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Hermione was getting quite irritated. She had spent the morning walking between Harry and Ron who were still refusing to speak to one another after Harry had finally thrown him off the team. All Harry was talking about was either how best to make friends with Remus again or how Ron was being completely irrational and both were becoming tiresome.

“For God’s sake, Harry!” Hermione almost yelled as they walked down the staircase into the Entrance Hall and walked towards the Great Hall for lunch. Harry looked at her, alarmed and taken aback by her outburst. “You know what you have to do, just talk to Remus, corner him after the last lesson or something!” She told him snappily before marching into the large room and sitting huffily by Lavender.

“But what if—” Harry said and Hermione didn’t even give him the chance to finish what he had been about to ask before cutting him off.

“Look, he is going to forgive you, he can’t stay angry forever.” Hermione said, “And even if he does stay angry after you try to apologise then eventually he will apologise to you instead.”

“I suppose so.” She said, noting that once Harry had taken the seat next to her Ron had sat opposite her so that he was not forced to sit next to his temporary enemy.

Harry stared down at his plate which was currently devoid of anything edible and tried not to let his gaze wander up to the staff table to see what Remus was doing. He failed and his eyes locked with Remus’ for a moment before his godfather looked away quickly and focussed on staring at his own lacking breakfast.

“So, when are you going to apologise to Harry?” Minerva asked him and Remus shrugged.

“You shouldn’t; he’ll come apologising to you.” Severus said as he poured himself a glass of pumpkin juice.

“I’m not so sure…” Remus said, risking another glance back at Harry and felt thankful that his gaze did not meet bright green eyes at the Gryffindor table.

“Of course he will.” Severus said, “He’ll feel bad about the whole thing and he’ll be begging for forgiveness within the day, you watch.”

“Perhaps.” Filius said, “But he is very stubborn. He might be waiting for you to apologise to him.”

“I don’t think so.” Minerva said, glancing over at Harry and studying him before turning back to her companions. “He’s lacking that defiant air he has when he’s—”

“—defying someone?” Severus asked and she gave him a cool look. “He doesn’t look as if he’s waiting for an apology to me though.”

“He looks like he’s attempting to think how to make one.” Filius observed.

“Does he?” Remus asked and raised an eyebrow.

“I think so.” Filius replied.

“Or are you just looking at him and noting that he looks slightly dejected and must therefore be trying to figure out how best to apologise to me?” Remus asked lightly as he took a sip of his tea, noting the silence after his question before conversation turned to lighter matters.

“One more person who sets my classroom on fire this week and they’ll wish they’d never been born…” He heard Minerva say before the conversation faded away to noise in the background as he stared into his tea and occasionally glanced up to see Harry over at the Gryffindor table.

“Remus…” Someone said in the back of his mind and Remus blinked. “Remus!” Someone said again and Remus glanced up to see Filius looking at him.

“Sorry…” Remus mumbled and Filius smiled kindly.

“Don’t be sorry.” Filius told him, “You’d better go though – you have Ravenclaws first thing do you not?” Remus nodded, “I’d be going then if I were you; they’ll already be there.”

Remus smiled slightly at him before leaving the table, which was already half empty, and exiting the room through the large doors. He was still quite distracted as he walked through a crowd of people in the Entrance Hall and walked up the stairs and straight into someone who had been running from one of the upper floors.

“I’m so sorry!” Remus said as books went flying around them and he bent to see who he had knocked to the floor in his distracted state of mind only to meet with Harry’s gaze, shielding any emotions from view. Of all the people you could have walked into, or had running into you… Remus thought as he offered a hand to Harry and he took it, smiling slightly although there was an awkwardness between them which they hadn’t felt in some time; it was almost as if they were just a student and teacher again, although to Remus Harry had never been just a student.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have been running.” Harry said, not meeting Remus’ eyes as he accepted his hand and allowed Remus to help him back up to his feet before he summoned his books back into his arms. He glanced up at his guardian and smiled slightly before dropping his gaze and turning away from him.

He was going to be late to Potions again and Snape was going to kill him for it, either just by taking a few dozen house points from Gryffindor or killing him in a more literal context by adding something poisonous to the Advanced Shrinking Solutions they were working on.

Harry risked a quick glance back as he trotted to the top of the stairs on the first floor and saw Remus watching him with a rather troubled look on his face.

