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HARRY \"Why does this have to happen to me?\" I said to, myself one lonesome night. That afternoon, Uncle Vernon had signed me up for dance lessons. It was the worst thing in the world. \"Why would I dance? I mean, isn\'t dancing for girls? Why would I dance? I would never dance because it\'s stupid.\" That was I thought then... \"GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\" Aunt Petunia screamed as she entered my bedroom. \"I\'m up,\" I said as I jumped out of my bed. \"Get dressed and eat and then we\'ll drive you to your lessons.\" \"Yes, Aunt Petunia,\" I answered her. Dancing, what a waist of my time. Since I could now do my summer-homework, I wanted to do just that, but nooooooooo, I had to go to stupid, dumb, idiotic, and hateful dance. I just want to get done with my homework and sleep. I dressed in some pants that were a bit small, which would seem impossible if they were from Dudley, my enormous cousin, but they were all mine. Only I had worn them. I liked them because they were black and stuck to me and I didn\'t like them because they were black velvet. My shirt was a white T-shirt that also stuck to me. I liked my shirt better than the pants. When we arrived at the dance hall, Uncle Vernon walked me to the front desk and told the man at the counter my full name, age, blood type (I don\'t why), and height. The man, who looked very tired and exhausted, typed the information into the computer. \"Mr. Harry James Potter, you are to go to room #92. Your teachers are Professor Severus Snape, Professor Riley Louise Snape Mcfearson, Professor Riley Michael Mcfearson, and Professor Justin Cékar. Just go down the hall and the last door on the end of the hall is your room. Good day.\" \"Listen, boy, I don\'t want to have any report that you disobeyed your teachers instructions. You hear me?\" Uncle Vernon told me in a tight voice. I nodded. \"And do I have to walk you down to your room?\" I shook my head and I started walking down the hall. When I got to the end of it, I took a deep breath and opened the door. I saw a boy in his very early twenties doing some stretches. I cleared my throat and he looked up. \"Are you Professor Justin Cékar?\" I asked him. \"Yeah, who are you?\" he asked me. \"I am Harry James Potter and I\'ve been assigned here to learn how to dance.\" \"Cool, hold on,\" He told me as he turned his head to his left and yelled, \"Yo, Uncle Sev, a student is here! A new one!\" Another man, who was Snape, popped his head out of a doorway with his toothbrush still in his mouth. When he saw me it looked like he was about to throw-up, so he rushed back into the room and I heard him spit out the toothpaste in his mouth. \"Justin, will you please come in here.\" I heard Snape say. \"Ssshhh,\" Justin said quietly, as he put his finger to his lips. He crawled to a table and was getting under it when Snape came out of the room and spotted him. Snape looked totally different, but I could tell it was him. Although his hair was shorter like hair should be, it was washed and its natural colour was black. His eyes were actually a clear water blue, almost a clearish-white. His nose looked like Justin\'s was, which was a perfect size. It was amazing. I couldn\'t believe it was Snape. Snape drew Justin out from under the table by his leg, then picked him up, and then looked into his eyes and said, \"Justin, you\'re supposed to come to me and say, \'Uncle Severus, there\'s a new student named Harry James Potter.\' and then I\'m supposed to throw-up. You\'re not supposed to yell across the room and not even say the students name and then I\'m not supposed to look into the main room while brushing my teeth and then almost throw-up. Do you understand me, Justin?\" They were almost nose to nose and Justin didn\'t want to speak or get his Uncle mad, but there was no room for him to nod his head so he just said, \"Yes, Uncle,\" \"Thank you,\" Snape said as he put Justin down and went to me. \"Hello, Mr. Potter, I didn\'t think I would see you this summer. But, alas, I have and in the place I wouldn\'t want you to see me in. I didn\'t know you took dance, Mr. Potter. But your private life isn\'t my business, is it?\" I kept quiet and Justin looked at both of us and then said to Snape, \"How do you know this kid?\" \"Justin, he\'s only two years younger than you are. I\'ve known about Mr. Potter all his life, but I\'ve only been in contact with him for five years.\" Snape said, never taking his eyes off me. The door opened and four girls came in: a black-haired, a blonde, a reddish-brown, and a dark brunette. \"Hi, gals,\" Justin said happily as he stared at the one who was blonde. \"Hi, Justin,\" The blonde answered as the others rolled their eyes. \"Hello, Fifi,\" Justin said, cunningly. \"Hello, Justin,\" Fifi answered. \"Oh, god!\" Snape said. \"Well, Harry, these are your other partners in dance. Roxie Corvil, the black-haired, Fifi Dalquit, the blonde, Amethyst Silk, the mixture, and Gigi Riddle, the dark brunette.\" \"Hi,\" I said to the gals, but mostly to Roxie. I thought that she was most majestic and magical girl I\'ve ever seen.

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