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“…and then we’ll go to Honeydukes and buy loads of chocolate, and we’ll go to Zonko’s if you want…” Harry was saying to Ron as they left the castle in the morning and walked along the road which led into Hogsmeade. Hermione walked on Ron’s other side as they made their way into the village.

“Charlie took me to Zonko’s once…” Ron said quietly and Harry and Hermione shared a glance over the top of his head although Harry only looked perplexed as to what to do for him, Hermione looked thoughtful and was almost scrutinising him.

Once they arrived in the village they walked around for a while, glancing in at shops and Harry noticed Katie, Laura and Lewis walking along not too far behind them and occasionally peering around corners at them, always gesturing for Harry to leave Ron and Hermione and go and join them.

Ron was gazing longingly through the window of Honeydukes which had never looked so busy whilst Harry and Hermione stood back in the street.

“Have you noticed anything odd about Ron?” Hermione asked him.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked her.

“I mean that Charlie has never taken him to Zonko’s.” Hermione said to him and Harry raised an eyebrow.

“You can’t know that for certain Hermione.” Harry told her in an exasperated tone.

“But I remember it from our third year… That Sneakoscope wasn’t working because there were just too many untrustworthy people about and Ron said we could get it checked in Dervish and Banges.” She said to him, pausing in the hopes that Harry would remember.

“That sounds like he’s been there before Hermione.” Harry said to her and moved to go stand next to Ron, whose ear was tilted towards them in a manner that suggested to Harry that he could easily be listening. He glanced at Hermione and then pointedly at Ron.

“He can’t hear us.” Hermione said confidently but Harry wasn’t so sure, “But then after he said that he went on to say that Fred and George had told him, now why would he have had to be told by Fred and George if he had been before?”

“Because he’d never been into that particular shop?” Harry suggested but she shook her head.

“Come on, on your first visit here you went into every single shop just to see what it was like.” Hermione argued.

“But if Ron was with his Mum and Dad, or Charlie…”

“Then they would have let him look around a bit more because he had never been before.” Hermione finished for him. Harry opened his mouth to say something but it never left his mouth as Ron span round in a rage.

“OH YEAH! JUST TALK ABOUT ME BEHIND MY BACK! IT’S NOT AS IF I HAVE FEELINGS OR ANYTHING OR AS IF MY BROTHER JUST DIED! DON’T GET THAT IDEA!” He span on his heel and sprinted down the street. Harry made to go after him but Hermione stopped him and shook her head.

“Let me, I got us into this and I’ll get us out of it.” She said to him as she glanced down the road, “Oh god, Ginny’s there now… and is that Malfoy?!

“Looks like it.” Harry said and before he could say anything else she had taken off and was running down the street after him, leaving Harry left in the middle of the street on his own.

“Hey Harry!” Katie said, running over to him with Laura and Lewis close behind.

Is it me or do people seem to run around here a lot? Harry wondered as they stopped in front of him.

“So what happened?” Laura asked him instantly.

“Ron started shouting at us…” Harry told them.

“We heard.” Lewis grinned.

“Everyone heard, Mr Potter.” Severus said coolly as he walked past them, leaving the four students staring at him as he walked calmly towards the Shrieking Shack. As he walked along he distinctly heard Potter ask if Ron had really been that loud.

“Yes he was Potter, and you are too!” Severus shouted back at him, getting another disbelieving stare from the students.

“What the hell?! That freaky bat!” Laura said loudly.

“That’s Professor Bat to you, Miss Turner!” He shouted back at her, receiving a laugh from Potter and leaving himself wondering why on earth he had said that.

“Professor Bat, Severus?” Remus sniggered when he arrived, only to receive a death glare in return.

“Oh just shut it, Lupin!” Severus snarled at him. “Do we know why we’re here yet?”

“No, Dumbledore’s not here yet.” Minerva told him whilst Filius carefully charmed the rim of his robes to look distinctly more bat-like.

