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[A/N] Hi! Sorry this took so long to get out! Actually, I posted this yesterday, but it didn't get accepted!! Grr... LoL :) Well, hopefully this works!! Enjoy! ^_^

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING that you recognize. :) If I did, my name would not be Sara Power, I wouldn't be 15, nor would I be sitting here, writing fanfics! :)

Chapter 5 - Back to Hogwarts

"Mum! Cari! We're going to be late! Hurry up! We can't miss the train!!" Lily called from the porch. Her trunk was already in the car, and she was eager to get back to school.

"Coming!!" came a familiar voice, and within minutes, Carina came into view, dragging her trunk behind her. She stopped, panting and scowled. "You only want to get there early because your Head Girl and you want to know who the Head Boy is!" she complained.

Lily flushed slightly. "I don't want to miss the train is all!" she said defensively. "MUM!" she called out once again.

Carina bit back a smile and continued hauling her trunk out into the car. She already knew who the Head Boy was, and she also knew that Lily was going to be utterly shocked when she found out. It was James Potter. Sirius, Aria, herself and Remus found this incredibly funny, but neither James nor Lily knew that the other was going to be their partner for the entire year.

Finally, Lily's mother appeared with Mr. Evans who gave them each a hug. Of course, Petunia was nowhere to be seen.

"Okay honey, let's go!" Lily's mother said smiling, but slightly red in the face. Lily smiled and then hurried her Mum out to the car, she had already said goodbye to her father, but not her sister. Not that she cared about her sister though.

The three of them got into the car, but Lily's mother didn't start the car. Lily rose her eyebrows. "Mum?"

Mrs. Evan's glanced back at the two girls and smiled sheepishly. "Oh I forgot to mention that we're giving James and Sirius a ride as well." As much as Lily tried, she couldn't keep a sour look off her face. Carina giggled slightly at her, and Lily glared.

5 minutes went by and the boys still hadn't shown up. Lily was getting quite annoyed by this time. She really wanted to get going.

At last, James and Sirius appeared from the Potter's house, dragging their trunks behind them. Lily avoided all eye-contact as the two boys got into the car. Please don't sit by me. If he sits by me, I just might have to hurt him. Pleease...

Lily felt somebody slide into the seat next to her, she clenched her teeth and sharply turned her head. To her relief, it was Sirius who was sitting next to her. Carina was in the front and James was next to Sirius. Lily breathed a low sigh of relief that she thought nobody picked up on. But James did. He saw it and he got a pang in his chest. He sighed and looked out the window.

"Ready?" came Mrs. Evan's voice. They all nodded, and finally the car started to move. It was a long, boring, quiet ride. Which was extremely unusual since Sirius and James were both in the car.

After a little while, Sirius poked Lily in the arm. She turned to look at him questioningly. He leaned closer to her and whispered so that nobody else could hear "Evans, I know I've asked this before, and so has everybody else, but what is the big deal about James?"

"He's insufferable." she replied shortly, getting extremely annoyed at everybody who kept asking her that. What was the big deal if she didn't like James Potter?

Sirius chuckled slightly. "I think your going to have to lighten up when it comes to him. I have a feeling that your going to be seeing quite a bit of each other this year." He said, trying to hold in his laughter.

Lily looked at him, furrowing her brow. Sirius was amused at her confused look. He turned away from her and started to talk to James about something. Lily was lost in thought. What the hell is Sirius going on about? He's an odd kid... She shook her head and resumed looking out the window.

Eventually, they all reached King's Cross station, and Lily hugged her mother goodbye. She felt a sort of weird tug at her heart when she looked at her mum, and got a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. She shrugged it off as being nervous about head girl, and it was her last year. She smiled and walked with Sirius, Carina and James onto the train, dragging their trunks.

They settled in a compartment to wait for Aria, Remus and Peter and just relaxed for a bit. Lily was getting anxious now, and kept checking her watch. She had to go to the Head compartment soon.

After 2 very long minutes, she decided to just go to the compartment to wait before she drove herself crazy. She turned to Carina who was talking to Sirius while James stared out the window. She cleared her throat. "Yeah, um.. I'm just gonna..."

