“Phone call for you, Mr. Wood.” “Thanks.” Oliver holds the phone up to his ear. It’s probably just some crazy fan girl or something… “Hello?” “Oliver? It’s me, Matt (Your Last Name).” “Matt! It’s been ages since I’ve heard from you! How’ve you been, mate?” “Pretty well. Yourself?” “Fantastic. So how’s the movie-making going?” “Actually, that’s what I’m calling about.” “Oh?” Oliver scratches his head. ‘Matt’s job can’t have anything to do with me, can it?’ he thinks silently. “Yeah. I’m making a movie soon…And I wanted to know if you’d like to be in it.” “I don’t know, Matt. I’m a--” “Quidditch player. I know. That’s why you’re the best for the part! It’ll be spectacular casting.” “So does that mean--” “Yeah.” Matt has the bad habit of interrupting when he’s excited about something. “The movie’s about--” “Quidditch. So, what d’you say?” Oliver grins. “Sure, why not?” !!! “Oy, Oliver! Over here!” Matt is standing, waving frantically at a tall young man with brown hair. Oliver jogs over, then hugs his friend fondly. He pulls out a chair and sits in it. “So…is there a reason why we’re meeting at an ice cream parlor?” Matt grins. “Fortescue’s place has the best ice cream in all of Britain. Want anything?” “Nah. I have to keep in shape, you know? All that fat‘s not going to do me any good.” “Merlin, you sound like my sister!” Matt laughs, glancing around. “And she’s supposed to be here by n--Star!” “Hi, Matty.” You make your way over to your brother and plant a quick kiss on his cheek. “You’re late,” he remarks, drumming his fingers on the table. “Sorry about that,” you say absently, sitting down. You flick a bit of dirt out from underneath one perfectly manicured nail. “Dan didn’t want me to go out…He said something about paparazzi everywhere, but frankly, I don’t see any cameras.” “You’re Star? The Star?” a male voice asks. You glance up, noticing the buff, tanned man for the first time. “Some say.” He grins, reaching out across the table to shake your hand. “I’m Oliver Wood.” “And evidently, you already know who I am.” You shake his hand, smiling slightly. “So…What’s this movie about, Matt?” “A famous Quidditch player meets a beautiful girl…And…I bet you can figure out the rest. There’s a happy ending,” he adds with a laugh. “Here’s the script.” Matt pulls out two thick stacks of papers and thumps them on the table. “I’m assuming that I’ll be the Quidditch player,” Oliver says, meeting your eyes hesitantly. “And Star’s to be my…er…” He coughs. “Lover?” Matt grins mischievously, showing off the dimple in his left cheek. “I guess you could say that.” “Well!” You stand, and scoop up one of the stacks. “Now that we’ve got the whole plot cleared up, I’ve really got to be going. See you tomorrow morning, gentlemen. Nice meeting you, Mr. Wood.” you say curtly, nodding at them both. Blowing a kiss in Matt’s direction, you Disapparate. Oliver chews his lip, thumbing through the script. “World famous at eighteen. You’ve got to admit, your sister’s got it pretty good, Matt.” Oliver shakes his head a little. “Bit intimidating, acting alongside your best friend’s extraordinarily famous sister…Especially when you‘ve never acted before…” He laughs, more to himself than anything else. “You think she’s spoiled, don’t you?” Matt asks suddenly. “What?” “Star. You think she’s a stuck up celebrity, right?” “Matt, I never said that…” “But that’s what you’re thinking, mate. You can say it, I won’t be offended. In fact, I agree with you. To some extent,” he adds with a sigh. “All right. She does seem a little…Different…” Matt smiles sadly. “She wasn‘t always like that.” Oliver doesn’t say anything, so Matt goes on. “Star thinks there’s some sort of ‘celebrity image’ she has to have on all the time…Like if she acts normally, no one‘ll care about her. Everyone used to call her ‘Matt‘s Little Sister’. I guess she wanted to get past that. And--I don‘t even know why I‘m telling you this…” Oliver props his chin up on his fist. “You need someone to talk to, Matt. So talk. I‘m listening.” “Thanks.” Matt smiles halfheartedly. “Star hasn’t had the best experiences with a lot of guys…they all wanted to use her after she became famous.” The Scot nods sympathetically. “I just wanted to apologize for her behavior today. But she’ll warm up to you eventually.” “I’m not looking for a girlfriend, if that’s what you’re implying.” Matt shrugs, giving his friend a quick grin. “Hey, I saw you looking…“ Oliver raises an eyebrow. “Just thought you’d like to know.”

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