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Summary: Lily Evans was never paid heed to by the Marauders. Why should this year be any different? But there is one difference in this year; the six years are assigned to be a job shadow for two months. Lily Evans is assigned to be a Medi-witch. James falls off his broom and has to spend a few weeks in the hospital wing. Rated R for language and sex. R/R!!!

A/n: My first Lily/James story. I hope it turns out the way I want it to. I have so many ideas for it that I didn’t know which one to do. Finally I decided to explain out how Lily and James got together, of course, and why Peter Pettigrew suddenly held a grudge against the two. Just what did drive him to do what he did? I hope to explain that in this story! So sit back and Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing…….

Chapter one: Riding Trains, Boys, and Tons of Pains

I grumbled and leaned on my arm to get a better view of the outside. Hopefully the train would be pulling away any minute now. I had been there an hour early just to make sure to be on time. You think this being my sixth year I would have gotten the time right. But some things never change. I watched four boys in my year running toward the train late like every year. The train began to move, and I watched Sirius Black jump on to the train before it was able to pick up speed. As I said before some things just never change.

I glanced across my empty compartment. Lily Evans always sits alone on the train. Yes, I’m Lily, and yes, I always sit alone on this train. Sadly over these last five years I hadn’t made a single friend. Not that I tried, I just kind of wish I would have. Kind of being the key words. The door flung open, James Potter stood beaming at me.

“Hey guys!” He yelled behind him, “Here is an almost empty compartment.” I held back a groan as Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and James Potter waltzed into MY compartment! Ugh! Sirius and Peter even sat right next to me! I was now squished uncomfortably close to the window. “Don’t let me get in your way…” I mumbled, looking out the window.

”Oh you’re not in our way.” Sirius said well…seriously not catching my sarcasm. I rolled my eyes and pretended not to listen to what they were saying. Out of the corner of my eye I could see James leaned over so he could talk better with Sirius, “Ok, This is what I had in mind. See, This year we win the Quidditch Cup…”

“Oh well, that’s a great idea! Why didn’t you use that plan before!” Sirius smirked at James’s glare.

”As I was saying, I have this whole new plan worked out! It’s going to kick ass!”

”Yes, but how are you going to get Crispin Bray to go for it? It seems you have forgotten, again. You aren’t Captain yet, Prongs.” Peter rudely felt the need to remind him.

By this time I had forgotten I wasn’t supposed to care what they were saying and was staring at the boys. James seemed to be thinking hard over what Peter had said. I looked straight across from me and met another pair of eyes.

Remus Lupin smiled sweetly at me, “How was your summer, Lily? Your name is Lily right?” I held back a growl, “Yes, It is Lily. And my summer sucked.”

“Why?” I watched James yawn not bothering to cover his mouth. “It’s…uh…It’s a long story, really.”

“It’s a long train ride.” Sirius reminded me.

I opened my mouth to reply, but I was cut off by a cart full of food. I watched the boy’s flock to the cart as if it were a girl in a tight bikini. I rolled my eyes and focused back on my book. Er…I tried to.

Unfortunately, the words were blocked by a Chocolate Frog. I looked up to see Remus standing over me. “Enjoy.” He said sitting back across from me. My shaking hand reached out and grabbed the frog. I looked back up at Remus in confusion.

He had opened his frog and bit its head off. I for one had never been able to eat the frogs. Even if it was just a charm, the thought of eating something that could still walk made me want to gag.

Of course, I didn’t want to throw away my first gift (if you could call it that) I had ever received from a guy. Ha, come to think of it, it was the first gift I had ever gotten from a person at Hogwarts. As I said before, I don’t make friends easily. I knew the minute the train came to a stop they would forget about me again. Some things just never EVER change.

I continued to stare at the frog in the wrapper. It seemed to beg to be let out. I looked up slowly at the open window next to me and then back to the frog in my lap. While the other boys eagerly downed there snacks, I planned to set mine free.

I slowly unwrapped the chocolate frog that I had decided to name, Frank. I watched happily as it jumped on to the window and then out into the cold air. I glanced back toward the end of the train making sure it didn’t get stuck on the side.

Smiling brightly I turned to face forward. All the boys were staring at me with an unreadable look. I coughed awkwardly and went back to reading.

The rest of the train ride was painfully boring. Peter Pettigrew slept the whole way snoring like there was no tomorrow. Remus Lupin sat in the corner with his feet propped up writing in a small notebook. James and Sirius were playing a game of ‘Throw the paper wad that Remus had crumpled.’

Sometimes, I miss muggle things like a radio. It had come in so much use while on my annual family vacation this summer. It completely blocked out Petunia’s cruel comments on me being a wizard, and my parent’s way of tripping over each other to please the spoiled snot.

But after realizing that the sounds of these boys were much more pleasing then my family, I dismissed the thought of any radio. The compartment door flew open and Sam Loggings, the new head boy, stood in the door way. “Better get your robes on guys. We will be reaching Hogwarts shortly. “

I could barely suppress my grin. I would be home soon. I had no idea what I was going to do after Hogwarts. I would miss it terribly. At least I didn’t have to worry about that for another year.