“Late again, Potter?!” Snape shouted up at him before disappearing into the dungeons. Harry cursed inwardly before running down the stairs and towards the dungeons without casting a look back at Remus.

He raced through the Dungeons using passageway after passageway and eventually ended up in Snape’s classroom, not surprised to see that everyone was already there including the Potions master.

“Late again Potter.” He said, a statement this time. “Twenty points from Gryffindor.” He said and Harry noted with irritance the malicious smile which touched his face as he took points from his rival house.

Harry sat down next to Hermione at the back of the room and saw that his potion was already at his desk.

“I cannot believe he took points.” Hermione muttered, “He only got in a minute before you did.”

Harry nodded to her before looking back to Snape who was clearly ready to see whether or not he could take every point Gryffindor had in his time limit of only one hour.

“Today you will be testing your Shrinking Solution which you should have made to shrink a part of your anatomy for a minute before returning it to it’s natural size.” Severus said coolly to the class. He would be interested to see what Draco’s potion did; he knew for a fact that it was terrible and where as everyone else’s potions were blue his was clear and he noted with some satisfaction that Malfoy was looking particularly worried at that point in time as he glanced around him. “But before you test your potions you will be taking notes on the correct usage of the Shrinking Solution. Any questions?”

Harry contemplated asking him something just to see how irritated he got but, like everyone else in the room, he refrained and remained silent and still in his seat.

“Good.” Severus said, his eyes running over all the students and the potions in front of them. “You may begin.” He said curtly before sitting down behind his desk pretending to mark essays whilst his eyes continually glanced up towards the students – Potter and Malfoy in particular.

“I really don’t fancy drinking that.” Harry said to Hermione as he compared the colour of his potion to hers after spending most of the lesson taking notes in silence. Their potions were almost identical but he still had a sinking sensation as he looked at it.

“I don’t blame you.” Hermione said, noting the way in which her own potion was quite thick where as Harry’s was of the same consistency as water. “But it doesn’t look like you have much choice.”

“I bet Snape did it.” Harry accused as he glared up at Snape who glared back at him causing Harry to quickly drop his gaze. “Or Malfoy. Probably Malfoy.”

“Or just possibly you can’t make a potion.” Hermione said mildly as he gingerly took a sip of her potion and in an instant her ears and her left arm began to shrink. It was very odd to watch and Harry was quite startled and also quite annoyed by her success and the knowledge that his own potion was very unlikely to be as successful. “Go on Harry, just drink it!” Hermione urged him and he gingerly took a sip of his potion. It tasted like leather he noticed as he drank down the contents of his vial.

“It didn’t do anything!” Harry said indignantly and Hermione just shrugged.

“It’s rare for a potion to not do anything at all.” She told him, “Or maybe it has and you haven’t realised what it’s done yet. You might have green legs or something…” Harry raised an eyebrow sceptically but retained a sense of foreboding anyway. He looked across the room to see Malfoy looking suspiciously at his own thin, clear mixture before drinking it.

“Uh oh, Harry…” Hermione said glancing up from her book at her desk and running her eyes over him to see if anything had changed about him.

“What?” Harry asked her warily.

“Well whatever you’ve shrunk will remain until around 6pm from what I’ve read here.” She told him.

“But I’ve not done anything!” Harry told her, his voice suddenly quite a bit higher than it had previously been.

“Not done anything?!” Hermione cried looking back at him and Harry realised with horror that Hermione was growing larger by the second. Come to think of it, so was the rest of the room. “You’ve shrunk yourself!”

Severus could barely contain himself as he watched Potter shrinking himself at the back of the classroom. The boy had drunk almost all of his watery concoction and was now suffering the consequences as he continued to shrink. His gaze was finally torn from the unfortunate Gryffindor as a yell from Malfoy caught his attention.

“What the hell’s happening to me?!” Malfoy yelled at the top of his voice as he began to swell up like a large, panicked balloon. “Make it stop!”

Severus bit his lip hard in an attempt to prevent the laughter bubbling up inside him from escaping and he managed. Just. He sighed loudly and dramatically as he rose from his seat and shouted to them all that class was dismissed although not surprisingly Potter, Granger and Malfoy remained behind.

“Mr Malfoy, your lack of intelligence and overall commonsense has yet to surprise me.” Severus said coolly to the large balloon like boy who was still expanding. “Now I will summon Madam Pomfrey for the puncturing and you should be free to return to your lesson in no time.”

