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Holiday Hearts

“Wake up, Happy Christmas, Wake up.”

Harry opened his eyes to a shower of confetti in red and green falling on him. He thought the wizarding world gave confetti to much attention. He was reaching for his glasses when he came face to face with a very blurry house elf. Once he placed his glasses on his face the image became much clearer.

“Dobby?” He questioned the familiar looking house elf.

“Yes, Harry Potter. It’s being Dobby the house elf coming to be the first to wish you a Happy Christmas,” He said joyfully as he began dancing about the room continuing to toss the colorful paper about now covering Ron.

“Mrs. Weasley’s being in the kitchen preparing a large meal for all her Weasley’s and friends. She says Dobby should wake everyone. So Dobby chose Harry Potter first,” Dobby now grinned a large grin as he began shaking Ron.

‘Oh, lucky me,’ thought Harry. ‘He could have come to me last.’

Ron sat bolt upright half asleep trying to fight the dear house elf. “Geroff me!” Ron screamed. “Harry, I’m being attacked!”

“Ron! It’s only Dobby. Your Mum sent him to wake us.”

“Lucky us,” Grumbled Ron as Dobby smiled with glee turning to finish the job of waking the rest of the guest.

“Come on…the sooner we eat the sooner we get presents.” Harry reminded him.

Ron leapt from his bed. “What are you waiting for then, let’s go.”

The dynamic duo, still in their pajamas, came from their room only to be met by Hermione and Ginny, still in their sleeping attire as well, although Ginny had obviously changed into her own mint green pajamas. They immediately paired off and followed the magnificent aroma that permeated from the kitchen below.


“Arthur Weasley, if you touch one more thing on this table before the others arrive I will be forced to hang you by your toes from the cellar’s ceiling.”

Ron and Hermione along with Harry and Ginny waltzed into the room with smiles on.

“I would listen to her Mr. Weasley.” Harry teased.

“Mum, you sound like you’re related to Argus Filch,” Ron said as he flinched saying the name. “All you need is a Mr. Norris.”

“Would you care to join him?” She retorted in a light-hearted manner.

“No thank you. However, I will take a piece of that bacon.” Just as he came within 3 inches of the plate he immediately found himself hanging upside down in mid-air.

“Do you think I was kidding?”

“No ma’am,” He squeaked as she dropped him gently to the floor.

“Mrs. Weasley, do you think you could teach me that?” Hermione asked with a bit of a laugh.

“Absolutely Dear.”

“She knows plenty of jinxes without anyone’s help,” Ron protested, “She doesn’t need encouragement either.”

“We can vouch for that,” Fred and George strolled into the kitchen. “She’s downright hostile.”

Gradually the room began to fill and everyone found their seats, waiting patiently for Dobby to finish his duties. Professor Dumbledore walked into the room covered in confetti. “Dobby sure does take his job seriously, doesn’t he? I may have ingested some of his joyful celebration.”

“Okay, everyone’s here, can we eat? I hear presents calling my name.” Ron proclaimed.


Ron settled himself into the sofa of the lounge and waited idly by as Remus worked on handing out the packages that sat underneath the tree. He dove, nearly falling from his seat, as one shot in his direction. “Your aim is a bit off, isn’t Remus?”

“It is a bit early in the morning, sorry about that.”

Hermione sat next to Ron, filled with excitement, as she received a present that Remus had ever gently sent her way. She looked at the card, unable to control herself. “Ron…oh I can’t wait to see what it is.”

Blushing from the stares he was getting from his brothers, Ron ducked his head trying to ignore them. But Hermione continued to fuss with the bow and ribbons on the cute little package.

“Heads up, Bill,” Remus warned. “Looks like Fleur had something delivered for you.”

“Sometinz to improoov hiz French, I’m sure,” George teased.

“Harry, here are some for you!”

Harry still had trouble getting use to the fact that he got presents. Without the people in this very room he wouldn’t have a holiday to speak of, much less celebrate.

Once every package had been distributed the cue was given and the paper began to fly. Mrs. Weasley had yet again made Weasley jumpers for everyone, including Professor Dumbledore and Remus. This had to have been planned for sometime.

Fred and George began laughing hysterically as fireworks burst throughout the room. They deemed it fit to present everyone with examples of their newest creations. Once the initial blast of the explosion subsided, stars lingered above them like the night sky.

With Hermione’s help Mr. Weasley had managed to come across many electric appliances that he dispersed among them all. Although she hadn’t managed for the life of her to figure out how they would use them.

As Ron opened the gift Hermione had given him he tried to remain enthusiastic. She had an act of giving him homework planners and he was tired of them. As he opened the wrapping he thought ‘what do you know a book.’ But as he read the title he couldn’t help but smile, The Chudley Cannons and the Women Who Love Them.

“It’s a book that looks into their lives through the eyes of their…well,” Hermione said softly, “I hope you like it.”

“I think it’s great,” and without thinking he kissed her and as he did cat calls could be heard coming from the likes of his brothers. But Mr. and Mrs. Weasley both glared at the noise and smiled in approval of the couple.

“Hermione…” Ron gulped deeply as he tried searching for the courage to continue. “I thought hard about what to get you. Honestly, but you know me. Well…anyway…I got you this.” He thrust the box back into her hands and looked at his lap with embarrassment.