“Ah, good afternoon everyone.” Dumbledore said to them as he walked around to the back of the Shrieking Shack where he saw Minerva, Filius, Severus – with rather interesting robes, Remus, Molly, Arthur, Alastor, Tonks and Kingsley. They had been arriving for the last ten minutes and although Albus knew he should have gone to them sooner, the idea of looking around Zonko’s for a little longer was far too appealing. “I assume you all know why we are here?”

Molly and Arthur nodded but the rest of them merely looked politely mystified.

“The death of Charlie Weasley must be discussed,” He said quietly.

“And you think that out in the middle of Hogsmeade is a good place for this discussion?” Minerva asked him, keeping her eye on Molly and Arthur but they seemed okay with the present situation so she allowed her argument to drop.

Remus sighed inwardly and glanced across the street to see Harry leant against a fence, chatting to Laura, Katie and Lewis. He knew that they were most likely talking about the dramatic escape Ron had made earlier, heard by most of the occupants of Hogsmeade and probably most of Hogwarts castle as well, he had been incredibly loud about it. He wondered just what Harry and Hermione could have said to make him explode like that and he wished that he could just go over to Harry and spend some time just talking with him but that wasn’t an option. He forced himself to listen to the conversation which was going on around him instead.

Harry glanced up to see Remus and many other members of the Order, Dumbledore included, stood up by the Shrieking Shack, talking about something presumably secret. He wondered whether Hogsmeade was the best place for that and whether or not Ron knew that his parents had heard him yelling at the top of his lungs in the quiet Wizarding community.

“So what are we going to do about Ron?” Lewis asked them.

“Do? We don’t need to do anything!” Laura said, “This is perfect!”

“Can you explain how?” Harry asked her.

“Yeah, look Ron ran off and Hermione was straight after him.” Laura said and Katie nodded.

“Yeah, and Malfoy and Ron’s little sister are also there. Hardly the most likely situation for romance, is it?” Harry scowled.

He glanced down the street towards Ron who hadn’t run from Hermione and was arguing vehemently with her by the looks of it. The wind was blowing in their direction meaning that Harry couldn’t so much as catch a word they were saying.

Hermione lashed out at Ron and Malfoy laughed loudly. Ginny moved to punch Malfoy but he had his wand out and pointed at her throat in a moment.

Harry tried to see what was going on but at that moment a ray of sunlight shone over the village as he stared south towards his friends and blinded him, making him unable to see anything but the sunlight shimmering on the wet road.

“Come on, we’ll lock them in Honeydukes cellar later on or something.” Lewis said as their vision was impaired and Harry smiled slightly, knowing that Honeydukes cellar would be the last place that they locked them.

“How about the Three Broomsticks before it rains again?” Harry suggested and they nodded, making their way quickly towards the pub which was already quite full of students.

They found a small table in the corner and they sat down, chatting idly about Ron and Hermione.

“I don’t reckon just locking them in places together will work.” Harry said, echoing Remus. “And I still don’t think they’re attracted to each other.”

“Harry, Harry, Harry…” Laura said, shaking her head at him, “Of course they like each other, they argue all the time!”

“So maybe they don’t like each other at all.” Harry suggested.

“Then why do they hang out together?” Laura demanded.

“To be near Harry?” Lewis suggested to her and she looked thoughtful.

“No, they wouldn’t put up with each other just to be around me, would they?” Harry asked them, feeling uncertain. “I mean, they talk to each other and stuff all the time.”

“Yeah, maybe they do that just to make it seem like they’re friends around you.” Katie said.

“It can’t work very well if that’s the case – they’re always arguing!” Laura pointed out.

“They’re probably arguing somewhere right now.” Katie said thoughtfully and Harry groaned inwardly; barely a minute ago they had been explaining to him that they were madly in love and now they hated each other’s guts? He was going to stop listening to them and start listening to himself, after all no one knew them better than he.

