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Here we go, the chapter I've been waiting to write for months, I'm sorry if it's short, but please review and tell me what you think. The title of this chapter comes from the title of John Steinbeck's novel of the same name.

Of Mice and Men

"What did you just say dear?" Mrs. Weasley asked innocently.


"Well, come to dinner than, everything is made and ready."

"Alright" Harry and Hermione chorised.

The two of them started to make there way into the kitchen, when Harry stopped. He looked at Hermione sadly, "You go," he said, "I better go talk to Lupin." Hermione nodded and Harry turned back to ascend the towerng staircase.

The stairs creaked beneath Harry's weight, so Lupin most likely knew that he was coming. Harry had glanced at the clock in the kitchen before he had begun to head towards Lupin's room on the top floor, it was only 6:30, he still had lots of time. He reached the door which hung slightly open. He took one deep breath before entering, and found Lupin sitting on the the cosy looking bed covered in deep gold covers, his back to Harry.

"Remus?" Harry said cautiously, but he wasn't worried of startling him, Harry knew his keen ears would have picked up his presence already.

"Come in Harry" Lupin said quietly. Harry tip toed over to the bed and hopped on, inching his way to sit beside Lupin on the other side. The look on Lupin's scar ridden face was one of guilt. "Harry..." he began, but Harry cut him off before he could say anything.

"No, listen, I'm sorry I drove Sirius away, I was only trying to help and all of this was just so frustrating that I took a stupid risk thinking it would help. I was too ignorant to try and imagine what you must be going through." Harry finished and Lupin looked up into his eyes.

"Harry" he began, "You did what you thought was best, and after all you've done for me, I have no right to oppose you, I'm so sorry Harry."

"So are we forgiven?" Harry asked, Lupin raised his hand and Harry shook it in agreement. "Come to dinner then?" Lupin nodded and got up with Harry, but Harry could still see the lingering worry on Lupin's face for Sirius. As the descended the stairs Harry noticed that they had been in there for 15 minutes upstairs, it was now quarter to 7.

The delicious smells coming from the kitchen made Harry realize how hungry he was. The two men made their way into the kitchen. Harry entered and took a seat between Ron and Hermione, while Lupin sat beside Bill and on his other side was the chair usually occupied by Sirius. Harry saw Lupin look at the empty seat longingly.

"Where's Sirius?" Mrs. Weasley asked curiously.

"He went out for a while" Lupin said tonelessly. A disapproving look came over Mrs. Weasley's face as she clicked her tongue and went back for more food to place on the table.

"He should no better." she said with her back turned to them.

In no time at all dinner was served and the chatting began, though Harry, Hermioen and Lupin stayed rather quiet. Harry couldn't help but keep glancing at the clock. Harry felt strange, like something had been overlooked, but his thoughts were interrupted by an outburst of laughter from Fred and George.

"Remember when we made Charlie think he was late for his precious meeting George?" Fred laughed.

"Yah turning back that clock was an awesome idea" Harry's head shot up so fast it made several people at the table jump.

"What clock did you change?" he asked severely. Fred looked at him strangely.

"The one in the hall" he said.

"And have you changed it back?"

Fred shook his head, "Did you George?" George shook his head.

Harry's heart fell. He shot up from his seat grabbing Hermione and dragging her into the hall. "Hermione, what time did I tell you Lupin died?" he said fiercely.

"Um, 9:15 exactly you told me" she said uncertainly.

Harry ran over into the hall, his heart fell. The clock in front of him read 9:15. Hermione's hazel eyes widened with realization. Without any words exchanged the two of them dashed towards the kitchen. Just as they appeared, the too familiar face of none other than Mad-Eye-Moody appeared through the door on the other side of the kitchen, "ATTACK!" he roared. It took a few moments for everyone to react, but within a few moments everyone was up and all had scared looks on their faces.

"Come on! We have to go!" Moody yelled.

"Where?" people asked.

"We have to go, NOW!" Moody once again grabbed a huge amount of floo powder to hold the fire open while people left. Harry immediately went to Lupin, urging him to leave.

"Harry what are you doing?" he asked.

"You have to go with them!" Harry shouted over the commotion.

Lupin nodded and started to go as Mrs. rounded up the children telling them to go upstairs, to much opposition. Just as Harry thought he was in the clear Lupin turned around.

"Wait! I need to take my potion!"

"NO" Harry and Hermione shouted together. Lupin was momentarily startled, but unfazed. He went back and began rummaging through the cupboards in search of his missing potion.

"Bill" Mrs. Weasley said, take the children to the Burrow. Bill quickly obliged and within seconds Harry, Hermione and Lupin were the only one's left.

Harry ran up to Lupin, and in a rare moment of silence Harry realized that Lupin was speaking to himself, "...something's not right...never came back...." Lupin had momentarily stopped his desperate search, but quickly continued.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no!" Hermione was panicking. Things were not looking good.

"We have to go!" Harry yelled at the now panicked Lupin.

"It must be here..." he tried to reassure himself. "Drat! Fine, let's go I'll take you to the burrow." Lupin went up to the pot of floo powder only to find it was empty. "MOODY!" he yelled in frustration.

"Just come on!" Hermione yelled, we have to get out of this house. Lupin grudgingly obliged, but just as they were about to go, Lupin made one last dash to a cupboard to search one final time for his precious wolfs-bane potion.

Hermione was fighting impatiently waiting for Lupin, her eyes darted around for any sign of a spark or ember.

Harry didn't know what to do, Lupin's stubbornness was not helping at all. Harry turned to Hermione to see her staring at the doorway with a look on her face similar to the one she wore after being petrified.

"I don't think it was the fire that killed Lupin" she said weakly.

"What!?!" both Harry and Lupin said at the same time.

"What was it then?" Harry asked her as if she was crazy.

"Silver" was all she could say. Harry was speechless. Suddenly Hermione pointed a shaking hand towards the door. Harry followed her gaze to the door, as his eyes took in what she was pointing at he nearly fell back in shock. Everything suddenly made sense.

Lupin shot up and stood in front of him, peering into the doorway he saw what Harry had. Harry felt him shudder in realization.


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