Lily was cut off by the door sliding open and revealing Remus and Aria. She smiled at them as they sat down, squishing into the seats, and laughing slightly as Remus sat by Carina and they both blushed. It was too cute.

"So, Lils, don't you have to be somewhere?" asked Aria, her eyes sparkling. Lily jumped up. "Right. Yeah, I'm just gonna go to the Head compartment now. I'll see you guys later."

Lily turned to leave but a burst of laughter made her turn around again. "What's so funny?" she asked as she slightly feared for her friends' sanity. They were all cracking up at absolutely nothing.

Suddenly Sirius pointed and Lily followed his arm. James was staring at her, with his eyes slightly popping, and his jaw nearly to the floor. He did look pretty funny, but she still didn't get what they were laughing at. "What?" she asked again.

Her words startled James from his trance and he blinked. "You... you're head girl?" he asked, his voice slightly raspy. Lily nodded, still slightly confused, but then she saw something small and shiny clasped in James' hand and it clicked.

Her jaw dropped. "You're head boy?!" she asked, incredulus. He confirmed her suspicions by nodding, and she finally understood why her friend's were laughing so much. They must have known. It would explain Sirius' comment earlier anyway. She looked around at them and rolled her eyes.

"Well, come on then. We don't want to be late at our first meeting." She said, grabbing his wrist and dragging him out of the compartment.

Lily and James left the other four in confusion. "What happened?" asked Aria, once the shock of Lily not freaking out over James being head boy was over.

Nobody answered, they were just lost in their own thoughts. Then Carina broke out into a wide smile. "She's coming around! Finally!"

Everybody looked at her, and grinned. They all knew that it was only a matter of time before Lily broke down and went out with James.

How wrong they were. [A/N] Ha ha =P... *cough* Sorry... on with the story...

Lily and James arrived at the Prefect Compartment to find all of the prefects waiting for them. Lily immediately dropped James' wrist and cleared her throat. "I'm Lily Evans and this is James Potter. We're Head boy and girl this year. Um..."

Lily felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around to find herself face to face with James. "What?" she asked, slightly annoyed that he had interrupted her. "I... er... thought you might want this." he said, handing her a sheet of paper. She looked at him questioningly and he quickly said "Dumbledore's instructions."

"Oh!" Lily said, feeling a little bit embarrassed. She turned back to the prefects as she scanned the paper. "Um... It says that everybody has to patrol the hallways from time to time. You are allowed to dock points from anybody not acting as they should, but if I... we... see anybody abusing their positions, you will be reported."

Lily looked to James to see if he had anything to add, even though she doubted it.

James just nodded and looked at them all. "Er... I think Lily pretty much covered it all... oh yeah... you've got to make sure all of the first years follow Hagrid... and after the feast, show them where to go... and try to scare them as much you can!" He joked. The prefects laughed, and Lily shot him a look so he shut up. "Yeah... you can go back to your friends now if you want..."

The prefects all left and Lily and James were left alone. It was rather awkward. Hmm... what to do now? Oh right, go check out the Heads' compartment I guess... James thought. He turned to leave, but then turned back and looked at Lily. "I'm gonna go check out the Heads' compartment. Wanna come?" he asked casually.

Lily hesitated, but she was rather curious to see it so she shrugged. "Sure."

James broke out into a grin and the two of them headed for the compartment next to the Prefects'. He opened the door and walked in. "Impressive." James said, sliding into a leather chair.

It was a rather comfy room, donned with the colours for Gryffindor as both Heads were Gryffindors. There was a small fridge, as well as a few chairs and a loveseat, all deep red and golden. Lily sat down on a different chair, away from James. She looked out the window at the passing scenery.

She had this horrible feeling that something terrible was looming over her. She didn't like that feeling at all. Try as she might, she couldn't shake it off. Maybe her feeling was just a little bit of fear over that phsyco that had dubbed himself 'Lord Voldemort'. He had been mentioned in the 'Daily Prophet' a few times in the past few months for attacking muggleborns and terrorizing muggles. Everybody was sure that he was just another '15 minutes of fame' dark wizard, but Lily wasn't so sure. She had a bad feeling about him.

Her thoughts drifted to her family. Her mom was going to have another baby. In 8 months, she'd be a big sister. Lily couldn't wait, and she was determined to be a better big sister than Petunia was to her.

