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Remus opened his eyes to find himself aching all over. The day was Sunday and he had slept all the way through his transformation, all the way through Saturday and then almost halfway through Sunday too. He stretched and yawned in his bed, ignoring the jabs of pain in his limbs as he sat up, dizziness taking him.

“Ah, good to see you’re finally awake, Remus.” Poppy said as she walked through his bedroom door and across the room to him. “You’ve slept for a long time – we were beginning to get worried about you.”

“What time is it?” Remus asked her sleepily.

“Just gone midday on Sunday.” Poppy informed him and Remus looked amazed.

“I can’t have slept for two days…” Remus said in surprise but Poppy nodded.

“You slept straight through your transformation as well or so Mr Potter informed me.” Poppy said as she poured him out a potion.

Harry… Remus thought, wondering what it was that was nagging him in the back of his mind. He tried to remember what had happened on Friday night but he couldn’t do it. There was just pain, a fight and then the wolf. The wolf! It had taken over… The potion didn’t work.

“How is Harry?” Remus asked her and she looked at him relatively surprised as to his question.

“He’s fine, why wouldn’t he be?” She asked him and Remus just smiled slightly and shrugged.

“I just wondered.” Remus said, feeling a heavy sense of dread lifted from his chest just knowing that he had not torn his godson to shreds. He opened his mouth to ask something else but Poppy didn’t waste time in waiting to hear it and taking her chance, she poured a hot potion down his throat. Remus spluttered and choked on the steamy liquid but felt calmed and better for it a moment later. He took his chance to try and speak to her again. “Can I—”

“No.” Poppy replied, not bothering to wait for him to finish his sentence.

“But you didn’t even know what I was going to—”

“He said he’ll be straight round to see you once he’s returned from the headmaster’s office.” Poppy told him.

Or maybe you did know what I was going to ask… Remus thought before going on to wonder just what Harry was doing at Dumbledore’s office.

“Now you get some sleep, I have no doubt that Mr Potter will wake you when he comes to see you later on.” Poppy reassured him and smiled kindly at him before removing herself and her potions from his bedroom, leaving Remus lying in his bed, feeling rather more sleepy than he had before. He sunk back into his pillows wondering how long it was going to be before Harry came to see him as he closed his eyes. Drowsiness overtook him and before long he was fast asleep.

He was still sleeping in this way when Harry opened the door a crack two hours later, causing it to creak and stirring Remus in his sleep. He stepped inside and drew the curtains, allowing a bright ray of sunlight to light the room.

“Leave me alone, it’s too early yet…” Remus mumbled in his sleep and Harry rolled his eyes.

“Too early? It’s almost three in the afternoon!” Harry grinned and Remus’ eyes opened blearily, taking in his surroundings before burying himself under the duvet, away from the harsh light of the window. “You’ve been asleep for two days! You have to get up at some time.”

“Do I have to?” Remus yawned from his hiding place, now becoming awake enough to peek over the top of the duvet at Harry who was sat on the windowsill with one leg dangling off it. “What is it with you and sitting on windowsills?” Harry smiled and shrugged before getting up and walking across to Remus. He sat down on the bottom of the bed, leaning back against one of the posts as Remus sat up a little more.

“So, how do you feel?” Harry asked him.

“Like I’ve just been woken up by an irritating teenager.” Remus smiled and Harry pulled a face. “What happened last night?” He went on to ask, suddenly more serious. “The potion didn’t work.”

“So I realised.” Harry replied, “And not very much happened. You transformed, the wolf studied me for a bit and then we both lay down near the fire and fell asleep.”

“Oh. So I didn’t hurt you then?” Harry shook his head and Remus smiled; relief had never felt so… well, relieving.

“How could the potion have gone wrong?” Harry asked him and Remus only sighed.

“There are only too many ways in which it could have gone wrong. I will explain what happened to Dumbledore and ask him to ask Snape about it; I don’t really fancy arguing with Snape myself at the moment, as I am sure you can imagine.” Remus said lightly.

“No need, I already told Dumbledore what happened earlier on.” Harry told him and Remus nodded.

“So that’s why you went to Dumbledore’s office…” He said more to himself than to Harry.

“No, it wasn’t actually.” Harry said, twirling his wand between his thin fingers, “I only went because I needed somewhere to floo from to get to Grimmauld Place to apparate with Mad Eye, Dumbledore just prefers me to use his office.”

