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Disclaimer: I am not J.K.R although she IS my role model, so if you think I am, I'll take it as a compliment!!

Meeting Sirius

“Ali, Ash!!! Come on, we will miss the train.” 11-years-old Lily Evans called to her two best friends, her emerald green eyes gleaming with anticipation. “Ash, do you have a scrunchie? My hair is all in my face.” She pulled at her auburn hair.

“No, sorry, you know I always have my hair down. Ali has one.” Ashley Bradbury replied. She loved her shiny black hair. And for once she had been able to grow it up to her shoulders, so she liked to leave her willowy hair down.

“Ali, Ali!! Hello, Earth to Ali” Lily called.

“What...Yeah…sure” she replied. She was starring at a nearby boy the girl’s age. He had messy black hair and was wearing glasses. “Hey!” she was suddenly pulled out of her day dream as another boy bumped into her. “Watch it!”

“Oh Sorry” the boy said as if he didn’t really mean it. “Then his eyes turned towards the girls trunks and he asked, “Hey are you going to Hogwarts too?”

“Yeah” Ash replied.

Ali pulled out her hand “Alexandra Cianal. And you are?” Ali was on full flirt mode. Once she was over her shock of being ramped into she realized how hot the guy was! He had longish jet black hair and dark eyes. Even at 11, which was what she guessed he was, he seemed pretty tall and very muscular. He was also nicely tanned.

“Sirius Black. Pleased to meet you.” He too seemed like a flirt.

“Ashley Bradbury here.” She looked at Lily, but Lily seemed incapable of speech.

“Uh, I uh…er err, I Snaves, I, I mean-“

Ali tried to cover her friends obvious stammering by giggling. “She means she’s Lily Evans and she’s very pleased to meet you.” Ali placed a special emphasis on the very and smiled slyly at Sirius. Ashley stared at her friend for a while.

“Well, do you guys need help? My trunk’s already on the train.” Sirius asked.

“Uh umm”

“Sure, well you see, our parents couldn’t come and we are kind of confused. Like, where’s the platform?” Ali asked, twirling her hair. Her grey eyes locked into his.

“Of course. Well all you have to do is walk calmly between Platform 9 and Platform 10. And it’s very important not to be afraid or else you’ll turn into a pancake.” He whispered this last part in Lily’s ear. She blushed at the fact that he was talking to her, and then what he had just said sank in and she looked even more flabbergasted than she already was.

“Can you carry my owl? It’s really very heavy what with the trunk to hold as well.” Ali said, but then a mischievous gleam came into her eyes. “Or you could hold Lily’s trunk and she could hold Honey.” She winked at Lily, who blushed even more.

Sirius seemed oblivious to this and replied with a comic tone. “You wish is my command darling.” With a very sexy smirk! He picked up Lily’s trunk. They girls followed him, whispering between themselves…

“Oh, my God! He is soo hot!” Ashley said.

“Well, too bad. Lil’s got dibs on him!!” Ali said. Ash looked surprised.

“Oh, is that why you were flirting so bluntly with him?” she asked her friend, in tones of mock concern. At the same time as Lily replied, “No I don’t!” a bit too quickly.

“Oh, come on Lily, face it, instant replay… ‘I uh…er…umm.. .’ You are totally crushing on him!” Ash said.

“Already planning on how to get rid of me?” Sirius asked

“No, uh of course not!” Lily replied.

“Merlin! So you can talk!! I was begging to get worried.” Sirius teased her.

“They walked unto the platform and then the train. “I’m sitting with two other guys you want to come and sit with us? I just met them before. I was actually talking to one of them before I bumped into you.”

“Wow. You are really friendly if you’ve already made five friends.” Ali remarked.

“So, you consider me a friend?” he smiled. They noticed that he looked even better (if that was possible) when he smiled.

“Yeah. You’re like the only person we know besides each other.” Ashley answered.

“Sure” Alexandra replied to his first question but mumbled to Lily and Ash, “I really want to see Mr. Hottie!! Oh, my God! Did you see the guy at the platform before Sirius came? He was so…scrumptious!” she said. Her friends were used to her using adjectives to describe boys that most people used on food, however they did find it disturbing at first, but by now it was catching on with the other two as well.

Lily just laughed. Ali usually ended up finding random guys hot and then never talking to them or realizing they were jerks. You could say she was boy-crazy but she didn’t like being described that way. Actually she was surprised at Ash. She too usually had a crush by now.

“So, our Lils finally likes someone?” Ash teased her.

“Now we just have to get them together.” Ali added.

“Ali, I don’t even know him!” Lily protested.

“Yes you do! He’s hot and nice and friendly and hot and sweet and hot and he wants to talk to you! No chasing involved. He’s perfect Lils. Oh, and did I mention he was HOT?!?” Ali asked her friend.

“Come on. You going to be living with him for the next 7 years.” Added Ashley.

“Well, it would be nice to have a boyfriend before you too. Who would have thought?” Lily smiled. Although her friends were flirts and found boys they found handsome very often they were picky and would never go out with anyone unless he had a good personality as well.

“Here we are!” Sirius announced. He talked very properly as if announcing the entrance of the Queen or someone else important. “I am very pleased to introduce James Potter and Remus Lupin.!”

AN: Hi! Hope you like the story! Please review because i absolutey adore reviews.  

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