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A/N A huge thank you to three dear friends of mine for helping formulate this first chapter: Alpha 3760, Madame Snape and Llewellyn McEllis. Please note the name of Silvana was suggested by Llewellyn McEllis, whose input in all my work I am eternally grateful for.

The characters used in this story, apart from Silvana Snape, are owned and formulated by JK Rowling, her publishers and advisors. Ownership is neither claimed nor implied


The warm September air blew through the grounds and against her smooth, alabaster skin like a gentle first kiss for the birthday girl. Her long, raven hair shone in the fading sunset and all the guests turned to see the vision of purity before them. Wearing the crisp, white cotton dress her father had bought for her special day, she moved forwards, aware all eyes were upon her now. For a moment she became self conscious of her actions. She had never expected such lavish displays of love and affection as she had witnessed in the confines of her home that day, and the evening gala, with the music and laughter of all around her, was the highlight. Her father had never been known for his generosity before, and his explanations were vague at best, but seeing her family, and her father’s friends and superiors all attend made her so very proud. It was her twenty first birthday and, after the death of her mother four years previously, she had been restricted in her social functions. But now her father was repaying her for all the hard work she had given him without question, and she felt significant, and loved for the first time in her lonely life.

As she approached the bandstand where her father stood, ready to make an announcement, she saw a lone figure out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see her younger brother walk away from the scene, without an acknowledgement or smile towards her. Perhaps he was jealous of all the attention she was getting, she thought. It would be just like him to seek the glory of such an event, but he had to learn from his mistakes. She could not be responsible for him forever. She thought nothing more of it, and joined her father on the stage as he commanded his audience, puffing out his chest like a preening peacock, commanding the respect he craved. He was about to make one of the biggest announcements of his life, and no one was to spoil it for him. Looking down at his daughter, the man scowled and his look told her she must obey. He waved his wand and muttered ‘Sonorous’

“Good evening to you all, and welcome to our humble gathering. As you know, my eldest child here turned 21 on this momentous of days, and it is my pleasure to announce that she will soon be leaving this place for greater and better things.”

The girl looked about her with a frown. Greater things? Her heart quickened as she felt a strange feeling of foreboding wash over her. The warm breeze of before now turned bitter against her perfect face. Did it warn her to take flight? She stared at her father, who was enjoying his moment of glory, ignoring her, as ever. Her opinions were of no significance to a man such as he.

“Today, September the 27th, my daughter is formally betrothed by contract and gentlemen’s agreement to none other than one Lucius Malfoy. Their alliance and marriage will prove a most powerful and respected pureblood connection. One the wizarding world has not seen in many, many years. Their children will be of the utmost purity, and our families will become as one in just three weeks hence. Please join me in a toast to the happy couple. To Lucius and Silvana - our future!”

Silvana tugged at her father‘s shirt sleeve in desperation. “No! I cannot! Father? No, I do not love him! I beg of you, hear me!”

“Be quiet child, and hold your tongue! Do you not see we have honoured guests present? Come, you are in shock. Go indoors and sit down a while. I will deal with you later.”

As the mutters of astonishment and applause filled the air, Silvana buckled from the shock of the announcement. Betrothed to Malfoy? The man she detested beyond all others, and had heard so abhorrent things about? Surely this was some nightmare she would awaken from? She turned this way and that to escape the glares from a hundred glinting eyes but, as she swooned in her confusion, a hand was offered to support her, and, not seeing its owner she took it gladly and was lead away.

How could they not have told her? And how long had this been agreed? she thought, as she walked along with the tall stranger to her left. She had always dreamt of marrying for love and nothing less. Had her mother not warned her of such things as she lay awake at night talking to her while her father slept off the evening meal? Did she not dream herself being swept out of the oppression of her family by a knight in shining armour? A man who would not falter when the going got tough. A man who believed in the equality of all races, not just those who considered themselves pure. A man of strength and intelligence and love beyond all others. Was this her father’s ultimate revenge for her placement at Hogwarts all those years ago, when she was placed in Ravenclaw and not Slytherin? At least her dear brother had held up the family honour.

She had seen and heard how Malfoy was so despicable, and cunning, when he visited her brother, the regularity of which had recently increased. How he used to leer at her across the family dining table at luncheon. How he used to strip her body of the clothes she wore while just looking at her with his frosty, unforgiving glare. His very presence made her feel unchaste and uncomfortable. He was not a man to be trusted. He was not a man that an innocent such as herself should be subjected to, let alone marry. She did not want his vile hands to touch her sacred flesh.

The crowd now behind her, the breeze blew once again as her knight led her indoors. The swell of the air created a whirlwind effect on the doorstep, and she glanced down as the petals from the climbing roses, adorning the front of the house, danced a merry jig at her feet as she placed her foot inside the threshold. It was then she saw him. The flaxen hair was flowing in the breeze and, as it did so, she noticed the cold, icy blue tint of his eyes, and recognised the stranger before her: Lucius. Silvana withdrew her arm from his grasp and he nodded in a mock bow in her direction, an eyebrow raised as he looked her up and down as if able to see beyond the cotton swathes of fabric that covered her. He made her shudder with contempt.

