Requiem for a Dream.

Hermione's Point of View.

It was my seventh year. I know I came back a different person from the summer. I know that I might not look it, but I feel it. Everything has changed. I constantly find myself sitting on the bathroom floor taking puffs. Celina got me in touch with her brother before she got expelled, and he has all the hook-ups with the junkies that sell my 'refreshments'.

No one except Celina knows about this. This is my secret. Not even the person who knows me the most knows this secret. Draco Malfoy. I sit on the floor to hear Draco Malfoy in my head. Thats never changed. He lives across the hall now. He does whatever he does while I sit on the balcony and smoke. You wonder a lot when your high. Things disappear and reappear almost motionless. You can see the moon change it's phases.

Only few disadvantages have come across with my highness and what not. Draco caught me passed out on the Head Common Room couch a couple days ago. That was the first time I've had contact with him, and I never even spoke to him. I just passed out, and landed on the couch. I felt discomfort in my lower back, and my arms felt paralyzed. I couldn't open my eyes. I felt someone open my eyes though, and I felt my pupils dilate.

Im going crazy and I know it, because when I awoke, I was in Draco's bed. Since me and Draco had our deal, we haven't had much contact. It's been five months since I last talked to him, and I'm already in his bed. My eyes stood wide open, and I looked around his bedroom. It was black. His door was green, and his large bed I had been sleeping on had a large green feather blanket. His pillows were black with green outlining. The floors were of black marble.

But I was disturbed by a voice. I couldn't understand it for a few moments, but I zoned back in, and looked at it's source standing by the door. Malfoy was shirtless.

"I know what your doing, Hermione." He whispered closing his room door.

"You have no idea. Your tricking me." I scolded.

"Stop talking nonsense because I've been through your room." He shouted almost crying, moving his hands aimlessly.

"It's none of your business, and it's not your problem." I wailed.

He moved closer to me, growing madder and madder. I scooted farther on the bed. Covering myself with his blanket.

"It's been my problem since I first met you! You have always been my problem, my business." He blew, "I gave myself to you, and the only thing that came of it was this stupid deal of us being over, never to speak again."

I was dreading this moment. I knew what was coming.

"Hermione, don't cry!" He mildly whispered, coming up to me and wiping these cursed tears off my face.

But I rejected his tear removal. I tried to leave but Draco's hands flew and pinned my arms down. It seemed playfully at first, but grew more intense.

"Your not leaving until I'm finished." He ordered.

"Let me go." I furiously whispered.

"Make the words I want to hear leave your mouth first." He whispered very seductively.

"I'm sorry Draco, I don't know what your talking about."

"So does it affect your memory? The drugs I mean." He whispered quickly.

"The drugs never affect my memory."

"So your admitting about the drugs?"

"Can you just leave?" I begged, tearing off.

"You don't want me to leave do you?" He asked, lowering himself on top of me.

"Why are you doing this?"

"At least your not with you bloody drugs!" He shouted.

He lightly kissed my cheek, and left the room. He left me there sobbing on his blanket. He left me there behind locked doors without any comfort.

I jumped straight out of his bed and headed for the door. I had to get out of here, but when I tried to open the door, it was locked. Why would he actually lock the door on me? This isn't that important.

"Draco, you can't keep me in here forever!" I shouted knowing he wasn't going to come let me out for a long time.

With that said, I roamed around his room messing with all his junk. He had a black dresser that I couldn't resist. I opened up the top drawer. It was full of Draco's boxers. They were all black and green. Really ordinary and boring. The second drawer I opened had all his school pants in it folded nicely. I was really close with Draco once and I never even knew he was this neat. The third and fourth drawer had his school shirts and robes. Lots of variety. The last one which I just opened had things of me in it. It was very strange, my mouth stayed open for a long time. There were journal entries and my underwear! This guy is not what I thought.

Under his bed sat his Head Boy trunk. I pulled it out and opened it. He had more journal entries and pictures of me. Where do all these people get pictures of me?

"Draco? Sweetheart, how come you have all these things about me in your room?" I shouted, smirking.

With that said, Draco jolted through the door.

"What the hell are you doing?" He shouted.

"Trying to compromise." I chuckled.

"Ju- Just what did you see?" He asked quickly and worried,


"What DID YOU SEE?!" He yelled throwing me against the wall.

"Nothing." I whispered calmly, rubbing my hurt shoulder.

He is different.

He scowled at me and moved closer to me.

"Stop." I softly asked.

He didn't though. He put his head on my neck, and I could feel his breaths.

"I want you to leave." I reasoned.

He put his lips on mine and demanded entrance. I had to act. I slowly brought my hand and up but quickly slapped his face.

"Draco let me leave." I sobbed with anger.

"Hermione, I've been waiting for you since our deal not to speak to each other again."

I was getting irritable.

I pushed him out of the way and paced out of his room. He rubbed his face from where I slapped him. It might have been bleeding.

Draco. Strange, poor, Draco. Those were the last thoughts in my mind.

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