Rain started to drum heavily on the windows and glancing outside Harry could see people running for shelter or conjuring shields above themselves whilst they carried on shopping. There was no sign of Ron, Hermione, Ginny or even Malfoy but Harry wasn’t too bothered about them since seeing them would probably only confuse his thoughts about the relationship between his two friends even more.

The door was flung open and Mad Eye walked into the room. There was an audible intake of breath from the students in there as he limped across the room as they all remembered his teachings from two years previously. He walked over to the side of the room nearest Harry and sat down, joined soon after by Kingsley who nodded in acknowledgement and it was only then that Mad Eye noticed him.

“Potter.” He nodded gruffly to him before turning back to Kingsley and entering in quiet conversation.

Katie, Lewis and Laura looked at him questioningly but he just smiled and took a sip of the Butterbeer that Madam Rosmerta put down infront of him before moving to Kingsley and Mad Eye to see what they wanted.

The door opened again and Mr and Mrs Weasley walked inside. Arthur smiled at Harry and Molly asked how he was and cast a critical eye over his figure before Harry reassured her that he was eating enough.

“Ron’s parents.” He explained in an undertone to his friends. He realised that the whole Order of the Phoenix was likely to be making it’s way into the pub in drips and drabbles which would get annoying; firstly because he would have to greet them all and secondly because everyone else would want to know how he knew them.

Bill was next into the pub, accompanied by Tonks who looked as if she would have greeted Harry loudly over the top of the pub and probably embraced him were it not for the fact that the pub was intrigued enough as to their visitors as it was and Harry’s apparent knowledge of them all only added to their mystique.

Instead Tonks settled for grinning at him and pulling a face which then turned into a different one to the amazement of Harry’s friends. Bill smiled and squeezed his shoulder and Harry tried hard to return his smile but he didn’t quite manage.

“Come on, the rain’s letting up.” Lewis said to them, “Let’s go find Ron and Hermione.”

“Yeah, okay.” Harry said, not particularly wanting to be in the crowded pub any longer.

The four of them got to their feet and left the pub, Harry smiling slightly at Tonks who grinned at him as he went.

“Molly, I’ve got something to show you that might cheer you up slightly.” Kingsley said to her with a slight smile, “Here, I’ll portkey you back to Grimmauld Place.” He said to her and Harry smiled slightly; anything that might serve to make Mrs Weasley smile would be worth it after the death of her son.

“Hello.” Remus said to the group as they left The Three Broomsticks.

“Hello Professor.” The four of them replied to him and Harry caught his eye, flashing him a smile before they left the pub and into the slight drizzle outside.

“A little wet to be taking a stroll don’t you think?” Minerva asked them and Harry just shrugged.

“Not really.” He replied and then muttered under his breath, “How are you Professor Bat?”

“Fifty points from Gryffindor, Potter.” Snape muttered.

“I didn’t think you could take points unless the student in question was in school grounds?” Remus said lightly.

“That is the case, so unfortunately you will need to take points once you get back to the castle for a different reason, Severus.” Dumbledore said to him, causing Snape to glower darkly at him and the four Gryffindors to grin as they walked into the rain.

“I wonder where they went then…” Katie mused aloud as they started to meander slowly down the street towards where, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Malfoy had been before but there was no sign of them.

They looked through shops and around the small streets of Hogsmeade but they couldn’t find them anywhere. After almost an hour of searching the small village, they met up again after separating outside the Hogs Head.

I suppose we could go back to school and see if they turned up there.” Laura suggested and the others nodded, having become bored of Hogsmeade by now.

“I hope they let us come on a Sunday next time – it’ll be market day then.” Katie was saying as they walked back along the road to school. Harry missed being with his friends, true, Ron was poor company at the moment and Hermione was constantly trying to comfort him at times when she should be leaving him alone but they were still his best friends and as much as he enjoyed his time with Katie, Lewis and Laura, he was still happiest with Hermione and Ron.