“Are you well, Silvana? Or just a little…overcome, perhaps?”

“How dare you even begin to utter concern to me when you have been colluding with my father behind my back?”

He stepped back a little, aghast at her bitter outburst, though she knew he was only toying with her. She had met him several times before now, and each time her loathing of Malfoy had increased. How she wished her brother would not give him his precious attention.

“My, my, Silvana! We are a little testy today! I thought you would be pleased to be betrothed to me. You will leave here and live the life you so rightly deserve. I will pander to your every whim, once you are mine.”

Silvana straightened her back and glared at the audacity of the arrogant young man before her. “There is nothing either of you could possibly do or say to make me accept this preposterous notion. I will never be yours, Malfoy.”

His sneer caused her heart to beat faster as the adrenalin pumped around her, warning her of his presence. His eyes bore no malice, but they showed much more than that. They showed a man who would not take no for an answer. He reached to touch her cheek with the back of his gloved hand, but she swiftly turned away from him. Using the silver end of his cane, he turned her head to face his once more, enjoying their game of dare more than she could ever realise.

“ I think the rumours you have been hearing about me are grossly over exaggerated. I am not the ogre that everyone makes me to be, and my desire for you has been building over the months and years that I have seen you. I think, at our time of life, it would be prudent if you now gave me what I yearn for, for you will be my wife whether you love me or not. We shall start with a little kiss, perhaps?”

As he reached in to press his lips to hers, she obeyed the warnings of the breeze, and ran with all her might to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her, and leaning against it with all the force she could muster. Malfoy slowly, but surely, walked the sweeping staircase and turned to the bedroom that he knew was hers, removing his leather gloves as he reached for the pewter handle. Her games were having such an effect on him as to confirm to him his own doubts were without warrant. A woman this feisty would make a good Malfoy wife. Hadn’t his own father said so? And anything Lucius Malfoy craved, he acquired, with whatever means necessary to do so. He leant against the bedroom door, fully aware her weight was behind it, but he would allow her this fun, for he did not intend to leave empty-handed. “Come now, Silvana. I just wish to finalise arrangements with you. To talk to you about any concerns you may have. Is that not a reasonable request?”

Silvana felt her heart pounding against the inner walls of her chest, the bile rising into her throat as she answered him. He was not her knight. He was not the one to answer her prayers, she knew he was not. “I will never allow myself to be taken by a man such as you, Malfoy. I have heard of your exploits. Of the women’s reputations you have besmirched; of the families torn apart by your actions. I know where your allegiances lie and I do not care for them.”

“But you will learn to care, Silvana. I will teach you the ways of the world, for I know you are too innocent and pure to fully understand a man such as I. But I am an excellent teacher. I will take the time to show you the world. All I ask in return is for your love and devotion.”

“I would rather sell my soul to the devil himself.”

His patience was wearing thin. “It can be arranged, Silvana. Now open the door and let us talk like the civilised people we are. I am a reasonable man, but I will not degrade myself by talking through this door any longer.”

“Then go away and leave me be. Find yourself a wife who you can mould and shape to your requirements, for she is not here. She will never be here for you, Lucius. I will never submit to you of my own freewill.”

Her words pierced at his heart, and he turned the handle with a fierce anger that was all consuming. Stronger than she could possibly imagine, Malfoy forced the door open, and she ran to the other side of the room to protect herself from her intruder. The vision of white linen contrasted with the raven lengths of hair aroused in him a desire so strong even he was surprised by its strength, but he looked into her eyes and he saw her defiance and fear. She was not lying when she said she would never submit to him willingly, and he knew what he would have to do. She sat, perched on the very edge of her four poster bed, and he did not take his eyes from her gaze as he shut the door behind him.

“Come, Silvana. There is no need for these games of yours. I am aware that you are without experience and I have no wish to hurt you, despite what you may believe. Come, let me sit with you, and we will discuss this matter as adults, not children.”

He made his way over to her bed, and sat down gently beside her, smiling out of the corner of his mouth as she turned her face away from him. Slowly, he raised his hands to sweep back the tendrils of hair that had strayed upon the delicate skin of her shoulders. His hands brushing her soft skin awoke in her a feeling she had never experienced before, but it was tinged with a fear. She knew it was not meant to be this way. His hand caressed her cheek, and brought a finger down towards her chin and gently turned her face towards his, his touch lingering as his cold eyes met with her deep, warm ones that glittered in a haze of darkness.

Lucius drank in her innocence within her eyes, and began to speak. “ ‘With eyes that look’d into the very soul…bright and as black and burning as coal.’ Yes, your eyes are truly exquisite. I had not noticed before how deep and dark they really are. They truly are the windows to your soul. So divinely perfect I could get lost within them. And your hair. Your hair is a frame around such a picture of beauty that I am quite lost for words. You are heavenly, Silvana. I am truly a lucky man.”