“PUNCTURING?!” Malfoy yelled at the top of his voice and Harry, although only six inches tall and sat on Hermione’s hands, couldn’t help but laugh.

Severus crossed the room quickly, leaving the three students in the middle of the room. Harry had stopped shrinking now and had settled at five inches tall as Hermione carefully put him down on a nearby desk and sat down besides him. Harry, from his new and rather interesting perspective of the world looked up at Malfoy who, unfortunately for him was still growing and could already touch the ceiling.

Severus glanced back into the room filled with Malfoy before throwing the floo into the fireplace.

“Madam Pomfrey!” He yelled into it before the stern looking woman appeared through the flames.

“Yes, what is it Severus?” She asked him coolly as she stepped into his office. “I am a very busy woman.”

Severus knew that she had still not forgiven him for all the bizarre pranks that they had pulled on her and her friends only a week earlier and he couldn’t blame her, but right now his room was becoming ever fuller by one obnoxious Slytherin.

“It’s Potter.” He said simply and that alone managed to make Poppy listen to him. “And Malfoy.” He added, smiling inwardly at the way in which her lips thinned at hearing Malfoy mentioned.

“Where are they then?” She asked him and Severus motioned for her to follow him.

Severus rolled his eyes as he watched Potter leap from one desk to another to the side of it as Malfoy’s ballooning form filled the area around him, knocking desks out of the way as his body pushed outwards.

“I DON’T WANT TO BE PUNCTURED!” Draco yelled at the top of his rather more booming voice.

Madam Pomfrey gave him no attention as she raised her wand and muttered a spell under her breath. For a moment Malfoy thought that it was cured and he was beginning to shrink again, that was until he realised that he was pressing painfully against the ceiling and a large, rather lethal metal pin was in Madam Pomfrey’s arms.

“NO!” Malfoy screamed and Harry burst out laughing as Madam Pomfrey jabbed him in the side with the large needle. There was a strange hissing sound and everyone thought that was going to be it and Malfoy would deflate. Sadly for Malfoy, that was not so.

“That should stop the inflation for now.” Poppy said calmly, “But I’m going to have to take you into the Hospital Wing.” She told him and waved her wand over him, Vanishing him to the ward.

“Now where is Mr Potter?” she asked Severus who smirked and pointed to the small boy sat on the table. She raised an eyebrow as she looked over him. “You will have to come as well Mr Potter.”

“Get back to class Miss Granger.” Severus told her coldly and she turned to leave but Madam Pomfrey called her back.

“No, I would advise that you come with us.” She said to Hermione, “After all, how else will he get around the school?”

“You mean I’m going to have to stay this size?!” Harry yelled in a high voice but received no answer as Hermione picked him up and followed Madam Pomfrey into Snape’s office and through the fire.

Severus watched them leave through the fireplace and burst into hysterical laughter, leaning on a nearby desk for support. He heard something towards the doorway and looked up to see second year Hufflepuff and Ravenclaws stood in the doorway.

“What do you think you’re looking at?!” Severus demanded, his hysterics temporarily subsided as his next class filed into the room, shocked and rather afraid.


Ron hid a smile as he glanced at Harry sat on the desk between Hermione and himself. Harry was not looking too impressed as he sat on the table, looking up at Professor Flitwick as they prepared for a double period of Charms.

“Where is Mr Potter?” Filius asked Hermione, before glancing down at the desk and smiling at the miniature boy sat there, “Oh my. What happened, Mr Potter?”

“Potions happened, Professor.” Harry said and Filius nodded.

“Very well.” He said, “I’m sure that we can make arrangements for today.” Harry glanced around him to see the rest of his classmates looking over curiously at him. He pulled a face at Neville who grinned at him with Seamus and Dean from the row in front of them before Filius began the class.

“How the hell am I meant to make notes like this?” Harry asked as he raised his quill with difficulty as it was almost twice his height. Hermione laughed and put it down.

“I’ll charm it for you.” Hermione told him as she picked up the quill and touched it’s nib to the tip of the paper. “Dictartum.” She said and smiled at Harry as she let go of the quill and it stood upright, waiting to be written on. “Harry Potter.” She said clearly and the quill wrote Harry’s name at the top of the parchment.

