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Disclaimer Wow, I always forget this. Okay, THIS IS ALL MINE! *FBI comes out with guns at her head* Okay, fine, fine, the settings and characters belong to the amazing JKR. BUT THE PLOT IS MINE!!! *FBI puts their guns away*


Isn’t it odd how summer brings out the worst in teenage boys? Namely, me? Okay, well, not the worst in me, but rather.... brings out the Stupid in me.

It was all very simple really – a simple water war with plastic water guns in my front yard. Muggle neighborhood, muggle game, muggle clothes; It seemed like a fun yet inconspicuous idea. That is until we added Sirius to it...

Now, there are some places you Just Don’t Splash. I mean, it’s common courtesy to others! Well, not with Sirius. It didn’t help that there was a damned neighbor-kid outside on his stupid little four-wheeler and his stupid little ice-cream cone that was stupidly dripping down the side.

Moving on, Sirius went ahead and splashed me Where He Shouldn’t Have, and the kid started laughing! I mean, how dare he! Well, I was pretty darn embarrassed from that, so I tried getting Sirius the same way! But he seemed to have taken the words Water War a bit too seriously, and, well, he was just too damn fast! Soon, even more neighbor-kids came out to watch, and they kept on laughing at me! I turned around to tell them to SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP!!! [damn mocking laughter!] when Sirius found The Hose.

It happened as follow: I turned, and left my side open and vulnerable. Might as well gave Death a hug then and there – bad move number one. I opened my mouth to tell them to get lost, and BAM! A freezing cold jet of water hit me in the side of my head, and I toppled over. Sirius was spraying me as if I was on fire [which I can’t say hasn’t happened before] and I was all too soon drenched. Not as in, oh, I have a spot of water on my clothes. No, I mean wet. Completely covered, head to toe, soaked to the skin and bone wet. My hair wasn’t even standing up.

So there I lay, in a newly formed puddle of mud [seems like we, the marauders, have some odd connection with mud puddles] and all of the damned kids are still laughing!!! In fact, they all look about ready to piss their pants with laughter! I get up, and one of them, who had calmed down, said, “You’re wet.”

“I KNOW!!!!!” I screamed back in frustration, but that only lead to me being hit AGAIN with the stupid hose! Except, this time, while he was spraying me, I tried to tell him to stop. Bad move number two. I soon felt as if I was going to drown on my own lawn, and once he had stopped I’m pretty sure Sirius had pissed his pants from laughing.

Damn him. Damn them all.


That. Was. Hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious! Oh my god, I couldn’t breathe for five minutes I was laughing so hard. We need to have water wars more often...

Idea! What if we figured out how to transfigure, say, grass, into said water guns, and brought them to Hogwarts? Can you imagine the mass-steria it would cause? An all-out all-school water war! You’re head boy – tell Dumbledore to do it!


[I think Remus just had an aneurism]


Erm... yes. I’m Head boy, might have forgot to mention... You might be wondering, How the heck do you forget to mention that you’ve been made Head boy? Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not too thrilled about it – too many responsibilities and whatnot. I mean, I’d rather not spend Sunday afternoons planning out stupid things like the Halloween Feast and various Hogsmeade dates with the Head girl.

Which surprises you greatly, right? In everything you’ve ever seen and all the plain-old-jane evidence, Lily Evans will be the next Head girl. That’s even probably why I don’t want to be Head Boy.

Being Head Boy means Lily will just hate me more. I’ll get even more of her cold shoulder and icy tone and I just don’t want that in my seventh year. In my seventh year, I want to be drunk on butterbeer [which is completely possible, I can tell you] and pranking every possible moment. And now I can’t.

Thanks a lot Lily. Well, okay, it’s not her fault, but yeah. I’ll make it her fault, and once she knows I’m Head Boy, she’ll want it to be her fault. I’m confusing myself on whose fault and what the fault even is now, so I’m going to stop talking.

Man, seems like I’m going senile! I forgot about The Second Letter! [Gasps] Here it is, and if you sniff it, you can almost smell Lily! [erm, not that I’ve tried or anything...]

Dear James,

Yes, well…right, about all of those times of being mean to you… sorry. I know many [and I mean many] of the times I screamed or slapped or jinxed you were rightly justified, but I may have been out of line a couple of times. Sometimes I would see you while in a bad mood and… I don’t know. Scapegoat?

Anyway, so, yes, I’m sorry about all of that. Say, how about we meet up at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor when we’re both school-supply-shopping? [each doing our own shopping separately and respectively, of course]


So…. She’s really going through with the whole Let’s Be Friends thing.

Woops, sorry, my heart had stopped for a second there. Just seeing it on paper – whoa. Okay, moving on – I think it’s just kind of odd, is all. That’s not going to stop me though!



Sure! How’s August 20th for you?

Oh, and I understand completely about the whole scapegoat thing. I realize I’ve been very annoying, more so than called for, and I in turn am sorry for that.

