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A/N 'Alright here's the dealio...this chapter kept getting deleted, and it’s been taking a long time to post lately...urrggy! But i got it up for you, thank you Harry Potter Gods. Anywho, this chapter is all about the information to get the story moving, but the good readers should be able to pick out my odd humour in it! Expect laugh-out-loud funniness in the next chappie which shall be up shorter then you think...hehehe...i swear, marauders honour! Anywho, enjoy chapter four, please review, and off you go...........

Disclaimer - I'm hoping everyone on this site knows that everything Harry Potter related was created by the talented J.K.Rowling, (familiar characters, settings, etc..)...if not...well.....i sincerely worry.

Ch.4 Feelings, Realizations, and Important Conversations

“James loves Lily.”

Lily stopped dead in her tracks. She was standing next to a smiling James outside the Gryffindor portrait that led to the common room. They had just finished a rather painful game of Quiddich and were now finished their walk to the Gryffindor living quarters. Lily’s thoughts had been on Sirius who had said that he needed to have a word with her later on that evening. Truthfully though, she was starting to feel a little bit awkward about being in James’ company for so long without having a fight. She had never had such a good time with him as she did tonight and since it was scaring her, she vowed to never let it happen again. James still thought she was Sirius after all, and she knew she was going to have to learn how to be friendly with him without having any feelings whatsoever. As she thought this, she got painfully awakened from her thoughts however when James had stated the three simple words that totally caught her off guard. Not knowing that it was the new password set for the Gryffindor common room, she let her eyes meet his piercing hazel ones and her mood immediately turned defensive.

“What did you just say?” She said incredulously at James who had an annoying smirk on his face. She had always wondered if he had reserved it especially for her, but had a hunch that she wouldn’t figure out the answer for a long time. She brushed the black hair away from her face as it had fallen into her eyes, also brushing away her thoughts about his smirk in the process. James spoke almost immediately though in a distant voice.

“I know isn’t it surprising?” He started, “Moony told me that Lily herself set the password! Do you know what that means? James asked, but then answered his own question almost instantly, “I’m finally getting somewhere with her, mate! This is so the best day of my life! And I don’t care if you think I’m a loser for thinking that, because the barrier between Lily and myself is weakening just like I told you it would! Ha! I am all knowing! I can predict the future! I believe I am superior to you mere commoners now!” And as he said that, he added in another hysterical laugh.

Now by this time James was in a very enthusiastic mood. A mood Lily had not seen from him ever and for the first time since she had known him she feared for his sanity. She felt it best not to reply right away, for fear she would say something about his arrogance or that he was stupid to be in love with someone who would more likely go out with Snape of all people then with him. So Lily took a few deep breaths to calm herself from the newly surfaced anger she was feeling from the password Sirius had chosen, before she spoke once more to the cocky boy standing in front of her.

“I don’t think Lily set the password, James,” She said truthfully and bluntly.

“She’s the prefect Padfoot! Who else has the power to set the passwords I ask you?” James replied.

“Hmm, lets think James, There are only two prefects for Gryffindor, one seems to really hate you and want nothing to do with you. The other is one of your best friends, fellow marauder and prankster. Now thinking logically if you can, doesn’t it make more sense for Remus to set the password as that just for a cheap laugh?” Lily asked James who now was not smiling anymore but was still held holding her gaze.

“Er…. come on Pads, Moony wouldn’t pull a trick without telling us!” He paused to think about his friend. “But then again Lily would never use that specific password either! Well we are in a pickle now, aren’t we?” James said as he ran his fingers through his unkempt hair.

Lily laughed before she replied once more.

“Only you James, could say ‘we are in a pickle’, and still be sought after by almost the whole female population of Hogwarts.” Lily teased.

“Wrong. It’s not just me that can pull that saying off, Padfoot.” He said and put extra emphasis on the last word.

“Come on then you silly little boy, lets get out of the hallway already!” Lily said, then walked past James who was currently blocking the portrait opening. She was actually more surprised then she let on when James hadn’t said anything after she’d called him a silly little boy, but she just figured that maybe Sirius actually said stupid things like that and James was just used to it. So as Lily laughed inwardly about the language that James and Sirius used, she walked into the inviting red common room with James on her heels, scanning the couches for a familiar face.

‘Great, Sirius isn’t here’ Lily thought to herself. ‘I knew it couldn’t have been something too important that he had wanted to talk about.’ But all the same, she still wondered where Sirius was at the moment, and was a little bit put out when she realized that she would have to spend yet more time alone with the messy haired, cocky pureblood who stupidly went by the name of Prongs.


“But we have to tell her before tomorrow night professor!” An angry voice said to Hogwarts’ headmaster who was sitting calmly in front of the speaker with a sad smile playing on his face.

“Sirius Black, calm down. There is absolutely no need at all to be angry with me, I am trying my very best to help you through the situation at hand. Now one more time, if you’d be so kind, please explain to me why it is so important that Lily should be informed.” Dumbledore said as he tried to calm down the student in front of him.