It was only early when they returned to the castle to find that many other students had come back before they had to due to the bad weather. Ron and Hermione were nowhere to be seen however so, after hanging around the common room for an hour, Harry walked down to Remus’ office and wandered inside to see his godfather hanging up his cloak and casting a quick drying spell over himself.

“Hey.” Harry greeted and although Remus jumped slightly at the unexpected noise, he turned to Harry with a slight smile.

“What are you doing back so early?” Remus asked as he started to organise the essays left all over his desk.

“Went to find Ron and Hermione.”

“No luck I see.” Remus noted and Harry nodded. “And I presume that you want to learn yet more wandless magic?”

“Of course, what else would I be here for?” Harry asked.

“Because you like my company perhaps?” Remus suggested lightly.

“Don’t be ridiculous Remus, I don’t actually like you…” Harry told him, “People ask what I think of you and it’s always ‘My godfather? Oh he’s alright, don’t enjoy being around him though, don’t get that idea…’”

“Oh shut up, Harry.” Remus said, smiling.

“Teach me levitation… you said that you would ages ago and you never did!” Harry said to him as Remus steered him through his office door and into his living quarters.

“Alright, but I’m not teaching you in my office, or do you want people walking in on your wandless magic?” Remus said to him and Harry didn’t respond as he walked inside the small living room and sat down opposite the fire.

Remus sat down next to him and touched his fingers onto the back of his hand, quickly entering Harry’s mind before pulling away and back into his own, taking Harry’s presence with him.

Here… just do as I do. Remus told Harry and, staying in the physical world, he sent a wave of energy down to the floor which quickly pushed him up off the ground and Harry felt himself being lifted with it, using the kind of levitating magic that he himself used to lift other objects. You simply send enough force at the floor to send yourself up in the air and then maintain it. Remus explained.

You can’t go very high then. Harry said more as a statement than a question.

Not using this method but it’s the fastest way to levitate yourself that there is. Remus said, juggling the energy to keep himself in the air, the other energy to keep Harry there, staying in the mental world and then talking to Harry at the same time. All in all it was rather draining on the wizard.

How else can you do it then? Harry asked him. Remus lowered them both back down onto the bed before moving on to the next explanation.

If you put something under yourself, like this. Remus said and made a small translucent disk appear under himself Then you can levitate this but it gets confusing since you’re on the disk.

He moved his hand slightly and contact was lost between them both but Harry could see Remus floating around the room.

“This way can be faster or slower, depending on how much energy you would put into the other method.” Remus told him, “But this method isn’t really levitation of the self.”

Harry conjured a small disk for himself in the same way that Remus had done and levitated it but then when he moved his hand to make it move to the left and up slightly he fell off and back down onto the sofa below. Remus laughed.

“It’s too confusing…” Harry said, trying to figure out how he could move it without himself falling off.

“You could use a sticking charm and attach yourself to it.” Remus told him.

“How do you stay on?” Harry asked.

“Practice, and lots of it.” Remus told him and Harry pulled a face at the idea of endless practice. “Or you could just use a larger disk, one which it would be harder to fall off but then the larger it is the less manoeuvrability you would have and you’d have to use more power to levitate it so that could be a bad plan.”

Harry conjured a new disk and floated it up into the air, he leant with it when he moved it this time and stayed on as he moved it higher and to the left but when trying to turn it he slipped off the end, landing on the floor with a clunk and leaving his disk spinning in the air before Remus dissolved it and landed on the floor next to him.

“How’re your invisibility charms coming along?” Remus asked him as he levitated Harry from the floor with ease.

“Not that bad really, I can make my legs invisible for a while.” Harry told him.

“How long’s a while?” Remus asked.

“A couple of minutes at most.” Harry sighed. “Okay, so it’s not that long but it’s better than just making them flicker every now and again.”

“You ought to work on becoming entirely invisible now, it will take a lot more work and concentration but it would be extremely useful for you, Harry.” Remus said.

“I know, and I do try but it’s too difficult.” Harry admitted.

