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Remake of Love with a Twist--Enjoy!

A young girl with sleek black hair that stood out against her light complexion stood along a dark railing, her deep purple eyes focused on the midnight dark sky above her. A gentle breeze lifted her long hair, playing with the tips of it in a light nature hold. Sighing into the night’s breeze, the girl thought about everything, and yet nothing at all. Her young face was chock full of emotions, none of them decipherable, and yet totally readable. Thick, pink lips that held a glow to them as if they were softer then silk were parted slightly among her thoughts. Payton Dove stood at the top of a tower looking upon miles and miles of dark, almost spooky, trees that strangely gave her a comforting feeling, despite the eerie fog and unnatural glow settling around them. This scene, and this scene alone, gave her exactly what she needed: an answer to all of her questions. She was to change things, and change them fast, before they got out of control. It simply wasn’t healthy, she had decided, to live her life the way she was; to live day by day, miserable to an extent and never knowing what would come of the moments ahead of her. Her aunt and uncle, those who had raised her after her parents died when she was quite young, had been trying to tell her for two years now that her life was not heading in the direction it could be headed in, and that it was unnaturally able to swerve her whole life into an auto mode that could very well be the end of her sooner or later. And so, with a swish of her head and a blink of her long black eyelashes, Payton turned away from the comfort of her life as it was now to face what was surly to be the best decision of her life.

A swift walk with light swaying hips led her inside from the balcony and into a dimmed room, complete with a large bed against one wall, French doors leading in and out of the room, pictures galore, and of course, plants. Lots and lots of plants filled the room, as did their heavenly scents. Daisies, lilies, jasmine vines, large elephant ears, and small round roses still in the midst of blooming, small simple green plants scattered just right atop every table and large vine-like plants covered with pinks, oranges, purples, reds, and whites grew along the wall, giving the entire room a flowery, angelic garden look. It almost brought tears to the teen’s eyes as she found that to start a new life for herself; she would have to leave this room behind, leave it until the right day came to come back to it and once again breathe in its enchanting smells. She would definitely be leaving a large part of her heart here with all that she had grown to love and cherish, but deep down, she knew that no matter what, change was on its way, and the first of it would be to leave her old life behind, which included her dark confined space that she forever went back to when the going was rough.

Gently taking her long, thick hair into her hands and scooping it all onto the back of her head, Payton slipped a black purple scrunchie off of her small wrist and tied her hair up in a messy bun with it. Looking around the room, she realized just how hard starting over would be. The books stacked it their proper order beside her large four-poster bed against the far wall looked as if all of her memories would stay right there, within the pages that she had read so many times before during a nighttime like this, when the moon was full, taking in every carefully written word and digesting all of it until her heart’s utmost consent. Scanning her deep purple eyes across the dark cherry wood floors, the wooden planks of which she used to lay atop when she used to stare up at the dark ceiling that was adorned with vines and swirls of colors reminded her of every time that she had indeed lied along the polished wood, running her hands back and forth along the smooth surface. 15 year old Payton sighed and then moved her dark eyes to the walls of which paintings and portraits of everything that she had ever held dear to her hung.

Portraits of herself, staring strait ahead with a thoughtful look upon her delicate features, were scattered along the walls in complicated swirls and filled in blank places where her beloved plants didn’t take up. Hand-drawn landscapes in dark cheery wood picture frames held deep sky pictures with a full moon in one corner and millions of stars scattering the sky while a dark, comforting shadow seemed to follow along the bushy trees running spaced out on the bottom of the pictures. All of the drawings, paintings, and portraits held one thing in common, though, and that was the never ending swirl of different colors and hues that seemed to fit everything into one, as if those colors were the single object combining everything between the frames together to make a beautiful picture.