“Cool, but what use is that to me?” Harry asked her, noticing that the quill did not take down his every word. Hermione touched his head with her wand lightly and then touched it to the quill. It glowed ever so slightly for a moment but didn’t do anything.

“Now try something.” She told him and Harry nodded.

“Domestic Charms.” Harry said clearly and the quill wrote it at the top of the page along with his name. He smiled slightly and glanced back to Hermione.

“So what happened to Malfoy then?” Seamus asked, turning around to face Harry.

“He’s like a giant balloon in the hospital wing.” Harry told them, “Madam Pomfrey doesn’t know how to shrink him yet.”

“What about you?” Dean asked him curiously.

“She can’t make me grow again either but Hermione reckons it should have worn off by the end of the day.” Harry told them with a sigh and they smiled at him. “It’s not funny!” He received no response but laughter and in the end he found himself laughing too.

He turned back to his parchment and began to make notes, feeling at least slightly relieved that his quill had not been taking notes of the conversation.


The end of the morning’s lessons could not have come fast enough for Harry as he found himself leaving Transfiguration before lunch, perched on Hermione’s shoulder as she made her way through the crowds and into the Great Hall. Ron walked besides her talking about Care of Magical Creatures.

“And then it bit Pansy and she had a fit!” Ron grinned at her and Hermione smiled slightly.

“Pity it didn’t take off her arm really…” Harry said making Ron laugh, and for a minute things were the way they used to be again. Hermione smiled slightly as she turned to Ron and picked Harry off her shoulder.

“Hold Harry for a moment whilst I tie my shoelace.” She told him as she put Harry into his hands before either of them could say anything.

“Hermione, couldn’t you have picked a better place to tie your lace?” Ron asked her, raising an eyebrow.

“Or perhaps a better place?” Harry suggested as people pushed and shoved whilst they tried to get around her.

“People can walk around me, can’t they?” She asked lightly as she slowly tied her lace, noticing the exasperated looks which crossed between Ron and Harry above her.

“Hermione!” Ron said suddenly, making Harry jump, “You’re a bloody witch! Why the hell have you stopped to do something you could do with a wave of your wand?” He gestured wildly with his hands and Harry clung on tightly to his fingers to prevent himself from being thrown off altogether. “Oh, sorry Harry!” Ron said as he made sure that he wasn’t about to fall off his hands.

“Well old habits die hard.” Hermione said as she stood back up, her lace firmly tied and walked into the Great Hall, leaving Harry sat on Ron’s hands as he hurried after her and over to the Gryffindor table.

“Have you seen Potter today?” Severus asked his colleagues offhandedly as he watched Granger and Weasley make their way over to the Gryffindor table for dinner and the latter of the two set something down on the table. A smirk crossed his face when he realised what, or rather who it was.

“No, why?” Remus asked as his plate filled itself with spaghetti. The other three staff smiled and glanced over at the Gryffindor table, whilst Remus looked also but failed to see his godson. “Where is he?”

“Oh he’s there alright.” Severus said and Remus felt an odd sense of worry in his stomach as he wondered what could have happened to Harry.

“It’s nothing terrible, don’t worry Remus.” Minerva said touching his arm lightly and Remus felt the knot of anxiety in his stomach lessen slightly as he ate some of his spaghetti.

“So what of Mr Malfoy then?” Filius asked Severus who couldn’t hide the wide grin that crossed his face and Remus wondered just what could have happened to him to make him smile like that.

“He’s like a giant balloon in the Infirmary.” Severus told them, “Poppy doesn’t know how to get him down.”

Down?” Minerva asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, she tried to make him smaller using a strange charm I’ve never seen before and suffice it to say that it didn’t work.” Severus told them before taking a small mouthful of rice. “So he’s now around the same size but floating against the ceiling. If I were her I’d be tempted to open a window and let him fly out.”

“It would take a pretty large window to get Malfoy through it.” Filius said and Minerva and Severus smiled.

“What have I missed here?” Remus asked them curiously but the other three just shook their heads and smiled knowingly whilst Remus’ intrigue grew.

“You’ll find out later.” Minerva said to him again and Remus was forced to accept it whilst he listened to their conversation, trying to gain any information that he could.

“Anyway I must get going; I want to get back to the classroom before the Slytherins have a chance to set anything on fire.” Filius said as lunch ended and one by one the teachers left the staff table, followed soon after by the students.

