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(A/N: Hey everybody! Okay, I just thought I should tell you that there won't be any big dance scenes in the next chapter or two because there are other events that need to happen. But don't worry!! They will return, I promise. )

Hermione felt herself sliding down the front of Draco’s body as he lowered her back down to the ground. Once her feet touched down, however, Draco kept his hand securely on her hip.

“Harry?” Hermione said surprised.

“Take your filthy hands off her right now Malfoy, or I promise you will regret it.” He said with gritted teeth. Hermione looked up at Draco, unsure what to say. Just then, they heard Ron’s voice and clumsy footsteps coming down the corridor.

“Hey Harry wait up! Who was that git Malfoy picking on this time? Was it that hufflepu…” he stopped short when he saw Draco with his hands on Hermione’s hips, and Harry looking like he was about ready to kill. “What’s going on here?” Ron asked his face already reddening with anger.

“Umm…” Hermione began nervously. “Draco wasn’t hurting anyone you two, we were just playing around. See,” she twirled in a circle for them. “No harm done. I’m fine.”

“Hermione, why are you down here alone? With him?” Harry asked heatedly.

Hermione racked her brain for a way to say this without them getting mad. “Come on Hermione, think! Oh this is ridiculous.” She thought. She cleared her throat then glanced at Draco. Taking his hand in hers and lacing their fingers together, she said, “Well, you see Draco and I are sort of…” she didn’t know how to finish the sentence. He hadn’t asked her formally to be his girlfriend yet, and she supposed that they could be considered ‘dating’ but she wasn’t sure. The statement didn’t need finishing though, Harry and Ron took one look at Hermione and Draco holding hands and they got it.

“No. You can’t be serious Hermione. You must be kidding.”

“Hermione…are you daft? How could you? After everything he has done to us? To you? Can’t you see he’s evil? He’s just going to use you and…”

Ron! That’s enough. Draco is not evil and he’s changed. This isn’t the same little boy that used to pick on you. He’s grown up, now why can’t you?” Hermione said firmly. She felt Draco squeeze her hand.

“Hermione, this prat’s family destroyed the only family I ever knew. How could you do this to me? I don’t know why you would sink to this scum’s level.” Harry spat bitterly before storming off, Ron at his heals.

She began to go after them, but her hand was still firmly clasped in Draco’s. “He is not scum!” she yelled after them. Draco tugged at her hand and she leaned into him, fitting perfectly into the contours of his body. “I’m sorry about them.” She said sighing morosely.

“Oh, Potty and Weasel? Don’t be. I’ve stopped paying attention to them a long time ago.” He said. Hermione shot him a ‘be nice’ look, but he ignored it. “Hey, just because I can’t be without you doesn’t mean I need to like them too.” He remarked defensively. “Look, just forget about them, you don’t need them.”

“They were my best friends, Draco, my only friends for six years. I can’t just forget about them.”

“Alright. I understand that, but do you really care about what Potty and Weasel King think about us? Come on, just don’t think about it for once.”

Hermione hugged him tightly. Unexpectedly, Draco lifted Hermione into his arms again, this time carrying her with even greater ease than before. He carried her bridal style to the Head’s portrait hole, and this time Hermione didn’t complain about being capable of walking herself, or fret about being dropped. He brought her in and sat her down on the couch, finding the spot on her neck he knew made her shiver and kissed it.

“I believe they interrupted something…” he said seductively. He was tempting, oh Merlin he was tempting. Hermione could feel herself giving in to him. She tilted her head back, making it easier for him to get to her neck. He kissed his way up to her mouth and passionately kissed her lips. Hermione responded fervently, letting her hands wander up his chest on their way up to his hair. Draco bit gently at her bottom lip and Hermione gave a small involuntary moan. He broke away and looked down at her, smirking.

“What?” she asked.

“Oh nothing, its nice to know my work is appreciated is all.” He said slyly.

“You are so…”


“Well, yes. But so…”


“Yes, that too, but you’re really…”


“Oh, very much so but you need to let me…”

“Self centered? Spoiled? Rude? Insufferable?”