Like you said, let’s turn a new leaf and start this year with a new friendship!


It sounds casual enough… Or does it? I don’t know – this entry has been altogether too serious [no pun intended] for my taste.


What’s wrong with Sirius-ousity? I think the whole world could do with being a little more Sirius-

Sirius, stop using that pun! It got old. It got old before we even arrived at school – it got old on the train! The first hour on the train!

All right, I get the point. Tell Jimmy to stop using the pun in here then. Argh, too much school talk! We still have a month of summer left lads – live it up!

Letter has been sent – cue spazzing.

What if I had replied too quickly? Maybe she’ll be mad that I didn’t put a “Dear” at the beginning! But, I don’t use “Dear” in letters to my friends, and I bet she doesn’t either, so I decided to not use it. But what if she thinks I’m trying to become friends too quickly?! Argh!

Which leads to my newest infamous Gent Lesson – Worry Not The Letter. Speak Like A Moron Because It’s Fun And Grammatically Incorrect.

So I’m supposed to not be worrying about this. Calm…. All right. I’m still not totally calm, but at least I’m not attempting suicide in the sink anymore.

Summer’s winding down… Somehow, chasing the ice cream truck just isn’t as fun as it used to be. Okay, so maybe that got old ten years ago, but whatever. My dog has stopped farting, my butterbeer stock has run dry, and I am left with naught but a smelly dog and some empty bottles. Life is depressing.

Peter and Remus have gone on home to their families, and Sirius has reverted to his monstrosity – er, motorcycle – once again. I have nothing to amuse me but by making flies tap-dance! I’m bored. There must be something non-lethal I can do that I haven’t done before!

I’ve taken to lying depressingly out in my front yard. Most people would probably go in their back yards, [actually, most people probably wouldn’t even be lying out in their yards in the first place] but I don’t care. Something interesting is more likely to happen in front of my house than in back, so that’s my reasoning.

The same kid who was laughing at me before keeps passing me as he walks by. Finally, unnerved by his staring, I asked him, “What?”

“Why are you lying there?” he had asked.

Now, I normally would have answered, “Because I damn well feel like it!” being so irritable from boredom and all, but I decided that I shouldn’t swear in front of the kid. So, instead, I lamely responded, “I’m waiting for aliens to come and get me.”

Really? You know some aliens?”

“Oh yes, they’re good friends of mine. We like to have tea together.” I could barely believe the kid for believing me, but I started to get into it as he continued talking to me.

Wow! What do they look like?”

“That’s rude – you don’t ask what people look like! Aliens have feelings too! Though, if you must know, they have rather long nose hair.”

I continued talking to the boy until his mum came and told him he had to come inside. I heard him exclaim to her, “Mum, that man knows aliens!” She looked at me like I was some insane alien-obsessed muggle, and hurried the boy inside. But, it was interesting…

The boy had called me a “man”. I think that’s sort of odd – I don’t consider myself a man. Not really anyway. I’m too…. I don’t know. You can just tell from my journal that I’m not a man yet! But it’s an interesting thought.


James, if in boredom, please do not write in journal. You make very pitiful entries when you’re bored.

Hey, I thought it was rather insightful overall.

...Like I said, very pitiful.


Fine, if that’s the way you want it. Be prepared for very few entries then.

Lily’s reply came!!!! God, I’m so amazed that we’re even in contact. Tis an amazing and beautiful thing.


Sounds great. See you at noon!




Too lazy to comment.




See previous comment.





What am I going to wear!?!?!?! Oh, and Sirius, would you like a cough drop?


Are you sure you’re straight?

No, I’m perfectly fine.



Where the hell did all of my clean socks go!?! What am I going to wear!?!? Am I supposed to get her a present!?!?


You know, about your socks, the funniest thing happened…


You’re dead. I only have TWO FREAKING DAYS until I meet up with Lily and you used my socks in a BONFIRE! HOW COULD YOU!?!?!

Sirius Vladimir Black, PREPARE TO DIE!!!


Er… right… did I mention I got my motorbike working? I think I’m going to go use it now…


To the store to get me some new socks!

I’m meeting up with Lily tomorrow, I have no idea what I’m going to wear, and I have no socks. It’s a sign. A very horrible sign.

Sirius Black, if you do not get me some clean socks before tomorrow I will personally castrate you! Don’t think I won’t!


Aieeee… I’m going, I’m going. Jeez, can’t even have a friendly little bonfire anymore. Stupid girls. Stupid lovesick friends. Stupid lovesick friends who spaz.


Life is a conspiracy. It hates me and I hate it. I hate it with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns!

Argh! That had to be the worst date ever! And yes, I did say date. You might think that was a good sign, but… oh, oh no, you’re wrong.

After taking a shower, I came out to find that some mad person had stolen my trousers! AND, Sirius had gotten me HOT PINK socks!