Suddenly, Lily found herself wondering if Remus and Carina would ever get together. She smiled slightly just thinking about it. They were so cute, but so oblivious. She knew that they both were head over heels for the other, but neither could see it. She knew they'd work it out eventually though. They were so perfect for one another.

She sighed. Cari and Remus were so perfect for one another. She would never find somebody like that. She knew that she would never find her own true love. I'm not pretty, I'm not different, I'm not perfect... I'm just... regular... boring Lily Evans...

Lily didn't realize that one person was watching her at that moment. James found Lily Evans far from boring or regular. To him, she was perfect. He adored her flaws, though there weren't many that he could see. He loved her gorgeous red hair and emerald eyes, she had always stood out among other girls. Every girl he had ever dated, he had compared them to Lily. He knew it wasn't fair, but he couldn't help it. Even when they were little, James always had a habit of watching out for Lily and protecting her.

Why can't things be as they were when we were little? He asked himself sadly, watching the sunlight reflect off Lily's hair, making it look like there were golden and copper streaks intertwined with the rusty red.

She sighed and it shook James from his stupor. He got up from his chair and walked over to where Lily was sitting. She had a sad expression on her face, and he was concerned. "What's wrong?" he asked softly.

Lily jumped, she had forgotten that James was there. She looked up at his handsome face and forced a smile. "Nothing, lets get back to our friends." she said, getting up from her chair and crossing the room. James followed her, not convinced, but decided to let it go.

They were halfway there, when Lily couldn't stand the awkward silence anymore. She prefered it when they were talking, or even fighting. So, eager to get the silence gone, she said the first thing that popped into her mind. "So, how'd you get to be head boy?"

The minute she said it, she instantly felt ashamed. That was rude... God Lily, you are such a bitch...

James heart sank, but his temper rose. Here he was, worrying about her and she goes and asks him something like that? "What, did you think I couldn't? Did you think I was too immature, or too much of an arrogant toe-rag that I couldn't measure up to picture perfect Lily Evans?" he said coldly, not looking at her.

Lily felt terrible. She got a pang in her heart at his cold words, but she knew she deserved it. Lily couldn't think of anything to say, and she was too proud to apologize, so she just kept quiet.

James let out a disappointed sigh and sped up his pace once he saw that Lily wasn't going to answer him. He finally reached the compartment where Remus, Sirius, Peter, Aria and Carina were and stepped in, closing the door behind him harder than he meant to. Ignoring his friends, he sat moodily in the window seat and stared out the window.

Aria looked at him in confusion. Normally, it would be Lily storming in and staring out the window to try and calm down, while James slunk behind looking sheepish, but now it was opposite. Suddenly she realized that Lily wasn't even there. "Uh... James?" she asked tentatively. His head snapped around to look at her. "Er... where's Lily?" she asked him. James just shrugged and looked back out the window. Aria sighed and looked at Carina who looked confused.

Lily was, in fact taking her time walking behind James. She knew that she should apologize. James was an incredibly smart student, she had absolutely no right to say that. While she was walking down the hallway sulking, Lily suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder. She spun around and saw a good looking guy with blonde hair and brown eyes. It was Josh Thompson, a Hufflepuff. "Hi." Lily said, forcing a smile.

He smiled widely. "Hey Lily, oh Congrats on making Head Girl. Um, do you think you could ask your friend, Carina Black to meet me in the Great Hall after the feast?" He looked at her hopefully, giving her puppy dog eyes.

Pah, over your dead body I'll help you over Remie... Lily thought smugly, but she forced another smile. "I'll pass the message along..."

Josh's smile widened and he turned to leave. "Thanks!" he called out, and then he was gone. Lily couldn't help but roll her eyes. She continued on her way to her friend's compartment, but she was dreading it. After all, James was in there. So, Lily decided to stall a bit and go to the washroom. She turned and headed in that direction instead. She was nearly there when a hand caught her arm roughly.

Lily turned around sharply and saw a small, greasy, black haired kid named Severus Snape. She glared at him and wrenched her arm out of his grasp. "What do you want Snivellus?" she asked coldly.

His face contorted into an ugly sneer. "I want you to go out with me." he told her, in what he obviusly thought was a seductive tone. It was disgusting. Okay... EWW!

