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    Who's That Knocking at My Door?

    Chapter One

    Emily woke up to face a grey day. The sun had given up trying to pierce through the dark clouds, and had decided to go in hiding. Perfect, just perfect! she thought to herself. The perfect weather for a day like today! and Oh my, she was dreading today. Emily cast her mind back to a few months before.



    A few months back, just before Halloween in fact; a nervous looking Hermione Granger had approached her desk.

    "Emily," she had said. "We have your first assignment." Emily had snapped her attention away from the amusing sight of Neville, who was trying and failing miserably, to remove a reappearing ink spot from his crumpled, white shirt. Her eyes had flicked, excitedly up to Hermione's and eager anticipation bubbled up inside her.

    She had waited so long for this moment. Emily had thought her job at the ministry, would be filled with excitement. She had dreamed of chasing, and catching, wanted Deatheaters. She had imagined herself running down dark, dank alleyways; the thrill of pursuit pulsating through her veins, and all she had got was boring deskwork and lots of filing. While Harry, Ron and their dream team ran about England pursuing the enemy, Emily was stuck here behind a desk, with Hermione as her boss. "Life sucks" was her motto and she was frequently overheard muttering it.

    So with big hazel eyes filled with hope, she had turned to answer Hermione.

    "What is it?" she had asked her, her voice barely concealing her excitement. "Malfoy," Hermione had answered Emily flatly. Emily's eyes had widened even more and she had gasped out in confusion. "But he is dead, Hermione...he died during the last battle."

    "Not Lucius Malfoy, we are talking about Draco here, they have decided on the appropriate punishment for him, finally... and we have decided that you are the perfect person to handle this case," she had told Emily while nibbling nervously at the corner of her lip. Emily had eyed her suspiciously, smelling a rat. Draco Malfoy! She had thought to herself, remembering with a shudder, all the misery he had put her through whilst at school. He should have been given the kiss months ago! she had mused vehemently. There was no one on this earth, who Emily hated more than, Draco Malfoy; and everybody knew this!

    "Hermione?" She had asked sweetly, her voice miraculously under control. "What on earth could bring anyone to that conclusion, I hate him....unless his punishment is to be death by a thousand knifes, I don’t think you have the right person for the job," she had added with a Malfoyish smirk. Hermione had let out an exasperated sigh and she had ran her fingers through her hair distractedly.

    Poor Hermione! Emily had suddenly thought to herself. The thought had popped into her head from seemingly nowhere.

    Hermione constantly looked harried and distracted. Since running the department of Law Enforcement and Public Safety, L.E.A.P.S to be exact, she always seemed to be over worked. She had a hard job of keeping everyone happy and in this department there was quite a few egos'. Officials and Pure blooded families constantly tried to bribe her. And then there was the problem of keeping all the Aurors under control as well.

    "We feel you are the right person, Emily...because of your background, because you are a Muggle-born," her voice had cut Emily from her thoughts.

    "What the hell has that got to do with anything?" Emily had questioned, feeling frustrated. "You’re a muggle-born too, what the hell is his punishment anyway?"

    Folding her arms resolutely across her chest, Hermione had eyed her carefully. "His punishment is to live as a muggle for a year. No magic, no wands! He is to live as muggles do and he has to have a mentor. Someone to report his progress to us. Someone who has a good knowledge of the muggle world, someone who has to..."

    A horror filled comprehension had suddenly dawned upon her.

    "No fucking way!" Emily had shrieked at the top of her voice, causing poor Neville to drop his small, scalding hot espresso down the front of his trousers. Both girls had ignored Neville as he had hopped about the office, wailing out in pain, bemoaning his private area. Hermione's eyes had filled with a dangerous determination and a curious despondency had filled Emily's bones.

    "You will take this assignment, it is part of your training and if you fail to complete it... you will not get to be an Auror," she had informed her.


    "No buts!"

    "It's so unfair!"

    "Being an Auror involves doing things, which you may find objectionable!"

    "Damn it, Hermione! Do you have an answer for everything?"

    "Yes!" she had answered wryly with a self satisfied smile.

    "But, I hate him!" Emily had wailed, wondering what the hell she had done to deserve this. Why god why? she had, and still thought. I must have been a terrible person in a previous life! No one deserves this torture!

    Hermione had patted Emily reassuringly on her shoulder and Emily had shot Hermione her best death glare. Trying her best to prevent herself from rolling her eyes, Hermione had led Emily into her homely office, where for the next few hours she had briefed her on her new duties.

    Emily had emerged from her office two hours later looking weary and more then a little pissed off.

    "Bloody Hell!"

    She had heard Dean whisper too loudly at Seamus.

    "Emmy, looks like she has lost a million and found a penny!" he had exclaimed with a big grin plastered over his face.