“Then you’re going to spend much of your time explaining to people where your legs are, or just not using the spell at all which makes learning it pointless.” Remus said and Harry sighed.

“I know, I will learn it but it’s not exactly the easiest thing to master, is it?” Harry said to him.

“No, but you’re getting there.” Remus smiled. Sometimes he forgot how young Harry was and the fact that he was only teaching a sixteen year old magic which was completely new to him. The way that Harry picked it up he sometimes almost felt a sense of disappointment when it took him time to master things but that was completely unfair to Harry.

He blinked and looked around the room to see that Harry had disappeared completely.


He glanced through his mind and couldn’t resist a smile when he saw Harry sat opposite him on the sofa still. Back in the physical world he flickered back into visibility and grinned in an exhausted sort of way at him.

“I told you that you could do it.” Remus smiled, knowing that he probably should have been more congratulatory to the boy who looked rather shattered. “Do you want some hot chocolate to celebrate?”

“I’ll do it.” Harry said and without moving there was a slight pop as two cups of hot chocolate appeared in midair. Remus took one and Harry smiled with something in his eyes that he couldn’t quite recognise.

He took a sip of the chocolatey drink and was surprised as warmth spread to his fingers and toes, bringing with it the taste of wizarding chocolate.

“How?” Remus asked him.

“I wanted to see what Honeydukes would think of wizarding hot chocolate so I took them some Muggle stuff and suggested the idea to them.” Harry told him. “Clearly they liked the idea because they can barely make enough to keep up with demand.”

Remus smiled as he took another sip. As much as he liked the Muggle drink, he was enjoying the wizarding version so much more. They sat in a comfortable silence for some time, neither of them feeling the need to speak but there was a thoughtful look on Harry’s face which made Remus wonder what the boy wasn’t saying to him.

“Remus?” Harry said at last, Remus looked at him and motioned for him to continue, “In Legilimency the other day I was looking through Snape’s memories…”

Oh this can’t be good… Remus was thinking.

“And I saw the ruins of the house in Godric’s Hollow…” Harry continued. He couldn’t quite bring himself to say our old house. “And…” He broke off not really knowing how he was going to phrase his question.

“We’ll go during Christmas if that’s what you want, Harry.” Remus told him with a slight smile. It wasn’t what he had expected; to be honest he had expected to hear of Sirius and James doing something terrible in their younger years. That he could have dealt with easily, this was going to be more difficult and certainly more heart wrenching.

“Thanks.” Harry said quietly. He would have pressed the issue to be taken sooner but somehow he didn’t think that Remus would give in to that. “Did you always hate Snape or did you just want someone to dislike?” Harry asked him, it was a question that had been irritating him for some time now.

“No, he started it actually.” Remus began. “It was on the Hogwarts Express…” Harry curled up on the other end of the sofa and watched as Remus retold a tale from his youth, something which always made him smile in a sad, regretful sort of way.

A/N: I thought we needed more wandless magic since we've not had much of that in a while really and Hogsmeade wasn't that interesting or horrific as I may have suggested but it was something I needed to write. I think the next chapter will have the Christmas holidays in it because I love writing Christmas, as I have said many a time and there probably won't be much more after Christmas since things are coming to a close rather quickly. So now I have a new estimate... Probably ten more chapters now. I've got to stop the endless chapter guessing, but anyway if it is ten more chapters then I could possibly have it done in less than three weeks but I don't think I can write that quickly since I know that I prefer longer chapters as a reader and feel that I'm getting more from them so I write longer ones for you. I'd like to think I can get the next chapter up by Friday 24th but I don't think I can get a chapter done every two days now since they're requiring more and more thought into them. So the next (currently unnamed) chapter will be up on Saturday most likely. Hope you enjoyed it! :o)

Oh, and if you want to know how much I've written then check out my Live Journal account - link on my user page - I generally update my to do list somewhere on there to say how much I've done on my latest chapter.

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