Lily looked around for somebody to come and save her, but there was nobody around. She backed up, reaching for her wand but suddenly he lunged his face towards hers.

Luckily, he missed. Lily shot him a quick, but painful, kick where it hurts and took off running. Gross... ew... ew.... EW!

Snape keeled over but looked up at Lily's departing figure. He felt anger rise up in him and before he knew it, he whipped out his wand and yelled "Diffindo!"

Lily felt a sharp pain in her cheek and she clasped her hand to it. Tears burning her eyes, she pulled her hand away to see blood. She gritted her teeth and yelled back "50 points from Slytherin and detention!" then she turned and ran.

Lily finally reached the compartment that her friends were in and she opened the door and stumbled onto an empty seat.

"Lily! What happened?!" Aria asked sounding concerned. She had been the first to notice the profusely bleeding cut on her friend's cheek. At Aria's statement, everybody turned to look at her and Carina started to clean her cut. Lily held her tears back, but they all noticed her watery eyes.

The minute Aria had spoken, James head had swiveled around and he saw the cut on Lily's face. He immediately forgot how ill-tempered she had been with him and felt anger pounding through his veins. Whoever had done that to Lily was going to get a good 'talking' too. Meaning, they were gonna get their butt kicked.

"Who did this to you?" came Sirius' furious voice. Carina finished cleaning Lily's cut, and she healed it with a flick of her wand. The stinging left her cheek and she forced a smile. She felt gross because Snape had come that close to her. Ewwww. She shuddered at the memory.

"Honey, who hurt you?" Aria asked gently, repeating Sirius' question. Lily sighed. "Snape..." she muttered, not meeting anybody's eye.

As she wouldn't look anybody in the eye, Lily therefore, she did not see the angry faces of the people surrounding her. Especially James. He stayed quiet for a moment, seething and torn between doing nothing, comforting Lily, and going to blow Snivellus' brains out. He came to the conclusion that Lily would probably snap at him if he tried to comfort her, and he wasn't one to do nothing...

James stood up and excused himself quietly, saying he needed to use the washroom.

Nobody saw through that excuse though, except for Lily. They all just nodded. "Yeah... um... I'm going to join you on that... trip to the... little boys room..." said Sirius, trailing off as he jumped out of his seat and followed James out the door.


A little while later, Lily was perfectly fine, and was just trying to get the horrible image of Snape trying to kiss her out of her head. Sirius and James hadn't returned yet, so Remus, Lily, Carina and Aria were just chatting and having a good time.

[A/N: Peter was there too... just not talking... he's too afraid to talk around the]

Lily suddenly grinned devilishly as she remembered something. She looked at Remus and smirked before turning to Carina. Remus got slightly afraid for himself now. He did not like that look that Lily had gave him.

Lily opened her mouth and spoke to Carina in a playful drawl. "Oh, Cari... I almost forgot! Josh Thompson..." she shot a look at Remus who now had an ugly look on his face, before continuing on, "was looking for you..."

Carina blushed immensely while Aria and Lily laughed, mainly because of the look on Remus' face as he turned and looked out the window, scowling and obviously thinking hard by his expression.

Finally, when the two girls had calmed down, they sat back and watched Carina and Remus think. It was more interesting than one would imagine.

As Lily watched Remus' face closely, she was amused by his oddly contorted face. He was slowly getting redder and redder.

Aria on the other hand was watching Carina. She looked torn and helpless. It was rather funny.

Remus didn't notice Lily's stare. He was too busy lost in his own thoughts, which were racing through his head. She can't go out with that stupid Hufflepuff... I should ask her out now, before he does... no.. i can't... should I take Lily's advice? She practically threw this situation on me... grr.. she's too smart for her own good... but if Cari goes out with Thompson... I'd have to see them... together... kissing....

Remus' last thought set his resolve. He could feel his face reddening but he didn't care. He turned slowly to look at Carina, who looked as though she was having a powerful internal struggle. He took a deep breath, and then remembered that Aria and Lily were still in the room.

Deciding he didn't care, Remus opened his mouth again and said "Carina?" in a strained voice.

He inwardly flinched at his shaky voice. She looked up at him, looking puzzled. "Yes?" she asked.