One small drawing stood out against the colors of the dim-lighted room however. Taking three small steps to reach it, Payton held out her fingers, touching the rough cover of which the black and white lines, both thick and thin, joined to make the one thing she held above all else. The picture seemed to speak aloud into the night sky, screaming that there was something…unordinary among all of the plants and portraits. This specific picture held a large castle with winding columns that lined the huge French doors at its entrance. The very top of the drawing held two animals, an owl with sleek black feathers and one in the darkness, one that couldn’t exactly be made out. The only sure thing was that it was too…detailed to be a human, and yet just in the shadow enough to know that it was an animal. A dark purple and blue sky held those two animals close and yet so far away. The pointed towers of the castle held dark roofs and a single pair of French doors that opened up to a magnificent balcony, each balcony somehow leading to the tower next to it in swerved and complicated designs. One would say that it looked absolutely magical, but then again, that would be implying that something more then what was plain to the eye was hidden in the drawing…

Breaking her gaze from it, Payton strolled over to one of the many table stands and picked up her sleek silver cell phone, flipped it open and held it to her ear. Without a pause, she began speaking into it. “I’m ready,” she said.

“Where are you?” A deep, scratchy voice answered, the tone of it full of confidence, as if it knew something that no one else did.

“Where I always am. Come pick me up, I’ll be waiting for you in the garden. I’ve got something to finish there before I leave.”

“Of course, I should have known. I’ll be there in a few minutes.” The deep voice stopped, and without a goodbye or even a sign of hanging up, Payton flipped the phone closed, ending the call. Swallowing on absolutely nothing, Payton walked back out onto her beloved balcony, closing the French doors behind her, yet keeping the dim glow of the room on. It didn’t matter if the light was on, no one would ever possibly find the tower, anyway. Without a second thought, Payton grabbed the broom leaning against the dark railed balcony and jumped off of the railing, falling towards the ground, her hair whipping past her in the midst of her fall. With the broom still clutched in her hands, the girl swiftly maneuvered it under her, so that she was riding it. Soon, instead of falling to her doom, she was flying in the air, swerving and spiraling until she just about hit the ground full on. Instead, however, the girl pulled up on the broom’s handle and in no quicker then a blink of an eye, she was leveled with the ground. Pulling the broom into the air, she urged it to move towards the front of the castle, where her large, carefully thought out garden was held.

The garden held all of the plants found in her special room, the vines and thick stems all poked out of the ground and either blossomed beautifully or wound up the bricked wall off to the side. Lowering herself and the broom downward, settling her feet onto the ground, and pulling the magnificently carved wooden broom out from underneath her, Payton carefully stepped around the colored flowers and vines until she reached the middle of the garden. Upon reaching it, she carefully tossed her broom to the side, away from the beautiful garden. Bending her knees to kneel into the compose, Payton gently held her fingers folded ever so slightly and rubbed the back of her knuckles against the soft, smooth petals of the only flower that wasn’t adorned with brilliant colors; a potent, splendidly powerful black rose that had just fallen into it’s first stage of blooming. The girl’s soft lips rose up in a smirk-like-smile, letting the softness of the rose overcome her entire body.

The rose seemed to be just as dark as the sky tonight, which meant something special….something indecisive. Pulling her hands away, Payton pulled her hand away from the rose, reached into the pocket of the black leather jacket covering her shoulders from the summery wind and pulled out a mahogany bag with golden ties at the top. She carefully opened the bag and settled it on the ground before her quickly as if something had shocked her delicate skin, burning it and giving her no choice but to set in on the soft dirt. With dark colored nails, Payton dug her hands into the moist dirt surrounding the beautiful black bud, twirling her fingers in and out of the small fragments making the soil. After a moment or two, the young woman pulled her hands out of the dirt, clinging onto something magical. Its soft red glow seeped out of her enclosed fingers and later seeped out of the top of the enclosed bag, right where the opening and closing of the parcel were. Smiling ever so slightly, Payton stood, not bothering to wipe off the apparent dirt scattered along her torn and distressed looking jeans. It felt as if she did, then a part of her would be swept off with it, pushed off into someone else’s hands, just like her beloved garden and enchanting towers would soon be.

A gust of wind picked up, and the young girl knew it was time to leave. Placing the bag with the glowing object inside her jacket, Payton turned. There, right before her stood- well more like floated – a tall man with dark hair and even darker eyes. He grinned his toothy white grin under the mass of long curly beard and spoke roughly,

“I see you’ve got what you need, we best be off, then.” His scroungy voice shook the small, quiet location in a silent manner. Payton smiled, patted her pocket just to make sure she had what she needed and then nodded.

“Yes, I think we best.”

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