Remus stood in the doorway as his sixth year students filed into the classroom, wondering just what had happened to Harry. He had been guessing all dinnertime but he hadn’t been prepared for seeing Harry sat at a proud five inches high on Ron’s shoulder as the redhead walked into the room.

He raised an eyebrow as they walked past and his eyes met with Harry’s for a moment before he could no longer hold his gaze.

Remus walked confidently to the front of the room and began to teach them about distractive spells which can be used in duels.

“The distractive spell which you will be learning today is the spell Ventulus which sends a strong gust of wind in whichever direction you point your wand.” Remus said whilst the class listened to him in silence, “Yes, Hermione?”

“Isn’t the wind forming spell a charm, Professor?” Hermione asked him after holding her hand in the air to catch his attention and Remus nodded.

“Yes it is, but many charms and transfigurative spells can be used in a duel.” Remus replied to her. “Yes Dean?”

“You said that you’d duel today…” He said trailing off slightly and Remus smiled at him.

“I did indeed, but unfortunately my usual opponent has managed to shrink himself to around a tenth of his normal height.” Remus smiled and Harry stuck out his tongue, “Unless anyone else wishes to duel with me today…?” He glanced around the room but everyone seemed especially reluctant and even Hermione wouldn’t duel with him. “Then I suppose that you will have to wait until next lesson to witness another duel.”

The lesson went on and both Harry and Remus realised that things were just about back to normal between them but that didn’t change the fact that at least one of them was going to have to apologise at some point.

The bell rang to signal the end of the day and Remus motioned for the class to leave before sorting out all the papers on his desk.

“Good luck, mate.” Ron muttered to Harry as he put him down on Remus’ desk and left the room.

Remus glanced up when he thought he heard something but the room was empty, and had managed to become so in a record five seconds.

“Remus?” Harry said quietly and Remus looked down to see Harry sat on the edge of his desk, smiling up at him with a slight sense of discomfort around him. Remus smiled at him slightly before sitting back on his chair to see what Harry was going to say to him. “I’m really sorry… I may have … possibly … overreacted, slightly.” Harry said, keeping his eyes well away from Remus’.

“I know you are.” Remus said, smiling at his miniature godson, “And I’m sorry as well, I overreacted and the full moon’s tomorrow evening and…” He trailed off, not knowing how to continue. Harry glanced up at him and grinned and Remus couldn’t help but return him a small smile as he looked at Harry who was just so amusingly small. “So I suppose you’ll be wanting me to take you back to Gryffindor Tower now?”

“Yeah, unless you want to go to yours for a bit and I can tell you what happened to me and Malfoy in Potions?” Harry grinned and Remus sighed and picked Harry up, letting him rest on his shoulder as Remus turned and walked over to the blackboard. “Uh, Remus? The door’s the other way.”

“Not the one I want to use.” Remus said to him and tapped the blackboard lightly with his wand. Harry raised a tiny eyebrow as the blackboard opened inwards like a large door and lead into a passageway.

“Where does this go?” Harry asked, “And there is no way that this is on the Marauders’ Map.”

“It isn’t.” Remus told him as they stepped inside, “It’s a series of passageways used by the teachers to every classroom, from every office in the school.”

“Wow… that could be very useful.” Harry said thoughtfully and Remus smiled. “Can I use them?”

“Only if you’re very, very careful. If you get caught I’ll be the one in trouble, not you.” Remus said to him as they walked inside and Harry looked around at the passageway which was large and made of stone with white marble flooring underneath. The lighting was from nowhere that Harry could see, it was just… light. “Anyway, tell me how Draco turned into a giant balloon…”

A/N: Hello! Right, after my minor breakdown type thing I have returned with a new chapter (as you have just read) although it's taken me almost two weeks to get it posted, can you believe?! Real life is catching back up with me I suppose and coursework isn't any fun (nor is art preparation but that's finally out of the way!) so I'll try and get a new chapter written soon although I don't think it will be up until Friday (but I'Il try and get it up for Thursday) so never fear, I'm not abandoning this story yet.

And before I forget a huge thanks to everyone who's been so supportive when I wanted to quit and urged me to continue, and thanks for everyone who told me to start again, lol, I can definately see why you'd want me to but when I'm on around 150,000 words it's just too much to throw away I'm afraid and I just hope you like the upcoming and not yet written chapters :oP

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