Remus opened his mouth again before closing it quickly. What if she says no?... Carina was looking at him curiously with those gorgeous pale blue eyes, and he felt his insides melt. He took a deep breath, and stuttered, "Cari... err.. would.. um... will you be my girlfriend?"

He waited with bated breath and studied her reaction.

Carina stared in shock. What did he just say? But as she realized what he had said, fireworks exploded in her stomach and a grin creeped upi into her face, all thoughts of the Hufflepuff forgotten.

"Of course I will!" she answered, shyly but happily.

Remus broke out into the widest smile anybody had ever seen and he moved closer to Carina on the seet. He had the urge to lean over and kiss her, but they weren't alone so he settled for reaching over and entertwining his fingers with hers. He smiled as his heart beat erratically and little jolts of energy erupted from where their hands were touching. Carina smiled as well, looking up at him.

"Awww!" came Lily's and Aria's voices, startling Remus and Carina out of their 'happy trance'. The new couple blushed and Lily pounced on her two friends. "It's about time!" She exclaimed happily, giving each of them a hug.

Suddenly, the door opened and James and Sirius walked in, grimacing in a satisfied sort of way.

Lily noticed that James' knuckles were bloody and he was starting to form a black eye. All happy thoughts about Remus and Carina disappeared as she stared at him and Sirius who was sporting a few cuts. Suddenly it clicked about where they went and she swore under her breath before jumping out of her seat and pushing the two of them down on either side of her so that she could tend to their wounds.

"You idiots! I didn't tell you to go after Snape did I? Did I? No! Oh my lord, he better not be dead you knumbskulls! What if a teacher found you? You'd be expelled! Arrgh, you two are insane! I'm going to age if I'm around you too much!!" she ranted as she cleaned Sirius' cuts and then healed them with a flick of her wand.

She turned to James and continued her rant, "I really don't know what I'm going to do with you! Errg, you make me so mad! You could have gotten caught! Or what if Snape had some other of his weird friends with him! You would have been outnumbered! And then you'd be sorry! Oh, you make me so mad!"

She finished healing James and gave them both a stern look. The two boys glanced at each other amusedly. "You know Prongs, I don't know if that was a 'be careful because I love you' speech or a 'you are a git' speech..."

James nodded. "I'd say it was a mixture of both. But I didn't hear a 'Thank-you James and Siri! I love you both sooo much for kicking Snivelus' ass!'

Lily rolled her eyes, but couldn't keep a smile off her face. She slapped them both round the head and moved over so that she was sitting next to Remus, across from James and Sirius.

"Is he hurt bad?" Lily asked, slightly fearful. James and Sirius exchanged glances. "Well.. he'll be fine once somebody finds him and brings him to Madame Pomfrey. No lasting damage..." said James seriously before Sirius cut in. "I dunno Prongs... that punch to the nose might disfigure it a bit..."

Aria laughed, and Lily rolled her eyes, shook her head and smiled at the same time. It was a weird movement, and James couldn't understand it.

"Maybe I wanted to get him back myself!?" Lily suggested in an indignant manner.

James and Sirius glanced at each other and started laughing hysterically. Lily's face started to flush and she let her temper get the best of her. "Oh, so now you think that I wouldn't have been able to handle getting Snape back?"

The laughter died from James and Sirius' faces. Neither of them wanted to be the recipient of Lily's anger. James opened his mouth to talk but Lily cut him off before he even started. "No! I don't even want to hear it! Now just shut up. For your information I COULD have done a lot to Snape if I wanted to. I am very able to look after myself and I don't need you to fight my battles for me!"

Aria rolled her eyes in the background. She knew that Lily was an extremely proud witch, and couldn't stand having people think she was incompetent in anything, but Lily did tend to go over the top a lot.

Remus and Carina watched this outburst and were very amused by it. Remus grabbed Lily's arm and dragged her back down onto the seat as she had stood up without realizing it during her rant. "Lils, calm down... have some chocolate..."

Lily looked at her friend offering her a chocolate frog and started to crack up laughing for no reason whatsoever. The others looked at her as if she was insane, but she couldn't help it. It was just the way that Remus had said it. She took the chocolate from him and ate it, still chuckling slightly at his unhealthy obsession with chocolate.