“It doesn’t matter what you’ve gotten me Ron, what matters is that you thought about me and that we are together,” She began opening the box she had been admiring. “Oh…my…Ron,” She felt tears well up in her eyes and quickly they fell to her cheek.

“I promise to work on the rest, but at the time that is all I could afford.”

Hermione picked up the small trinket and placed it in the palm of her hand. She closed her fingers around it tightly and held it to her heart. “I will cherish it always.”

“I thought that the bracelet should have some first, but then I saw that charm and I couldn’t risk someone else getting it.”

She opened her hand, looking closely; she soon realized exactly what it was and knew just what he was thinking. What made the gift so special was it was an exact replica of the Hogwarts Express. And much to her surprise, there, where the headlamp should be was a diamond, a tiny one, but a diamond all the same.

“The first place we met,” She whispered as she slipped in closer to him.

“Yeah,” was all he could say as she kissed him this time.

“Oh for the love of Merlin, would you two stop,” Charlie protested, “You will have plenty of time for that later when we don’t have to watch.

Hermione hid her face in Ron’s shoulder as he pulled her closer to protect her from the ridicule.

Ginny couldn’t help but be a bit jealous. Ron had thought about Hermione’s present for months. Harry hadn’t had the time to work on getting her anything, but she had always known what she would get Harry.

She handed him his Gift and waited patiently for him to open it. Harry pulled the wrapped item from the box and removed the parchment layers that wrapped it. He pulled the frame from the paper. Inside was a poem written beautifully in immaculate handwriting was a poem.

Growing up in the sorrow and pain,
A young boy new nothing other than his name,
He dealt with the hurt and fury,
But he was growing more then weary.

A new life was handed he,
And he had then been set free,
Talent and skill he possessed,
And now he would be put to the test.

New found friends stood at his side,
With heads held high and full of pride,
They knew not what was soon in store,
And strength they found within their cores.

And the ‘Boy Who Lived’ had not a clue,
That a love was beginning to bubble and brew,
Here and now to beg and plea,
That my love, Dear Harry, you can see.

Once Harry finished reading it he slowly looked into Ginny’s waiting eyes. “I wrote that my 1st year Harry. I had it mounted in that frame in hopes that one day I could give it to you.”

“I don’t know what to say,” Harry walked on his knees from his spot on the floor to her feet as she sat on the sofa next to Ron and Hermione. “I’m sorry that it has taken me this ling to realize how stupid I’ve been,” He took her face in his hands, forgetting about everything else, and kissed her with all his heart felt love.

Simultaneously, Bill and Charlie rose to interrupt when Ron and Hermione jumped to guard the oblivious couple. Mr. Weasley joined them. “Let them be, boys. Better Harry than some bloke you don’t know heh?” Mr. Weasley tried making it better. He, personally, had always hoped it would be Harry.

Harry quickly jumped up. “Wait a minute,” he said as she fled from the room, Remus two steps behind him.

As Harry dashed about the kitchen in a panic he didn’t know what he was going to do.

“What is the problem?”

“Remus, I was never able to find her anything for her.”

“When we spoke, I had a feeling about this. And I took the liberty of coming up with something quite special,” Remus pulled a box from his pocket and explained what it was.


The Weasley family compared gifts around the room as Dumbledore thanked everyone for the socks they all had given him as he modeled his new jumper with a large A on the front..

Ginny patted Ron on the back as she admired Hermione’s gift. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were speaking to their two eldest sons about letting Ginny grow up when Harry and Remus came back into the room. Now that everyone had finished opening their own gifts they could turn their attention to Harry and Ginny. This made Harry a bit uneasy.

“Ginny,” Harry began as he knelt at her feet again. “I tried desperately to find something for you but failed miserably. Even with Ron’s help I couldn’t find anything that deserved to be your gift. I spoke with Remus about my problem and he quickly explained a few things to me,” He stopped for a moment taking a deep breath. “In my Gringott’s vault, there are other things stored there outside the galleons, sickles and knuts. One thing, in particular, was brought to my attention and explained to me.” Harry handed Ginny a box the size of her palm. “In that box is something that has meant a great deal to my family. And now they are gone and the only true family I have is you and yours.”

Ginny opened the box and quickly covered her gaping mouth in awe.

“I was told that this ring has been passed down from Potter man to Potter man as a promise they presented to their true loves. And with each promise a new stone is added, a stone of great importance to that couple. Mind you, Remus helped, but it’s with my heart that I present it to you. This is the very ring that my Dad promised my Mum with and I in turn give it to you.”

Ginny looked at each stone trying to imagine the story behind each of the dozen of so stones encrusted in the ring. “Which one is ours?” Was all she could think of to say.

“The red ruby, it is a symbol of the ruby that was on the Gryffindor sword in the Chamber of Secrets. And if you look beside it you will see the emerald my Dad had …”

“Your mother’s eyes,” Ginny interrupted. “Harry, I could have never imagined such a special gift.”

The entire room remained silent as she mustered the courage to say what she wanted.

“I have spent years watching your every move and trying to hide the fact that I did that. After the Chamber incident I had decided that you weren’t interested in me the way that I was in you. I had spent hours trying to keep my mind off of you. But when you or Ron or Hermione weren’t looking I was listening, hanging on your every word; Dreaming, hoping that I would do something to attract your attention. And now the secret is out.”

Harry stood, pulled Ginny to her feet and placed the ring on her finger. And before he kissed her he announced. “You now have and will always have my complete and Undivided Attention.”

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