“Alright then.” Remus said quietly, still quite shocked at how badly things could have gone the night before. He could have killed Harry. He would have been a murderous dark creature and he would have been killed himself… A shiver passed through him at the idea of McNair waiting outside his office, sharpening his axe and the Minister stood smugly beside him with his signed form from the Department of the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures. “Don’t you have somewhere more interesting to be or at least somewhere more educational?”

Harry looked at him for a moment, confused until he remembered that he would normally have been attending lessons on Healing Magic with Madam Pomfrey.

“No.” Harry told him and Remus enquired as to why not. “I’m no good at it and I can only do the very basics. I can’t seem to advance beyond there and Madam Pomfrey doesn’t think that I can either.” Remus nodded in understanding.

“It really is far too advanced for you.” Remus told him.

“I managed to produce a corporeal patronus and that was far too advanced for me, apparently.” Harry said and Remus smiled slightly at his attitude.

“Yes, but that was one rather advanced spell which you worked on for many months.” Remus said lightly, “This is a different branch of magic which you’ve been trying to accomplish in a fortnight.”

“I suppose.” Harry said, “But I was becoming too weighed down with extra lessons. Now all I have left are Apparation lessons once a week, wandless magic whenever you’ll teach me and the occasional duel.”

“That’s more than enough on top of NEWTs.” Remus said, not being brave enough to add and the fact that you have to defeat Voldemort, alone. onto the end of that sentence but Harry heard it implied nonetheless.

“I suppose you could be right…” Harry said and smiled lightly. “Hey, did you know about Bill and Charlie being sent to Azkaban?”

“What do you mean?” Remus asked him in surprise.

“Apparently not then.” Harry muttered, “They’re on an Order thing to Azkaban to see how tight the security is.”

“How do you know?” Remus asked him, thinking over this new piece of information.

“Molly was talking to Ron about it through the fire this morning but then she left when I arrived…” Harry said.

“So you were eavesdropping on them?” Remus said, disapprovingly.

“No,” Harry said quickly and then went on to explain how he had known about Bill and Charlie being sent to Azkaban. “So why didn’t you know?”

“Things like this are being kept quite tight secrets in the Order, but as you’ve seen, they’re getting out around us.” Remus told him.

“Why are they keeping things like this secret from other members?” Harry asked, intrigued and quite puzzled by the secrecy which was being withheld, although not particularly well, inside the Order.

“Because they think that there may be a spy in the Order…” Remus said hesitantly to Harry whose eyes widened in shock and Remus just knew that Harry would already be trying to figure out who the spy was. He also knew that Harry would most likely begin to suspect Snape.

“I bet it’s—”

“It isn’t Snape, Harry.” Remus said before he could so much as get the last word out of his mouth.

“But he’s the one who makes the Wolfsbane potion for you and he used to be a Death Eater, how do we know that he’s not being a spy for Voldemort in the Order whilst he pretends to be a spy for us?” Harry asked him quickly before Remus could stop him. The elder man only sighed at Harry.

“For once just stop blaming Snape for everything.” Remus said and wondered how shocked Sirius and James would have been could they hear him now, “He used to be a Death Eater but Dumbledore trusts him now.”

“Yeah, well Dumbledore trusts everyone in the Order doesn’t he, and you think that there may be a spy in the Order so clearly someone isn’t as trustworthy as Dumbledore thinks.” Harry said coolly and Remus had to agree.

“I know, just stop your speculation… Unless they (whoever they may be) make a direct attack on you then you won’t find out who they are for certain and you’re likely to insult half the members of the Order who aren’t the spy.” Remus told him, hoping beyond hope that Harry would just let things be.

“I’m going to prove it’s Snape.” Harry said determinedly and Remus sighed inwardly; once Harry began to speak like this then there was no stopping him, “I know you don’t think that I can but I will.”

“If you can prove to me that it’s Snape with conclusive evidence then I will never doubt you again.” Remus told him, “However, until then I refuse to believe that Snape is a spy. It would be the obvious choice and therefore is most likely not to be him.”

“Yeah, but what if Voldemort knows that we know that because he’s obvious then he’s not going to be a good spy and sends him in anyway because he knows that we would think that?” Harry asked him and Remus groaned.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake Harry! Just leave it!” Remus begged. “I don’t think it’s him and nothing you say will change my mind.”