“Because, Professor! James isn’t lacking at all in the brains department, he’s not as lost as he lets on, it’s all just an act to keep himself up in the popularity polls. He is definitely going to notice if Lily is totally clueless about the whole situation! He’ll never buy any excuse she gives him! I guarantee it! Tomorrow night he’s going to be totally suspicious if Lily doesn’t go, because I would never let one of my best friends be alone this time of the month! I wouldn’t ditch them, and James knows it. We’re even closer then what everybody says, you know.” Sirius told the professor who was now looking at him with new interest.

“Am I to understand that you and Mr. Potter have found out a way to help your friend and be with him in his time of need every month?” Dumbledore asked very slowly.

“Er…” Was all Sirius could say. He definitely wasn’t about to tell the headmaster of all people about the biggest secret that him and the marauders shared. But he was saved from answering as Dumbledore spoke again.

“So what you’re saying Sirius is that if Lily doesn’t know about tomorrow night, then James will start to put two and two together, and eventually piece together the puzzle to find out about Lily and yourself’s current…er…situation?” Dumbledore asked.

“Look, James is the smartest person in our year.” Sirius stated, like it was a well-known fact. “I’d bet my house elf that he already has his suspicions.”

Dumbledore was silent for a few seconds, obviously thinking about what he knew he had to do. He took a deep breath before raising his head to look at Sirius once more that evening.

“I believe you’re right, Sirius. I can see how very loyal you are to your friends as well. Yes Lily will need to know, but I think you know as well as I do that there is only one person who has the right to tell her, don’t you agree?” Dumbledore asked Sirius who was in the meantime nodding his head to everything the headmaster was stating.

Sirius then lowered his head and sighed. That one person had had a hard enough time telling the marauders about it (and they were his closest friends), so how was he going to tell Lily so easily?

Dumbledore then spoke once more, “I am going to talk to him, and I think it’d be best if he knows about the whole situation, if you know what I mean. It’s only fair, and I trust he wont tell anyone else if I ask him not to in my sweetest voice. Would you please go retrieve him and tell him that I need to speak with as soon as possible?” It was not a question, but instead the nicest way you could say a direct command to someone.

Sirius, always thinking ahead, reached into his pocket immediately and pulled out a small and old looking mirror.

“I have a faster way.” He said before handing it to the headmaster. “You might want to use it instead of me though. James has the other one and he will get quite a shock if he looks and sees me in it, since I presently look like Lily.” Sirius said, then finished with a laugh as he pictured what his friend would do if he thought Lily was using the mirror. Without a doubt James’ hand would rush to his hair and his stupid grin would fill his giddy face.

Dumbledore however was now holding the two-way mirror and looking at it with the amazement like that of a little kid gazing through a window of a candy store.

“Haven’t seen one of these in ages.” He muttered to himself. “So James has the other one then?”

“That he does. Go for it Professor, James will respond faster then you can say Snivellus smells.”

“That’s Severus, Sirius.” Dumbledore said as he took on the role of headmaster.

“Ya, ya, just go ahead and contact James.” Sirius said, ignoring the last comment said by Dumbledore.

Dumbledore then held the mirror out in front of him gazing at his reflection for a minute or two. Sirius chuckled to himself as he saw this but stopped instantly when he heard the words ‘James Potter’ come out of Dumbledore’s mouth.

The mirror showed slow swirling blue fog inside it for a brief couple of seconds before it started to focus on the face of a fifth year boy with messy raven coloured hair.

James had started talking before even looking at the face in the mirror, for he assumed that it was Sirius contacting him and had no reason to think otherwise.

“Sirius is that you? Where did you go so fast? You were just here talking to me outside the common room a few seconds ago but then you disappeared so…” By then James had taken his first gaze into the mirror to see the face of his headmaster looking back at him. His own face turned crimson very quickly as he stopped talking, letting Dumbledore speak.

“Ah, and so I find out yet another secret unknown to anyone but the infamous Hogwarts’ pranksters. I always did wonder how you guys communicated with each other so quickly and how you four alone seem to know what is happening in every part of the castle, all of the time. But there’s one mystery of life I can cross off of my list.”

“Professor, I can explain!” James started to say, but Dumbledore cut im off before he could jump into a made up story of how and why he had a two-way mirror.

“James, James, James! ‘Tis alright, I was just wondering if I could have a quick little chat with a friend of yours.” Dumbledore said quite cheerfully to a happy looking James Potter.

“Which friend, headmaster?”

“Please send Remus directly to my office alone and as soon as possible.”


Dumbledore and Sirius were now sitting facing each other in the headmaster’s office in silence. They were patiently waiting for Remus to arrive, both feeling slightly nervous of how he would take the news. Dumbledore then broke the silence, which was just starting to become noticeable.

“Just so you know, Sirius, I am quite proud of you at this very moment.” He told the boy sitting in front of him.

“How so, Dumble…I mean Professor?” Sirius asked.

“You have shown immense responsibility tonight and I tip my hat to you.” He said with the familiar twinkle in his blue eyes.

Sirius sat there looking at the headmaster but not quite taking in what he had said. He had never been called responsible before in his life, which did not surprise him. He had never wanted to be a responsible teenager for fear of being called a ‘square’ by the other students enrolled at Hogwarts. So he simple did not care if the headmaster thought him responsible.

‘I’ll be sure to prove him wrong as soon as I get my body back.’ He thought to himself, as the two of them waited for only three minutes more in a newly formed dreadful silence for Remus to knock on the door and grace them with his God-like presence.

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