reviews! I've been really busy lately so if after you read this (because it's not over yet) you could check out my new story called That Which is Broken... I would appreciate it so much! I hope you enjoy this, please don't hate me! : )

"For you Remus"

The room and everything in it was deathly still for one harsh moment. Lupin instinctively moved to block Harry and Hermione from Pettigrew. "What do you want Peter" he said, his voice sounding unsure. Harry could feel all of the questions hidden within his unsteady voice. The anger boiling within him was nearly a throbbing in Harry's ears. He could hear Hermione trying to take deep calming breaths, and was having no success.

The sandy haired, narrow eyed Pettigrew still stood poised in the doorway, slightly out of breath. His snug looking faded grey suit was extremely dusty and looked as if it hadn't been washed in decades. look on Lupin's face was one of absolute fury. A sense of loathing was etched into every line of his scarred face. Harry had never felt so much hatred resonate from one man.

"Ah, Moony, my old friend" Pettigrew said in his high pitched voice, Harry was surprised at how sincere Peter sounded considering what he was about to try and do.

"I am not your friend Peter" Lupin said in a now shaky voice, Harry saw his fists balled up and shaking. By now all four of them had there wands out, but Peter remained unusually calm.

"Don't even try it" Pettigrew spoke to all of them, "I have been rewarded with powers you couldn't dream of."

"It was you!" Hermione screamed, "you killed him! It wasn't a fire, it was you!" Harry saw thick streams of tears flowing wildly down her face.

"A fire?" Lupin said, not taking his eyes off Pettigrew.

"Yes" Harry said shakily, "I told Sirius it was his fault so you two wouldn't be worried anymore, but I didn't think he would leave because of it."

"What are you talking about?" Peter interrupted, the sly look on his face slowly fading into worry. "How did you know I was going to set a fire?"

"Lucky guess I suppose" Harry said calmly.

Lupin then spoke in the most menacing voice Harry had ever heard from the genuinely docile man. "I would happily die to see to it that you never cause any more pain Peter."

"Is that right?" Pettigrew smiled, but suddenly the look on his face morphed into rage. He caught the three of them off guard and leapt towards the shocked Lupin. Both man fell to the ground landing with a great bang. Just as Harry and Hermione were preparing to fire a spell strong arms subdued them both. Harry shook violently to try and break free from the grip that held him tight and Hermione was doing the same, but to no avail. Black sleeves covered the arms that held him, and Harry instantly knew that these were death eaters. The one holding Harry began to speak and Harry seized the opportunity and lunged out of his arms. He had only made it a few steps away when he felt something heavy hit the back of his head, and he knew no more.

* * *

Harry opened his eyes only to experience a throbbing pain coming from the back of his head. When he tried to instinctively place his hand where the pain was he realized that his wrists were bound to Hermione's, and both of them had their feet magically chained to the ground. "Are you awake?" he whispered to Hermione as his eyes still fought to gain focus on the world around him.

"Yes" she said weakly. Harry could feel her shaking and was certain that she was crying.

Harry's vision finally kicked in and he saw that he was still in the dimly lit kitchen of Grimmauld place. He could feel dried blood that had seeped down the front of his face, this told him that he had been out for a while, he just didn't remember why.

"What happened?" he asked quietly as his head continued to pound.

Hermione's sobbing intensified, and there was nothing Harry could do to comfort her. "You tried to escape, but- but the man holding you hit you, there was so much blood..." Harry felt Hermione shudder.

Suddenly a small groan from the other side of the kitchen made Harry jump. He looked over and noticed Lupin. He too was tied up as they were but he was chained to the wall, with his hands bound behind his back and his ankles bound together magically. "Professor?" Harry whispered, not wanting to scare him. After a few seconds no answer came from the injured man, Harry saw by the extent of his injuries that Lupin had put up quite a fight before finally being taken down. Harry was also starting to worry about the others, it had been a while since they had departed. Another groan alerted Harry to Lupin's presence once more. Harry couldn't help feeling guilty for thinking that he had come off worse than Lupin, because that was definitely not true.

Lupin's lower lip was turned down in a temporary frown by what was undoubtedly a bruised lip, and he too had blood encrusted around his eyes and mouth. A deep gash on his left cheek seemed to be fresh and bled freely onto his tattered robes, Harry hoped that there was nothing further wrong.

"How is he doing?" Hermione asked in a voice filled with dread.

"I don't know" Harry said as he tried to uselessly free himself.

At that moment Lupin's eyes fluttered open to reveal the glossy pools of amber beneath. Harry saw his eyes gain focus and land on the two of them. "Harry Hermione..." he then noticed the rope that bound them together, "No..." he sighed.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked him directly.

"I think so" Lupin replied, tilting his head downwards to make sure he was whole. "Are you two alright?" they nodded their heads mutely.

Lupin scowled in frustration, "Why wouldn't he let you go... I thought I was a monster!"