“Fine…” Harry said sulkily before brightening up again as he raised a new topic, “Anyway, are you going to go to Hogsmeade next weekend?”

“I’m not sure.” Remus said truthfully, “I can go there whenever I want really and there’s the added bonus that then I wouldn’t be surrounded by teenagers.”

“I suppose so.” Harry agreed.

“You’re going, I presume.” Remus said and Harry nodded. “With that Chaser that Hermione was trying to set you up with before?”

“Hopefully not.” Harry scowled, “If she has set me up with her I’ll be very upset and after I was reasonably charming to her as well in an attempt to coax her out of it.”

“I’d be interested to see your idea of charming.” Remus smirked and Harry pulled a face.

“I can be reasonably charming…” Harry scowled but Remus only smiled and didn’t believe him.

“Hot chocolate?” Remus offered, conjuring himself a drink from thin air. Harry nodded and Remus conjured another one. “I wish Honeydukes would make some hot chocolate.” Remus said as he sipped it, “Muggle hot chocolate’s alright but it’s not like Wizarding chocolate…”

“I know, but for now you’re going to have to make do.” Harry smiled at him. “You ought to suggest it to them though if you really want some.” Remus made a noncommittal noise in his throat and Harry knew that Remus would never suggest it. Well if Remus wasn’t about to do it then Harry most certainly would.

“Anyway, I suppose I should think about getting up…” Remus said eventually, once the two of them had finished chatting over steaming mugs of hot chocolate during the late afternoon.

“Okay, well I’ve got loads of homework which I’ve cleverly left too late so I’ll see you at tea.” Harry said, getting up from the bed and Vanishing their mugs.

“See you later.” Remus smiled at his godson as he walked out of the room.

Harry walked out of Remus’ rooms and out onto the second floor corridor which was rather quiet as most students were in their common rooms or looking in vain for the kitchens. He meandered slowly through the school to Gryffindor Tower, more than once coming across the teacher’s passageways which seemed almost desperate to be used at times. He made a note to ask Remus about that as he ascended up to the sixth floor and stopped dead as he noticed one of the portraits looking at him as it spoke to another portrait.

“Yes, he’s the one. My great-great-great grandson’s godson.” The portrait said.

“Phineas?” Harry asked in disbelief as he walked over to him and the other portrait graciously left him to speak. “What are you doing here?”

“Grimmauld Place tends to get a little lonely, what with only the house elves and most of the portraits spend their time hushing one another around my great-great granddaughter.” Phineas said idly, “And is it a crime to wish to socialise with other 2D members of the Wizarding world?”

“I suppose not.” Harry said and smiled slightly as he walked along the corridor, the portrait walking along with him.

“You and Sirius were distantly related, you know.” Phineas said to him and Harry raised an eyebrow in interest, “Come to think of it we are distantly related. Your great-great-great-great grandmother on the Potter side of you was the cousin of your late godfather’s great-great-great-great grandfather.”

“So all the Wizarding families really are all interlinked.” Harry mused and Phineas nodded.

“Naturally.” Phineas said.

“How do you know how we’re related?” Harry asked him, intrigued.

“As I said, Grimmauld Place gets very dull at times…” Phineas said to him.

“So dull you started to read your family tree?” Harry asked, raising an eyebrow.

“So lacking in friends you’re talking to the pictures now, are you Potter?” Malfoy drawled as he walked past him. Harry was tempted to see whether he could knock him down the stairs but decided against it.

“His mother was never so rude to her relatives.” Phineas said with an icy air about him.

“Urgh, don’t even mention me and Malfoy as relatives, no matter how distant we might be.” Harry said as they walked along to the Fat Lady.

“Ah this is where I leave you.” Phineas said to him, “Do take care Mr Potter…”

“See you.” Harry said, a little fazed by the fact that he had just been talking idly with Phineas, one of Hogwarts previous headmasters and one of Sirius’ ancestors. “Polyjuice Pastries.” Harry said.

“Right you are.” The Fat Lady swung open, allowing Harry to enter the common room within.

“What’s the matter?” Harry asked Ron who was sat in the far corner of the room, Hermione on his left. They were muttering quietly between them and Ron’s eyes were rather red, almost as if he had been crying.

