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YAY! this isnt ImaPirateArrr by the way! This is her EViL TWiN Allie. So oo OO if you dont like the story, dont take it out on my poor friend... Enjoy my first fic! By the way this is supposed to be humor! so have fun laughing later on... hopefully...

*When I say "Cue the Music" I mean the Mission Impossible theme song

*Mission Impossible: written by Larry Mullen
Adam Clayton

Time Multiplication Potion
An un-known potion that has remained unused for a number of centuries. The original inventors were never even sure if it was successful, so this is also a mystery potion. Mystery Potion meaning that its effects are not 100% guaranteed no matter how well this potion is brewed. Be extremely cautious with this potion when taken because actions done within the 7 day span that it is supposed to take effect may or may not be erased from time.
When taken and brewed properly, and when the potion is effective, the results can lead to mass chaos and confusion that will be forgotten in 7 days. In a sense a new week is added to the year and once the 7 days is over, it is erased from the memory of everyone except the drinkers of the potion.

Hermioine finished reading the paragraph and waited for the boys to finish as well. Once they were done Ron looke up at his friends, his eyes wide as Galleons and said "This is amazing! Can you make it Mione?" Hermione looked at the boys "Yes, but the book does say that it may not work, even for the most brilliant of potions masters."But Mione!" Ron whined "You can do it right?" Hermione scanned the list and then looked up at Harry who had been silent the whole time. "Well?" she asked "What do you say?" Ron cheered as Harry looked up at his friends and smiled mischievously

"This would be perfect for revenge"

Cue the Music.

A few days passed and the trio had finished the complicated potion and say in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom waiting for it to cool (as the book said) "Well" Harry said, pulling out a notebook and quill "We wont want to waste time by trying to think of who we want revenge on, so we're gonna have to make a list" Hermione nodded "One person a day sounds just about right. Don't you say?" The boys nodded as Harry wrote out on the paper

Day 1: Snape

Day 2: Draco Malfoy

Day 3:

"Who do we want day 3 guys?" he asked, looking down at the paper "Crabbe and Goyle! They count as one person!" Ron cried happily. Harry nodded and proceeded to write

Day 3: Crabbe and Goyle

"Day 4?" He asked looking up again "Pansy Parkinson" Hermione said from behind the column of shimmery white smoke. Ron laughed giddily; he was beginning to enjoy this

Day 4: Pansy Parkinson

Day 5: Filch and Ms. Norris

Day 6: Trelawney

"Day 7...." Harry thought a moment, his quill positioned above the parchment "THE WHOLE SCHOOL!" Ron was dancing around the small stall absolutely flighty with delight about the whole deal
Day 7: WHOLE SCHOOL (grand prank)

At the top of the paper in big bold letters, Harry wrote MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Hermione handed them each a cup of ticking whitish liquid, it looked a bit like watered down toothpaste.

"Yummy" Ron muttered as he took a big gulp and gagged as he chugged the rest.
"Cheers!" Harry said with a smile, downing his concoction as well

Hermione sighed "Lets hope this works" and she too drank hers down

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