Think impending doom.

As I ran through the foyer of my house, our house elf Fugga just happened to be opening the door at the worst possible moment. I slipped and went sliding across the floor, straight into the now-open door, leaving a not-so stunning mark right in the middle of my forehead. Guess who was at the door?

Yes, Lily had decided that it would be better to shop together; we would get to become friends. Did I mention I wasn’t wearing any trousers?

So, after many explanations that I did NOT normally go around the house like that, I quickly ran upstairs so I could appear presentable. The mark was still on my forehead, and my socks were still pink, but at least I wasn’t just in my pants this time around. As I walked down the stairs, Sirius slapped me on the back. I thought at the time it was his way of saying, Good Luck.

We used a fireplace at my house to floo over to Diagon Alley, and when we had arrived without any horrible mishappenings - I thought we were okay. Ha.

First, we had lunch.

In the Leaky Cauldron, we both were having an overall good time, chatting and laughing and joking with each other. Then the food came. My leg had been out a bit, and I accidentally made the waitress trip, hence forth spilling all of our order onto the table. Besides have to pay for food we didn’t get to eat, our butterbeers spilled onto Lily’s wand. Chain Reaction.

Her wand sent out red sparks, and I thought it was fine. Her face told me otherwise. It was a combination of extreme amusement, embarrassment, and shock. My hair was green. With purple streaks.

Arghhhhhh, it still has yet to come out! Anyway, after a horrible lunch, we went to Flourish and Blott’s to get our books. We agreed that I should hold them all while Lily pulled them off the shelves, but that didn’t work out too well either. See, when I see anything Quiddich, I drop everything to see it. Literally ‘drop everything’. She was turning around to give me our copies of “Standard Book Of Spells – Grade 7” to receive a faceful of books. It was horrible – I turned back around and I couldn’t see any of her except for her arm sticking out of the pile, twitching.

After apologizing countless times [and after digging her out] we paid and quickly left to just get our ice cream then go. I sighed – both of us wanted this little get-together to end.

At Florean Fortescue's, they just happened [damned fate] to not have any open tables, so we had to stand. Then, I thought, Oh, it’ll be okay because I had just gotten my absolute favorite flavor of ice cream [Choconillamidou] that I never get to have. I went forward to get it from the counter, when some other guy just walks up and eats it! “Sorry sir, that’s the last of it!” they had said, and I….. grrrr. Let’s just say someone left with a black eye today.

So, finally, back at the Leaky Cauldron, I turned to her. “Er…” We shared an awkward silence. [Who even made up the word “awkward” anyway? It’s spelled really weird]

“That was… eventful.” Wow, she was really stretching for a word there.

“Yeah… er, I’m really sorry about your shirt… and hair… and lunch… and arm… and books…” I said lamely, mentally hitting myself. [hard] How much of an idiot can you be in one day!?!

“And I’m sorry too.” She replied, blushing yet smiling. Why was she sorry? I was the one who was an idiot! “For arriving unexpectedly, making you trip countless times, and turning your hair green.”

“With purple.” I added, fingering my hair, and she laughed.

“I’m sorry for turning your hair green and purple.” She corrected herself, giving me a one-armed hug and a good-natured laugh. “Actually, today was fun. Oddly followed by a series of unfortunate events, but fun.”

SHE HAD FUN!!! SHE WAS HUGGING ME!!!!!!! I could have died right then and there, my friend, I very well could have. It was almost a perfect ending. Almost.

“Eww….” As she pulled away, there was motor grease and a dead bug on her arm. Thanks a lot Sirius. Nevertheless, we both laughed, and she turned and flooed home with a smile on her face. I went home too, where Sirius jumped me, and further covered me in motor grease. At the moment though, I didn’t really care.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t soooooo bad. She had fun at least, so maybe I will live through the year! We’ll see though, we’ll see.




A/N: Yeah, lame joke at the end, I know. Well, I'm considering ending it here... See, I think this would be a perfect spot to end it, don't you? I know, I know - you all want more, but... eh.

I want to end it, but I don't. I think I've lost my IT for writing this - and I think it's time to let go. That didn't affect this chapter at all, if that's what you're thinking. No, I decided this right now, and... hmm....

I added about 800 words to this chapter, so that might make you guys happy. I know it wasn't as funny as the others [or it wasn't in my opinion] but that's probably because I lost IT.

So now I'm thinking of maybe doing one last chapter then ending it. I'll think about it for a while before making up my mind, but I'm pretty sure now that OSL is ending. *sobsob*

Oh, and the winner of the poll was A. Lily! Hooray! Maybe I'll start that now if I'm ending OSL... Ah well, whatever happens, I hope you'll all stay faithful readers and whatnot. -blue
P.S. Sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry about the wait, but I decided I'd rather make a chapter I wanted to write rather than one for the sake of updating. That's good, right?

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