“Really Draco just let me finish my…

“And you just hate me don’t you?” He said still smirking. Hermione gave up.

“Yes. I absolutely despise you.” His face was getting closer.



“Good.” He closed the last few centimeters between them and kissed her softly.



“I was going to say ‘sexy’.” Hermione giggled. He wasn’t expecting her to say that, she could tell.

“Granger, you haven’t seen anything yet.” His eyes were filled with lust and he couldn’t wipe the smirk off his face. His fingers found their way to the bottom of her shirt, gently brushing the soft skin on her stomach. He let the travel up until he reached her bellybutton. He delicately traced the tiny circle as they kissed, making her entire body tingle with desire and want. The tickling sensation was making her giggle uncontrollably.

“Erm, Hermione, it’s very difficult to have a proper snog with you while your laughing. Do you think you could stop?” he requested.

“Really Draco, is that all you think about? Snogging me? Have some fun.” She said cheerfully.

“This is fun. No, it’s not all I think about. I also think about dancing with you, falling asleep with you, spending every minute of the day with you, as well as doing certain night time activities with you…” he said seductively.

“Wow, if that hadn’t been completely brought on by your sex drive that could have been somewhat romantic.” She said humorously.

“You know nothing of my sex drive.”

“Oh is that so?”

“Yes, it is so.”

“Well, I know enough to know that when I kiss you there,” she dragged a finger across the bottom of his throat, “You start squirming.” Then she kissed the spot gently, just to prove her point. And just as she predicted, he squirmed. “And I know that you like the dominant feeling of being on top of me, but when I do this,” she rolled them over so she was lying on top of him. “You like it even more.” When she finished they both were smirking. Hermione kissed him full on the lips, enjoying the drunken feeling that was washing over her. Draco’s tongue danced with hers, making her heartbeat go so fast she wasn’t even sure if it was still beating. She felt like she was floating. Nothing was holding her back. Draco tentatively let his hand go lower down her back till he reached the back jean pocket. When she didn’t pull away he slid his hand into the pocket on her backside. Hermione boldly let her hands drift over his toned abdomen, up his chest and down his shoulders. “I think I just found a new reason to like Quidditch.” Hermione thought to her self giddily.

With one hand in her back pocket, Draco’s free hand traveled up her back under her shirt. Hermione felt it going higher and higher until, “Wait a second,” she thought. “why can’t I feel my bra straps?” She pulled up from him and looked at his smiling face. “Oh that cheeky bastard. He’s gone and stuffed his hand under my bra!” He snapped one of the straps and giggled. Yes, Draco Malfoy, giggling. She shook her head at him, trying not to laugh herself. She got off of him and made her way towards the stairs.

“Goodnight Draco.” She said in a singsong voice.

“Not without me it isn’t.” He replied.

“You were right, you are cocky.”

“Well at least I can admit it. Now, my room or yours?”


“Oh goody, home field advantage.”

“Your not getting shagged tonight Draco.”

“Darn.” Draco said disappointedly. He was following Hermione closely, admiring how nice her figure was.

“Draco?” she said from a few paces ahead.


“Please stop staring at my ass.” She said as if she had eyes in the back of her head. He smirked. Just to annoy her further, he reached out and pinched her on the butt. A small yelp emitted from her mouth and she reeled around to face him, but he put his hand up to stop her before she could say anything.

“Don’t even say it. 1.) As your boyfriend I have the reserved right to stare at any part of your anatomy that I please, and 2.) It’s not my fault that you have a superb backside that is very easy on the eyes.”

“Why you little perv…” she started.

“And, you didn’t seem to mind when I had a feel of it earlier.” He raised his eyebrows at her, daring her to argue that last point. She blushed scarlet in embarrassment and kept her mouth closed. He continued to smirk. “See, now that’s what I thought.” He walked up the remaining steps then looked back at Hermione. “Are you coming?” he asked. She nodded and followed him through the doorway.

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