After Lily had calmed down from her little laughing fit, she was back to glowering at James and Sirius. Even though she wasn't really that mad at them. She was actually kind of glad that they stuck up for her. She was also starting to feel slightly ashamed of her outburst, but her pride was keeping her from apologizing and thanking them.

Especially James. She had been incredibly rude to him, and he still went and stood up for her. I will never understand that boy... Lily thought exasperatedly.

Sirius was playing exploding snap with James. Every so often he'd glance at Lily and chuckle slightly. Sirius knew that she wasn't really as mad as she let on, but James certainly thought she was. It was incredibly funny. Every time Lily would move the tiniest bit, James would watch her out of the corner of his eye causing Sirius to win the round.

Suddenly something else caught Sirius eye and he jerked out of his seat and stared wide eyed at his sister and Remus. He pointed an accusing finger at the couple who were holding hands. "What's going on?" Sirius demanded to know, shifting into 'protective big brother' mode.

Remus gulped and looked up at his friend. He was at a loss for words, as he was afraid that his friend would beat him to a pulp when he told him the truth. He knew it was cowardly, but he couldn't help it. Remus ended up just giving his friend a big cheeky grin, at which Sirius scowled at.

Carina glared up at her brother. "Remus just asked me out, do you have a problem with that?" she asked dangerously. Sirius swelled up as if he was going to blow up and scream.

Arrgh... I told her that she should steer clear of all of the guys at school! Damn you Cari! Why can't you date somebody good? Like Prongs or Moony or something? I'm gonna kill... wait... she's dating Moony!!! Sirius finally came to his senses and realized what she said.

He grinned. "Terrific!" he exclaimed happily as he sat back down, ready to resume his game with James. He then realized that everybody was staring at him. "What?"

James, Lily and Aria started to laugh at the same time, while Carina smiled happily, Remus stared in happy shock at his friend, and Peter stared out the window neither knowing, nor caring about what was going on around him.


Finally, the train stopped and before anybody knew it, they were trudging through the front doors of the magnificant school. Everybody went to their respective tables, and to Lily's dismay, James sat next to her.

"I wish they'd hurry up... I'm hungry!" moaned Sirius, holding his stomach. Aria rolled her eyes. "You ate on the train, calm down! It's only the sorting!"

"...stupid midgets... It better not take long..."

"Don't call them stupid midgets!" Carina told her brother sharply before turning her attention back to Remus, who was holding her hand under the table. She gave him a small smile, and he smiled back, causing butterflies to flutter in her stomach again. She was the happiest she'd been since she had escaped her parents.

Suddenly the door opened and Professor McGonagle came bustling in followed by several tiny 11 year olds... as well as 2 boys who looked around 16 or 17 years old.

Lily nudged Aria, who wasn't paying attention, to get her to look at the extremely attractive boys who had walked in with the first years. Aria glanced over at them, and her jaw dropped.

Aria stared in shock. It was the guy from the summer! "That's Travis!" she hissed to Lily, butterflies raging in her stomach.

Lily looked the two boys over. They were obviously twins, both with shaggy dark brown hair and deep chocolate eyes. "The guy from Beauxbatons? They are pretty good looking!" Lily glanced at the taller of the two, and her stomach did a little flip.

Aria nodded and looked at her friend for a moment. Lily's eyes were glazed and her cheeks were flushed slightly. "She shorter one is Travis... Like what you see? His brother's name is Seth." Aria teased. Lily blushed and turned away, not answering.

Unknowingly to the two girls, James had heard everything that they had said, and jealousy was running through his veins. He'd have to have a talk with this guy. With any luck, they'd be put in Slytherin so that Lily wouldn't think twice about dating either one.

But of course, the twins were both placed in Ravenclaw, and they were in seventh year as well. James narrowed his eyes as he looked at them. I don't like them.

Nobody realized that while Sirius was talking to some blonde chick, he was actually listening to Lily and Aria's conversation, and he was thinking the exact same thing as James.


After everybody was sorted and the feast was over, Dumbledore sent everybody off to bed.

Aria, Lily and Carina were walking up by themselves, because the guys had gone off somewhere. That disappointed Carina a little bit, as she had been hoping to spend some time with Remus, but she figured that they'd have plenty more time to spend together.