    To weary to think of a good response, Emily had thought about giving them the finger, but in the end she had decided they weren't worth it. And to the sound of the boy's sniggers, she had stalked out of the office with as much dignity as she could muster.


    Stepping out of the shower, feeling fresh and sparkly clean, Emily made her way over to the mirror. A pair of wide Hazel eyes stared back at her. Eyes that looked almost too big for such a delicate face. Mmm... not too bad, she thought as she surveyed her features. The mirror showed a petite, slim girl, who looked younger than her 19 years of age. It showed a girl with messy, dark hair cropped short. Quite a boyish cut really, but it suited her elfin features. But her pretty face was now marred by a frown, as she thought about the up coming day.

    Damn you, Malfoy! I won't let you ruin my life, she vowed to herself as she hurriedly dressed. Then, stomping her way down stairs, she headed into her pokey, shoe-box sized kitchen.

    When she got inside her small kitchen, she noisily began to get her breakfast ready. Slamming things down, with a lot of cursing and bewailing, Emily finally emerged from the kitchen with toast, an apple and a giant cup of coffee. Gulping greedily from her piping hot mug, Emily made her way over to the couch and slumped herself down into its comfy contours. Life stinks! Emily thought mournfully, as her mind wondered backwards to her painful memories of Hogwarts and Draco

    Emily hated Draco Malfoy! She really did, but she also held a secret. A secret she had never told anyone. Emily had a secret crush on Draco Malfoy. A horrible, disgusting crush and she had done for several years.

    I hate you, Draco Malfoy! Emily tried to tell herself with a small sigh, but the image of his ever so sexy smirk kept popping into her mind. Biting into her apple angrily, Emily shook herself to rid her mind of those mental images, placed her coffee cup on the table and laid back on the sofa and let her mind drift back to six-years-before.


    Emily had been walking down towards the great hall, daydreaming about Malfoy as she tripped along. Although he taunted Emily constantly with cruel words (mudblood never being far from his lips), she had still harboured secret hidden feelings for him.

    On this day, far back in time, she had caught sight of him stood by the Great Hall entrance with Pansy and their cronies. Emily had passed by them, her head held down shyly to hide her blushes, when out of the corner of her eye, she had seen Draco point his wand at her while muttering some strange incantation. All of a sudden, to Emily's horror, she had felt her skirt lift up to reveal her knickers to the whole school. The entire school population had seemed to erupt with laughter and she had even glimpsed Professor Snape looking at her with an amused smirk on his face. As Emily's cheeks had flamed, tears had burning behind her eyes, she had heard Pansy Parkinson shriek out.

    "Carlisle has got granny knickers on!"

    Emily had wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole. As she had fled the hall for the sanctuary of her own dorms, she had seen Malfoy, out of the corner of her eye, doubled up with malicious laughter and gasping for breath. It was then that she had really started hating him. Emily had cried herself to sleep that night and the hatred inside her had grown. She'd  found herself crying till sleep came many times during that term and it had left a permanent scar on her life.

    A mark that still hadn't been erased.


    Coming back to the here and now, Emily let out a heavy sigh and shook her head.

    "I will not let this get to me. I will be mature and responsible. I will handle this assignment professionally. I will..."

    But she was cut off from her musings by the doorbell chiming shrilly.

    Oh my God, I can't do this... I will run away. They can't make me do this, can they? She thought erratically, feeling very unwilling to answer the door. Her feet betrayed her, though, and she found herself heading through her tiny hallway and towards her front door.

    I can't have him in my house. Smirking at me, smirking at my things! He can't live with me, I can't live with him. It'll never work.

    StupidMalfoyandthatdamnsexysmirkofhis, ran through her mind, as she found herself propelling the door open to see a grinning Fred Weasley accompanied by a scowling Draco Malfoy.

    "Here's your post," said Fred cheerfully, thrusting the post at her before continuing. "And this came by special delivery."

    Fred chuckled wickedly, winked at Emily, and nudged Draco forward.

    Draco shot Fred a venomous look before turning his eyes to Emily's. Looking at her lazily, he let his eyes roam rather obnoxiously up and down her body.

    Emily felt her blood begin to boil and her cheeks flushed with anger. She was about to open her mouth to give him a piece of her mind when his eyes met with hers.

    Her words just faltered and  failed.

    Then, with a sexy smirk on his face he finally spoke.

    "Hello, Mudblood," he drawled. "Do you still wear your granny knickers?"

    Emily just stood there frozen for a moment, her mouth open wide with shock, before slamming the door in his face.

    I'll never let him into my house. He will never get through my front door! she thought murderously, as she heard him sniggering on the otherside of the door.  

    Fred thumped noisily on her front door, interrupting her thoughts.

    "You have to let him in, Emily," Fred called out, "or you'll never get to be an Auror!"

    Emily just stood behind the door, shaking with anger, and wishing she was anywhere else but here.

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