“It’s Bill and Charlie.” Hermione said but Ron just shook his head.

“He already knows Hermione.” He told her before turning to his friend. “They’re going tomorrow.”

Harry had no idea what to say to this but luckily for him he was saved the trouble of speaking as Ron got up and walked up to the boys’ dormitory, not stopping to even say goodbye as he left them.

“I hope they’ll be alright…” Harry said absently as he watched his friend disappear from view.

“I’m sure they will be… Dumbledore wouldn’t send them into something that he knew they couldn’t get out of, would he?” Hermione said, the slightest hint of doubt creeping into her voice that Harry couldn’t ignore.

“Of course not.” Harry said reassuringly to her, “They’re going to be fine. I just hope that Ron and Ginny are alright though…”

“I doubt they are.” Hermione said to him, “Imagine how you’d feel if it was Remus going with them. I think you’d be just as bad.”

“I know.” Harry sighed. “But I’m sure they’ll be alright.” Hermione nodded in agreement.

Unfortunately, Harry was wrong. They were not all alright. Ron spent the next two days mindlessly staring into space until he happened to spot his two eldest brothers walking along the first floor corridor and entering the passageway which lead up to Dumbledore’s office through the two gargoyles. Taking his chance he sprinted after them and as they stopped suddenly he ran straight into them.

“Oh Ron, for the last time just leave it!” Charlie said as his brother ran into his side.

“You’re going to die!” Ron almost shouted at them and Bill just shook his head.

“We are not going to die little brother, now let us go!” Bill said, pulling away from Ron who didn’t want to let go of him.

“Be careful, please!” Ron almost begged them with tears forming in his eyes. Bill and Charlie rested their hands on his shoulders and smiled at him before they walked away and up the stairs.

“We will be, don’t worry Ron!” Charlie called back to him and Bill shot him one last smile as he walked up to Dumbledore’s office where the rest of the Order was already sat, waiting for their meeting to begin.

Ron collapsed at the bottom of the stairs, his legs turning to jelly and Harry and Hermione were at his side in an instant just as the tears started to fall from his eyes. Harry looked at Hermione with a confused and horrified expression on his face; he couldn’t deal with upset people, especially not upset and hot-headed friends.

“Come on, Ron.” Hermione said to him gently, “You can’t just stay here…”

“Here, we’ll help you up.” Harry said, trying to sound as if he wasn’t nervous as hell, dealing with Ron in this state.

After Ron simply sat in silence for almost five minutes, sobbing uncontrollably, Harry’s information that dinner was almost ready and hundreds of students would see him crying eventually made it so that they could carry him somewhere.

“Where are we going?” Hermione mouthed over the top of Ron’s head to Harry as they carried him between them along the corridors.

“Kitchens.” Harry mouthed back at her. She raised an eyebrow, wondering whether Harry knew what he was doing or if he was just hungry but didn’t stop him; she had nowhere better to go.

Ron sat down in the kitchens and they were immediately surrounded by house-elves.

“Erm… could you get my friend some Butterbeer?” Harry asked tentatively and in a moment Ron was sipping Butterbeer, his mind still fixed on the danger his brothers were walking into.

They sat like that for some time. Ron drinking Butterbeer whilst Hermione watched him anxiously whilst drinking coffee herself. Harry, who had not eaten much that day drank Butterbeer and took a packet of crisps from a nearby elf.

“What are we going to do?” Hermione mouthed to Harry, hoping that Ron would not see her but he was gazing moodily into his drink and saw nothing.

“I don’t know.” Harry replied soundlessly. He really didn’t.

A/N: I only checked over this briefly before posting because well, I just couldn't be bothered to be honest. I saw no glaring mistakes though so it shouldn't be that bad. Anyway the plot thickens, ever so slightly. I'm re-estimating my chapter count for this once again... Things are moving faster now and I think around fifty chapters, maybe fifty five will be it. I don't think there'll be more than that really. As always, I love to read your reviews and see just what you think of my story whether good or bad (although if it was that awful would you really have read this far?). Chapter thirty nine is in the works at the moment and should be posted by Friday (yes, long time since today's Sunday but I've coursework to be done by the time I break up for Easter on Thursday so that's why). Thanks for reading :o)

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