Suddenly somebody called out to Aria and she whirled around. "Aria!" Travis Daniels called out once more. She stopped walking, and made Lily and Carina stay with her. They waited, and soon he had reached them, slightly out of breath.

"Hi!" Aria said shyly, smiling up at Travis. Lily and Carina were taken aback. Never in their life had Aria ever been shy.

He smiled charmingly back at her. "My parents decided to send me here instead." he answered, before she had a chance to ask.

She smiled again and nodded. "That's great!"

"Um... I was wondering, would you like to..." he trailed off, looking nervous.

Aria's smiled widened, and her her heart was beating oddly.. "Yes." she stated before he even had a chance to ask her out.

Travis' grinned happily at her, and he leaned over and kissed Aria softly on the lips. She kissed him back, feeling little butterlies do loops in her stomach, totally forgetting that her friends were waiting for her.

Lily and Carina didn't really care though. They were busy talking to Travis' brother Seth, who had come over to say 'Hi'. Actually, it was more Cari talking, and Lily staring or occasionally nodding and laughing.

I should get going... maybe Remus is still up... Carina watched Lily's face for a moment. She could tell instantly that her friend liked this guy, and however much she wanted her and James to get together, if Lily liked Seth, then Cari was going to help her get him.

"I'm going to head up to the common room to find Remus. I'll see you later Lils. Be sure to drag Aria back with you okay?" she said, smiling.

Lily's eyes widened. She wasn't sure if she wanted to be left alone here with this incredibly hot guy.

But, maybe she did. She wasn't sure if she liked him or not, but there was only one way to be sure. She smiled and nodded to Carina, who left, and then turned back to Seth who grinned broadly at her.

"So, Lily... you're real pretty you know that?" Lily found herself blushing as she looked up into Seth's handsome face. "Would you like to go out with me?"

Lily was surprised by his bluntness. Did he just ask me out? Oh my lord... well... he is hot... god... what would James think? He'd be furious, but it'd be so funny, and he'd finally get off my back... geez... some guy just asked me out and I'm thinking of Potter of all people? Focus Lily!. Lily hesitated, but then smiled and nodded. "Sure."

Seth grinned at her, and then brought his lips down to meet hers. She felt a slight flutter in her stomach, and her heart skipped a beat. When she broke the kiss, Lily smiled up at Seth, before grabbing Aria's arm and starting to drag her down the hall. "Good-night!"

The two girls reached the common room, floating on cloud 9. They had only just arrived at Hogwarts, and they both already had boyfriends.

Lily was lost in thought about a boy as she walked up the stairs into her dorm. And it wasn't just any boy. Oh no. It was James Potter.

That's right. James Potter. NOT Seth Daniels, who she had just met and who was now her boyfriend.

Well, she was actually thinking of both.

I wonder what the look on James' face will be like when he realizes that I'm taken... he's pretty much prevented me from having a boyfriend in the past, so I wonder what it'll be like... he'll finally have to move on and leave me be... you really want him to leave you be?
Came a voice in her head. Lily scowled. Of course I do! Why else would I have said yes to Seth!?

Why DID you say yes to Seth anyway? .... Because he's nice, and hot... and I figured that it couldn't hurt....

So after 6 years of the same guy liking you and asking you out, you decided to go out with another guy who doesn't even know you? .... SHUT UP!...
"My lord... I'm having a conversation with myself in my head..." Lily muttered to herself as she put on her pajamas, ignoring the looks she attracted by talking to herself by her roommates.

She flung herself on her four poster and layed there, waiting for sleep to come, while her mind was still racing. Why did you rush into things with Seth? Your an idiot Lily! You don't even know him!... I know, but I'll learn more about him as time goes by... besides... Aria said he was nice right?.... yeah... you know what? Screw worrying and thinking about everything. From now on, I'm just going to plunge head first into things like this. After all, I never know what's going to happen, or what somebody's like until I try right? .... Right... yet you didn't take that advice when James asked you out those thousands of times...

...James is a jerk though... incredibly good looking jerk...

...Oh my lord...I'm still having this conversation with myself in my head. Go away you stupid voice!... Tomorrow, I'm going to learn more about Seth, and just be a 17 year old girl.

I'm just going to be young and have fun... and drive James Potter insane while doing it.

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