He traced his hand down to the ends of her hair, touching her bare shoulders with circling movements that made her shiver. Moving forwards, he lifted the curtain of hair to whisper into her ear. “I know at first this will feel a little awkward, but with time I know that we can truly live as one. You have enchanted me, Silvana. Your scent is such that it intoxicates my very soul. Would a man such as you believe me to be treat you like I am now? I am restraint and decency itself, do you not think?” As he withdrew from her, he stole a kiss upon her reddened lips, and she gasped. Her cheeks and neck flushed as she fought the feelings arising within her.

Smiling wickedly at her naïve reaction, he returned closer to her, and placed a hand upon her thigh. “Perhaps you would like me to tell you some more of my feelings? Yes?”

“They will make no difference.”

“Are you sure? Do you not feel those feelings stirring deep within you as I caress your cheek? Your delicate porcelain skin is so….untouched and pure. Let me just steal a kiss. Just a little kiss, Silvana, and I will leave you alone until three weeks hence.”

As he reached across her, she pulled away and rushed towards the window, praying someone would see her from below. But the party was well underway, and no one could see her. She was alone with him. Closing her eyes to fight back the tears, she started as she felt the warmth of his lips against the cool skin of the back of her neck, and he wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her still. His hands rose upwards and began to slide towards her exposed neck, playing with her untarnished body as only a practised lover could. For a moment she was lost in the affection, but still the nagging doubts returned and she turned to face him, and slapped his astonished face.

“How dare you? Have I not made my intentions very clear, Malfoy?”

Catching the gleam in his eye, she leant back against the cold wall as far as she could to avoid his lips, but he grasped at her protecting arms and pinned her back against the wall. “Hold still, girl. I have a right to kiss my fiancee.”

“I am not your fiancee, and I never will be!”

Roughly, he forced her into a kiss, and she tried her best to purse her lips, but he was far more skilled than she was, and she shuddered as his tongue entered her mouth without consent. She bit down on the flesh inside her hard, and, as he yelped, he struck her across the face, spitting out the mixture of blood and spittle as he stepped back, still towering above her, far too close for comfort. He held his hand to his face, and his eyes flashed with an anger she had never seen before, not even from her father. He struggled to control his emotions as she ran back to the bed and she laid down, wrapping her arms around her knees to protect herself. Looking at the blood now staining his bare hand, he sat upon her bed. Holding his hand out to her, regaining his composure, he stroked her hair as she lay with her back to him in a foetal position. Leaning his body in to hers, he pressed himself against her and whispered in her ear.

“You are mine, and you will surrender. I have had enough of these games you play. Now we will play mine and you will participate, willingly or not. Make it easier on yourself and give in to me, Silvana. It will be a much more pleasurable experience for us both if you could just give yourself to me.”

Crying into the quilt, sobbing as she spoke she whispered, “I will never give in to you. I can never love one such as you. You make take my body, but my soul will never follow. You will never possess me, Lucius Malfoy.”

Taking his wand, Lucius waved a silencing charm across the room and pulled arms around to bring her closer to him. Fighting with all her might, Silvana screamed as he pinned her down against the opulent, velvet covers adorning her quilt, but no one could hear her. Straddling her body, Lucius bent down and kissed the silky skin on her pale neck, caressing the softness with his tongue, leering at her frightened expression. Oh how he enjoyed her fear.

“Come now, my darling. Relax, and learn from the Master. You need not fear me. I do everything for you. This is all for your pleasure.”

He traced a cold finger along her jaw line, then down to where his kisses had been, and slowly he began to remove the layers of fabric that covered her shoulders. He tore at the material, impatient now, and watched as the fear and loathing in her eyes enticed him even further. He bent his lips to her ear, and, as she turned away from him, he grazed her earlobe with his warm lips, and whispered,

“Don’t you like to feel my hands upon your warm skin, Silvana? I promise you I will change your mind. You have such beauty about you that I am powerless to control myself.” His hands reached down into her dress and cupped the soft mound of flesh inside. Her solitary tear fell on to the quilt, but he was only pleasured by her anguish and pain. “ You play my heart strings like an instrument, Silvana. You knew that when you let me in here. You knew what sort of a man I was, and yet still let me in. Why was that, Silvana? It was because you wanted this as much as I do. I excite you. I can feel it. This is your doing. I am merely doing your bidding, Silvana. As I always will when we are married. I am yours…now and forever. You cannot escape me.”

No one heard her pleas as he tore off the white cotton dress she wore that day. Nor did they arrive to save her when he removed the barriers to protect her innocence or stop his hands from caressing her; his lips from kissing her, his teeth from biting her bare, virginal flesh. The red blood spilt upon the white linen dress of the birthday girl and her knight was no where to be seen as she sobbed for mercy and forgiveness.

And, in the room adjacent to hers, while she was defiled by the man whose mere presence she detested, a greasy-haired teenager sat alone in a dark bedroom, pointing his wand at the ceiling, shooting down flies…

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