I grabbed my robes from my back and trucked to the bathroom. There was a short line so I leaned against the door and waited. The boys had been right behind me. I watched Peter walk through leaving his friends to wait.

I looked to the ground feeling all of the boys watching my every move. I pushed my red hair behind my ear. I glanced back up. James sighed and rolled eyes his. I frowned as I watched Sirius choke on his own laughter. Remus was looking down at the spot I was once staring at.

The door to the girl’s bathroom opened and a small 1st year ran out as if she was late. I walked into the bathroom feeling very self consensus. I slipped my muggle clothes off and put my robes on. I looked to the small mirror in front of me.

My breath caught in my throat. Bloody hell! I groaned quickly turned the water on. Chocolate was smeared down my face. I must have gotten some on my hands when I threw away Frank’s wrapper! I scrubbed my face until the brown disappeared. I dropped to my knees.

How fucking embarrassing. No wonder Sirius was about to pass out from laughter. I heard someone bang on the door impatiently, “Hurry up!” A girl’s voice filled my ears. This is insane. This is bloody insane! I’m Lily Evans, for crying out loud. Far more embarrassing things have happened to me than this! On that good note, I held my head high and walked out the bathroom door.

”Oh great, now it’s infected with Mudblood germs.” My good notes turned bad again as my eyes met those of Bellatrix Black. I opened my mouth to say something, but closed it again quickly. I wasn’t in the mood to fight. Luckily someone else was.

“Don’t call her that.” I turned to see James standing in the door way of the boy’s bathroom. Did he just stick up for me? How…odd.

Bellatrix stuck her nose in the air, “I’ll do as I please.” She flipped her black hair over her shoulder and walked into the bathroom. “Thanks.” I mumbled with a small smile.

James shrugged it off, “Don’t mention it.”

“But it was nice of-“He cut me off by holding a hand up. “I’m serious, don’t mention it to anyone.” He walked off towards the compartment we shared.


The sorting ceremony was wonderful as normal. It was just as magical as my first year. Gryffindor gained 18 new first years, more than Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaw put together! I listened closely as Dumbledore began his usual welcoming speech.

“Welcome students to what is sure to be another magical year at Hogwarts. I’m sure your summers where wonderful.” Eh…mine could have been better.

“I’m also sure you are anxious to begin learning, studying, and working on your careers.” There were a few groans along with very few ‘sure am!’s

“This year we are trying something different to help with career decisions. All six years will be drawing a career in there house common rooms. Each person shall have a different career. Each one student shall follow a person, who works in their drawn career field, and follow them around for two months. After the two months are over, the student will write an essay on this career. Without further a do, let the feast began!”

Everyone clapped and cheered as Dumbledore walked back to the teachers table. I turned back to the students around me. “I hope I get to a professional Quidditch player.” I rolled my eyes at James Potter. He probably would. Why do the “cool” students always get the good stuff?!

“I just pity the person who gets Madame Portly in the hospital wing.” Sirius Black chuckled.

“I hope to get Dumbledore or A Professor. It would perfectly fascinating to see what Dumbledore does all day.” I said trying to join in the conversation.

James smirked at Sirius, and Sirius returned the favor before snapping at me, “No one cares what you think, Evans.” I flinched, hoping no one noticed. I don’t know why I’m surprised at there harsh attitude towards me. I knew they would go back to ignoring me after the train ride. I looked down at my plate and continued to eat.


”Be sure that each student gets one!” Professor McGonagall instructed to the head boy and head girl who were passing around two hats filled with careers. I eagerly grabbed one. I groaned at the bold print.


“What’s the matter, Evans? Not your dream job?” Sirius smirked and reached over my shoulder to get a piece of paper. He unfolded it just as eagerly as I had just a few minutes before. I chuckled at what it read.


Sirius groaned louder than me. “No, Black. It’s not my dream job, but I would sure as hell take it over yours.” Remus and Peter walked over from the other side of the room.

“What’d ya get mate?” Remus put a hand on Sirius’s shoulder. He reluctantly showed Remus the piece of paper.

Remus chuckled, “Sucks to be you, Padfoot.” It turns out Remus had gotten teacher too only he was to be learning about potions. Peter had Filch and would be helping him clean the school grounds.

“Where’s Prongs? Maybe I can get him to trade with me.” Sirius asked Remus hopefully.

“No way in hell. He got his dream job; A professional Quidditch player.”

Sirius stomped his foot, “Damn him! Where is he?”

Remus pointed across the room, “Flirting with Mary Heur-Wood.” I followed Remus’s finger as did Sirius and Peter. He was sitting on the common room couch smiling brightly at the young witch. I clenched my jaw. She was practically in his lap with her hands all over him.

“Jealous Lily?” I turned around to see the other Marauders smirking at me. A blush crept back into my cheeks. I was sure they could see it.

“Of course not! I just think it’s terribly gross when girls throw themselves at guys like there is no tomorrow.” I stuck my nose to the air. I was suddenly feeling more confident about myself, or just in a rush to get out of there. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must withdraw to my bedroom.” I pushed between Peter and Remus.

“Good night, fair maiden!” Sirius bowed mocking me as I walked up the stairs to the girl’s dorms.

A/n: What do you think? I've been working on this story for a while. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I'm enjoying writing it!

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