Harry had nothing to say to this, and so the room was laden with silence once more. Hope among was sparse, how could they get out of this? Harry nearly jumped again when Hermione spoke in a quiet voice.

"How did Pettigrew get in?" she wondered aloud. Harry thought about that for a while, trying to remember ant time in the past couple of days when he could have managed to sneak in.

"Crookshanks!" Hermione said suddenly, making Harry nearly jump out of his skin, he twisted his head around in search of the feline.

"I don't see him" Harry said.

"No! It was Crookshanks, it was him who brought the mouse in remember? He must have walked in with it when someone else came through the door!" That's when Harry remembered it all, he was so stupid to have forgotten.

"But how did he stay unnoticed in a house full of order members?" Harry asked, looking at Lupin for a possible answer, but he say that Lupin had blacked out again. Harry sighed with frustration, giving one last violent tug with his hands to try and free them. His wrists felt like they were on fire and the blood seeping from them was the only pitiful relief.

Harry was about to ask Hermione how she was feeling when the door burst open and none other than Pettigrew strolled in looking snug. At this Lupin's eyes shot open and radiated with anger once more.

"You scum!" Lupin spat, "How dare you harm them! Leave the alone, they did nothing to harm you, it's me you should take it out on!"

Pettigrew showed no mercy, instead he smiled, "Well, if you insist" he said, taking a quick step towards Lupin.

"NO!" Harry and Hermione shouted.

"Peter" Lupin interrupted, "why are you doing this?"

"Because I have to" he replied, the look of immunity starting to ware off his pointed face. "You were all good friends, but he has so much more to offer me..."


A pitiful look crept onto Pettigrew’s face, and Harry didn't have the courage to interrupted them.

"I didn't want to..." he said, the hand that pointed a wand at Lupin began to falter.

"But you did Peter, and you ruined Sirius' life to compensate for it! I actually felt sorry for you Peter, until I learned what a coward you are!" the look on Lupin's face was one of pure hatred, one Harry never thought he would see.

Pettigrew took one deep calming breath, and the snug look Harry hated returned, "Well," he said with a forced smile on his pale face, "seeing as how I've destroyed everyone elses lives, I may as well do you the favor of ending it quickly." With that he lifted his wand hand once again and pointed it at Lupin's heart. Lupin's face was expressionless, the last gleam of hope had long left, and Harry's breath caught in his chest as Pettigrew prepared to strike. Harry had to try something.

"You coward!" Harry shouted, his mind was racing to put words in his mouth quicker than he could speak them. Pettigrew whipped around to face Harry.

"What did you say?" Peter hissed.

"You can't even give him a chance to defend himself! Because you're too scared he might beat you!" Hermione put in, knowing that Harry was trying to buy some time.

"I've already beaten him once girl, so don't think I'm not capable-"

Harry cut him off, "Well if your so capable... fight him standing up!"

Pettigrew looked around Lupin and Harry's heart soared, it had worked, he had given Lupin a chance.

With a flick of Pettigrew’s wand the ropes and chains disappeared. Lupin stood slowly up with Peter's wand still pointing at him. Harry had expected Lupin to make some move to get away, a quick dash, an incantation, something, but he did nothing. It brought tears of frustration to Harry's eyes to see how hopeless Lupin had become, and in that moment Harry knew that he had failed him.

"Let them go..." Lupin said quietly, the look of sadness visible even through the layers of blood.

"For you Remus, my old friend, I will do this."

"LET HIM GO!" Harry screamed at him.

A pitiful look came on Pettigrew's face, "I'm sorry Moony..."

* * *

Ron walked through the dark street, the lams weren't on yet he saw, which only added to his uneasiness. He kept repeating the orders his mother had given him over and over in his head. Read the paper with the location of the house, go in, find the others, and be careful. It had all seemed so simple back at the Burrow, but this didn't seem so simple now, now he wished that he had let someone else come.

He counted in his head and finally came to the spot where number 11 and 13 met. He pulled out the paper given to him be Dumbledore.

The location of the order of the phoenix is number 12 Grimmauld place.

The house came up before him, and he quietly entered. He heard voices coming from the kitchen, and crept quietly towards it. The scene that met his eyes was one more horrible than he had ever seen. Peter Pettigrew stood pointing his wand at Lupin, and Harry and Hermione sat bound together, bleeding and struggling. A few last words echoed through the kitchen and Ron backed away in fright and was safe from harm behind the wall. Lupin said nothing as Pettigrew raised his wand, and in that moment everything was silent, the silence was finaly broken by one last rugged intake of breath from Lupin.

"Avada Kadavra"

He was dead before his eyes registered the green flash illuminated the whole house, nealry blinding Ron and making it impossible to see anything for those few seconds. His body fell lifelessly to the ground and the unbearable resonating silence was broken by the crash of his body on the cold hard floor. Ron sunk down against the wall, "Oh no" he wept in panic, "It's over..."

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